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Annapolis, Maryland, US


NOTE: If you do not provide the information asked for in the OP, you will not be added. If you feel as though you may have been skipped, you may want to review your entry to make sure it has all the correct information. I will not be going back through the thread to check for edits.... you will have to repost the edits yourself.

Just like the nude model network, I decided to start a network for the Fetish and Alt models on MM. This network isn't exclusive to models who shoot nudes, so if you are a Fetish/Alt Fashion Model, feel free to add yourself here. So, here goes:

1. Models who shoot Fetish/Alt, please post your location, compensation preference, and what you enjoy shooting (fashion, erotic, bondage, etc.)

The Format:
Name: Location
-Willing to Shoot:

2. I will keep and update the list here in the OP (by location), so that finding a model in your area will be easier. (For a quick search use ctrl+f to find your state/country)

3. This is for models in the US and International models.... so, everyone feel free to join.

4. Please... no photographers..... I want to keep this thread only for the models, so it's easier to update.

*Do not message me wanting to be added.... please just leave your information in this thread. It will be updated daily. Thank you.*

I am not responsible for the actions of the models on this list. This is only a resource, please remember to do your homework and check references.

Thanks... and let's get this started. big_smile


Joan Lee: available in WI/IL/MN anywhere w/travel
-Compensation: paid with some trade possible for right photographer
-Willing to Shoot: fetish/erotic/select bondage

Sophie Nova: UK and USA
-Compensation : Very limited TFP/Content Trade. Paid work is a priority. Will trade for plane ticket smile
-Willing to Shoot: Latex/Rubber, Fetish Fashion, Tight-lacing, Vintage lingerie, Smoking, Pantyhose/Stocking, Foot Fetish, Bondage and DID, Pet/Pony Girl, Spanking and Caning, Video/Stills, Nudes. Anything I haven't mentioned, feel free to put it past me, I'm always interested in new opportunities. I play well with others!

Nicotine: Available internationally.  I have a valid passport.
-Compensation: Mostly paid. Rates are reasonable and negotiable.  Will do trade for select fetish wardrobe and/or travel expenses, too.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, fashion, erotic girl/girl, glamour, nude, bondage, FemDomme, and anything else that catches my interest.

Engel Schrei:
-Compensation: Mostly paid... depends on assignment. Rates are reasonable and negotiable. Available to travel (has passport).
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Erotic, Alt/Fetish Fashion.. just ask
LT Smash: DC Based but available any time for work in NYC or philly. Will be in portland and seattle for a week during the second week of august
-Compensation: Rates Negotiable and based on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, bondage, art, glam

Stephy C: Traveling Model based in Indiana. Upcoming travels include Chicago, Columbus, OH, St. Louis, Philadelphia, NYC, San Diego, Tampa, FL (FetCon), L.A., San Francisco, etc.
-Compensation: Paid work preferred...rates are reasonable and at times negotiable. Will also TF (depending on the situation) for latex, leather, shoes, etc.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish Fashion (latex, leather, PVC, corsets, collars and cuffs, etc.), Fetishes (stockings, feet, shoes, gloves, boots, tickling, etc.), Bondage with great riggers, Bondage "Fashion" (rope dresses, collars, corsets, etc.), Nudes of course, Erotica (solo or with another female model), Retro, Pin-up...and more! I'm pretty open minded and open to ideas

velocity girl: Upstate NY, will travel anywhere provided gas is paid for. (frequent trips around NE region)
-Compensation: rates vary depending on project and usage, usually 40$-100$ per hour + travel.
-Willing to Shoot: nudes, fetish, glam, conceptual, artistic, fashion, bondage, available for any concept you can throw at me minus porn. just ask!

Jeska L Vardinski: Chino Hills CA, Travel available: USA ONLY. Travel paid for.
-Compensation: Paid or trade for Latex
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, film noir ,corsets, pinup ,victorian ,fashion, horror, vintage, glamour, fetish fashion,Erotica,foot fetish,bondage/suspension,nude,adult nude,solo.
Stills and video. I will NOT Shoot: Hardcore g/g or b/g. I am not an escort!!!

Sienna Aldridge: available internationally
-Compensation: paid limited TFP (Negotiable)
-Willing to Shoot: art nudes, fashion, fetish / bondage, erotic, if you don't see something listed just ask. No hardcore.....I also shoot video content domination, tickling, feet, messy, damsel, desperation, etc.
http://www.modelmayhem.com/siennadancer (171128)
Tampa, FL - 8/13 - 8/17, 2009 Upcoming Travel: San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, Vancouver, Canada, Detroit, MI

Ivy 88: I do frequent trips down the east coast & just did a cross-country trip. Available anywhere over NY/PA/NJ at short notice. Travel- January 2010- Texas 5th-15th , NYC 24th-28th, February 2010 Pittsburgh 7th-11th, Cleveland/Toledo 24th-28th, March 2010 Baltimore/DC, NYC, April LARGE cross-country tour from NY to Cali and back
-Compensation: Paid shoots only, no extra for travel if currently planned travel.
-Willing to shoot: mild fetish/bondage/latex & rubber/alternative fashion/nude. no erotic. only up to met-art style nudes

The Original Sin: I'll travel anywhere in the US if my travel expenses are covered. My most current travel notices will be linked on my profile page.
-Compensation: Limited trade available- contact me for particulars.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, nude, artistic, fantasy and gothic beauty work. Multi-model/couples work not a problem.

LaLa: Based in KCMO, but will travel within the US if paid
-Compensation- Mostly paid, very rarely TF, but will for the right shoot
-Will shoot- fetish, fashion (please note my height), bondage, erotica

Nikko YO: available internationally
-Compensation: Paid /TFP
-Willing to Shoot: artistic nudes, fashion, fetish / bondage, erotic, domination,Bondage,latex , corsetry , etc , just ask. No hardcore....

Jade Vixen:  Based in NYC, will travel anywhere with expenses paid.
-Compensation : Paid work
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Fetish Fashion, Glamour, Erotica, Lingerie, Heels, Corsets and Tight-lacing (I wear a 16"!), and Nudes. I have an extensive wardrobe and I love posing in it! No bondage or hardcore.

Eidolona: Always travelling USA/Canada anywhere. Can Travel oversea if paid for expenses.
-Compensation: Paid or fetish wardrobe. Might consider very select tfp but this is very limited.
-Willing to Shoot: Mostly anything except absolutely no boys, toys, or body fluids (i.e. no hardcore if it's not allowed on MM I probably won't shoot it)

PixieMini: Montreal. I'm willing to travel to just anywhere I can be flown/taken by train or bus to. I also have a valid passport.
-Compensation: Preferably paid, but will TF* if the offer is interesting.
-Willing to shoot: Bondage, most fetish, alt, some erotica... As long as it's not porn.

Wara: Traveling (Frequent Boston, NYC, Philadelphia); travel notices are always in my about me
-Compensation: Paid work preferred, but willing to barter
-Willing to Shoot: Erotica, bondage, decorative needlework, fashion

V Larsen: Traveling model
-Compensation: Mostly paid but rates are negotiable depending on the shoot.
-Willing to Shoot: Nudes, Bondage, fetish, alt/fetish fashion, conceptual, sometimes girl on girl erotica, but no porn smile.

Lana Tourniquet: Available internationally
-Compensation : Very limited TFP/Content Trade. Paid work is a priority. Will do trade for select fetish wardrobe and/or travel expenses and/or very interesting concepts.  Rates are reasonable and negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: Latex/Rubber, Fetish Fashion, Tight-lacing, Vintage lingerie, Smoking, Pantyhose/Stocking, Foot Fetish, Bondage and DID, Pet/Pony Girl, Spanking and Caning, Video/Stills, Nudes bondage, Film Noir, Horror, Victorian, Pinup, Japanese Rope Bondage, Suspension, Damsel, Gothic, Tattoo Features, Corsetry (I lace down below 20"), Sci-Fi, Burlesque, Striptease, Body Paint, FemDomme, and anything else that catches my interest. Anything I haven't mentioned, feel free to put it past me, I'm always interested in new opportunities.  I am very professional.  I AM A MODEL, NOT AN ESCORT.

Dani Mitchell: Traveling model Los Angeles home base
-Compensation: paid assignments, very select TFP
-Willing to shoot: High Fashion, Glamour, Promotional, Pinup, Vintage,Horror,Fantasy, Corsets, Indoor, Outdoor,Makeup Artistry.

Laragh: Traveling, West Va/Maryland based.
-Compensation: Paid and select trade for travel expenses and select wardrobe.
-Willing to shoot: fetish, erotic, bondage, fashion, art, video , glamour, and performance. Fire breather/eater and visual art student.
Website coming soon.

Xlcr Moon: *TRAVELING* Based out of Texas, often in Indiana, Illinois, and Arizona
-Compensation: Paid shoots only. will shoot TF for publication or latex/wardrobe
-Willing to shoot: fetishes- shoe, feet, pantyhose, messy, latex, superhero, balloons, lipstick, worship, piercings, school girl, water, princess, nurse, spanking, ripping clothes, weapons, knifeplay, biting, domme, etc...
bondage- various styles, kidnap scenarios, damsel in distress, fashion bondage, some suspension bondage, *any bondage must have excellent references!* Will NOT shoot: spreads, hardcore, masturbation, b/g etc.

Orias Bastet: USA and beyond
-Compensation: 50-200/hr depending on length, release, complexity, etc.
-Willing to Shoot: photo/video of tasteful smut

Daniela Kenzie: Traveling model based out of Las Vegas, NV. Travel all over domestically and internationally. Current schedules can be found on my page.
-Compensation: Paid. I am willing to negotiate for longer periods of time and for people on budgets. I am always open to offers. You CAN afford to book me. I promise. Sometimes I will trade for wardrobe.
-Willing to Shoot:  art nudes, glamour, fashion, fetish / bondage, erotic, if you don't see something listed just ask. No hardcore.....I also shoot video content: tickling, feet, messy, damsel, desperation, etc. Will shoot light erotic work, nothing hardcore or blatantly pornographic.
http://www.modelmayhem.com/danielakenzie with more pics linked from there.

Manchester: Los Angeles, always travelling.
-Compensation: 100/h, 350/half day. Different rates for solo video work.
-Willing to Shoot: I shoot anywhere between fully clothed and erotica. I also do c4s work and fetish video.

Mercy: As of May I will no longer have a home base and will be traveling full time. All locations will be posted on my page and I have a valid passport!
-Compensation:Paid work or select TF
-Willing to shoot:  I'll shoot just about anything, except spread shots, hardcore, etc.

Tracii Taylor:  Traveling model based in New Jersey
-Compensation: Paid with limited TF
-Willing to Shoot: Any type of nudes (no toys, or porn).  Will shoot with other models, male or female.

Eleanor R: Traveling model based near San Francisco
-Compensation: Seeking paid work, but I accept airfare, hosting, and other forms of barter
-Willing to Shoot: Artistic nudes, glamour, beauty, fashion, corsetry, latex, select fetish and erotic work, and Shibari/bondage (no DID)

Miss Mara Mayhem[/b]: Chicago and Traveling
-Compensation: Mostly Paid, but will do trade with the right photographer
-Willing to Shoot: bondage, fetish, nudes, pin-up, gothic, gore, latex

Anzhelika Yakimenko: Travelling, based out of Los Angeles and Myrtle Beach, SC, travel frequently to Europe.
-Compensation: Paid shoots only. will shoot TF for publication or latex/wardrobe
-Willing to shoot: fetishes- shoe, feet, pantyhose, messy, latex, superhero, cos-play, balloons, lipstick, worship, piercings, underwater, school girl, water/peeing, princess, nurse, spanking, ripping clothes, weapons, knifeplay, biting, bondage(IF ITS SAFE AND YOU HAVE EXCELLENT REFERENCES), damsel in distress, spreads, vintage lingerie, G/G, masturbation instruction, toys, pink, enema, tantra, retro, pinup, leather, pedal pumping, stills and/or video. Anything else(EXCEPT B/G or POV, just ask)



Hex Onyx: Tuscaloosa, Al/Birmingham, AL willing to travel to New Orleans or Atlanta for paid shoots. I also spend a lot of time in New York and NJ.
-Compensation or very select TFP
-Willing to Shoot: nudes/bondage/fetish/pin up but not penetration

Csandra Lea: Dothan (Wiregrass Area), AL
-Compensation: Any, preferably paid.
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Glamour, Artistic, Conceptual. I'm really up for anything if it sounds amazing.

april86: Available in Fl,Ga,Tn,Al,Ms. Will Be in Florida in Feb 17-24
Book me im booking fast
-Compensation: Very limited TFP/Content Trade. Paid work is a priority. Will trade for plane ticket smile
-Willing to Shoot: Latex/Rubber, Fetish Fashion, Tight-lacing, Vintage lingerie, Smoking, Pantyhose/Stocking, Foot Fetish, Bondage  Video/Stills, Nudes. I'm always interested in new opportunities.

Sara Christine: Birmingham, Al (available for paid travel)
-Compensation: Paid, will trade for latex, corsets, or heels.
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, erotic, g/g, bondage, latex, pinup, fetish fashion, foot fetish, tickling fetish, stocking/pantyhose, if I havent mentioned it just ask- I'm pretty open to everything.

Kera: Birmingham, Alabama, willing to travel in Southeast
-Compensation: Paid, trade or negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, fetish, smoking, bondage, lingerie, nude, tattoo, pinup, punk, horror, BDSM, femdom... really open to whatever, can discuss


Barbara Coffey Attaway: Northwest Arkansas (will travel within reason, or if expenses covered)
-Compensation:  Paid, TF* depending on assignment, very negotiable;
-Willing to Shoot:  BDSM, erotica, fetish, fine art nudes, shibari, and most anything unusual and thought-provoking.

Danielle Kitten: Little Rock, AR
-Compensation: Depending on Assignment, TF, Paid
-Willing to Shoot: Nudes, bondage, lingerie, swimwear, BDSM, pinup, horror/gore


Amanda Wesselman:Phoenix, Arizona [willing to travel if paid]
-Compensation: TF or paid
-Willing to Shoot: Clothing Lines, Tattoo Magazines, Fashion, Glamor, Promotional, Pin-up, Vintage, Artistic, no nudes!

Kyris Kalor: Phoenix, AZ USA (Can Travel)
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment. Paid. TF Work Considered.
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Fetish, Bondage, Goth, Horror, Fantasy, Androgyny, General Alternative, Etc

Evolpuss: Tucson, AZ and Phoenix, AZ [Will travel if paid]
-Compensation: Always negotiable.  Will NOT shoot for free if you are directly profiting from topless or nude.
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Corseting, Tattoo, Retro Erotica, Vintage, and most anything colorful/theatrical/artistic. Prefer work intended for publication vs portfolio development.

Vervon: Tucson, AZ-travel cross country on a regular basis
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: nudes, bondage (pretty much anything that doesn't cross fully into erotica)

Laurel Rae: Tucson, Arizona... but willling to travel!
-Compensation: Primarily paid, and trade for exceptional photographers, print work or trade for latex
-Willing to Shoot: Alt., Alt. Fashion, Latex/Rubber Clothing, Pin-up, film noir, leather, corsetry, fantasy. Music videos, runway, conventions, shoots, etc. Implied nudity only, (showing bare backside is okay)

Brittney Bravo: Mesa AZ (will travel within the state)
-Compensation: TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Anything EXCEPT nude, fetish, bondage, erotica. Special interest in Beauty and Fashion.

Alabaster: Tucson, Arizona. Willing to travel.
-Compensation: Depends on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, Alternative, Corsets, Latex/rubber, Pin up, Bondage, Goth, Fantasy, Surreal, Horror, Avant garde, etc

MoRina: Phoenix, AZ  (Travel nationally, and very regularly to Detroit, MI and Columbus, OH and the surrounding areas.)
-Compensation:  Paid work only
-Willing to Shoot:  Art and figure nudes, playboy-style nudes, lingerie, bondage, foot fetish, etc. Stills and video.

Nikki Von Nekro: Phoenix AZ (will travel within the state)
-Compensation: TF or Paid
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, Pin up, Goth, bondage, latex, corseting, Tattoo modeling. (will not do any nude only implied.)

