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G Street Media
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Oxnard, California, US

I have a project coming up where i have to have a female model painted.  What kind of paint is used for body painting?  Does it just wash off with water?  Any feedback will be helpful.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

The most popular products for painting models are from "Testors".

(my bad)
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montgomery photographic
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Sunnyvale, California, US

Ben Nye make a great paint and they come in various sizes.  Look at a nearest, Costume/Haloween, or Theatrical store.  I've only used this brand but it works very well in a air brush or other types of equipment.
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Cleveland, Ohio, US

I've used everything from theatrical grease paint (tough to clean off though-use baby oil as the first step) to tempra paints which come off with soap and water.  Also with the tempra paints you can get some really neat effects as they dry and crack giving lots of texture.

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Jasmine 1969
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San Antonio, Texas, US

All the body painting that I have done with Leroy Roper has been using theatrical makeup.  You could contact leroy roper at leroy@leroyroper.com or go to his website www.leroyroper.com. When I have been painted this stuff washes off easily
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