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Wardrobe Stylist
stylist man
Posts: 34,372
New York, New York, US

This thread is for those wishing to assist a photographer.

Thought about this weeks and months ago but kept forgetting to finish it.
For now this list is only to post if you are willing to assist.
No posting if you need an assistant
Might add later on to this list or start a separate one.

This is not for anyone to post unless you are willing to assist a photographer,
pay or unpaid (Good luck.)

Keep it simple.
Pay or looking to assist just for experience is fine.
Please post location and other important info.

The moderators will be very strict with this thread.
No Games.
Especially at the start of it.
(Will make note if I am opening it up more.)

Again, only post if you are seeking to assist someone from the a photographer.
This is the warning to others or those who cannot read.

(and yes, I or another mod might make one for the photo section for photo assistants.)
(Well now it is time until the casting section gets fixed.
The casting section is not great for this and a list would help.

Due to locations not being listed under avatars at times.
Please list your location..City and state and what you want to assist with.
Just Paid or unpaid or both.
Do not post rates here.
Everyone communicate with each other with PM's or Emails not in this

I will be breaking this up into regions but time takes time.

THE List
LA Anything but beach glamour/weddings IATSE Local 44
John Sharp
Sacramento, CA.  Digital, Fashion, Editorial, Casual, Glamour, ....
Chanel Rene
Location: Huntington Beach, CA (but willing to travel to Los Angeles)
Carlos of C Squared Imagery
Los Angeles / Orange County, CA.  fashion and portrait
Star Foreman
Southern CA, willing to travel 1st assistant rate $350, 2nd assistant rate $200
thread_id=320207&page=1#post6807780]ronald n. tan[/url]
Los Angeles Compensation: Paid
Angelo Lorenzo
Simi Valley, CA (Travel to LA, etc) fashion/commercial/editorial -
Southern California.  Primary Interest: Commercial, Editorial, Studio
Adaeze ( ay-day-zay)
Costa Mesa, CA (but willing to travel)  Fashion editorial, commercial,...

Todd Akers
San Diego, CA, Rates negotiable
thread_id=320207&page=2#post6808906]Chip Morton[/url]
San Diego. experience assisting in San Diego and souls here on M/M

Johnathen Lieber
Location:  San Diego Wedding assistant (Second shooter, lighting,....)

San Francisco
Mike Wong
SF Bay Area & Sacramento, Looking for pay
dave wright sf
san francisco, paid or not
[url=http://www.modelmayhem.com/po.php?thread_id=320207&page=2#post6809652]Deborah Holzer[/b]
Calabasas, CA  (SF Valley)...will travel.  Some experience
Ivan Ramirez
San Francisco and the Bay Area.  All kind of photography

New York
Cat Melnyk
NEW YORK - would like an assistant/internship
Shastri Babb
Rotten Apple, NY.  Paid & Experience.
Chris Linton
Backup, First Assistant
Val Tourchin
1st assistant $300 day, 2nd assistant $200 day
Jim Lafferty
NYcity Conceptual Portraiture, Commercial Advertising, Fashion
Phoebe DeSantis
NYC as of September. Fashion, Beauty, Glamour.
Brooklyn, NY
Frank Mattoni
New York, N.Y. and Upstate Connecticut.  Commercial and Editorial
Jonathan Hutt
NYC and NJ primarily.  Beauty, Fashion, Commercial, Editorial


thread_id=320207&page=1#post6805275]Patrick Terry[/url]                                             
Location: Rochester, NY    Interest's Modeling, second shooter
Buffalo and Rochester, NY, Assist with with pretty much anything.
Ben Cornet
Prime areas of interest: Commercial, Fashion, Weddings, but open
Benjamin Hayon
Location: Rochester, NY and WNY area's Interests: ALL KINDS

Name: Leroy Dickson
Interests : Fashion, Beauty, Commercial, Glamour

Denver.  wedding, and fashion. Compensation: Depends on the job

West Coast/Tampa/
Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota.  Fashion, Editorial
Kelby Barrett
Tampa, FL. Intrests: Anything with photography.