BettyHarlowe: Available anywhere
Book me I'm booking fast
-Compensation: Very limited TFP/Content Trade. Paid work is a priority. Will trade for plane ticket smile
-Willing to Shoot: Latex/Rubber, Fetish Fashion, Tight-lacing, Vintage lingerie, Smoking, Pantyhose/Stocking, Foot Fetish, Bondage  Video/Stills, Nudes. I'm always interested in new opportunities.  Creating a beautiful image is what matters to me, if it is classic, and for the purpose of art...I am very interested in collaborating and trying new paradigms.



Darling Kyttie: Bay Area, CA
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Fetish, Latex, etc.

Kamarose: Bay Area, CA
-Compensation: Paid work, selective TF.
-Willing to shoot: Alt, pinup, corsetry, light fetish, creative/conceptual

Andrea MJM:Bay Area, CA, but am very interested in traveling with expenses paid
-Compensation: Paid, and willing to do limited TF
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish fashion (latex and corsets), bondage/suspension, nude, erotic/dark erotica (solo or with another woman)...if you can inspire me, I'm open to suggestion!

Holly Hearse:Mill Valley, CA
-Compensation:depends on assignment/negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: calendar, motorcycle, car, latex, film noir, corsets, pinup, victorian, fashion, horror, vintage, glamour, fetish, implied nude, bdsm, tattoo focus, black and white, outdoor, indoor, fantasy, scifi (shoots nude for content for her website only)

Amanda EuNiece Jones: Portland,OR/Sacramento,CA
-Compensation: Paid assignments with low rates, very limited TF*.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/goth/dark fashion, modest lingerie, swimwear, No nudity.

Ame Marie: Redding Ca (norcal)
-Compensation: Depends on the shoot, very selective on TF shoots
-Willing to shoot: Alt pin-up, bondage, latex and rubber, fetish clothing, motorcycle, car, corsets, horror, vintage, glamour, implied nude, black and white, fantasy, body paint, couples (male and female)

soma_stardust: san francisco bay area, california
-Compensation: paid work preferred
-Genre: alt, nude, fetish, some bondage, girl/girl

Lucinda Leigh: San Francisco, California
-Compensation: must be compensated for nudes/fetish, all others are negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: shoot nudes, fetish, bondage, erotic, pinup, fashion

Vivian DeMilo: Sacramento/Bay Area CA (will travel)
-Compensation: Usually paid, sometimes I will do a trade (for prints, latex, shoes, what-have-you).
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, fashion, fetish, bondage, etc.

IllustratedPinup: California- San Fransisco Bay Area.
-Compensation: OCCASIONAL selective TPF/ will also trade for fetish clothing and costumes when applicable. Contact me for more information.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish/ BDSM/ ALT and Scene photo shoots available. Fashion and non-nude for $50/hour, nude/erotic $80/hour. I come with a trusted (and very good looking) male top for any "scene" shoots. See my profile for more information.

ElexieL Grae: Bay Area, CA, USA Available: Weekends, weekdays-TBD
-Compensation: Trades, negotiable, I prefer to be paid for nudes and suggestively explicit if possible
-Willing to shoot: Nude, Bondage, Gothic, Fetish Erotic, Victorian, roleplay, any misc. creative themes

Scarlet Faux: Nor Cal/So Cal
-Compensation: Mostly paid except if the images are obviously useful to both of us. No trade nudes or straight erotica.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, bondage, bondage, Erotic, Alt/Fetish Fashion, latex, etc.

Nymphette Noire:Bay Area, California.
-Compensation: Interested in TFP depending on concept and paid.
-Willing to Shoot: No nudity, but willing to shoot almost anything else. Love alternative and historical fashion of all kinds.

Wenchi: North Bay Area and San Francisco, CA
-Compensation: Paid, and Agency Quality Testing
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Fashion, Fetish, Latex, etc.

4nn4: Bay Area, CA (i don't travel)
-Compensation: Paid only, flexible rates
-Willing to shoot: Fashion, pin-up, lingerie, nude, art nude, erotic nude (showing pink), solo, fetish, bondage, girl/girl
Bad CharlotteInTXinJuly: San Francisco, CA, but I travel monthly to LA, CA and yearly to Portland, OR, Seattle, WA, and NY, NJ, and PA.
-Compensation: cash. I do some TF*, but very scarce. I prefer full creative teams at TF* shoots. My rates vary depending on projects, but usually about $50/hour.
-Willing to Shoot: artistic nudes, some bondage, some fetish, no erotica, gothic, fantasy, conceptual, pin up, alternative fashion in general. I pretty much do everything but erotica.

Raven Le Faye: SF Bay area but willing to travel for paid assignments
- Compensation: Paid, selective TF. Rates vary/flexible depending on project and usage. No TF for nudes.
- Willing to shoot/interested in:  Fetish and alternative fashion, latex, light bondage, artistic nudes, conceptual projects, cosplay, pin-up, glamor, extreme hair/make-up & beauty - Pretty much anything that isn't explicit/porn

Lloyd Wootten: Based in Chico, CA. Able to Shoot in Sac/Chico/Bay Area. Also all other locations if travel is payed for.
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment. 
-Willing to Shoot: Alt Fashion(Scene/Emo/Hardcore), Cosplay, Gore, Horror, Implied nude, Couples, Pierced. Open to others contact me with your idea's.

Tessara: Chico (NorCal) willing to travel
-Compensation: Paid, open to TF.
-Willing to shoot: Horror/gore, goth, punk, fashion, some fetish, pinup, some implied, bizarre concepts. Any ideas message me.

Victoria Dagger: Bay Area, CA
-Compensation: Paid, selective TF
-Willing to Shoot: Pinup/burlesque, corsetry/tightlacing, alt fashion

Mischa: Oakland/ San Francisco, CA (Will travel within CA if expenses paid)
-Compensation: Some TF, Paid preferred
-Willing to Shoot: Pinup, Alt, Gore/ horror, Light Bondage, Tattoo related, Latex, Gothic, Corsetry

Anna Von Leigh: Based in Chico,Ca (Willing to travel)
-Compensation: TFP, Paid
-Willing to Shoot: All Alt. styles, including nude.

Bianca Vasquez: Bay Area, CA
-Compensation: Trade for photos or wardrobe (I'm new so I don't expect payment).
-Willing to Shoot: Alt. fashion, retro/pinup, corsets, gothic, horror, Steampunk, punk, Victorian, maybe some light fetish, cosplay, open to ideas. (don't do nudes) *note: As of Jan 6th, I will have magenta streaks in my hair.

Mina Caustic: Bay Area. Will travel within California if compensated.
-Compensation: paid preferred, make me an offer. I'm reasonable.
-Willing to Shoot: fashion, glamour, goth, dark, fantasy, implied nude (select cases), egl, ega, victorian, steampunk, cyberpunk/cybergoth, industrial, underwear, some fetish, classic pinup, corsets, etc. Can do sexy, alluring, etc. but not up for anything outright erotic.

Brandy Madison: San Francisco, CA & Reno, NV. Willing to travel
-Compensation: Pay for travel & MUA, implied small additional fee
-Willing to do: Pinup, Fetish (fishnets, chokers, sexy stilettos, corsets, etc.), bondage, fake blood concepts, burlesque, knives/ daggers, tongue & body piercings..

wynd mulysa: sf bay area, ca, but often traveling.
will be in houston april 20-25, LA/san diego in mid-late june [2011.]
-Compensation: cash money, travel expenses or a place to stay.  please enquire about these things.  i often do not need a place to stay.  i always need travel costs covered - if i already have a ticket to your area and back, consider buyign me a ticket to somewhere else in the future.  and my rates are reasonable and flexible.
-Willing to Shoot: weird lifestyle, casual, commercial if you make an awesome thing, alternative, glamour, lingerie, but preferably nude.  art nude, figure study, erotica, fetish, bondage [but no more DID.]

Ossuary: San Francisco, CA
-Compensation: Paid. Rates depend on medium, content, and usage.
-Willing to shoot: Feet, smoking, genderqueer, gender bending, gender fuck, FemDom, unshaved, some fetish fashion, and possibly some others--ask!

Dizzy Night (the wicked darling): San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacreamento
-Negotiable: I don't mind doing TF but you have to at least pay for transportation and a cookie tee hee!
-Willing to Shoot: Mondays, Weds, and Weekends.
Bondage, SnM, Gothic, Steampunk, Science fiction, nudity.

Carmilla Jo: Bay Area
-Compensation: Message me for negotiation
-Willing to Shoot: Goth, romantic, victorian, lolita, fairy tales, femme fatale, circus, fashion, corsets, macabre, publications, and anything creative and leaning towards the avant-garde.

Morgue Anna: Sacramento, California
-Compensation:  $60 per hour of work
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Alternative Fashions

Catt MacKenzee: Sacramento, CA
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Nudes, artistic fetish, alt, fashion, bondage

MELINDA MOXIE: Merced CA (willing to travel)
-Compensation: some TFP, otherwise negotiable smile
-Willing to Shoot: Body art, latex, corset, fashion, nude, glamour, bondage, open to any concept I find interesting and creative!

Vvespertine/Kealani: San Francisco, CA- will travel with expenses paid
-Compensation:looking for paid work, limited trade
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, bondage, pinup. alt, erotic, artistic nudes, latex

Brandy Madison: San Francisco Area - willing to travel
-Compensation: Contact for rates, varies for type of shoot. ($50-$150/hr)
-Willing to Shoot: Very wide variety. Contact for specifics.

Miss Nikki Lux: San Fracisco Bay area, willing to travel
-Compensation: Paid, DOA and some trade for fetish gear/ services (I.e. tf latex, body mods, hair color, toys, etc.)
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish play, Fetish fashion, Femdom, Bondage, Art nude, Glam, with 10+ years experience in fashion and commercial.

Azzy X: Bay Area, CA. Travels to LA area often (available for paid travel)
-Compensation: Paid work, limited TF
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, Lingerie, dark/fetish fashion, gothic, artistic, glam, conceptual, bondage, fantasy/sci-fi, horror, bodypaint.

Modell T: Live in San Francisco Bay Area, previously located on the east coast. I will travel anywhere in the U.S. if expenses are covered.
-Compensation: Paid
-Genre: Many including:  Bondage/Fetish, Glam, Pin-up, Implied Nude, Art Nude, etc. I am open to discuss all concepts, styles and wild artistic types of shoots.  If you don't ask, I won't be able to decline! I have work on other sites as well...but here's MM
Currently scheduled:
March 8-11 Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC, Arlington, VA


Paradise Ambriz: East Los Angeles, CA, willing to travel.
-Compensation - PAID - Willing To Do TF* In Some Situations
-Willing to shoot - Almost anything...(Bonus PPL Like The Fact That I Am Pregnant For Submissive Shots)

KymberlyJane: Anaheim california, frequents San Francisco Monthly,sometimes Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Washington State.
-Compensation: Paid only (but rates Always Vary)
-Willing to Shoot: art nude, glam nude, fashion, Fetish, Latex, Leather (yup i said it), Bondage, burlesque, and i have been known to do solo erotica now and again. I do Video and Stills...been modeling full time for 8years~

Pyrex puppet: Southern California (Orange County, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley) Available to travel locally and internationally (have valid passport) with expenses paid.
-Compensation: Mostly paid, limited TF*. Rates are reasonable and negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage (depending on the rigger), Alt/Goth/Fetish Fashion (corsets/latex/leather/etc), Fetish, Fantasy-themed images, Body Paint, Pin Up, Art Nudes (implied and topless style), BDSM-themed shoots, Couples or Poly-themed shoots (i will only shoot these with my male and/or female partner)... Note: I do not shoot video, only stills.
Mistress Dolor:Los Angeles, CA
-Compensation: If provided with fetish wardorbe Ill consider tf*
-Shooting preferences: Fetish (femdom only)

Piper: San Luis Obispo (central coast) to LA - California
-Compensation: Paid but I don't charge much.  Will consider TF* depending on photographer and concept
-Open to: fashion, glamor, [I .>

FallenAngel529: NJ, NYC, will travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: paid and trade for exceptional photographers, print work, clothing, etc.
-Willing to Shoot: alternative/film noir/fetish/pin up/fantasy... Available for music videos, runway, conventions, etc. NO NUDITY

Miz Katastrophe
Location: New York City, New York - USA Available for travel nationally with travel compensations provided
-Compensation: Paid, negotiable, TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative fashion, art, glamour, promotional modeling, runway/catwalk, catalog, swimwear and more. Always open to new ideas. I don't shoot nudes, bondage, or fetish. I enjoy modeling latex and leather - which I consider fashion rather than fetish.

Sangoire: New York based, but available anytime for travel to DC/Baltimore, Philly, Boston. Will travel anywhere with compensation.
-Compensation: Paid is a priority - selective trade (travel/awesome wardrobe pieces/if you seriously rock).
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, non-explicit erotic, fashion (latex, corsetry etc.), wet and messy stuff, nudes. The more creative, the better - run your concept by me and we'll see what we can do!

Sina Muscarina: New York City, New York - USA. Available for travel internationally
-Compensation: depends on assignement
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, latex, no nudity
model book (add me to see whole portfolio): www.flickr.com/sinamuscarina

YAN: NY (willing to travel)
-Compensation: Paid work only when traveling. Selective TFP in the five boroughs.
-Willing to Shoot: Glamour, alternative, implieds, nudes---I have a wide selection of wardrobe.
www.yanmodel.com; modelmayhem.com/yan

Elly Glam: Available in the US. No passport yet.
-Compensation: Mostly paid. Rates are reasonable and negotiable.  Trade for tear sheets.
-Willing to Shoot: Implied Nude, Nude, Erotic (solo), Fetish, Fashion, Glamour, Bondage. Open to new ideas/genres/projects.

Scarlet Night: Brooklyn, NY, USA. Willing to travel anywhere in NYC and NJ. Occasional travel to Miami, FL (downtown and South Beach).
-Compensation: TF* and paid
-Willing to shoot: Goth/Industrial Fashion and Concepts, Post-Apocalyptic Themes, creative hair/makeup, anything unusual and controversial. Limited nudity (must be discussed beforehand).

Zerotia: New Jersey and Manhattan NY
-Compensation: Paid...rates vary. TF for certain publications.
-Willing to Shoot: Nudes, Latex, Alternative, Casual, Beauty, Lingerie, Glamour. No pornography.

Maeva: Brooklyn NYC
-Compensation: 50/h-150/h
-Genre: all

Mocha Quinn: NYC based
-Compensation: Paid (negotiable) Trade
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage Latex Pin Up Vintage Open minded.

Ariel Wolf: NYC but willing to travel anywhere expenses paid, traveling frequently
-Compensation: Paid only, rate depends on content and length of shoot
-Willing to Shoot: Nudes, bondage, fetish, alt, erotica, fashion, fine art/figure, fire eating/fire play, pinup, vintage, latex. Nothing hardcore or anything a vanilla person would consider a sex act. But very open minded

Greg DAE: Brooklyn, NY
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, Horror, BDSM, Fantasy, SciFi, Cosplay, Erotica, Artistic, Goth, Film Noir, Fashion. Implied/partial, but no full nudes.


North Carolina

Serene Isley: Raleigh, NC
-Compensation: mostly paid work - rates neg.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, bondage, pin-up, etc

Loretta Wilson: North Carolina, travels if compensated..has passport 
-Compensation: Depends on concept. Some TF but nudes paid unless we've previously done them otherwise. Everything is negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, Pinup, fashion, fetish, latex, horror, vintage, cosplay, film noir,corsets, pinup, victorian, bondage, nudes(the concept has to be good guys, c'mon...)

Kat Kalashnikov: Charlotte, NC. willing to travel if compensated
-Compensation: some TFP but mostly paid work
-Willing to Shoot: latex, fetish, pin-up, implied nude, no nudity unless discussed

Cindy Holiday: Charlotte, NC; easily travels to Metro Atlanta, GA; willing to go elsewhere
-Compensation: Preferably paid, open to TF if a great concept or you're an exceptional photographer, merchandise trade, tear sheets
-Willing To Shoot: Alternative, Gothic, Latex, Pin-up, Vintage, Corsets, Lingerie, Cosplay, Implied, Conceptual, Fashion, Dark, Artistic. No bondage. Nude work is case by case.

Nea Van: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee
-Compensation: Paid Assignments
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative and Glamour. No nude

Mikay: Burlington, NC. Travel: Yes, but only if it's not too far or photograher is willing to help with gas.
-Compensation: Prefer paid, but will also do select TFCD, or wardrobe trade.
-Willing To Shoot: bondage, some fetish, pinup, lingerie, nudes, bodypaint, etc.

