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Rick Dupuis Photography
Posts: 6,822
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada

Feb 10 10 07:59 pm  Link  Quote 
Gideon Vatu
Posts: 3
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Thank you for the Heads up. Much appreciated, stay blessed
Feb 12 10 12:26 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2
Abbeville, Alabama, US

Very Informative,
Appreciate It.
Hugh Peters
Feb 15 10 12:00 pm  Link  Quote 
Bree Spell
Posts: 2
Orlando, Florida, US

I found this very helpful. Thank you to the OP!!!
Mar 10 10 05:02 pm  Link  Quote 
Bree Spell
Posts: 2
Orlando, Florida, US

I found this very helpful. Thank you to the OP!!!
Mar 10 10 05:02 pm  Link  Quote 
Miss November71
Posts: 238
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Thanks so much for posting this! smile
Mar 14 10 10:28 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 3
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Much appreciated.  Thanks.
Mar 14 10 11:45 pm  Link  Quote 
guide forum
Anna Adrielle
Posts: 18,763
Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium

this is so great, thank you very much!
Mar 16 10 11:46 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 9
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Very useful thread! But I was wondering about the 'compensation: any' on models profile, I have an idea what this means but I'm not sure, could someone explain, or link me to another thread? Thanks in advance.
Mar 24 10 05:37 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 30
Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom

Hi! I have just read the above therad and post's... Just wanted to say its grate! Helpful and informative! As a newb this thread is really does help alot! Thanks! Xander.
Apr 03 10 04:39 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 6
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you very  much for this informative post!
It will definitely help me big_smile
Apr 06 10 01:57 am  Link  Quote 
Chelsea LynnShadowcat13
Posts: 3
Coon Rapids, Minnesota, US

Hi, I'm new, just wondering what the term "TF", means. I understand
TFP or TFCD, but not just TF. Any help appreciated!
Apr 15 10 04:04 pm  Link  Quote 
Krysia Charlotte
Posts: 1
San Francisco, California, US

Arguing online is like pissing in the wind, MM is no exception. Why do people waste their time?
Apr 16 10 11:51 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 366
Atlanta, Georgia, US

Most of it is helpful, some of it Ill-advised.
Apr 25 10 01:54 pm  Link  Quote 
Lenny7 RarexistenceProd
Posts: 11
Sacramento, California, US

CLT wrote:
                                                                                 version 3.397g


Model Mayhem allows you to present yourself.....

I greatly appreciate this thread.  Having been a moderator for multiple website forums, I wish I'd taken the time to write something like this and avoid all the grief.

I'm about to press the Reply button and my life is flashing before my eyes.  Did I miss the section on how to delete/edit your post if it's screwed up AFTER you post it?

What's sad is the need for warnings about preexisting conditions that are seen as problems and have been for a seriously long time.  Sure makes me wonder if I'll be in The Twilight Zone in three years since this post is three years AFTER someone posted nearly 13,000 times.  :-D

Anyway, I hope to be here a while and maybe upgrade my limited account once I get some positive cash flow.  If not, this has been highly informative.

PS  Yes, I now see that after you've committed yourself to possibly being an ass, there is an UN-ASS (i.e. edit) button.  ;-)

Apr 30 10 05:28 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I failed to read the post thoroughly and asked a stupid question ^_^;; thanks to Flex Photography for sending me a message to help me out!

This post is very helpful, just don't make the same mistake I did - read it ALL! My question was answered further down from where I stopped reading
May 11 10 02:22 pm  Link  Quote 
Elle B Photography
Posts: 113
Dallas, Texas, US

Bravo! Great info! big_smile
May 12 10 10:09 pm  Link  Quote 
RobKristian Photography
Posts: 1
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Hey Everyone,, I am open to constructive criticism, on my port,, please be some what kind lol,   this work of mine is older, going to post new work soon.. Thanks Rob
May 31 10 09:39 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 3
Riverton, Wyoming, US

Thank you for taking the time to try and help those of us who are new to this site. Unfortunately, I just found this forum and figured out how to use it tonight and have already experienced some of the things you have talked about. It is good to know someone will take the time to help others get started and not have to figure everything out the hard way.
Jun 10 10 08:08 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1
Hallstahammar, Västmanland, Sweden

Nice idea. smile Yeapp
Jun 11 10 03:43 pm  Link  Quote 
Den Williams
Posts: 12
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Jun 17 10 03:12 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1
Memphis, Tennessee, US

hey every one i am new to this website . i would love for you to add me ...need to friends....mwuah
Jun 20 10 01:16 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1
Springfield, Missouri, US

Hello MM, I am a newbie and I have been checking out this forum for a little while now. I really enjoy the information that is on here. I appreciate all the tips, keep it up!
Jun 21 10 05:08 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8
Eatontown, New Jersey, US

thanks for the advice even though they take some of the fun out of it.
Jun 27 10 05:48 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1
Vallejo, California, US

rich is here a newbie,hello everyone can you guys use another friend please add me and any talents out there i'am in for anything pay or no pay.. just trying to gain a lot of experience on any genre, god bless to all!!
Jul 01 10 11:59 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 17
Fort Worth, Texas, US

Thank you, for the site.  keep up the good work!
Jul 09 10 04:44 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Hilarious! big_smile And also informative! Thanks a lot! smile
Jul 10 10 06:43 am  Link  Quote 
Dani Treacher
Posts: 1
Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

Thanx x
Jul 10 10 11:20 am  Link  Quote 
Jayde Lynn
Posts: 8
Manhattan, Kansas, US

Very informative. thank you smile
Jul 17 10 01:10 pm  Link  Quote 
Tay Lindsey
Posts: 4
Miami, Florida, US

Fotografia-di-Asia wrote:

Jul 18 10 06:51 pm  Link  Quote 
Dem Wolfe
Posts: 1
Bethesda, Maryland, US

Hi, my name is Dem and i am newbee and i was wondering if i could get a critque of my work and areas my photography i can improve on? I am just starting off and would love a kind word.

Jul 19 10 07:08 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8
London, England, United Kingdom

So very relieved that I have seen this post before I got myself into any hot water! *wipes sweat from brow*

Jul 19 10 01:21 pm  Link  Quote 
Evi Lone
Posts: 94
Tampa, Florida, US

I've read this before quite a while ago. It never hurts to brush up though. People forget things. *shrugs*
Jul 19 10 01:40 pm  Link  Quote 
Marilyn Matusky
Posts: 7
Madison, Wisconsin, US

Thank god there are nice people out there who want to help little n00bs like me out!

In all honesty, the way you wrote this motivated me to get my act together and start using MM to it's full potential. Which is exactly what I'm going to start doing... after breakfast.

Jul 24 10 05:22 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Victoria Vandal Makeup
Posts: 251
San Francisco, California, US

Jul 28 10 08:30 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1
New York, New York, US

Jul 29 10 07:16 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 7
Jamaica, New York, US

Ok i'm a newbie here and i'd like to know why everyone is so focused on getting pic comments, it's like a frenzy. Do you show up in more searches if you have alot of comments?
Aug 03 10 08:10 am  Link  Quote 
Lia Bryant
Posts: 1
Normal, Illinois, US

New to this website!! Trying to make sure I dont get scammed so I would love more friends and advice.
Aug 06 10 04:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Byron Arnold
Posts: 3
Stockbridge, Georgia, US

Aug 14 10 10:11 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 7
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

This is a great thread, really informative, and I'm so glad I found it on my first foray onto the forums.
Aug 20 10 08:56 am  Link  Quote 
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