Forums & Other Forms of Posting

The forums are a great way to communicate with your fellow members, but there are some rules which apply to your usage of them. If you would like to know how to utilize the forums, please check out our Edu article: How to Utilize the Model Mayhem Forums

  • Forum-Specific Rules and Professionalism

    Each forum has varying degrees of professionalism which is encouraged to be utilized when posting. We also encourage you to be mindful of your professionalism in these forum posts due to the public and searchable nature of our forums. Please review the descriptions for each forum, as well as the individual forum rules pinned at the top of the forum you will be posting in. If you have questions about the rules, please go to Help and contact a moderator.

  • Posting Behavior

    - This is a forum, which means by posting you agree to let anyone post their thoughts and opinions to the topic.

    - Respect your fellow posters. Period. No personal attacks, name calling, hate speech, etc.

    - The Model Mayhem forums are not the place for mature and/or vulgar topics or language. Mature images can be linked to, but not displayed as an image.

    - Sarcasm is ok. Trolling is not. Not all sarcasm is trolling but some trolling is sarcastic.

    - Critiques belong in the critique forum and only if people ask for them.

    - Stay on topic as best you can, and don't hijack a topic - just start a new thread. Topics do tend to ebb and flow, but if the topic gets too far away from the primary point, start a new thread!

    - Do not use images as a signature. Excessive usage of images in forum posts is also generally frowned upon.

    - Some controversial topics can and should happen, but some topics aren't meant for the forums. These include, and aren't limited to, politics, religion, race, etc.

    - Spamming is not allowed on Model Mayhem. See the site-wide rules for more information.

  • Moderation of the Forums

    - If you see a thread or post that violates the site or forum rules, please copy the thread URL and click Help to Contact a Moderator so the moderation team can review the thread.

    - Try and post in the right forum with your topic. Topics posted in the incorrect forum will be moved as necessary.

    - When possible, posts that violate rules will be hidden so that the thread may continue.

    - Threads can and will be locked at the discretion of the moderation team based on the application of Terms of Use, site rules, forum rules, and specific forum rules.