Madame Babydoll: Asheville, NC. Travel: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia with compensation.
-Compensation: Mostly paid shoots..exceptional photographers I will negotiate. Rates are very reasonable.
-Willing to Shoot: Implied Nudes/Alternative Fashion/Erotic/Pin-up/Victorian/Cosplay

Incendra Soul: Based in Asheville NC will travel with expenses paid US or abroad
-Compensation: looking for mostly paid shoots if I love your work or clothes we can discuss trade - contact for rates
-Willing to Shoot: just about anything but video; pin-up, latex, gore/horror, alt fashion, vintage, art nude, body paint, bondage, goth, fetish, underwater +++

[/b]Lanie[/b]: Greensboro, NC
-Compensation: TFP (or digital files)
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Fetish, Erotic, Nudes, Anything with other females, my ONLY restriction is no men involved in the shots
http://www.modelmayhem.com/3096032 and https://fetlife.com/users/2568956 (username: LanieMae)


AiTenshiMisha (Stacey Smith): Dayton, Ohio
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Latex, PVC, Horror, Retro, Goth, Rave, Cyber, Punk, Cosplay... etc. NO NUDES!

Alectrona: Toledo, Ohio, but traveling frequently. (Columbus, Chicago, Indianapolis, California, anywhere if travel is covered)
-Compensation: Paid shoots and very limited trade.
-Willing to Shoot: : Nudes, Erotica, Fetish, and Bondage.

Angele: Ohio (will travel)
-Compensation: Select tfp and trade for various items like clothing and plane ticket,cash
-Willing to Shoot: Will do bondage,fetish, alt fashion/glamour (possibly more feel free to ask)

Lucy Dominga: Columbus/Cleveland, OH
-Compensation: Paid with very limited TFP
-Willing to shoot: Fetish, Bondage, Art Nudes, Erotic Nudes, Fashion

Dark Eden: Toledo, OH travel anywhere with expenses paid
-Compensation: Very limited TF for exceptional photographers, travel expenses, negotiable paid.
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, corsetry, rope bondage, nudes, erotica by self or with female, pin up, pretty much anything.

Mizz Amanda Marie: Lima, OH
-Compensation: Prefer paid work, but willing to work trade with the right people.
-Willing to Shoot: I am willing to shoot most anything up to pornography. I have no problem simulating sex, so long as I'm not actually being penetrated tongue Bondage is my fave ^^

IDiivil: Bowling Green, Ohio
-Compensation: Depends on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Nudity, Alternative, Horror, Latex, Light Fetish (whips, handcuffs, etc), Conceptual ideas - just ask and I'll probably be all for it.

Vape: Cincinnati, OH
-Compensation: TFP for right photographer, paid, or trade for alt/fetish wardrobe
-Willing to Shoot: Alt Fashion, light fetish (latex, corsets, shibari rope work, etc.), shoots involving extreme flexibility (former gymnast)

Sannah Fox: Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati OH, Northern KY, Western IN
-Compensation: Reasonable rates.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, Tasteful Erotica, Art and Glamour nudes, just ask.

Brin Amberlee: Columbus, Ohio
-Compensation: Depends on assignment, but I would prefer to start doing paid shoots.
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Glamour, Pin-up, IMPLIED artful nudity, NO Fetish or Bondage

Jolly Rauncher: Dayton, OH. Travel: Yes, negotiable. Willing to travel anywhere in the US with all or most expenses paid.
-Compensation: Taking paid and TF. Will also accept gas money, lunch, wardrobe, or cigarettes.
-Willing to Shoot: General creepiness, latex, knotwork, corsetry, alternative fashion, alt. fashion implied, burlesque, horror, avant garde.

Raven: Ohio [Will Travel if expenses are paid]
-Compensation: Paid. Trade for latex.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish. Alt. Bondage. Anything fun or different.

Meaghan Lynai: NE Ohio (Unable to travel currently)
-Compensation: Any
-Willing to Shoot: Willing to do NEARLY EVERY FETISH! My favorites include: bondage, female/female, dominatrix, petplay, adult little, rope, gags, vintage, fashion, nude, erotica!



Amanda EuNiece Jones: Portland,OR/Sacramento,CA
-Compensation: Paid assignments with low rates, very limited TF*.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/goth/dark fashion, modest lingerie, swimwear, No nudity.

Feral Oneiric: Portland, Oregon
-Compensation: Selective TFP, rates negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt fashion and glamour. Light bondage. Dark/horror/macabre. Art.

nicodemus: Portland, Oregon
-Compensation:depends on prodject
-Willing to shoot:alt.fetish.fashion.nudes

Julie Christian:Portland, OR, but willing to travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: paid, limited TFCD, trade for clothing, shoes, etc.
-Willing to Shoot: alt fashion, fetish, bondage, BDSM, pin-up, vintage lingerie, nudes.  I'm a sucker for adventure and trying new things, so if you have a particular idea you think I'd be a fit for, please contact me.  Please see my profile for more info.

adorathegreat: Portland, Or travel: depends on assignment
-Compensation: mostly paid unless i love the idea, then TF for sure
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, erotica, fashion (although i'm really tiny), art nudes, strip sets

lexie woodward: Portland, OR
-Compensation: most likely if there's nudity involved i charge otherwise time for image is great
-Willing to Shoot: very open except no cooch full frontal nudity

Oh Dear:Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.
-Compensation: Negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: Art, Glamour, Pin-up, Nudes, Fashion, Retro, Conceptual, etc.

Angelica Demonica: Portland Oregon, United States
-Compensation: Paid Shoots take Priority, Selective TF
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish - All sorts, just ask. I'm rather open minded. Costume, and Cosplay also optional. If a photographer is willing to get me a REALLY well made costume/cosplay as a compensation for a shoot, I'll take that offer.

Catherine de Sade: Portland Oregon
-Compensation:  Limited TFP. Willing to travel if expenses are covered. Rates are reasonable and negotiable depending on the project.
-Willing to Shoot: bondage/erotic/BDSM/fetish/some glamour, hardcore, open to a variety of shoots if they are interesting!

Wednesday Harrington: Portland, OR, can travel for paid shoots.
-Compensation: generally compensation, 100/hr for up to fully nude fetish content
-Willing to Shoot: bondage (DiD, glamour, harder ties), latex, leather, foot fetish, tickle, morphing, erotic horror, freeze, sleepy, erotic, nude, either solo or with other models.  Travel with a rigger for your bondage convenience wink  and YES, I'm lifestyle.

L Blackthorne: Oregon, love to travel in US, especially West Coast and NE.
-Compensation: Local - negotiable; Travel - Paid, reasonable rates.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, fashion, avante garde, surreal, art, nude. Open to discussion. I'm also a fire dancer. Poi, hula hoop, fire fleshing.

Lilith Marie: Portland, OR
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment; Paid Preferred (but not always priority)
-Willing to Shoot: Punk, Steampunk, Goth, Fine Art (including nudes), Surreal, Extreme Concept, [light to moderate] fetish, Industrial, Fashion (bearing in mind my height), etc.

Alisha Adams Location: Portland, Oregon will travel if compensated
-Compensation: depends on shoot. Low rates no tfp.
-Willing to Shoot: bdsm, nude, video, b/g, g/g

Ashlyn Orion: Oregon + travel
-Compensation: Rates vary depending on content, trade under select circumstances, feel free to shoot me an offer!
-Willing to Shoot: Available for nude/erotic/fetish, some film work, no hardcore, always open to new opportunities and ideas.
For booking: ashlynorion@gmail.com


Fae Dahl: North East Region/ Harrisburg PA/ willing to travel (farther locations help with travel fees is appreciated)
-Compensation: Paid or TFCD for photographers who have something to add to my port.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, Fetish, Bondage, Nude, Latex Fashion, Pin-up, Macabre, Fashion and so on and so forth. (no hardcore/penetration/)

Allison Angel: Pittsburgh, Pa (Will travel anywhere with expenses paid).
-Compensation:  Rates vary based on type of shoot.
-Willing to Shoot: alt, fetish, goth, bondage, lingerie, swimwear, nude, girl/girl

Cassie Hepler: Philadelphia, PA
-Compensation: Request $100/hr. with half day rate at $350, full day $500. Rates are negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: film noir, corsets, pinup, victorian, fashion, horror, vintage, cosplay, glamour, fetish fashion, lifestyle dominatrix, nudes and other alternative work;)

Ossuary:Philadelphia, PA.
-Compensation: Pay, TFP, or barter, depending on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: I'm interested in shooting erotic, bondage, all sorts of fetishes (ask me), fetish fashion, etc.

Jade Vixen: NY and Philadelphia, frequent travel to LA and other locations.
-Compensation : Paid work
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Fetish Fashion, Glamour, Erotica, Lingerie, Heels, Corsets and Tight-lacing (I wear a 16"!), and Nudes. I have an extensive wardrobe and I love posing in it! No bondage or hardcore.

Vixxa Violet: Philadelphia, PA; NJ; willing to travel granted all expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Paid work, clothing barter, magazine submissions, music videos.
-Willing to Shoot: Nude (Artistic, Glamour); Fetish, Bondage, Pinup, Glamour, Lingerie, Fashion, Alt, Bikini/Swimwear, Latex, Horror, Cheesecake, Burlesque, any & all. NO HARDCORE/Pornography. I have an escort at all times; this is not negotiable. I can provide all professional make-up, and most wardrobe needs (I have a traveling wardrobe van). I also have many wigs and props.
www.modelmayhem.com/vixxaviolet (855917)

Mira Morningstar: Philadelphia, PA/ Traveling to NYC and surrounding areas
-Compensation: Paid only. TFP open to big names that can provide decent exposure.
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Fetish, Latex, Punk/ Goth, Corset, Dominatrix, Swimsuit, Lingerie, Glamour. No Nudes.

Sylvia: Primarly MD, PA, DC and northern VA. Do/Will travel
-Compensation: paid (rates negotiable) trade for content, latex, and/or certain tear sheets
-Willing to shoot: fashion, erotic, bondage (degree of all varying)

Sofia May: Philadelphia, PA.  Willing to travel up to NYC
-Compensation: Preferably paid but depends on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: bondage, bdsm, nudes, goth, punk, fetish, steampunk or any other kind of alt fashion.  I'm open to pretty much anything but porn.

Nicole Ficacci [Darling Nikki]: Williamsport, Pennsylvania USA
-Compensation: TF (may require travelling expenses if required to travel a significant distance); if you're offering money as compensation, that is always needed as i am just starting out as an alternative model and want to build my wardrobe 
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/fetish/glam/pinup/punk fashion, although I am open to many other ideas!

Vika Noxx: Harrisburg/Philadelphia PA
-Compensation: Paid takes priority (rates $35-100 hrly depending on content) but will consider trade with select people.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, fetish fashion, art nudes...really anything outside the realm of pornography will be taken into consideration.

Nocturnia:  Philadelphia, PA
-Compensation: Paid - rate depending upon content, barter for wardrobe and very select TF (select TF inside the city of Philadelphia only).
-Willing to Shoot: implied, semi-nude, nude, fine art, conceptual, fetish (including but not limited to tight-laced corsets, latex, shibari with an experienced rigger), horror, goth, pin-up. I sit for painters as well.

Horror Whore: Philadelphia-will travel to NY and other states if expenses are paid
-Compensation: TF, tearsheets, or paid
-Wiling to Shoot: Erotic, bondage, gothic, nude, etc.

Alice Darcy: Philadelphia PA, NJ, DE, VA from time to time and willing to travel
-Compensation: Paid or barter
-Willing to Shoot: Open to almost anything, but no adult/hardcore. Fetish style videos are fine, and would love to shoot some bondage.

Tempest: Willing to travel to MD, NJ, PA, DE, and Albuquerque NM
Based out of West Chester PA
-Compensation:Paid assignments, TFP
-Willing to shoot pretty much anything. Note: I have 20 tattoos

Heff: Philly, new york, jersey
-Compensation: open
-Willing to Shoot  Latex/Rubber, Fetish Fashion, Tight-lacing, Vintage lingerie, Pantyhose/Stocking, Bondage.

Amber Rose: State College, PA. Willing to travel, but will require travel compensation if it is out of state.
-Compensation: Paid, very selective TF. Dependent on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, nude, erotic, alt. fashion, alt. nude, conceptual, glamour, fetish, horror and more. Two limitations: No sexual contact with men and no videos.

Amber Kourtney: I currently live in Pittsburgh, PA but am frequently traveling. I am willing to travel within the United States, and internationally for travel expenses paid.
-Compensation: I prefer paid work or work that will be published, but also limited TF
-Willing to Shoot: Artists' model available for wide range including: nude Fine art/Bodyscapes, Glamour, Light fetish, Figure studies/Life drawing. No porn/spreads/visible 'pink.

Nyxon: Based out of SWPA but available all over the U.S. & internationally. I have a passport. Please check my MM profile for updated travel schedule. I travel full time!!
-Compensation: Very reasonable hourly & day rates
-Willing to Shoot: Both video & stills, fully clothed to full nude Penthouse style. Damsel, predicament bondage, feet, messy, tickling, necro, horror, pin-up, and many more. NO hardcore.

Little Lark: Pittsburgh, Pa
-Compensation: Paid ( Willing to travel with expenses paid)
-Willing to shoot: Pinup, Fetish fashion, Gothic, Steam punk, Fetishes ( Foot fetish, pet play, latex, etc.), bondage, Shibari, Corsets, Nude ( Just ask I'm pretty open!)

Alexa Fey: Philadelphia, PA based but willing to travel to NYC or DC.
-Compensation: Limited TFP, Paid work is a priority. Will trade for travel expenses.
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Erotic, Fetish/Alt, some nudes depending, LGBT, and Anything Artistic At All

Centavr: Harrisburg, PA. Travel to PA, NJ, DMV, and WV.
-Compensation: TF* and charity events considered, Rates negotiable, depending on type of shoot and travel expense.
-Willing to shoot: Latex/Rubber, Fetish, Bongage, Smoking, Leather, U/V, eStim,  Video/Stills, Nudes, Erotic, Couples, Group ... comfortable with most any content, any location, with no limits.

Alexandria Adair: Located, PA,MD,NJ,VA,DC. Willing to travel with expenses paid
-Compensation: Paid, negotiable rates and day rates. Will trade for *high end* fetish clothes/gear/latex/leather
-Willing to Shoot: Yes. No fetish or project is too perverse, as long as it is not graphically explicit, i.e straight up porn, I'm all ears. That said I have extensive experince in bondage, tickling, dominatrix themes and a variety of clips-4-sale content. You name, I've probably shot it.

Nicole Barthel: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Akron
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion

de noir: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but willing to travel to New Jersey and New York if compensated for gas
-Compensation: Trade for CD or clothes/shoes (shoe size 9.5 exact)
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish fashion, cars/motorcycles, implied nudity, alternative fashion, latex/leather/pvc, cosplay, piercings, vintage -- nothing sexual. Also model for artists/painters.

Miss Devorah: Philadelphia, PA (avail to travel)
-Compensation: TF with exceptional photographers. $75/hour boudoir, $100/hr nude, $125/hr erotic
-Willing to Shoot: I am open to shooting: glamour, beauty, boudoir, fetish, bondage, alt. fashion (especially latex), nude, erotica, nu-pinup, vintage pinup, steam-punk, goth, victorian, conceptual, commercial, etc.

Isobel Wren: Philadelphia, Pa + Delaware County Pa
-Compensation: Negotiable, prefer paid (but who doesn't?)
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish of many sorts, latex, bondage, nudes, etc. If you're not sure, run it by me, the answer is probably yes!

Ashley Nicole: Philly, DC, Baltimore, New York -Compensation: depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: latex, alt/fetish fashion, vintage lingerie, glamour, retro, pin up, artistic, gothic beauty, body paint, tattoo features, corsets

Rhode Island

Autonomous: Providence, RI. Limited travel
-Compensation: Paid assignments
-Willing to shoot: BDSM (Dominant); Goth; Punk; Alt; Cyber; Industrial; Fetish etc... Topless/Implied(No Porn)

Lovely Laura: from Rhode Island
-Compensation: Varied depending on content... $ or trade or TFP
-Willing to Shoot: Very few limitations, just inquire and I may just do it... I'll try everything (twice).