Daytona/Orlando area
Nick Moody
Daytona/Orlando Florida. Some studio work and product photography

Gustavo Luis
Miami.  Shooting, lighting, digital workflow

Atlanta, Georgia
Cory Higginbottom
Atlanta, Ga (Live in Alpharetta, willing to travel to Greater Atlanta Area)
Ceek Uno....but you can just call me "dude"
Atlanta Georgia.  As long as I can ask questions, I don't need money

New Orleans, LA. fashion, glamour, lifestyle, editorial, commercial.

Laura Ann Miller
Peoria, IL but willing to travel Fashion, Commercial, Artistic Nudes, etc.
thread_id=320207&page=2#post6811391]Lawrence Lau[/url]
Chicago, IL.  FASHION or COMMERCIAL shoots 


Ken Maloof
Boston, MA / Providence, RI. Most anything Artistic, Fashion,
thread_id=320207&page=2#post6810442]Stephen Young[/url]
Boston, MA.  Any type.  Weddings would be nice though
Angie Perez
Lowell/Boston MA. Fashion,Editorial,Glamour,Commercial,Portraits

Minneapolis MN. day rate plus travel expenses if outside metro area 
Brandon Sweet
Location: Saint Paul Minnesota Interest: Assisting

David L Brown
Las Vegas.  Assisting and scouting

Dwain Thomas
Columbus, OH,  Interested in Fashion, Beauty, and Weddings
Eric Paul Owens
FASHION, COMMERCIAL, GLAM, Portrait... studio and location stuff 
Scott Meyer
Cincinnati, Ohio 6 years experience working as a photo assistant. Paid

Francis Gomes
Warrington, PA. Fashion and Commercial
thread_id=320207&page=2#post6810414]Corwin Prescott[/url]
Philadelphia, Pa and New York, NY.  Fashion, Editorial, Art, Commercial
Kevin Greggain
Harrisburg, PA (but will travel) All genres except weddings
Brian Heller
Philadelphia.  Beauty, Fashion, Editorial


Nashville, TN. Wedding assistant, Fashion, Outdoor

Roxy Photos
Plano, TX. Willing to assist in Dallas area
Brian Hilson
Location DFW, TX. Paid, unpaid. anything but weddings and babies.
Tom Suarez
Central Texas, Austin and San Antonio. any type of photography.

Donnie Moreland
Houston (Katy), TX.  Fashion, Beauty, Commercial

TX gulf coast, give me a shout. Paid

Shon D.
Virginia Beach, VA, relocating to NYC! FASHION or COMMERCIAL shoots

Margaret Hope
Seattle, WA.  Fashion and/or Commercial shoots

West Virgina
Willing to work

Halifax area, Nova Scotia, Canada
Alan Marr
Halifax area, Nova Scotia, Canada

Toronto Area
Jeff Zavitski
Toronto and Ontario Area.  portrait and commercial work.
Kira Bucca
Toronto, Canada.  Fashion and Advertisement/Commercial.
Katie Moore
Toronto Area, Ontario. Will work for knowledge, Will work for money

Jarrad Kevin
Vancouver, BC, Canada. Commercial Advertising. Paid Only
Chris Naidu
Vancouver, BC.  Fashion, Beauty, Editorial, some commercial.
Tiffany S.
Vancouver, Canada. Fashion, beauty, commercial, art, wedding,


Jay Cain
Looking to assist for great fashion, commercial or glamour
London,UK.  Paid or unpaid Interested in all styles.

Robbie Adam.
Scotland. Looking to assist a busy photographer -full time paid.


Geneva, Switzerland. want to learn from great photogs
Jul 21 08 11:25 pm  Link  Quote 
Chanel Rene
Posts: 6,767
Huntington Beach, California, US

Name: Chanel Rene
Location: Huntington Beach, CA (but willing to travel to Los Angeles)
Interests: FASHION or EDITORIAL shoots (especially on-location).
Compensation: Preferrably paid work, but I'm willing to bust ass for free for the right Photographer.
(I have assisted other MM photographers and can provide references.)
Contact: You can PM me here or email me at: http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc281/chanelrene/image.png
Jul 22 08 01:09 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 515
Midvale, Utah, US

Name:  Johnathen Lieber
Location:  San Diego and surrounding counties (possibly LA)
Interest:  I am willing to help in any way possible, would love to work as a Wedding assistant (Second shooter, lighting, holding reflectors....)
Compensation:  Negotiable, I am looking for experience and gas money would help....

