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Erin Jameson
Posts: 34
Austin, Texas, US

I'm in Austin, TX literally 5 minutes south of downtown. I can host on a selective basis... I do have a 6 year old son and live in boyfriend, both of whom are occasionally gone. Just message me here and we'll go from there.
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Lakeshore Photography
Posts: 171
Holland, Michigan, US

I'm in Holland,MI. I have a house with two spare bedrooms. I have wifi, laundry facilities, and 1.5 baths. I live across the street from Lake Michigan for those who like to lay out or swim. It takes about three minutes to walk to the lake. I may cook but I wouldn't cross your fingers! Just respect what's here and we'll get along fine smile

If you have time to shoot with me then that's great! If not, I'll understand.
Aug 27 12 11:05 pm  Link  Quote 
VyL8 - aubrey nude
Posts: 106
New York, New York, US

FYI: I've been on the road for the past 5 months, but when I get a permanent location in November or December, I will be sure to update it.
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Steve Kinsey 19K
Posts: 168
Georgetown, Texas, US

I'm in Georgetown Texas which is just 30 minutes north of Austin.  I have a studio with guest quarters on my property.  Separate from my house.  If you are interested, contact me.  We'll see what we can work out.  I can supply references if requested.

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Brittnee Joan
Posts: 6
Orlando, Florida, US

tenrocK photo wrote:
Crash my spot in NYC. Manhattan, West Village. Small but awesome location.

Hey I will be there the 24th to the 28th If I can crash we can shoot as much as u want!!!

Sep 10 12 06:57 pm  Link  Quote 
Brittnee Joan
Posts: 6
Orlando, Florida, US

Hey! I will be in Manhattan Sept. 24th to the 28th I am looking for a place to stay tickets already booked just checking my options before I book a hotel and trying to save money!!! I will shoot as much as you want if you let me crash on you're couch or floor!!! smile
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Brittnee Joan
Posts: 6
Orlando, Florida, US

MC 2 wrote:
Add me to the list for NYC.

I am dead center in the middle of the parts of Manhattan that you're most likely to go. I've got two models who can provide me with TFL (trade for lodging) references. I'm withing 3 blocks of of every subway other than the N/R G and M trains (meaning: A,B,C,D,E,F,V,Q,1,2,3,4,5,6&9).

As far as availability there's no patter to my schedule, so just ask.

Hey I will be in Manhattan on Sept.24 to the 28th and I am looking for someone to do a TFL with! Let me know! I know its short notice my ticket and everything is booked! smile

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Fotographia Fantastique
Posts: 17,324
Lebanon, New Hampshire, US

Need my location updated.
No longer in Lexington, KY
Now in Lebanon, NH
Sep 10 12 07:22 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 12,695
Midland, Texas, US

I can host in Houston, TX. smile
Sep 10 12 07:26 pm  Link  Quote 
guide forum
Posts: 6,580
Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I typically can host in Las Vegas. NW part of town, right on the freeway, 15 min from the strip.

I've hosted a few this year, including a poster above me tongue

Good cooking and 2 adorable puppies usually included.
Sep 10 12 07:56 pm  Link  Quote 
Dane Halo
Posts: 1,145
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I'm a model/makeup artist/photographer willing to accommodate reference-passed models and other artists provided that I am home in Victoria, British Columbia.  There is wifi, a private bed/shared bathroom, and two awesome small dogs (big dog mentalities).  I can generally drive models when necessary also, for a little gas money as the truck is a guzzler.  I have one female roommate and my boyfriend (we all rock - boyfriend's never around), and I love to cook and entertain.

15 minutes from downtown Victoria, 25 from the airport, 30 from the ferry to Vancouver.  Always happy to show models around the paradise that is Victoria, also. smile  May never leave.
Oct 02 12 04:57 am  Link  Quote 
Porsche Jones
Posts: 206
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, US

New location...just got a BEAUTIFUL new place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is:

- 1 Hour from Boston MA

- 1 Hour from Portland ME

- 1 Hour from Manchester NH

- 5 Hours from NYC

- 6 miles from the ocean

...come shoot!  smile
Oct 31 12 11:03 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 966
Norristown, Pennsylvania, US

As of December 1st, I'll be able to host travelling models. I'm located near Norristown, PA.

- 35 minutes to Philadelphia
- 2 hours to Manhatten
- 2 hours to central Baltimore

King of Prussia, one of the largest malls in the country is ten minutes away and provides access to the large thoroughfares (PA Turnpike, I76 to Philadelphia and Rt202.