South Carolina

katielynn: Greenville,SC and surrounding areas.
-Compensation:TF goodies like gas money, clothing, props, ect. Always negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: clothed fetish, pin-up, implied, cyber, goth, ect.
Nea Van: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee
-Compensation: Paid Assignments
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative and Glamour. No nude

Carolina Goddess: South Carolina
-Compensation: Negotiable rates and limited TF for very local.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Latex, Nudes, a variety of fetish (just ask) Pin up
Travel if expenses are paid.


Sweet Surrender: Nashville, TN Nashville, TN
-Compensation: Any, paid is nice, but not expected unless travel is involved.  I prefer TF currently.
-Willing to Shoot: I shoot pretty much everything....goth, bondage(tastefully done), gore/horror, tattoo profiles, etc.

Jessica Nicole: Chattanooga, TN (will travel with expenses paid)
-Compensation: prefer paid, but open to very select TF* (including occasion Trade for Wardrode, i.e. corsets, latex, boots, etc.)
-Willing to Shoot:  Fashion (corset, latex, etc), pin-up, almost any non-nude fetish, Damsel in Distress, bondage, shibari (with experienced rigger), stills and video.

Lady Nokturna: Rock Island, TN
-Compensation: Wanting TF shoots to build portfolio.
-Willing to Shoot: alt., fashion, pin-up, cheesecake, glamour, implied, lingerie, fashion, bikini/swimwear, latex, beauty, horror, etc.. No nudes

Miss Ginger Lee: Nashville, TN but travel on a weekly basis
-Compensation: Paid shoots only, please. I MAY consider TF* if it's an amazing project. My rates depend on the content and usage of the material, but I am flexible. I do by the hour, half day, and full day rates.
-Willing to Shoot: Both photo and video projects, and I'm fine with everything up to g/g video work. I do b/g photos for magazines and things like that, but no video of hardcore b/g interaction.  Fetish work has been done before and I love it!

Butch D: TN
-Compensation: Paid,travel expenses,Trade...What's your offer?
-Willing to shoot:Alternative,role play,fetish,possible nudes(really do you want to see me naked?),artistic,kick ass,cool ideas

Knautica Black: TN primarily, surround states, and anywhere in the US (exp. paid)
-Compensation: Paid - Affordable rates, barter
-Willing to Shoot: Glamor, Alt Fashion, pin up, fetish, etc
knautica.weebly.com or myspace.com/kgspokesmodel

Rose Macabre: Memphis, TN (Willing to travel anywhere with expenses. I have a valid passport)
-Compensation: Primarily paid work, very limited TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, Bondage, Fetish, Gore, Concepts, Artistic Nude, High Fashion

Miss Voodoo Valentine: Nashville, Tennessee and willing to travel a bit only if truly AMAZING or paid
-Compensation depends on the assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: I like to shoot Pinup, Steampunk, Fashion, and really really really want to do Latex. No feeties or rope work though, please.

april86: Available in Fl,Ga,Tn,Al,Ms. Will Be in Florida in Feb 17-24
Book me im booking fast
-Compensation: Very limited TFP/Content Trade. Paid work is a priority. Will trade for plane ticket smile
-Willing to Shoot: Latex/Rubber, Fetish Fashion, Tight-lacing, Vintage lingerie, Smoking, Pantyhose/Stocking, Foot Fetish, Bondage  Video/Stills, Nudes. I'm always interested in new opportunities.

Miss_GetRad: Clarksville, TN/ Honolulu, HI
-Compensation: Limited TF/Paid
-Willing to shoot: Bondage, Fetish, Latex, ALT Fashion, Gothic Lolita Fashion, Pin-up, Burlesque, Steam Punk, Artistic Nudes, Corsets. (No erotica)

Nea Van: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee
-Compensation: Paid Assignments
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative and Glamour. No nude

Rose: Nashville, TN. (I only travel if expenses are comped or you're within a 1.5 hours drive from me)
-Compensation: Prefer paid, but willing to do TFCD depending on shoot.
-Genre: Most any within reason: latex, leather, spanking, wax play, bdsm, etc.
http://blackxxxrose.blogspot.com/ http://profiles.myfreecams.com/BlackxxxRose (THESE LINKS ARE NSFW/18+! THEY CONTAIN MY ADULT WORK)

Sophie LaRae: Nashville, Tn Able to travel easily on Fri-Sun
-Compensation: Paid only please
-Willing to Shoot: shoe/foot fetish, tickle, latex, bondage, medical, breasts, balloons, cosplay, many others. If you have an idea..message me about it. Comfortable with video/pics. Will work with  g/g, b/g.

Charlotte Starr: US
-Compensation: $100/hr, willing to negotiate daily rates with photographers who shoot more than 2 hrs.
-Willing to Shoot: Almost any fetish.  No porn.  I have tons of experience in many different fetishes and I appear on several different fetish websites.

Aaron: Middle TN
-Compensation: 50-75hr plus travel expenses, may also TFP if I like your work.
-Willing to Shoot: lingerie/crossdressing


Lacey Starr: Austin, Texas
-Compensation: currently TF  unless travel is required.
-Willing to Shoot- goth,cyber,steampunk,alt,very light fetish,dark pinup,cosplay,lolita...you get the picture. I do NOT shoot nudes.

Scout Sioux: Austin & Houston, Texas
-Compensation:depends on assignment/negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: film noir ,corsets, pinup ,Victorian ,fashion, horror, vintage, glamour, punk fashion, punk/alt glam, theatrical and open to all other alternative work upon agreement. no nudes what so ever.

Hex Hypoxia: Austin/Houston tx, willing to travel.
-Compensation: paid or select tfp
-Willing to Shoot: alt/ fetish/ bondage/ erotic/art/horror/ pinup/ cosplay open to most suggestions..
Jamie Coxx: Dallas, TX. Will Travel.
-Compensation: TFCD/Pay/
-Willing to Shoot: Tranny/Shemale/TV/CD - No real restrictions as long as no one is harmed.

Talia: East Texas
-Compensation: TFP/Paid
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage etc

Nadyia: Dallas, Texas. Often travel to austin, texas (and will travel elsewhere if travel expenses are taken care of).
-Compensation: negotiable and occasional tf*
-Willing to Shoot: fine-art, conceptual, fetish, pin-up, avant garde, goth (if it's classy!), vintage etc. I do shoot nudes, but will not do anything "hardcore" (ie NO penetration).

TheStitchWitch: Houston (and surrounding areas) Texas
-Compensation: TFP/TFCD
-Willing to Shoot: Corsets, historical clothing/themes, anything creepy, unusual or wierd. Will model corsets by other makers if they are high quality. No nudes or glamour.

Roxy Vandiver: Houston, Texas
-Compensation:Will do TF
-Willing to Shoot: Goth, Fetish, Pinup, Fantasy, Medieval, Bondage, Guitars, Cosplay, Fashion, G/G Erotica, Tattoos

Jamie Coxx: Dallas, TX. Travel is not a problem.
-Compensation: TFCD, Pay.
-Willing to Shoot: EVERYTHING. As long as I'm not bleeding or being crapped on.

Loren War: Lewisville/Dallas, Texas
-Compensation:depends on assignment/negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: pinup, steampunk, industrial, cyberpunk, victorian, fashion, horror, vintage, glamour, punk/alt glam, l and open to all other alternative work upon agreement. Nudes depend on assignment.

Loni Shase: Austin, Texas-willing to travel if expenses are paid
-Compensation: preferably paid but if the shoot is fun enough anything is negotiable!
-Willing to Shoot:Anything, from body painting to suspension.

Kaia Bellanca: Dallas, Texas
-Compensation: Selective TF, Paid work takes priority
-Willing to shoot:Alt, pin-up, latex and rubber, fetish clothing, corsets, horror, vintage, fashion/couture, gamer/nerd, cosplay...

Elegant 1:  Houston, tx (willing to travel with paid accommodations)
-Compensation: Vary (paid or selective tf's plus travel)
-Willing to Shoot:  Fetish ( lingerie, pin ups, corsets, leather, etc), clothing, publications/magazines, calendars, exotic animals. No Nude Please

Syrien: Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Will Travel (all expenses paid).
-Compensation: Prefer paid, selective TFP (if wardrobe was provided)
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Fetish, Goth, Steampunk, Cyber

Miles Devin: Gender- Male. Dallas, TX & Santa Monica, CA
-Compensation: TFP also DOA on occasion
-Willing to Shoot: Goth, Dark Fashion, Glam, Punk, Androgynous

Kahmiel: DFW area, TX , I also travel to Austin
-Compensation: Depends on assignment, Limited TFP, Bartering
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Fetish, Latex, Bondage, Horror etc.

ddcupcakeHOUSTON: Houston, TX. Travel: Willing to travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Willing to do paid or unpaid, depending on photographer and project.
-Willing to Shoot:  Anything but full on porn, lol.  But seriously, I'm pretty openminded.

MichelleCheri:  Dallas, TX
-Compensation:  $50/hour, Possbile TF for clothes/shoes/etc and/or travel costs
-Willing to Shoot:  goth/industrial, cyber, fetish fashion, latex - clothes or liquid, bodypainting, art nudes.  If you don't see it listed, ask me.  No open crotch, toys, g/g or boys.

Anastasia Skye: Mckinney, Texas : No passport: Will do paid traveling.
-Compensation: Depends On Assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Anything classy; no erotica/hardcore/ect.

Ophelia DeLure: Dallas, Texas (Willing to travel if expenses paid)
-Compensation: Paid (negotiable) and some TF
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish Fashion, corsetry, Vintage/pin-up, Smoking, Pantyhose/Stocking/legs, Foot Fetish, Bondage, goth, horror, alt, domme, latex, cosplay, lingerie, implied. No full on exposure, spreading or insertion.

Kat: Houston/Austin/San Antonio Texas. Available to travel to other cities with paid compensation and without a conflicting date.
-Compensation: Paid or Time for Publication(Website, Magazine, Calendar, Some Live/Promotional Events)/Runway.
-Willing to Shoot: Glamour, High fashion, Body Paint, Implied Nude (Full Nude with no major parts showing), Runway, Lingerie, Swimsuit, Underwater, Editorial, Commercial, Horror/Gore, Alternative, Pin-Up, Music/Band, and Live event modeling. Other genres not mentioned can be discussed.

Sick Mickey: San Antonio Texas, paid travel in US
-Compensation: tfcd and paid work
-Willing to Shoot: punk, pinup, fashion, some fetish, latex, selective implied

Xlcr Moon: *TRAVELING* Based out of Texas, often in Indiana, Illinois, and Arizona
-Compensation: Paid shoots only. will shoot TF for publication or latex/wardrobe
-Willing to shoot: fetishes- shoe, feet, pantyhose, messy, latex, superhero, balloons, lipstick, worship, piercings, school girl, water, princess, nurse, spanking, ripping clothes, weapons, knifeplay, biting, domme, etc...
bondage- various styles, kidnap scenarios, damsel in distress, fashion bondage, some suspension bondage, *any bondage must have excellent references!* Will NOT shoot: spreads, hardcore, masturbation, b/g etc.

Jaded Kitty Kimiko (Kitty to most): Houston Area Texas
-Compensation: Mostly Paid, Depends upon assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, Explicit Nude (but no masturbation or sex), fetish, bdsm, fantasy, fashion, pretty much anything fun

CrakkaJapp: San Antonio, Tx... Would love to do paid travel
-Compensation: prefer paid but willing to trade for the right photographer
-Willing to Shoot: horror, gore, stunt, costume, corsetry, shibari, bondage, pinup, cheesecake, burlesque, boudoir, victorian, fashion, implied, cosplay, fetish, latex/rubber, ECT.

Miss Blaze: Dallas, Tx
-Compensation: Depends on assignment; Paid (starting at $50/hr) or Trade/TFP (very limited basis; strong port/idea required plus all images & min. 5 fully edited shots)
-Willing to Shoot: Burlesque, Belly Dance, Ballet, Glamor, Alt fashion, Cosplay, Fetish, Latex, Steampunk, Pin-Up, Fantasy, Make-Up/Hair, Artistic nudes, Implied nudes & more. (NO porn or Explicit nudes)

Nicolette Houston, Texas
-Compensation: Paid has priority, but I will definitely consider TF if the concept or work wows me.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish [Minus Latex. I'm allergic], rope and chain bondage, and erotic nudes.

Elle Renee W: Dallas, TX. Travel: Anywhere if expenses are covered. 
-Compensation: Negotiable-Cash is preferred please. TF, selectively.
-Willing to Shoot: Artistic nudes & implied nudes. Including glamor, unique/artistic fetish & BDSM, lingerie, pin-up/vintage, burlesque/tease, pantyhose, body paints, bondage, girl/girl, foot fetish, shibari/kinbaku rope art, damsel in distress, school girl, Balloons, more- just ask!

XDA/Naked Ninja: Based out of Dallas, Can travel with expenses paid.
-Compensation: Cash on day of shoot or barter for items on Amazon wishlist
-Genre: bondage, most fetishes, erotica. solo or girl/girl. photo or video OK.

Nikki Vicious: Flower Mound/Lewisville/Dallas Texas (travel is acceptable, all over Texas/Oklahoma, and I do have a valid passport for paid travel requests)
-Compensation: Paid will take priority, however I will shoot TF* for selected projects
-Willing to Shoot: pinup, corset (fashion and tightlace), latex, painted body, implied, full nude, foot fetish, body modification, goth/alt, steam punk, anime, Lolita

Jax Bravo: Dallas, Denton, Lewisville TX..Also Baltimore MD
-Compensation: $50-$100/hr depending on what we are doing.  May do TF*, but that just depends
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Glamour, Artistic, Conceptual, Bondage, Fetish, Erotica, Nudes, Implied.  No boy-boy.  Other than that, I'm really up for anything if it sounds amazing.

Alchemy: Austin, TX, USA. I visit L.A. and NYC occasionally and will travel there or elsewhere if compensated. I have a valid passport and will travel internationally.
-Compensation: Paid. Will consider trade for leather outfits or well-made dungeon furniture and implements, videos to sell online (I want to start a clip store), or if I am in awe of your work.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, bondage, hardcore FemDomme, pretty FemDomme, Feet/Legs, Pinup, Burlesque, Gothic, Horror, Alternative, Industrial, Steampunk, Urbex Environment, Corsetry. I will consider posing nude or bound for certain projects, but overall I do not want to be portrayed as submissive in photos.

Emma Anne: Austin, TX
-Compensation: Paid work is high priority. Willing to lower rates in some cases.
-Willing to Shoot: Tell me your ideas! I'm extremely open minded, just please: no porn!

Nikki Vicious / Sayuri Suicide: Dallas/Fort Worth Texas
-Compensation: depends on shoot, ranging from TFP to paid (highest per hour rate I have is $125/hr) but will negotiate to fit your budget for shoots that catch my interest
-Willing to Shoot: light bondage/rope play, tight lace corsetry, heels/hose/socks/feet, hair brushing, balloon popping, giantess, pinup fights (Betty Page style), cosplay, piercing and tattoo, general "alternative" modeling (ie. suicide girls/gods girls style themes)
http://nikkivicious.deviantart.com/gallery // personal portfolio site under construction


Bear54: Park City area, Utah
-Compensation - TF* or Paid
-Fetish, bondage, erotic

Vicious Kurai aka Vikki Vyle: Salt Lake City, Utah  USA
-Compensation: TFP/CD & Paid assisgnments (paid if involving nudity)
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish- bondage,Nyotaimori (food), foot/shoes, corsets, Latex, tattoo/piercing, Shibari, fashion and more.Other fetish and alternative styles- goth, lolita, cosplay, cyber, punk, Visual Kei

Christy Allie: Salt Lake City, Utah  USA
-Compensation: TFP/CD
-Willing to Shoot: Fantasy, goth, pin-up, fashion, artistic, pretty much anything. (implied nude only)

Vesper Synd: Park City, UT (available anywhere in U.S. and internationally when booked for performance work)
-Compensation: paid, trade for wardrobe or travel expenses, select TF
-Willing to Shoot: If you can conceive it, I am probably willing to do it.  Fetish, bondage / suspension, latex, erotic, working with other models = good.  Maxim and Playboy style shoots = not good.
T A Y L O R: Austin, TX (Also, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Galveston)
-Compensation: $50/hr. Negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: All. Specializing in glamour and fetish.