I have my own equipment (list available upon request) if necessary.  I have turned down several offers to shoot weddings because I would like to gain some experience and see if it is even something I am interested in pursuing.  I am a hard working and take direction well.

Please contact me here (mm# 637644), email john@jlieberphoto.com, or 760-703-2416.

Thank you,
Jul 22 08 01:36 am  Link  Quote 
Cat Melnyk Photography
Posts: 1,221
Orlando, Florida, US

Cat Melnyk
Moving to NEW YORK in December - would like an assistant/internship for Spring
Looking to work under an established FASHION photographer - looking to learn the business side of things (agents and such)
Would love a paid assisting job or an unpaid internship.
PM on here or Email me at: cat407@aol.com
Jul 22 08 02:04 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 17,909
Los Angeles, California, US

Star Foreman
Southern CA, willing to travel
1st assistant rate $350
2nd assistant rate $200
Pre/Post day rate: $150
Travel days: $125+food
Location scouting day rate: $300

Areas of expertise:

Camera systems:
    Digital: Canon, Nikon, Imacon Digital backs (both Hassy and Mamiya)
    Film:  4x5 cameras, Mamiya 645 system, Canon 35mm

Lighting Systems:
    (Expert Level): Broncolor, Pro-Photo, Alien Bees

Grip expertise:
    Proficient in all grip equipment from setting up and painting flats, to 12x12 silks to scrim jims. I know how to set it up on a c-stand, correctly, and sand bag so it doesn't fall on your head
Jul 22 08 04:00 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 287
Rockville, Maryland, US

Cory Higginbottom
Atlanta, Ga (Live in Alpharetta, but willing to travel to Greater Atlanta Area) -- Give me a good reason to move out to San Diego, though, and I'll probably do it!
Interested in assisting Fashion, Commercial, and Glamour -- any/all with a large focus on post-processing and editing. Also incredibly interested in lighting.
Preferably paid work - one will definitely find me much more available and eager if I can afford to be there smile
I have a good range of experience in the realm of retouching, but would like to expand upon them either through my own time and trial, or through some knowledge passed on by a great photographer. I'm also curious as to what really goes into the shot (the more one knows Around their field, the more one may apply To their field..)
Feel free to be in touch via pm or my email: coreman@2200designs.com
Jul 22 08 05:43 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 9,594
San Francisco, California, US

Mike Wong
SF Bay Area & Sacramento
Looking for pay
Jul 22 08 05:44 am  Link  Quote 
Monito -- Alan
Posts: 16,524
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Alan Marr
Halifax area, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Trained in digital (full frame, crop, Canon), 35 mm, and view.
Film development, B&W printing.
Digital workflow, post-processing, retouching: PSCS2.
Computer graphics, image processing, database and website programming.
Discreet, mature, knowledgeable, flexible, lots of stamina.

MM message.  (Phone number at my website.)
Also available for longer term positions.
Jul 22 08 08:10 am  Link  Quote 
Studio Allure
Posts: 2,185
Columbus, Ohio, US

Dwain Thomas
Columbus, OH (currently)
Interested in Fashion, Beauty, and Weddings
Willing to assist for free but pay is good also.
Have own equipment and lights

No previous assistant experience but fast learner.
Jul 22 08 08:17 am  Link  Quote 
Robert Randall
Posts: 13,842
Chicago, Illinois, US

Jul 22 08 08:18 am  Link  Quote 
Jason Haven
Posts: 38,283
Washington, District of Columbia, US

Post hidden on Jan 03, 2011 05:43 pm
Reason: other
Jul 22 08 08:26 am  Link 
Shastri Babb
Posts: 2,256
New York, New York, US

Shastri Babb
Rotten Apple, NY
Paid & Experience.
Jul 22 08 08:31 am  Link  Quote 
Jay Pegg
Posts: 6,272
Kansas City, Missouri, US

London UK:
Looking to assist for great fashion, commercial or glamour photographers. (I.e people of a standard on my photographers list).
Experience: Currently assist Fotorat, internationally published myself, have several years experience with Hassleblad, Mamiya, (film and digital) 4 x 5, Arris, Kinos, Bowens, profoto lights, capture one, CS2, polaroid processing and fixing, set building, syndication, magazine and newspaper contacts (at editor to features/art editor level) etc.

