Forums & Other Forms of Posting

We ask that everyone play nice and contribute rather than be disruptive. The following apply to the forums and other areas of the Site where posting can occur.

  • Forum-Specific Rules

    Some forums have their own specific set of rules. They are posted at the top of each forum. Please follow them.

  • Levels of Professionalism

    Tier 1 Forums: These are social forums for discussions beyond just modeling. They include:

    - Off-topic Discussion

    - SF2

    Tier 2 Forums: Our "hello world" and "get the word out" forums. They include:

    - Newbie Forum

    - Events

    - MM Market

    - Site Related

    Tier 3 Forums: For serious industry discussion. Positive contributions are welcomed and encouraged. Nonsense and attempts at misinformation are not. Some of these may have sub-sections that are "a little less serious." They include:

    - General Industry

    - Model Colloquy

    - Photography Talk

    - Hair, Makeup and Styling

    - Digital Arts and Retouching

    - Critique

  • Posting Behavior

    - Ours is a culture of respect and tolerance. Please, no hate, drama or SHOUTING here.

    - Respond to the ideas being expressed, not the person expressing them.

    - Please, no trolling. This is not the right place to antagonize, provoke, inflame, or cause controversy. And don't feed the trolls, because responding in kind only makes things worse.

    - Stay on topic. Do not hijack the thread.

    - Everyone starts from somewhere. Be nice and help the newbies, not bash them.

    - Excessively crass sex talk and vulgar language are not welcome here. And no swearing in thread titles please.

    - Unless someone specifically asks for your critical opinion of their work, you should not give one.

    - Mature images are not to be posted in the forums.

    - Signatures with pictures and/or graphics are not allowed.

    - "Vote for me" threads, links, and posts are not allowed.

    - Especially controversial and divisive topics are prohibited. Such topics include but are not limited to politics, religion, race, etc.

  • Moving threads, locking threads, and hiding posts

    - Please post in the proper forum. Mods may move threads as necessary.

    - Threads may be locked for any of these reasons: outdated information, multiple threads on the same subject, excessive drama/negativity, rules violations, or rambunctious llamas.

    - When possible, posts that violate rules will be hidden so that the thread may continue.