Deanna Danger: Richmond, VA/DC/NC/MD (*will travel expenses paid)
-Compensation- depends on assignment
-Will shoot- alt (punk, goth, flashy/trashy, nothing remotely abercrombie), most fetishes (no porn/explicit content), pinup, horror/gore, cosplay, glam, nudes!

Rachel Dashae: Richmond/Virginia Beach, VA/DC/NC/MD  (Will travel with expenses paid.)
-Compensation: Depends on assignment.
-Will shoot: alternative, alternative fashion, latex, art, conceptual work, glamour, pin-up. No nudes, implied is limited depending on ideas.,

Meli87: Chesapeake, VA; Will travel as far as Richmond, VA or some parts of NC.  I would greatly appreciate gas money if I have to cross the HRBT or the VA/NC state line.
-Compensation: Prefer paid, but will do TFCD if I haven't already done it.
-Willing to shoot:  Bondage, alt pin-up, fetish, fasion, horror, costume, ect.  Will do nudes, though I prefer implied lower-half.  Also willing to pose with men.(Side note: I have 12 piercings and 5 tattoos so far.)

Dementia Armand: Lynchburg, VA  (* will travel with compensation)
-Compensation: Mostly paid shoots, though I will consider TFP, depending on assignment. Will also consider trade for clothing.
-Willing to Shoot: alt, bondage, goth, punk, vampire, victorian, dark erotic, fetish/alternative fashion,  pinup, glamour, horror, gore, glam, satanic/occult, ritualistic, twisted, bizarre, grotesque, beautifully disturbing, select fetishes, implied nudity, and artistic nudity (no porn, soft or hardcore and no explicit content)

PamelaFace: Richmond Va(Will travel, expenses must be paid for long distances or international)
-Compensation: TF/paid or trade for clothes, lingerie, latex, etc.
-Willing to Shoot: pin up, fetish, bondage, lingerie, goth, creative/artistic, fashion and couture, implied nude (partial nude for the right photog), boudoir, burlesque, bikini/catalog, glamour. Open to all sorts of photography, just ask me! Sorry, no nudes at this time. And panties stay on!

Ophelia Sans Mercie: Western Virginia. Willing to travel (help with travel fees is appreciated)
-Compensation: prefer Paid. TF* for tearsheets, wardrobe, photos that will add to my portfolio.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, Fetish, Bondage, Alt Fashion, Latex, Corsets, Pin-Up, Macabre, Horror, Gothic, Dark Creative... No erotica.

Andy Virus: Traveling [See dates and destinations on my profile].  Based in Richmond, VA.
-Compensation: Paid, but am willing to negotiate. 
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish [Stills or Video.], Bondage, Erotica, I'm open to almost anything.

Sylvia: Primarly MD, PA, DC and northern VA. Do/Will travel
-Compensation: paid (rates negotiable) trade for content, latex, and/or certain tear sheets
-Willing to shoot: fashion, erotic, bondage (degree of all varying)

Mistress Molotov: Richmond, VA/DC/MD (*will travel with compensation, has passport)
-Compensation: Paid work preferred... rates are reasonable and at times negotiable. Will also TF (depending on the situation) for latex, leather, shoes, etc. Will consider TF for shots that could really add to my portfolio, case by case basis.
-Willing to Shoot (photo and video): Alt, Pinup, Fetish Fashion (latex/rubber, corsets, fishnet, leather, etc), Implied Nude, Light Bondage, Burlesque, Edgy Glam, Select Fetish, Horror, Cosplay, Victorian, Fantasy and Gothic beauty work, Artistic (If you're not sure, just ask me)

Alice Darcy: Philadelphia PA, NJ, DE, VA from time to time and willing to travel
-Compensation: Paid or barter
-Willing to Shoot: Open to almost anything, but no adult/hardcore. Fetish style videos are fine, and would love to shoot some bondage.

Alyx Carbon: Norfolk, VA
-Compensation: Time for prints/CD. I need compensation to travel.
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, implied nude, bondage, latex, and lingerie. I'm very open minded and into themes or trying something new.

Jami Newton: Fredericksburg, VA -- Near Richmond & DC
-Compensation depends on assignment, & is negotiable
-Willing to Shoot:Looking to shoot alternative fashion, avant garde, editorial, & almost any style, but no nudity and limited implied

Lillith Black: Virginia Beach {I travel around the East Coast/North East regularly}
-Compensation: Paid/limited TF
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/Fetish but am open to other ideas.

Kitten Grey: Richmond, VA
-Compensation : Negotiable. I will do some TFP/TFCD depending on what you have to offer me in terms of quality. I will also do TF wardrobe. Nudes or over an hour away, I will ask for some sort of compensation.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish Fashion, Bondage, Erotic, Nude, Implied Nude, Latex/PVC, Artistic, Pin-Up, Burlesque, Cybergoth, Cosplay, feel free to ask about anything else (No porn)

Black Silk: Lynchburg, VA
-Compensation:Depends on the photographer. I will pay for the right photographer. It all depends on experience.
-Willing to Shoot: (No Nudes) Acting, Art, Bodypaint, Cosplay, Dance, Editorial, Fashion, Fetish, Glamour, Hair/Makeup, Lingerie, Performance Artist, Pinup, Promotional Modeling, Spokesperson / Host, Swimwear
Model Page:Black Silk
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Sil … 4559558184

Zui: DC/MD/VA, I will travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Paid work ( cash)
-Willing to Shoot: Artnudes, latex, Bodypaint, Fetish, Glamour, Lingerie.

Johanna: DC/MD/VA (willing to travel if expenses paid)
-Compensation: TF or Negotiable, will depend on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Partial to full artistic nudes, fetish, bondage, tattoo, pinup, horror themes.

Rose Holland: Based in the Hampton roads area of VA, but can also shoot in some parts of NC and the VA/MD/DC area as well.
-Compensation: Paid assignments only and my rate depends on the assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Most fetishes except watersports, scat, and anything that would cause intense pain(No blood or burning). Can shoot fetish clothing, pinup, lingerie, and glamour as well. I also joyously partake in the BDSM lifestyle as a switch, so I can be a Domme or a sub in videos/pictures.


Dixie Lux: Olympia, Washington
-Compensation preference: Depends on assignment -- select trade work; flexible rates; open to bartering and non-monetary compensation.
-Enjoys shooting: Vintage and period-inspired work, avant-garde, alt fashion.

Amelia Talon: Seattle, WA area, willing to travel if covered, have passport.
-Compensation: Paid(Always negotiable), limited TF.
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Nude, Glamour, Pinup, Horror, Lingerie, Swimsuit.

Jolie Rain: Seattle, WA area
-Compensation: Mostly paid, limited TF, Will work for Latex
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, bondage, nude, alt, glamour

Alexis Paige: Seattle Washington
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Alt. fashion, conceptual/artistic, beauty, implied nude.

Lola Kipsee: Seattle, Washington
-Compensation: Depends on assignment, totally open to TF!
-Willing to Shoot: Corsets, Latex,  Lingerie, Fetish, Alt. makeup and hair shots, Alternative fashion, Gore, Horror, gothic/ dark imagery, Burlesque, Bondage, Tattoo/Body Art, etc.

Liz: Seattle, WA
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, Pinup, burlesque, horror, fashion, lingerie etc.

Rina Revolver: Olympia, WA but very interested in traveling if expenses are covered
-Compensation: TF or paid
-Willing to Shoot: Any type of alternative. I'm especially interested in glamour, fetish, bondage, gothic, steampunk type projects. Am willing to do nudity as long as it isn't explicit.

Miss Bry: Longview, WA
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative, Bondage, Fetish. Just ask. No nudes.

Mitsu: Seattle, WA
-Compensation: paid or trade for content
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, nude, bondage, erotic, pinup, lingerie, latex

Andi Doll: Seattle WA. Travel available: USA/International. Travel paid for.
-Compensation: Paid or will consider trade for Latex/Product, ect.
-Willing to Shoot: Erotica, Latex, Film Noir ,Corsets, Pinup ,Victorian ,Japanese Lolita, Fashion, Gothic, Vintage, Glamour, Fetish, Bondage, Extreme Bondage, Extreme Situations, Role-Play, Suggested Nude, Adult Nude, Public, Group Stills and Video. I am also a Female Transexual. I am currently pre-op.  My ancestry is French-Ukrainian & German. I work very well with other models. I am very experienced, playful and adventurous.

LadyA: NW Washington (Sea/Tac to Vancouver).  Available for travel (have valid passport) so long as expenses are covered.
-Compensation: Mostly paid, but open to TF for the right project or select wardrobe (latex, leather, shoes, etc.).  Rates are very reasonable. smile
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish fashion (leather, lace, latex, corsets, etc.), most fetishes, bondage (with good references), glam, horror, fantasy, art, D/s, artistic, alternative, nude (no spreads or hardcore, please), girl/girl, guy/girl, etc.  If it's not listed, just ask me.  I'm always open to trying new things!

Rebel: Based in Seattle, WA, I travel regularly to shoot full time!
-Compensation: 75-bikini/lingerie, 100-artistic nude, 125- erotic nude. With a 2 hour minimum. half-day rates, full day rates, and mixed rates are negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: will pose nude with open legs, spread vagina, erotic positions, and will act on video for fetish related and other erotic content such as bondage, foot fetish, latex, showering, shaving, booty worship, tickling, etc and i will pose with other girls but NO MEN and NO PAIN and NO SEX and NO TOYS and NO MASTURBATION

Nell Rousseau: Seattle, WA
-Compensation: Paid and exchanges, travel and overhead, open to negotiations
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, fetish, open to things dark, artistic, and in between. If you're not sure, please ask.

Glor: Olympia, Washington [but I am available generally in the larger Puget Sound area with enough notice]
-Compensation: Depends on the type, length, and location of shoot. I am open to trades of goods or services as well as pay.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage [anything but latex, and that restriction applies to everything -- I am allergic to latex]; nudes, erotica; suggestive b/g or g/g [no hardcore], most fetishes such as feet/legs, hair, things like that; BDSM; other categories upon discussion.

Washington DC

Nori Zay: Washington, DC/MD/VA, travel if expenses covered
-Compensation: TFP/paid
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Visual Kei, punk, gothic, alt fashion, corsets, PVC, vinyl, beauty. No nudes, implied okay depending on project.

Miss Anna Evans: Washington DC, Frequently travels the US
-Compensation: Paid work preferred
-Willing to Shoot: Nudes, bondage, foot, stocking, heel fetish, art, glamour, everything I forgot to list. I'm available for stills and video.

Nicotine: Washington, DC based, with frequent travel to NYC.  Available nationally/internationally if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Paid work preferred
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, bondage, glamour, nude, alt fashion, etc. Available for stills and video.

Honey Merlot: DC/MD/VA (will travel if expenses are paid)
-Compensation: Paid assignments only for nudes otherwise it depends on assignment. My rates are reasonable.
-Shooting Preference: alternative, gothic, fetish, some erotica, nudes, latex, leather, tasteful bondage, burlesque.

Evil Miss Lauren: Silver Spring, MD  DC/MD/VA
-Compensation: Depends of Assignment
-Alt, Fetish, Nude, Goth, Artistic, Gore/Horror, Bondage, Glamour, I'm open to ideas!

Vasara: DC metro area and elsewhere in VA & MD
-Compensation: paid work prefered, will do trade work for the right amount of awesome
-Willing to Shoot: fetish!, punk, and gothic styles. some bondage. shibari! artistic nude work. glamour. gore. bizarre makeup. liquid latex and/or body painting. also a MUA. i'm open minded and love to collaborate on ideas

KristaLGHT: Washington DC
-Compensation: TF* or paid
-Willing to Shoot: alt/goth fashion, nude, bondage, lingerie/corset, burlesque as well as other interesting projects (no gore or porn)

Sylvia: Primarly MD, PA, DC and northern VA. Do/Will travel
-Compensation: paid (rates negotiable) trade for content, latex, and/or certain tear sheets
-Willing to shoot: fashion, erotic, bondage (degree of all varying)

Mistress Molotov: Richmond, VA/DC/MD (*will travel with compensation, has passport)
-Compensation: Paid work preferred... rates are reasonable and at times negotiable. Will also TF (depending on the situation) for latex, leather, shoes, etc. Will consider TF for shots that could really add to my portfolio, case by case basis.
-Willing to Shoot (photo and video): Alt, Pinup, Fetish Fashion (latex/rubber, corsets, fishnet, leather, etc), Implied Nude, Light Bondage, Burlesque, Edgy Glam, Select Fetish, Horror, Cosplay, Victorian, Fantasy and Gothic beauty work, Artistic (If you're not sure, just ask me)

Autumn Clemens:  Washington, DC (may travel if travel expense is covered)
-Compensation: Paid, or trade for fetish wear
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, bondage, erotic www.modelmayhem.com/autumnclemens

Draven Star: Baltimore, MD/DC - Willing to travel anywhere if covered!
-Compensation: Paid - negotiable rates/Limited TFP, but willing to trade for certain travel, or for lingerie, latex, shoes, etc., tearsheets.
-Willing to Shoot: Anything. Seriously. I love pinup, horror, fashion, art nudes, some erotic, many fetishes, product modeling. You name it.

asianbella: DC/MD/VA area, travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Paid, Limited TFP/TFCD but for the right photographer, Limited Trade for Clothes, Prices vary depending on shoot.
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Erotic, Nude, Corsets, Body Paint, Latex, Bondage, Fetish, Rope, (No PVC); will consider other styles, just ask!

Zui: DC/MD/VA, I will travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Paid work ( cash)
-Willing to Shoot: Artnudes, latex, Bodypaint, Fetish, Glamour, Lingerie.

Johanna: DC/MD/VA (willing to travel if expenses paid)
-Compensation: TF or Negotiable, will depend on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Partial to full artistic nudes, fetish, bondage, tattoo, pinup, horror themes.

West Virginia

Selena Kyle: WV, but I do travel all over the mid-west and north east
-Preferred compensation: Negotiable Paid (travel expense and/or wardrobe)
-Fetish and shoot preferences: Domme, smoking, shoe, stockings, feet, latex, corset, fetish fashion and fishnet. Strictly Dominatrix roles.

Alice Fiend: Buckhannon, West Virginia.
-Compensation: TP* or paid assignments.  Open to negotiation. 
-Willing to Shoot: I enjoy shooting/would like to shoot: horror, pin-up, alt. fashion, glamor, retro, fetish (latex, feet), minor bondage, artistic, possibly erotica.

Maura: Martinsburg, West Va. Willing to travel.
-Compensation: Paid work. Will consider trade for select wardrobe or publication.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, fashion, erotic, alt, pin up, conceptual, bondage, latex, and horror.
Also available for video and performances.
Website currently in progress.


Cry Kitten: Traveling Model. Based in WI/IL/MN area. Will travel anywhere (have passport!) if expenses paid.
-Compensation: Primarily trade, rarely paid.
-Genre: Chameleon. Anything with a fantastic concept. Don't have many limits. Let's create together.
Monstrosity: Currently located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Will travel anywhere continental USA. (still working on that passport issue)
-Compensation: Right now I think I just want to barter. Or, when I am on the road, in donations to my travel fund.
-Genre: Whatever works.

suede: Milwaukee, WI - will travel with expenses paid
-Compensation: TFP not considered for bondage work
-Willing to Shoot: Art nudes, general or specific fetish, bondage/shibari

Seth Nayes: Madison, WI/Chicago, IL
Travel: If travel is paid for, I'm willing to go anywhere!
-Compensation: Negotiable and TFP
-Willing to Shoot: Goth, latex, fetish fashion, corset tight lacing, HORROR, lolita (or Japanese street wear), punk, rockabilly, 20's 50's, film noir, Classic Hollywood, pin-up, mild glamor, lingerie,  make-up, any alternative fashion in general. Any fashion really! I love doing concepts that tell a story or capture the mind.

Shotglass Sally: Chicago, IL USA / Milwaukee, WI USA / Madison, WI USA / Where ever I am paid to go!
-Compensation: TFP or trade for designer items depending on assignment otherwise compensation is negotiable.  Additional travel fees may apply for shoots scheduled outside of my general location on a given date.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish Fashion, cyber style, dark glamour, surreal, conceptual, nude, erotic, shibari, bondage, BDSM, erotic (but no porn), foot fetish, horror, cosplay.
website: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2374305

Puerto Rico

Krystal Umi: Puerto Rico, United States
-Compensation: Paid Preferred, AlsoTFP/CD
-Willing to Shoot: Goth, Pin up, Glam, Fashion, Bondage, Horror, Cosplay and  much more, really open to ideas.