Paid ideally, but there's no love for us Brits sad
Jul 22 08 08:51 am  Link  Quote 
Roxy Photos
Posts: 448
Plano, Texas, US

Plano, TX
Willing to assist in Dallas area (maybe Ft Worth if gas is paid)

wanting to learn: studio lighting, manual settings
able to offer: reflector holding, light moving...I'm a beginner

my goals are in portrait and landscape photography
weddings will require some cash...because I am currently pregnant, tire easily in the heat, and really don't have an interest in weddings.  Not much cash, maybe $10/hr if I have minimal gas costs.

I have a canon 40D

not at an advanced level yet but very willing to learn.

Also willing to model in exchange for photoshop lessons or anything that will help me learn to be a better photographer.  Model # 128727

email here: http://services.nexodyne.com/email/icon/SgjVDl4koTdvCA%3D%3D/vV8ogu4%3D/WWFob28%3D/0/image.png to get a faster response than at MM (I don't log into this account much)
Jul 22 08 08:58 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 4,048
Rochester, New York, US

Location: Rochester, NY                                           Name: Patrick Terry                                               Interest's  second shooter, Have lights, generator, ac/dc lights. And many other extra's Sometime I need a assistant at a photo session.                                                                                                                                         Compensation:To be discused. Plus I do some TF work!                                                             e.mail: Photocountry@aol.com
Jul 22 08 09:04 am  Link  Quote 
Stephen Akers
Posts: 120
San Diego, California, US

Todd Akers
San Diego, CA

Rates negotiable

Canon (digital and film), Minolta (film bodies)
Mamiya (digital and film), Hasselblad (film)
White Lightning (x series), Norman, Profoto (Pro-7 ring)
Mac G5 Dual
CS3 proficient

Capable of setting up digital capture systems--including RAID setups (Mac), handling digital workflow, editing and manipulation (see portfolio for manipulation abilities).
And, I travel with a light meter. : )
Jul 22 08 09:12 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 22
Hendersonville, Tennessee, US

Name:  Richard - MM 47005
Location:  Nashville, TN
Interest:  Wedding assistant (Second shooter, lighting, holding reflectors....)
Interest:  Fashion, Outdoor, Studio, etc., etc., etc.
Compensation:  Negotiable, I am looking for experience and gas money would help....
Jul 22 08 09:15 am  Link  Quote 
tenrocK photo
Posts: 5,408
New York, New York, US

Ben Cornet
New York, NY

Contact: MM or 917.856.5126

Prime areas of interest: Commercial, Fashion, Weddings, but open to others.
Quick thinker, problem solver, resourceful beyond photography.

Compensation negotiable, tied to the amount of learning.
Jul 22 08 09:56 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 17,757
Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Some think I'm crazy, but I often prefer to assist rather than shoot.

With that said, if you need a (paid) assistant in either the Las Vegas area or TX gulf coast, give me a shout.
Jul 22 08 01:01 pm  Link  Quote 
slave to the lens
Posts: 9,070
Woodland Hills, California, US

Los Angeles/ San Fernando Valley
Interests: Anything but beach glamour/weddings
IATSE Local 44 Set dresser/ Propman


Comfortable with:

35mm,  Mamiya / Hasselblad MF  equipment. DSLR

grip / lighting 

basic darkroom/print mounting/framing/hanging and Photoshop experience

Will work for experience (or used equipment) with great portraitists/ commercial shooters.