Guests will have their own room with bed and full bath and access to a full kitchen.
Nov 26 12 09:45 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 774
Jessheim, Akershus, Norway

Located just outside Oslo, Norway. PM for inquirys.
Nov 27 12 09:12 am  Link  Quote 
Rakesh Malik
Posts: 338
Seattle, Washington, US

I'm open to hosting. I'm in Lynnwood, about 20 minutes from Seattle, WA (north).
Nov 27 12 01:34 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 4,094
Rochester, New York, US

Nov 27 12 07:31 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 15
Miami Beach, Florida, US

Couch surf available on 8th Street, in the heart of Miami-South Beach. Many out-of-town/country models on this port (M-F) have crashed during their visit to South Beach.  Just a few blocks walk to beaches, entertainment and shopping districts.

Centrally located - 40 model agencies, 20 production companies and convention center within 5-8 blocks walk.  Airport express, local buses, city bikes 1 block... no need for a car. Supermarket and mall 2 blocks away.

WiFi | Cable TV | PAT Studio | Cat | Parking (!!)


Dec 01 12 12:07 am  Link  Quote 
Magpie Photography
Posts: 11
Norwich, England, United Kingdom

Please add me to this list
Norwich U.K
I am happy to let people use my guest room.
2 hours direct train to London.
Some really good locations nearby.
Dec 12 12 11:53 am  Link  Quote 
Emotion in motion
Posts: 31
Alexandria, Virginia, US

I have a spare bedroom.  Warning I cook very little but have all the material goods if you do.  Willing to host as long as I am in town.  I'm a pilot by trade but usually know my schedule at least a week ahead of time.  I live in Alexandria, VA but I'm only a couple of miles from DC so it might be better to list me under DC.

No pets, drugs, smokers etc.
Dec 28 12 07:39 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 735
Phoenix, Arizona, US

I am in Chandler in Phoenix  Az  USA
I have a 2 bedroom apartment, the master bedroom is set up as a studio.
That would be your room
It has all the stuff AC heat full kitchen..
Don't have TV , not care to watch it nor have the time.
Tons of Internet
The complex has 2 pools hot tub and a small gym.
Depending on the time I can pick you up at the airport etc..
My girlfriend is a model and she travels too..
I am house trained and I expect you to be..LOL

my apartment

Dec 28 12 03:40 pm  Link  Quote 
Stann Hoyle
Posts: 140
Skokie, Illinois, US

Chicago, Illinois and the North suburbs
I sometimes have 1-3 rooms available to host models that I work with in exchange for photographing them.  I usually work with female models as you can see from my portfolio.
Jan 05 13 12:29 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,289
Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

I'm in Toronto and have my studio room usually empty, don't have a bed in there but have a sofa in the living room you can crash on, will probably look to buy a futon in the next few weeks. Wouldn't mind hosting some models for the night in exchange for a photo shoot. I'm in an apartment building that's close to both bus, also subway stations and highway, if you're gonna rent a car.
Jan 06 13 10:17 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2,861
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

My lovely wife Jess and I have a spare bedroom for someone coming this way - Cambridge area. We enjoy meeting like minded people.

We live in a funky little medieval town called St. Ives:


14 miles outside Cambridge, at the end of the worlds longest Guided Busway - pretty cool. There's a stop a block from our townhouse:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambridges … ded_Busway

We're an hour (or less) by train from London, either to Cambridge and the guided bus is right outside the station or to Huntingdon (5 miles away) and the bus again right outside the station. Note: two different RR lines - we'll guide you if you're coming...=*^)

If this sounds confusing - the Guided Bus continues after the Guided Busway proper ends. Some of the buses actually go all the way to Peterborough using streets and roads, converting to work like regular buses..=*^)

In some cases we might be able to pick you up at the Park and Ride in St. Ives or at the RR station in Huntingdon.

We prefer non-smokers and no smoking or other substances are acceptable in the house - otherwise we're very easy to get along with. Just drop us a line.

The only thing we expect in return is that you treat *us* the way *you* would like to be treated if we came and visited you (common decency, courtesy and respect)..=*^).

Christer and Jess
Jan 06 13 11:21 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 62
Atlanta, Georgia, US

WoodrowMasonPhotography - (Woody) - Atlanta, Georgia

Located in Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta. Walking distance to shops, restaurants and bars. 2 spare bedrooms, private bath and separate entrance.
Jan 06 13 11:35 am  Link  Quote 
dave phoenix
Posts: 1,299
Phoenix, Arizona, US

please add me to the list of photographers hosting models in arizona
Jan 06 13 10:06 pm  Link  Quote 
Good Egg Productions
Posts: 15,453
Orlando, Florida, US


Someone should probably update this list and remove links to profiles no longer on this site or verify that these people are still in the areas the list says they're in.