FaithLee: UK
-Compensation: TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/fetish fashion, bondage, open to ideas

Black Lotus: Manchester, England UK
-Compensation: TF (may require travelling expenses if require to travel a significant distance)
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/fetish fashion although I am open to all wierd and wonderful ideas!

Nina Dee: Bolton/Manchester, UK
-Compensation: Paid (flexible rates) / limited TF* for exceptional projects
-Willing to Shoot: Alt Fashion, Lingerie, Artistic, Gore/Horror, Pin-up, (will only work up to implied topless)

KirstyKannibal: Northamptonshire, UK  [will travel]
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion but open to ideas.  [will work to implied nude.]

Suki: London/ Belfast UK
-Compensation: TFP/TFCD
-Willing to Shoot: corsets, tightlacing, latex, alt fashion, lolita, retro/pinup, burlesque, foot fetish, light bondage, pierced, tattooed, fantasy, body paint, gore, cyber, punk... anything alt and creative, really, aside from hardcore porn!

J Corrosion: Manchester/Hull, UK
-Compensation: TF* or paid
-Willing to Shoot: I like to shoot mostly alt/goth fashion as well as other interesting projects (sci fi/horror/fantasy)

Roswell Ivory: Based in UK, though can travel internationally. Will be in Los Angeles in September
-Compensation: Very limited TFP
-Willing to Shoot: I shoot mainly fetish fashion and bondage. No open-leg/glamour/porn.

KKD: Scotland, uk. Willing to travel
-Compensation: Paid, but will to TF* if it will benefit me & tog =]
-Willing to Shoot: Everything and open to ideas. No Hardcore Tho, No open leg although negotiable.

NUTMEG: Leeds/Sheffield UK (willing to travel if expenses covered in part or in full)
-Compensation: paid and tf* (will work for clothes/props)
-Willing to Shoot: pin up, alt fashion, corsetry, bondage, gore/horror, open to ideas. Will work to implied nude

Tarri: Durham, UK
-Compensation: TF* or paid
-Willing to Shoot: alt/goth fashion, nude, bondage, lingerie and corsetry, burlesque as well as other interesting projects (sci fi/horror/fantasy)

Tathiel: Bristol/South West England
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Bodypainting, Haute Coutre, Gothic, Corsets, Latex, Nude, Bondage, Rope Suspension, Gore, Erotic, Alternative, Cyber, Punk, Victorian, Dark Themes - anything as long as it's creative and colourfull (or maybe not so colourfull).

Faerie-Emma: Scotland, United Kingdom.
-Compensation:  Paid (negotiable rates, travel included) / TF*- cd/clothes/shoes etc travel expenses if outwith central scotland.
-Willing to shoot:  latex/rubber, corsetry, bondage & ropework, pin-up, lingerie, horror/gore, fetish, gothic, cosplay, steampunk, body paint, piercings, tattooed, alternative hair...pretty much anything except glamour and adult levels.
Up to and including nude.

Drop Dead Deepak: London, England, UK. Willing to travel as well within an extent or depending on the pay.
-Compensation: TF/paid
-Willing to Shoot: Im flexible regarding the shoot/s that I do, but preferably as different and original and eye-catching as possible. Anything at all. smile - Except, no nudity, although implied nudity should be alright. Also im looking to do more boy-girl or other group alternative shoots.
http://www.modelmayhem.com/1164084 ;
http://www.modelmayhem.com/dropdeaddeepak ;
http://www.myspace.com/68053001 ;

Vanitie Caise: Im based near Leeds, England, I also have accomodation in Glasgow. I am happy to travel accross the UK for the right shoot.
-Compensation: Will work for pay and my rates are negotiable. I will do tfp with the righ person.
-Willing to Shoot: I shoot fetish, fetish gothic and alt fashion, bondage, pin up, retro style, art nude,
also a burlesque dancer.

Livane: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
-Compensation: TF* (CD, Print, outfits.. whatever ^_^) or pay
-Willing to Shoot: Art Nude, Anarchy, Bodypainting, Bondage, Burlesque, Cute but Creepy, Fetish, Fantasy, Gothic, Latex, Occult, Pin Up, Sci-Fi, Surreal, Vintage... and anything in between 

Nina Dateshidze: UK (Manchester)
-Compensation: Paid
-Willing to Shoot: fashion, lingerie, alt glamour, horror/gore, fetish (up to implied topless).

Kitty Napalm:UK
Compensation: Normally paid, but depends on assignment
Willing to shoot: Fetish, erotica, art nude, bondage, fashion, lingerie, pin-up - most anything, though nothing hardcore... just ask, it can't hurt.

Lex Eleven: Bristol/London, UK
-Compensation: paid, trade for clothing, limited TF
-Willing to shoot: fetish/latex/bondage/erotic/whatever. No hardcore

Willow Rose: UK, Manchester
-Compensation: Any
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, bondage, fettish, alternative ect ect.

Sara-Lou: based in York UK but will travel if expenses are covered.
-Compensation: TF and paid work
-Willing to shoot/enjoy shooting: corsets (inc tightlacing), latex, fetish fashion, bondage (experience of shibari ropework) general alt, gore, burlesque, pin-up, retro, gothic, punk. Shoot up to nude.

InnocencelostxX: London/Surrey, UK
-Compensation: Trade
-Willing to shoot: Pretty much anything but nude

Miss Jessie: UK, Willing to travel providing costs covered (South Midlands based)
-Compensation - Paid, (Very) Occasional TF.
-Willing to Shoot - Alternative fashion, corsetry, vintage lingerie, heels and stockings, bondage, shibari/kinbaku (rigger supplied), artistic erotic art.

Jodie Owens: Bath/ Bath Avon. Availability- UK, Week days, willing to travel
-Compensation: negotiable depending on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: alt/fetish fashion, bondage

Pierce25: West Midlands UK
-Compensation: Prefer paid work
-Willing to Shoot: I like all forms of alternative / fetish..... But I do not do porn.

Skulldilocks: London, UK can travel to an extent
-Compensation: prefer paid shoots but anything for the portfolio!
-Willing to Shoot: prefer clothed but alternative shoots

Little Beans: London, United Kingdom
-Compensation: Compensation for shoots is negotaible depending on the shoot
-Willing to Shoot: My style is fetish shoots. Bondage, suspensions, in rubber , pvc, latex, ropes etc

Eliza C: London
-Compensation: Paid only
-Willing to Shoot: Specialise in vintage and elegant fetish work and available to photographers who have artistic integrity. Also happy to recreate artistic smoking fetish imagery. If you want real class look no further. No crotch shots porn or physical contact or predictable pvc/bondage. Nudity fine.

Amber West: London, England, based but will travel internationally(Dual UK/US citizen so work in US is fine)
-Compensation: Paid, but will consider trade with exceptional photographers and good concepts or possibly for tear sheets
-Willing to Shoot: fetish fashion (latex, corsets, etc), foot fetish, cosplay, erotica, bondage/suspension, BDSM, body paint, sploshing (messy shoots with food such custard, etc), nude.  Both video and stills work is accepted.

MandersW: Glasgow Scotland
-Compensation: Paid, Some TF*, Tear Sheets, Merchandise
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish high-fashion/alt-fashion, Pin-Up

Serena Falls: Based in Cambridge, UK
-Compensation: Paid, Limited TF, Will work for clothing
-Willing to Shoot: Alt fashions/glamour, fetish (including latex and bondage), victorian gothic, horror, pin up

Pixie lox: Somerset,united kingdom
-Compensation: TFP/TFCD
-Willing to Shoot: fetish/gothic/alternative/punk/cyber/gore. Can travel

-Compensation: Paid, with very limited TFCD.
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative, Latex, Fetish, Corsetry, Fashion, Cosplay, Horror, etc.

Vasilisa-nudes: based in London, UK. I'll be in Texas and Cali over summer this year (hopefully). Will travel within the UK.
-Compensation: pay depends on assignment and I do select testing.
-Willing to Shoot: Can tightlace to 22", do smoking/foot/leg/latex fetish, pin up, glamour and select bondage

Charlie Daniels: Manchester, England (Currently Unable to travel)
-Compensation: TFP right now.
-Willing to Shoot: Willing to experiment, But all Ideas will need to be discussed beforehand

Bea Sinful: East Midlands, UK Willing to travel if expenses paid.
-Compensation: Paid work preferred, Will also consider TF* with excellent photographers/designers. Will also accept pay in goods.
-Willing to Shoot:  Alt/Fetish Fashion(Latex, corsets etc.), Light Bondage, Shibari, Suspension, Pin-up, Burlesque, Horror/Gore, Will work upto implied nude.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bea-Sinfu … 137?ref=ts

Lorna: Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, London (UK)
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, fetish, fashion, pinup, latex, corsets, etc.
http://mybeautyblog.co.uk/ (not got a modeling site, yet)

Flamin' Hel: East Midlands, UK (willing to travel if expenses covered)
-Compensation: Paid, will accept payment in goods or tf* on the right project!
-Willing to Shoot: all alt styles including gothic, pin up, gore, burlesque. Upto implied nude fetish, including bondage, domination, submissive, pvc, corsets, high high heels! etc

Aerynn: London, England, UK, will travel
-Compensation: TF*
-Willing to Shoot: latex/alt fashion - see my page for more details smile

Baby Bellatrix: London United Kingdom
-Compensation: TF* with exceptional photographers, Paid or wardrobe. 
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, corsetry, pin-up, alt glamour, art nude, open to suggestions!

Emma Huntley: Kingston Upon Hull
-Compensation: TFCD + travel expenses or just TFCD
-Willing to Shoot: fashion, gothic, cyber, steampunk, pin-up,hair & makeup. just ask if something isn't listed that you want to try

Lizzie Gilchrist: London, Essex, UK
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to shoot: Alt, alt fashion, latex, goth, punk, conceptual and creative photography, no nudity etc but anything else just ask

Elyssia: Suffolk/London UK.  Have and will continue to travel internationally.  USA (florida) in nov 2010.
-Compensation: Paid
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, alt, bondage, burlesque (am experienced performer) topless, nude if tasteful.  Will work b/g with my boyfriend only (this means that HE is the other party and you shoot!)

CJ: UK/East Midlands, Lincolnshire
-Compensation: TFCD and Paid Work
-Willing to Shoot: Pin-up, alt, gothic, horror, fetish, punk, latex, a bit of everything!

Tiina K: Chelmsford, Essex, UK
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Up for new ideas, have done rope shoots etc.

Adreena: West London
-Compensation: Paid, will consider TF if it will benefit my portfolio.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Fashion (Latex), Erotica
Location: West London
Compensation: Paid, will consider TF if it will benefit my portfolio.
Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Fashion (Latex), Erotica

Jezabel Propaganda: London UK-but will travel
-Compensation: Varies, paid or very good TF
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Bondage, Alt, Nude etc...

Asha Tank: Midlands UK, but will travel
-Compensation: Varies, paid or very good TF
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Alt Clothing, Tattoo-focused, hair art, creative/unusual makeup

Violet: Glasgow, Scotland UK
-Compensation: TF' / Depends on assignment 
-Willing to shoot: fantasy, art, victorian/medieval etc, sci-fi, gothic, hair/makeup, illustration... etc

Ellie Smithy: Perth Scotland ( Willing to travel within UK or outwith during holiday seasons ) Available : Fridays to Mondays.
-Compensation : Paid work prefered.
-Willing to Shoot : Anything apart from Adult & Erotic.

Miel: Glasgow Scotland
-Compensation: Paid, TF (in some circumstances)
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish work on an individual basis - every one is different, nudity wise - up to a implied topless/nude level.

Paisley: Scotland but willing to travel.
-Compensation: Paid work preferred, Will also consider TF* with excellent photographers/designers. Will also accept pay in goods.
-Willing to shoot: Bondage, Spanking, Sub, High heels, Corsets, Pin up, Needles, Knives, Fake blood, Kitty, Lingery, Nude and a lot more. Just ask i'm open for most things !

Felix Liqueur: based, will travel anywhere in the UK but for very long distance I may require travel contributions.
-Compensation: TF limited to established designer collaborations and top quality photographers. Will shoot for goods or money.
-Willing to shoot: alt/fetish fashion, alt glamour, latex fashion, pin up/cheesecake, themed/conceptual, hair/beauty and will work up to implied nude.

Electrodoll: Buckinghamshire/london/nottinghamshire
-Compensation: TF/paid, based on a discussion on the shoot
-Willing to Shoot: fetish/alternative/bondage/alt fashion

Vanitie Caise: Based in Glasgow, Scotland but happy to travel.
-Compensation: I take on tf on certain projects. Otherwise my rates start at 20 p/h for fetish fashion.
-Willing to Shoot: I shoot all kinds of fetish work the more bizarre the better. I take on tf on certain projects. Otherwise my rates start at 20 p/h for fetish fashion.

Maja Stina: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK (willing to travel)
-Compensation: TF (very limited) & pay
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, latex, bondage, nude (no open leg), art nude.

Sabien DeMonia: UK, London
-Compensation: Mostly paid... depends on assignment. Rates are reasonable and Negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: Corsets, Gothic, Lateks ,Pin-up, Alt/Fetish Fashion, Open to many ideas

JEve: UK (Travel sometimes possible with good concept/ expenses)
-Compensation:  Paid / Clothes / TF* depending of concept
-Willing to shoot:  Alt pin-up, bondage, latex and rubber, fetish clothing, motorcycle, car, corsets, horror, vintage, glamour, implied nude, black and white, fantasy, body paint, couples

SinisterApathy: Ayr/Glasgow, Scotland UK - can travel
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Gothic, punk, fetish, gore, cyber/industrial, pin-up, steampunk, emo, vintage, victoriana, themed work, latex, period etc just ask!

Fawnya Frolic: U.K. and Ireland.
-Compensation: Paid work only. Exceptions will be made for published/exhibited work with a full creative team and quality latexwear for my wardrobe.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt. Fashion, Latex/Rubber Clothing, Steampunk, Film Noire, Retro Glamour, Pin-up & Cheesecake, Fine Art Nude, G/G, Corsetry, Bondage + Suspension.
I also shoot Erotica and Video/Stills but I am very selective who I choose to work with. I will NOT Shoot: "Glamour", Hardcore, B/G.

Tiina K: Chelmsford, UK. Can travel worldwide if travel expences paid.
-Compensation: Paid shoots only
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, glamour, nude, fetish, erotic. Fetish I've done: bondage, pegs, spank, petgirls.com, wet&messy, swimsuit fetish, etc...
For fetish work see http://fetlife.com/users/811989 (you need to log in to view)

Amy Oh!:South of England
-Compensation:  Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot:     Pin up, alt, fashion, glamour.

NamelessX:  London, England, UK
-Compensation: TF* and paid shoots.
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative fashion, fetish fashion, gore, artistic, theatrical.(Happy to discuss anything else)

Nenedhel: Uk, willing to travel internationally
-Compensation: Paid though TF is available. Rates are negotiable and will work for good etc.
-Willing to Shoot: Rubber/Latex, PVC, Petplay, Pony play, BDSM, Suspention, S&M, Tightlacing (currently 16" and going smaller soon), Shirbari and rope bondage, Corsets, Stockings/pantyhose, Artistic, Lingerie, Heels, extreme heels.. ie ballet heels, gloves, Burlesque, gas masks, goth, steampunk, dieselpunk, cyber, military, lolita fashion, alternative fashion, Fetish fashion, spanking, caning, clamps and toys, masks, blindfolds, of course nudes, leather, horror, gore, erotic... basically anything except porn, have a concept/idea feel free to ask.

Scarlette O'Harlette: London, England, UK - happy to travel!
-Compensation: mostly paid, will consider tf* on a per project basis
-Willing to Shoot: pin-up, vintage, nudes, burlesque, fetish, rock'n'roll

Amie Conradine: London, England. Travel: Anywhere providing travel expenses.
-Compensation: Paid/Selective TF
-Willing to Shoot: Anything up to implied nudity(nipples covered and genitalia not visible)
Experienced in but not limited to: Latex/fetish and alt pin-up.

