Images and Lists

The following holds true for all images, videos and visual art posted anywhere on Model Mayhem. We aim to be fair and consistent when judging images, however it is not an exact science and a level of subjectivity is required. Ultimately it is the Site's moderator team who has the final say on whether or not a particular image is appropriate for the Site. Please abide by their decisions. If you see a photo that breaks the following rules, please use the "Report this Image" feature located on all image pages.

  • Respect Copyrights

    - Do not post any content (or retouch that content in such a way) that violates copyright, trademarks, service marks, or right to privacy/publicity laws, including mock tear sheets/magazine covers/advertisements and proof images.

  • Keep Model Mayhem WorkSafe

    - Some Mature Images are allowed, but can only be posted within your portfolio or in contests that explicitly allow them (check applicable contest rules to be sure).

    - Mature images may not be posted on your profile page.

    - Avatars must be CLEARLY Worksafe in nature.

    - If a moderator believes an avatar borders on being a Mature Image, they have the right and discretion to remove it.

    - Members are allowed to designate which of their images can be seen by non-members by choosing the appropriate Worksafe settings in their account.

  • Mature Elements

    The following represent image elements that are allowed on Model Mayhem but must be marked "M" by their owners. These images must also follow the Model Mayhem's Worksafe rule.

    - female nipple or areola

    - bare buttocks (thong or not)

    - bare penises that appear to be flaccid

    - pubic area (whether hair is present or not)

    - implied sexual activity

    - bondage

    - depictions of blood

    - depictions of violence

    - depictions of drug use

    - see-through or semi-transparent clothing or body paint which shows any of the above

    - profanity

    - promiscuous llamas

  • Prohibited Elements

    The following represent image elements types that are NEVER allowed to be posted on Model Mayhem.

    - nude or implied nude shots of persons under the age of 18

    - spread shots (vaginal or anal. Typically this is when fingers are used to spread, but other instances may be inappropriate as well.)

    - penises, covered or not, that do not appear to be flaccid

    - explicit sexual content

    - any and all penetration of vagina or anus

    - shots that emphasize primarily the genitals or anus

    - shots with bodily fluids (referenced in a sexual / fetish manner)

    Moderators and administrators will consider factors including, but not limited to, framing, composition, surroundings, and total effect.

  • No Naughty Lists

    - No lists to degrade or insult other people or their photos.

    - No "private part" collection lists (breasts, genitals and buttocks).

    - No sexual list names (i.e. "The things I would do ...").

    - If a list has evolved into a collection of specific body parts, the moderators have the right to remove the list.

  • Moderators Have Sole Discretion

    - Model Mayhem moderators and administration will be the final arbiters of all decisions associated with whether or not a particular image is Worksafe, can be used as an avatar, should be labeled "M" or is not allowed to be posted on Model Mayhem. Their decisions are final and absolute.

  • Image Size Guidelines

    - Photos must be greater than 200px in width and 300px in height, and 7kb in file size.

    - Photos must not contain more than 16 million total square pixels (e.g., 4000px x 4000px), or exceed 1500kb in file size. Photos wider than 800px will automatically be resized.