Not interested in paid work from anyone else at this time.

worth my weight in doughnuts
Jul 22 08 01:21 pm  Link  Quote 
J Sharp
Posts: 3,437
Sacramento, California, US

Name:  John Sharp
Location:  Sacramento, CA
Interest:  Digital, Fashion, Editorial, Casual, Glamour, Photojournalisim
Compensation:  Your experience
Equipment:  Nikon D80, Nikon D300, SB600 flash, SB800 flash

I'm fairly new to photography and would jump at the chance to assist a semi-professional to professional photographer.  I'm fine with hauling the equipment, holding the reflectors, grabbing coffee and lunch as long as I can absorb your expertise.

Jul 22 08 01:29 pm  Link  Quote 
linton photography
Posts: 5
New York, New York, US

Chris Linton
New York City

Camera:  Canon 40D
Lenses: 28-135 (looking to upgrade)

First Assistant

GEAR (anything Canon, Nikon or studio)- *This means I'm willing to assist for trade in old lenses, bodies, speedlights, packs, stands, heads, etc...... of any quality, either Canon or Nikon for camera gear.  The amount of work depends on the gear.  A 24-70 2.8L lens will likely get you two weeks of straight work.  A Nikon D40x body will likely get you a few days.  And a studio stand will likely cover my travel, depending on the stand.
FREE (depending on shoot)
Jul 22 08 01:35 pm  Link  Quote 
Leroy Dickson
Posts: 8,239
Mobile, Alabama, US

Name: Leroy Dickson
Interests : Fashion, Beauty, Commercial, Glamour
Willing to work for free locally (South Alabama) for right photographer. Will travel for pay. Preferably looking for a job in fashion as an assistant.

Will also work second shooter at weddings for pay.
Jul 22 08 01:42 pm  Link  Quote 
Black Russian Studio
Posts: 1,399
New York, New York, US

Val Tourchin
New York City

I can travel inside US if expences payd.

1st assistant $300 day
2nd assistant $200 day

Rates could be negotiable if it is really interesting low budget project.
Cell (646) 696-1902

I'm very nice person about 3 days a week!
If I won't make your model smile... I'll make your model laugh smile

Thanks OP! Great idea!
Jul 22 08 01:47 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 56
Detroit, Michigan, US

location:  New Orleans, LA  (more than willing to travel)

Looking to assist for fashion, glamour, lifestyle, editorial, commercial.

Experience: Currently assist 2 different photographers, mostly editorial shoots. I have experience with all formats of film.  I shoot with a d70 but have worked with a 5d, 1ds mark II, Hassleblad h1.  Have worked with pro-fotos, hensels, broncolor, calumets.

Paid preferrably but will work for food for the right photographers.
Jul 22 08 01:55 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2,378
San Francisco, California, US

ronald n. tan | www.ronaldntan.com | Los Angeles

Compensation: Paid

A dedicated individual with the ability to maintain personal high-level-of-care standards by taking the steps necessary to ensure safety, comfort, and care. Recognized by instructors and peers for team-orientation, critical-thinking skills, and a desire for continuous learning. Problem-solving skills gleaned by identifying solutions to challenging problems.

I am affable once you see past all the proper formalities. I have additional core competencies.

Proficient in: Advanced Digital Editing, PhaseOne CaptureONE PRO/4 (Digital Technician)

Email: Ronald [at] ronaldntan [dot] com

Mobile: 916.599.8956

C.V. available upon request.

Jul 22 08 02:13 pm  Link  Quote 
Robert Randall
Posts: 13,842
Chicago, Illinois, US

Jul 22 08 02:17 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 6,196
Columbus, Ohio, US

Name: Eric Paul Owens
Location: Columbus Ohio
Interests: FASHION, COMMERCIAL, GLAM, Portrait... studio and location stuff
Compensation: Preferably paid work, but I'm willing to bust ass for free for the right Photographer.
Contact: You can PM me here or email me at: eric@ericpaulowens.com
Jul 22 08 02:22 pm  Link  Quote 
Studio 48 Photography
Posts: 62
Courtice, Ontario, Canada

Name: Jeff Zavitski

Location: Toronto and Ontario Area

Interested in portrait and commercial work.

Compensation: Will work for free to learn.