Vindice: Birmingham, UK. Will travel within the West Midlands, or further afield for paid work.
-Compensation: Seeking paid assignments but also considering occasional TF.
-Willing To Shoot: Alt Fashion, Creative, Goth, Punk, Fetish - Latex/PVC/Corsets etc. May consider: Art nude, implied nude or alternative glamour/lingerie.

Odal: Kent/London, United Kingdom
-Compensation: TF* (travel expenses must be covered though)
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative fashion and concept, latex, pin-up and gothic/cyber.

Malum In Se: Milton Keynes/Oxford, England. Willing to travel with compensation.
-Compensation: Paid and TFP
-Willing to Shoot: Alt Fashion, Artistic, Burlesque, Pin Up, open to everything bar nudes.

Zex: London, England
-Compensation: Paid work and TF work for guaranteed tears. Very limited to TF for certain individuals.
-Willing to Shoot: Editorial, Erotica, Fashion, Fetish, Glamour, Lingerie, Pinup and Steam punk.
http://zerotica.4ormat.com/ 18+

Jason Pearce: London
-Compensation: Paid and TFP
-Willing to Shoot: nude, fetish and bondage modeling

Martin Davis: UK, Plymouth
-Compensation: Negotiable, depending on shoot and location
-Willing to Shoot: Art Nude, Erotic, Alt, Fettist
http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/Mart … s.AltModel

Kitty Valentine: Basildon. (Half hour from London) United Kingdom.
-Compensation: Depends on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, latex, PVC, fetish, bondage, implied nudity.

Ausrie: London/Uk, Hatfield/Uk
-Compensation: Paid or tf
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, alt, erotic, alt/fetish fashion, dark beauty and mostly everything, depending on idea and consideration
http://www.modelmayhem.com/1092150 http://www.facebook.com/ausrie

Zelderberry: london
-Compensation: Will do TFP unless it's completely mad. petrol money would be nice if it's not central london
-Willing to Shoot: all levels, love fetish, rope, bondage and latex. girl girl, willing to discuss b/g (though have a perfectly good bf if you need one!), very open minded. have limited clothes and props/toys.

Ash Ellen: Havant/Portsmouth - ENGLAND
Travel: anywhere as long as travel is covered
-Compensation: Paid shoots. selective TF Please contact me for my rates.
-Willing to Shoot: fashion, lingerie, fetish/bondage, artistic implied topless/nude, piercings, glamour, swimwear,

JunkoMoon69: London - flexible times and availability.
-Compensation: TFP
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative, Fashion, Fetish (latex), Avant Garde, Conceptual, Artistic, Editorial - anything that inspires me, artistic and with a twist.

John-Paul: Glasgow, United Kingdom - Willing to travel if easy to.
-Compensation: TF/Paid
-Willing to Shoot: Alt, Gothic, Fetish, Bondage (Anything really just ask)

Aurora Violet: Perth, Scotland, UK. I love to travel and i would love to work with photographers interested from any area as i have no problems travelling anywhere within the UK or anywhere else in the world as long as travel expenses can be refunded.
-Compensation: I will work on a paid or tf p/cd basis with photographers of any level.
-Willing to shoot: fashion,boudoir, fetish, pin up, corsets, bondage, erotic, latex, artistic nude, alternate...ask me!

kaii chan: Scotland, Willing to travel.
-Compensation: depends on assignment/negotiable, time for prints/cd, wardrobe, more experience :3
-Willing to Shoot: anti-fashion, concept, art, alternative/creative, pin-up style, latex, Victorian style, cosplay, fillm noir, old school horror, fantasy & grunge.

EbonyFresh: Portmouth UK. Can travel to nearby areas but further afield will need travel expenses paid.
-Compensation: TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Alt. Fashion. Casual.

Beau Macabre: Essex and London, England UK
-Compensation: Paid but will do TFP for prints useful for portfolio
-Willing to Shoot: Implied nude, fetish, burlesque, vintage, retro, rockabilly. Most things considered.

Angel , (Odonata): available in London or for expenses paid anywhere in UK and Ireland. happy to discuss Europe travel
-Compensation: may shoot TF* for specific local projects, preferd paid with expenses considered for travel outside London
-Willing to Shoot: alternative glamour , fetish conceptual, non explicit erotic, nude , fetish and alternative fashion

Sophiey-Kitten: Kent/London, England
-Compensation: TFP
-Willing to Shoot: bondage, fetish, alt fashion
https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Sophi … 1557678636

Karl: based in Birmingham England, Willing to travel
-Compensation: compensation is travel and all the biscuits i can eat ;-)
-Willing to Shoot: Will shoot nude/erotic/bondage/fetish

Amy Ladygoth: United Kingdom and Spain
-Compensation: depends on assignment/negotiable and TF if I really love your work.
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, fashion, gothic, lingerie. Up for weird ideas.

Aleesha: London (valid passport and willing to travel)
-Compensation: Paid, but will do TF if mutually benefical.
-Willing to Shoot: Anything up to implied nudity.
Latex/Rubber, Lingerie, Smoking, Horror, Pinup, Sci-Fi, Body Paint, Alt/Goth/ Light Fetish Fashion, Burlesque, Vintage, Fantasy, Water, Food, Surreal.
(Open to ideas, if you if don't ask you don't get!)
Hair is currently bright pink, buzz cut level 5, but will change colour of hair on request, or I can always wear a wig!

Raku Rukii: England, Derbyshire
-Compensation: Paid work preferred but negotiable.
Willing to Shoot: all except nudes, implieds acceptable. I'm interested in shooting erotic, fetish, bondage etc.

Kayleigh Pearce/ Kayz Modelling: Plymouth, Devon, UK.
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Gothic/Alternative fashion, Light fetish, Topless, Implied/Artistc/Nude (NO ADULT), Conceptual (Gore/horror/seasonal/etc), Lingrie, Maternity (After December mother & baby shoots). Open to most ideas! Open to shooting with other models, male & female. Also experienced in a group shoot setting!
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kayz-mode … 7804277264

Polly Anther: Darlington, UK
-Compensation: Mostly paid, but depends on assignment
-Willing to shoot: Alternative fashion, goth or punk, horror, gore, fetish, latex/pvc, stockings, light bondage, anything unusual!

Missy Poison: London UK/Lisbon Portugal/Newark DE (i update location, and post travel notices)
-Compensation: Very limited TF & Travel must be paid, very reasonable rates, will also work for trade depending on assigment
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, Bondage, Latex, Alt Glamour, Art nude, Horror, Steampunk, Controversial, soft G/G, fetish fashion, Lingerie.
www.facebook.com/pages/Missy-Poison-Alt … 7433035703

Kimmi Fox: London, England
-Compensation: TFP + travel expenses.
-Willing to shoot: Alt pin-up, bondage, Latex, BDSM, Erotic, nude art, gore/horror.. All ideas considered.

Alisa-Rae: United Kingdom.
-Compensation: £30 an hour.
-Willing to Shoot: Fashion, Lingerie, Topless.

Kimmi Fox: London, England
-Compensation: Depends on assignment. But 40ph usually
-Willing to shoot: Alt pin-up, bondage, Latex, BDSM, Erotic, nude art, gore/horror.. All ideas considered.

Kerri Kravin: Based: London UK But have a valid Passport & very willing to travel anywhere.
-Compensation: all offers are considered & more than willing to do TFP with London Based Photographers if I can Use the images as well travel costs most be covered. Content swap with other models in based London. Offer wise I'm fair & willing to neogate for the right style of work.
-Willing to Shoot: Willing to do anything fetish clothed, nude, dom, sub, foot fetish, percing's, rope & bondage, watersports, rubber, leather, pvc & much more just ask me or surggest the scene you had in mind im sure we can arrange something. Photo's, Video,Webcam session's broadcasted live/recorded.   
http://www.kerrikravin.com - My Official Site Launching Soon

Nixivix: North west England. Available locally (or at least within the country
-Compensatio: Will do TFP/TFCD or paid
-Willing to Shoot: alt, bondage, fetish (pretty much anything but full nudes or adult material.)

Siany: Available UK, but would consider travel outside of UK for the right assigment
-Compensation : Limited TFP/Trade for something I really want to do (i.e. high quality latex couture).
-Willing to Shoot: Latex/Rubber/PVC, fetish fashion, lingerie, smoking, stocking/hosery, foot fetish, Clothed bondage, Dom vids/stills, no nude/topless and nothing X-rated. Would consider other niches, if it fits within my levels.

Verity B: Surrey/London - England
-Compensation: Paid preferably but TFCD if interesting shoot
-Willing to shoot: Fashion, concept, beauty, alt glamour, lingerie, vintage, pinup
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Verity-B … 14?fref=ts



aenux: available in Alberta, Canada - anywhere with travel.
-Compensation: paid with some trade possible for right photographer.
-Willing to Shoot: fetish/erotic/latex/bondage/anything really.

Jamie Boutin: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada! I do travel and will negotiate rates based on location and expenses.
-Compensation: I prefer paid assignments but will tf* for the right project.
-Genre- I'm into any type of fetish modelling, clothes, bondage, the works

Phedre Rachelle: Edmonton, AB. Willing to shoot worldwide
-Compensation: Paid only for travel
-Willing to shoot: EVERYTHING. thank you much smile. No pornography. Lower body is implied only but open to discussion for paid shoots

Phedre Rachelle: Edmonton, Alberta Travel Anywhere (Canadian passport smile )
-Compensation: minimum - travel expenses
-Willing to Shoot: Anything! (Even that crazy octopi stuff.. actually I'd really like to do crazy octopi stuff). Sexual images female + female only and must be discussed first

Samantha Valentine: Alberta, Canada / Los Angeles, CA (throughout 2010) - willing to travel.
-Compensation: Paid (cash or clothing) & select TF
-Willing to Shoot: pin-up/glamour, fetish/bondage

Cookie Cutter: Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada-Moving to Edmonton, AB. Willing to travel internationally if expenses are paid for. (Has passport.)
-Compensation: Mostly paid. Rates are negotiable. Will accept clothing and accessories/travel expenses. Willing to do some TP.
-Willing to shoot: Just about anything. Bondage, erotic, burlesque, glamour, pin-up, fetish, gore, fashion, artistic nudes(Paid only)... Just ask. Also available for promotional work.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-For … 843?ref=ts

Ahleenalinda:  Alberta, Canada
-Compensation:  Depends on the situation and photography and location
-Willing to Shoot:  erotica, bondage....art

Marciia Gringe: Provost, AB
-Compensation: $50.00 / hr plus gas for travel.
-Willing to Shoot: nudes, alt nudes, (dont show vag, bikini line is ok) implied or classy fetish, latex (if provided), corsets, lingerie, horror/phobias
marciiagringe.webs.com (There is a mixture of alt and non alt modeling on my website)

Raven Blake: Calgary, Alberta
-Compensation: Depends on project
-Genre: I am up for anything as long as it's something we have both agreed upon.

British Columbia

Lily Avengale: Located in Langley, British Columbia Canada. Will start traveling Mid-August to US.
-Compensation: Paid- TFC, Some TFP
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative: Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk
Fantasy, Fetish: Latex Dresses/Outfits, PVC costumes, Shoes, Hosiery, High Fashion, Avant Garde -usually darker fashion. etc. Limits: I will not do nudes because I work with children.

Nicole Mortenson: Vancouver, BC available for travel if compensated for.
-Compensation: PAID, will negotiate. Will accept wardrobe as compensation (latex,lingerie)
-Willing to Shoot: Glamour, Beauty, Fetish, Retro, Nude.

Sarah Bunnie:  Vancouver, BC, Canada.
-Compensation:  TF*/Paid Compensation is Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot:  Fetish - feet, pony, whatever /Bondage/Nude/Piercing/Suspension/ pretty much whatever as long as it's not hardcore/porny.

Pilinka: Nanaimo, British Columbia
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Interested in doing fetish and erotic modeling for photography and film including adult content. What i lack in experience i make up for in enthusiasm.

Georjah Jaymes Suicide: Vancouver BC, willing to travel...Feb 3-6 LA
-Compensation: Any... negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: ANYTHING!!! Let me know! xo

Dane Halo: Victoria & Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) though I travel Canada often and will be traveling the whole world within the year (message me).
-Compensation: Paid given preference.  Full-time professional (and makeup-artist).
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, Latex, PVC, Corset (very big waist/hip ratio in a cincher), light fetish such as leg/foot/etc., pretty much anything, but absolutely no 'baby-making-parts.

Scoria: Vancouver, BC Canada
-Compensation: Negotiable. Travel expenses paid.
-Willing to shoot: Alternative, glamour, fashion, corsets, tattoo modelling, horror, vintage, steam punk. No nudes please.

Fiona Wade: Vancouver BC Canada
-Compensation: Negotiable. Very little TF.
-Willing to Shoot: Glamour, hair/makeup, creative, promotional, horror/gore, alternative, etc. Strictly no nudity.

Nova Scotia

Bunny Freeman:Nova Scotia, Canada Travel: not at this time
-Compensation: depends on assignment
-Willing to shoot: Femdom, bdsm (b&d in particular), most foot/shoe fetishes (including crush/stomp, trample, wet shoes, barefoot, etc), ageplay

Lenore: Halifax, NS, Canada
-Compensation: Paid with select TF*
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Fetish, Nudes, Bodypainting..... anything interesting


Becca Synthetic:Sault Ste. Marie, ON
-Compensation: TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, most fetishes, glamour, fashion, open to ideas.

JessiKa Violet:Toronto, frequent travel to Los Angeles.
-Compensation: Paid, Wardrobe barter, Selective TF*.
-Style:   Alt Fashion, Pin up, Corsetry, Latex.

Miranda Tempest: Toronto, Ontario Canada
-Compensation: Select TF* shoots, paid work preferred, $75 hr, $250 for 4 hrs, or $500 for full day (8 hrs.) will model for merch./clothing
-Interested in shooting: Bondage, corsets, pin-up, EGL/lolita, shoe/stocking fetish, latex/rubber ware, cosplay, Shibari/Kinbaku, burlesque, aerial work, extreme hair/make-up
No porn, spread-leg shots, explicit/hard-core please!

Corrupted Kinnari: Toronto, Onatrio, Canada Willing to travel within Toronto and the GTA.
-Compensation: Paid and select TF
-Willing to Shoot: Cosplay, Editorial, catalogue, and some acting ("extra" work)

Angela Madame: Toronto, Ontario, Canada also often going to Montreal
-Compensation: Prefer Paid (low negotiable rates depend on project), Wardrobe, Select TF*, and Zivity sets
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, corsets, pin-up, implied, sheer/wet clothing, latex, piercing, gore, foot fetish, girl/girl and anything else you can think of except frontal explicit nudes.

Miss BeeHavin: Hamilton/Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Will travel (Canada & US) if expenses paid.
-Compensation: Prefer paid but will work for clothes/TF for concepts that I really dig!
-Willing to Shoot: Pinup, rockabilly/psychobilly, fashion, vintage, gothic, glamour, b&w, fantasy, leg and foot fetish, stockings. YES TO NUDES but NO to the full kit and kaboodle; implied and artistic only, please.

Stevie Starr: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (will travel to Toronto, London)
-Compensation: mostly paid
-Willing to Shoot: pin-up, latex, corsetry, lolita

Amber Van Zitamore: Toronto.
-Compensation: Paid, Wardrobe barter, Selective TF*.
-Willing to Shoot:   Alt Fashion, Pin up, Corsetry, Latex.

Savage Kitten: Toronto
-Compensation: TF*
-Willing to shoot: Pretty much anything as long as my crucial naughty bits are covered . Alt/fet fashion, corsetry, lingerie, stockings, feet, heels, goth/cybergoth, LOVE to work in pvc/leather/latex, light bondage if you are able to supply a good rigger...no erotica/nude/implied, thanks

Courtney McRury: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative, Glamour, Pin up, Tattoo etc

Kelleth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Compensation: Paid
-Willing to Shoot: alternative/fetish fashion, latex, leather, pvc, corsetry, smoking, pantyhose, stocking, nylon encasement, bondage, retro, pin up, damsel, gore, cosplay, foot fetish, etc.

Lindsey Kemp: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Compensation: depends on concept
-Willing to Shoot: depends on concept

Amanda J. Ward: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
-Compensation: Depends on assignment, totally open to TF!
-Willing to Shoot: Corsets, lingerie, fetish, alt. makeup and hair shots, alternative fashion, gore, horror, gothic and dark imagery. No nudes.