And while you're at it, jot me down for Orlando FL.

Spare bedroom and bathroom available.
The room usually serves as a makeup/changing room and has a huge lighted mirror in it.

It's a house with all the normal amenities as a house might have. Wood floors, no animals living here. Traveling animals are not welcome.
Jan 06 13 10:19 pm  Link  Quote 
Paolo Diavolo
Posts: 8,530
Martinez, California, US

i was thinking the same thing about this needing updating.
i thought i recalled there being another list tho? one newer.
we should hunt for it. maybe it wasnt model specific?
cause i thought i had my name on a list for hosting, but its not on this one which is OLD!
Jan 06 13 10:25 pm  Link  Quote 
Rayne Tupelo
Posts: 21
Louisa, Virginia, US

I can only offer a (large!) couch, but llamas are welcome to crash at my place.  I live in Amherst, MA (in Western MA).
Mar 11 13 07:23 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 55
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

Ko K for Vancouver no longer has a profile here.
Apr 04 13 10:48 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 894
Boston, Massachusetts, US

Will host select traveling models.  Private bedroom, bathroom  20 minutes from downtown Boston, 2 minute walk to local Starbucks!
Apr 04 13 02:53 pm  Link  Quote 
Natural Means
Posts: 579
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Hi - happy to host travelling models in Sydney.

A spare room availible. About 20 minutes west of Sydney CBD - 2 and 10 minutes walk to Homebush and Stathfield train stations. BEWARE - its a bit noisy with trains. But otherwise pretty boring and relaxed.
Jun 15 13 05:38 am  Link  Quote 
Lawrence Guy
Posts: 17,671

Couch available in Lake Peekskill, NY, 10537. Not terribly convenient location for NYC, but spectacular lakeside house might make it worth it.
Jun 15 13 05:46 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 3,936
Seattle, Washington, US

I'm willing to host in Bellevue, WA.  I have an extra room with bed, shared bathroom. 20 minutes from Seattle. 
Must be okay with dogs.
Jun 15 13 11:33 pm  Link  Quote 
Kevin Fair
Posts: 2,505
Palm Coast, Florida, US

Spare bedroom and bath in Palm Coast Florida in a 3 bedroom house. One is used for an office.

I live alone and don't cook so you're on your own unless you like fish sticks and fries.

I'm 20 miles south of St. Augustine, 30 miles north of Daytona Beach and about a 10 min max drive to the beach.
Jun 17 13 05:46 pm  Link  Quote 
J Richie Photography
Posts: 39
Newport News, Virginia, US

I am willing to host occasionally during the week, I have two kids but they are at the ex's on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  I have both a couch that is a foldout bed and depending on the person a small bed available.  I am in Newport News, Va.. close distance to Va Beach, Norfolk, Williamsburg, and Richmond.  A few hours from DC.  Just send me a message with enough time and you are more than welcome to crash here, Maybe we can do a shoot as well!
Jun 17 13 05:46 pm  Link  Quote 
Mystic Flow Studios
Posts: 402
Hilo, Hawaii, US

Come to east Hawaii Island, near Hilo!

Hosting selected traveling models, MUAs, and stylists for TF work. Beautiful daylight studio in old wooden church-structure, and plenty of amazing coastline location-shooting possibilities, many cool and/or adventurous activities available nearby. Very fun environment. See the flowing lava!
Jun 17 13 08:50 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 4,411
Los Angeles, California, US

Update: I've now moved up to the Hollywood Hills. This is the spot, centrally located close to everything.

Jul 08 13 05:37 pm  Link  Quote 
1873 Images
Posts: 355
Binghamton, New York, US

Upstate NY, :45 to Binghamton & Ithaca, 2 hours to Rochester & Syracuse

14 room Victorian, spare rooms and separate bath.

Jul 09 13 06:15 pm  Link  Quote 
Chip Pitcairn
Posts: 22
Corpus Christi, Texas, US

I have a spare bedroom and bath in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Jul 09 13 08:00 pm  Link  Quote 
Fotographia Fantastique
Posts: 17,324
Lebanon, New Hampshire, US

Fotographia Fantastique wrote:
Need my location updated.
No longer in Lexington, KY
Now in Lebanon, NH

Still need this changed - thanks.

Jul 14 13 07:04 am  Link  Quote 
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