Experience : Have a little studio experience but have not assisted previously.
Jul 22 08 02:25 pm  Link  Quote 
Laura Ann Nudes
Posts: 3,844
Peoria, Illinois, US

Name: Laura Ann Miller

Location: Peoria, IL but I am willing to travel

Interests: Fashion, Commercial, Artistic Nudes, etc.   Location or studio makes no difference to me.

Compensation: Paid, but if your work is something I hold in high regards, I am willing to work for free until I prove my work

Contact: You can message me through here or contact me at my personal email (lauraannphotography at gmail dot com)
Jul 22 08 02:26 pm  Link  Quote 
Angelo Lorenzo Photo
Posts: 2,094
Simi Valley, California, US

Name: Angelo Lorenzo
Location: Simi Valley, CA (Travel to Los Angeles as well as the rest of SoCal)
Interests: fashion/commercial/editorial - location or in-studio OK
Compensation: For experience, would prefer gas/meals.
Availability: Weekends/Evenings OK, Weekdays with 3-7 days advanced notice. Available for paid location scouting on weekends, will log mileage.
Contact: You can PM me here or visit my website at http://www.angelolorenzophoto.com

Proficient in 35mm/dSLR, Hassleblad medium format, 4x5 large format, darkroom bw and color printing, mounting, overmatting, Photoshop, digital cataloging and backup, retouching, pack & head systems or mono strobes, etc. 6 years experience shooting.

Assisted for on photoshoots for Nylon Magazine, Alarm Magazine, Self Titled Magazine, -Anti Records, and Photofinish Records, among others.

Personal clients include American Lung Association and Hurley International.
Jul 22 08 02:27 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 590
Las Vegas, Nevada, US

David L Brown

Las Vegas

Small-time freelance photographer with some experience assisting.

Will work for cash or education.

Can also do location scouting.
Jul 22 08 02:32 pm  Link  Quote 
dave wright phx
Posts: 13,509
Phoenix, Arizona, US

san francisco, paid or not
Jul 22 08 02:32 pm  Link  Quote 
Art by Scott Meyer
Posts: 397
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Scott Meyer
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cell: 513 477-7381
Email: scott@scottmeyerphotography.com
Web: http://scottmeyerphotography.com

I have 6 years experience working as a photo assistant. Paid only.
Jul 22 08 02:33 pm  Link  Quote 
Tommy Boy Photo
Posts: 346
Buffalo, New York, US

Buffalo and Rochester, NY
Assist with with pretty much anything.
Work to gain experience. (Gas money would be great too)
Jul 22 08 02:34 pm  Link  Quote 
Art by Scott Meyer
Posts: 397
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Jul 22 08 02:35 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,439
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Location: Minneapolis MN
Paid: day rate plus travel expenses if outside metro area
Contact: PM me on MM
Jul 22 08 02:45 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 578
Brooklyn, New York, US

Name: Jarrad Kevin
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Primary Interest: Commercial Advertising
Compensation: Paid Only
Contact: jarrad at shawlink dot ca
Jul 22 08 02:50 pm  Link  Quote 
Hipgnosis Dreams
Posts: 8,943
Dallas, Texas, US

Brian Hilson
Location DFW, TX
Paid, unpaid, either is fine.
Interested in anything but weddings and babies.
Contact: PM or contact through www.brianhilson.com
Jul 22 08 02:59 pm  Link  Quote 
Jim Lafferty
Posts: 1,906
Brooklyn, New York, US

Name: Jim Lafferty
Location: New York, NY
Primary Interests: Conceptual Portraiture, Commercial Advertising, Fashion
Compensation: Paid Only
Contact: photo at jimlafferty dot cawm // 718.473.4956

I am, above all, a fast learner and eager tinkerer, and in general just looking to help everyone have a great day  smile

Lots of Nikon experience. Have used a D3 a bit, I own both a D300 and D200. Intermediate/advanced Photoshop experience (pixel level processing; adjustment layers, masks, etc.). I work with Lightroom a lot, and know my RAW workflow in and out.

Some Profoto experience. I generally use speedlights and PocketWizards for my own work but am investing in studio strobes soon.

I have a good sense overall of light -- how to shape it, what I need to do to manipulate it to achieve a vision.
Jul 22 08 03:28 pm  Link  Quote 
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