Lovina: Toronto & Niagara Falls Ont Canada
-Compensation: Paid, Limited TF
-Willing to Shoot: Cosplay, steampunk, fetish, goth, victorian, sci fi, fantasy, anime.

Kerry Maguire: Toronto ON (willing to travel if compensated)
-Compensation: VERY limited TF*, Negotiable rates of $60-$150 depending on the style of shoot
-Willing to Shoot: Rope fetish, latex, pinup, bondage, S&M, alternative fashion, vintage fashion,  steampunk, gas masks, art-nudes

Samantha Buckler (Cybertrixx6): Canada, ON
-Compensation: TF At the moment.
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative fashion, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Visual Kei, punk, gothic, cosplay, piercings, Cyber goth, victorian ,fashion, horror, gothic atmospheres, dark, Steampunk, No nudity at all. No porn nothing!

Kelly Taylor 1982: Ontario canada
-Compensation: paid only
-Willing to Shoot: fashion, pinup or selct bondage ( clothed not nude)

Raev: Detroit, MI & Windsor Ontario
-Compensation: TFP
-Willing to do: Just about anything short of pornography.  Rope, domination or submission shots, knives, plastic wrap, fake blood, heavy makeup, nude, implied, violent, leathery, restrained, punk, steampunk, rivethead, goth, rock, tattoo, piercing, fantasy, silly.  Nothing with any form of insertion though. At all.

Erikka Vi: Toronto, ON, Canada
-Compensation: Depends on assignment (paid or TF)
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Fetish, Latex, etc.

Renee: Toronto, Ontario Canada
-Compensation: Prefer Paid
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Bodypaint, Feet/Hand Fetish, Nude, Pinup, Artistic, etc.

Kassandra Re: Ottawa/Gatineau
-Compensation:  Depends on Assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Pin-up, vintage, glamour, fetish, latex
www.angelicfeet.com (foot fetish site)

Nikki Nich: Ottawa, ON, Canada, but willing to travel
-Compensation: priority is paid shoots, but will do TFP if travel is covered
-Willing to shoot: My focus has been on foot fetish photography, but I am interested in bondage and will consider almost anything that doesn't involve identifying nudity.

Madysun: Toronto ON Canada
-Compensation: depends on assignment., TF, trade.
-Willing to shoot: Fetish -Latex especially, bondage, rope bondage, boudoir, lingerie, steampunk, pin up, cosplay, glamour, fashion, tattoo.

Katelyn Xiphoid: Ottawa
-Compensation: Paid/TFP
-Willing to shoot: Alt fashion, Pin up, Corsetry, Latex, Gothic, Film Noir, Industrial/Cybergoth, Steampunk

Tasha Kokolakis: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Compensation: Depends on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Corsetry, Gothic, Creatives, Glamour, Lingerie, Pin Up, Fashion, etc

Cailey Shain: Ottawa, Ontario (willing to travel)
-Compensation:  Paid (Contact for rates) (Select TPF assignments)
-Willing to Shoot:  Alternative, Pin Up, Cosplay, Horror, Punk, Goth, Victorian, Steampunk, Lolita, Corsetry, Doll, Latex, Fashion, Lingerie, Editorial, Swimsuit, Tattoo, Hair, Make-Up, Clothing Websites, Music Videos, Promotional Videos (No nudity, implied, fetish, or bondage)
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cailey-Sh … 2248606305

AzuraRose: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Compensation: Paid or merch/wardrobe. Very reasonable.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, rope suspension with a well-known rigger, flogging, spanking, collar/leash, pet play, submission, nudes, latex, pretty much anything you float by me that isn't pornographic.

Laura Dynamite: Hamilton, ON
-Compensation: Paid (Rates based on concept, please contact for rates), Wardrobe barter, Tattoo/body modification barter, Selective TF*
-Willing to Shoot: *Anything Alt*, Fine art nudes, editorial, abstract, bondage, corsets, pin-up/rockabilly/vintage, shoe/stocking/foot fetish, giantess fetish, latex/rubber ware, cosplay, Shibari/Kinbaku, burlesque, gothic/punk/metal/vintage etc., girl/girl, softcore photographic pornography (nothing involving men please)...ok, you're gonna be here forever! Message me with your ideas and I'll be honest with you if I'm interested! Note: I greatly enjoy creative concepts that tell a story and involve acting and expression - Please note I am a twisted nerd who loves everything from My Little Pony to movies gory enough to make one sick. I'm not shy or squeamish and I like a challenge.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Laura-Dy … 1283766525


Kerosene Deluxe: Location: Montreal, Quebec. Canada
-Compensation: Paid and select tfp (depending on project) negotiobale rates
-Willing to Shoot: Femdom and BDSM (to be portrayed as Dominant only), pin up, glamour, alt/fetish fashion etc

Chastity Chevy: Montreal ,Québec, Canada
-Compensation:depends on assignment/negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: film noir ,corsets, pinup ,victorian ,fashion, horror, vintage,cosplay, glamour, fetish fashion, and other alternatif work. no nudes

PixieMini: Montreal. I'm willing to travel to just anywhere I can be flown/taken by train or bus to. I also have a valid passport.
-Compensation: Preferably paid, but will TF* if the offer is interesting.
-Willing to shoot: Bondage, most fetish, alt, some erotica... As long as it's not porn.

Ann-So: Quebec, Quebec, Canada
-Compensation: Depends on assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: alt, beautyshot, fashion, latex, art, conceptual work, glamour, pin-up. No nudes, some implied...any creative ideas!

Desdemona von Minx: Montreal, Qc, Canada. Note: I have a great ease to travel to any location in Canada or the rest of the world.
-Compensation: Paid work preferred, but will do select TF* shoots, contact me for rates
-Willing to Shoot: Burlesque, corsets, stockings, pin-up, bondage, cosplay, Gothic Lolita, make-up, latex, fetish clothing. ** I refuse to do anything pornographic or too explicit. If I esteem a shoot too explicit, I will not agree to it. **

Miss Aurora Memoire: Montreal (until the end of April then England, Yorkshire)
-Compensation: Any
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, pin-up, bondage, corsets, stockings/fishnets, latex, lingerie, leather, vinyl, shibari, costumes, cosplay. Will NOT do nude or anything too hardcore

Minao: (Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa and Toronto areas, NY and areas)
-Compensation: Paid (TFP, TFCD, TF for Clothing can be considerate according to the concept, the wardrobe designer or the photograph skills) Travel tickets compensation if I need to go outside of Montreal area
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, latex, PVC, rubber, leather, bondage, shibari, suspension, corsets, pin-up, bodypaint, fantasy and geek stuff, goth, cyber goth, cyber punk, gore, cosplay, BDSM, dark fashion, lolita and ask for anything no listed

victoria toxic:canada,quebec,montreal                                       -Compensation:depends on assignment,willing to work for trade! 50$ per hour)nudes and fetish and videos(70$-120$)perhour
limited travel....and a exstensive wardrobe!!!
-Willing to Shoot:(fetish, latex, gore, victorian, darkglamour, gothic, cyber, horror, military, steampunk, nudes, uniforms,)ect... open to all types and suit just about anything!!!


BriannaZ: Saskatchewan, Canada based, but I am willing to travel depending on distance and compensation.
-Compensation: I prefer paid assignments, however I do work for exceptional shots for my portfolio, free transportation if travel is needed, or clothing from the shoot as well. Im willing to negotiate.
-Willing to Shoot: I love to shoot alt/fetish clothing such as cybergoth or steampunk, and horror type stylings. I will also shoot fetish fashion (corsets, leather, pvc, chains/collars/cuffs, heels, lacing), pinup/retro, partial (but not full) nudes (no naughty bits fully visible), as well as tamer bondage (corsets etc), victorian, glamour, piercing, burlesque, gothic,sci-fi, body paint. I will not do hardcore erotica and things of that sort. But I am very open minded so just ask smile


Immortality: Reykjavík, Iceland
-Compensation: Prefer paid.
-Interested in non-nude fetish, alternative and gothic styles and crazy couture/steam-punk styles. Limited nudes.


Defier of Definitions: Dublin, Ireland
-Compensation: paid / TFP for certain projects.
-Genre: nude fetish fantasy gore

Ash: Dublin, Ireland, also frequently in Cambridge, UK.
-Compensation: TF* for select photographers or projects, paid the rest of the time.
-Willing to Shoot: alt. fashion, alt. glamour, concept, goth, gore, horror, pin-up, bondage, latex fashion, fetish nudes, fetish fashion.

Fawnya Frolic: U.K. and Ireland.
-Compensation: Paid work only. Exceptions will be made for published/exhibited work with a full creative team and quality latexwear for my wardrobe.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt. Fashion, Latex/Rubber Clothing, Steampunk, Film Noire, Retro Glamour, Pin-up & Cheesecake, Fine Art Nude, G/G, Corsetry, Bondage + Suspension.
I also shoot Erotica and Video/Stills but I am very selective who I choose to work with. I will NOT Shoot: "Glamour", Hardcore, B/G.



KawaiiFromOuterSpace: Belgium East-flanders, Willing to travel if compensated
-Compensation: Depends on assignment - Trade for wardrobe
-Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Fetish, Latex, Cyber, lolita, victorian, cosplay, sci-fi, horror, etc.

Isserley: Gent, Belgium (travel freely within Belgium; will travel to France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, UK)
-Compensation: Negotiable (I trade for wardrobe and to improve my portfolio - otherwise, paid projects please smile )
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, alt, pin-up, latex, beauty, fashion, portrait, implied etc depending on project

Dreamfairy: Belgium
-Compensation: Any
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, fetish, nude, bodypaint. Corsets, pin up. And more i'm open for new thing just ask

Sara Scarlet: Gent, Belgium, Europe. Willing to travel worldwide.
-Compensation: €150 half day, €300 full day + transport
-Willing to Shoot: latex, (soft) bondage, kitty/pony/fox/pet play, vintage lingerie, lingerie, latex fashion, fetish fashion, stockings, heavy rubber, shoe fetish, alternative, gothic, steampunk, deathrock, punk, ..


Sankta Cecilia: 1 hour from Copenhagen, Denmark
-Compensation: depends on assignment/negotiable
-Job preferences: fetish, fashion, concept. Shoot nudes. Up for weird ideas.

Kybele: Denmark, Copenhagen
-Compensation: Cash money, wardrobe, shoes, limited TF*
-Willing to shoot: Implied nude, light bondage, Alt/fetish fashion, latex, corsets, EGL, horror/gore, burlesque, pin-up and much, much more. Ask and ye shall receive (answers).


Elyon: Finland (Helsinki/Tallinn/Stockholm)
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to shoot: Gothic, Historical, Fantasy, Fairytale, Fetish, PVC, Latex, Rock/Punk, Burlesque, classic Pin-up, Lingerie, Bizarre Art, Fine Art etc.


Miss Coffin Jane: France
-Compensation:  Paid / Clothes / TF* depending of concept
-Willing to shoot:  Fetish, Pin up, Glamour, Gore, Shibari-Bondage, Latex/rubber, Corsetry, Unusual and/or controversial themes...


Babalon Salome: Hamburg, Germany (willing to travel if expenses are provided)
-Compensation: Paid assignments, TFP and TFC possible
-Willing to Shoot: art, beauty, gothic, fetish, glamour, pin up, (plus sized) gothic, fetish and corset fashion, topless, artistic nude, trash, BDSM, girl/girl, gore/horror.I shoot everything except for porn

Tessa ChernoiBerlin, Germany (also with bases in South West England and London). Will travel if expenses are covered.
-Compensation: Paid with very limited TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, erotic, bondage, fashion, most genres excluding Adult.

Deena Deen: Frankfurt Germany, travel WORLDWIDE
-Compensation: paid work preferred
-Willing to Shoot: nudes (alt., Tattoos, SG Style), stocking, heels, corsets, Latexfashion, art, glamour, everything I forgot to list


Aphrodite Liami:Greece but willing to travel
-Compensation:Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot:Gothic, punk, cyber/industrial,fetish,victoriana, themed work, latex,fashion and many more.feel free to ask


Broken Doll: North of Italy / 2hrs from Milan, 30min from Bologna
-Compensation:paid but may consider tfcd
-Willing to Shoot: alternative glamour, gothic atmospheres, dark, horror-gore, corsets, NO bondage (unless you're an expert ropemaster)

-Compensation: Low Budget.. and i can consider TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Beauty,Pin-up,Fashion,Nude Art,Alternative,Gothic/Fetish, Dark, Burlesque, Glamour and Fantasy


lady lovebug: Netherlands -travelling around
-Compensation: paid and tf*
-Willing to Shoot: fetish,bondage,nude,high heels,erotic
corsets,alternative etc

Moonjoker: Europe; Netherlands
-Compensation: prefer paid (open for negotiation/ clothing)
-Willing to Shoot: love to shoot; duo, cyber, gothic, alto, latex, fantasy, bizarre art, soft dark erotic. NO hardcore

Lathaxie: The Netherlands
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, latex, soft bondage (and open for new ideas)

Amesbury Rose: The Netherlands
-Compensation: TF*/trades, paid
-Willing to Shoot: latex, leather, fetish, fashion, topless, burlesque, corsets, strange things, dance/movement, historical, etc.

LoisSue: The Netherlands (Willing to travel through europe and eventual worldwide if travel costs are covered)
-Compensation: TF*, paid
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Fetish, Burlesque, Bizarre, Topless, Corsets, Pin Up, Open to other suggestions, just send me a private message.

Xylene: Netherlands/ Zuid Holland
-Compensation: Payment, or TFP (if the shoot is interresting) + expenses
-Willing to Shoot: Uniforms, Sports, Catsuits, Leather, Latex, Cosplay, Domination


Voodoo Vixen: Norway
-Compensation: TF*, travel expenses covered and paid assignments
-Willing to Shoot: pin up, cheesecake, goth, alternative and most anything else, except for nudes

Lady Morgain: available in Norway/Slovakia/Czech Republic, anywhere w/travel if the expenses are covered
-Compensation: paid with some trade possible for right photographer
-Willing to Shoot: fetish/fantasy/dark/gothic/horror/corsets


Gosh_Absi: Poland
Available to travel with expenses paid.
-Compensation: Mostly paid, limited TF*.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/Goth/Fetish Fashion (corsets/latex/leather/etc), Fetish, Fantasy-themed images, Pin Up

zabi124: Poland, can travel if expenses are paid.
-Compensation: negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish Fashion, Fantasy, Tight-lacing, Vintage, Horror, Lingerie, Cosplay, Pin-up, Goth, Burlesque, Gore, Sci-fi fetish, Psychedelic, Art ... etc

Soki-Angel: Poland, with a valid passport
-Compensation: paid/barter, negotiable TF*
-Willing to Shoot: avant-garde, fashion, cosplay, goth, punk, pin up, sci-fi, latex etc. No nudes.


Abaddon Maiden: : Oporto, Portugal
-Compensation preference: negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, fashion, art nude, terror, gore, fantasy


Vesmedinia: Murcia, Spain
-Compensation: Any
-Willing to Shoot: Alt fashion, latex, fetish (non-nude)

Amy Ladygoth: United Kingdom and Spain
-Compensation: depends on assignment/negotiable and TF if I really love your work.
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, fashion, gothic, lingerie. Up for weird ideas.


Kindra RavenMoon : Växjö Sweden. Anywhere but cost must be covered if travelling outside of Sweden,at least half if in Sweden.
-Compensation:depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: gothique,fetish/alternative fashion,film noir, boudoir, horror, gore, dark erotic, macarbre,victorian, medieval, vampire, romantique, goth/dark- pinup+glamour-beauty shots, Satanic/occult/religious-ritualistic,anything twisted/bizarre/grotesque or beautifully disturbing.

Julia Abelle: Sweden, Stockholm
-Compensation:Paid for commercial purposes, TFP, travel expenses. Each situation takes individually.
-Willing to shoot: most of fetish, no nude, implied is Ok.


Below Dark Water: Australia, NSW
-Compensation: TFDC and Paid
-Willing to shoot: Gothic, Gothic Lolita, Alternative, Fashion/Glamour, Concept, Eccentric Styles, Make-up/Hair.
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fu … =448243903

Countess_Grotesque: Australia willing to travel
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Shoot-interest: Anything controversial, avant garde, pretty or unusual. I will shoot pretty much any alternative style.
-Other: I am also a make-up artist, stylist and photographer.

Gotherella BioVenom: Willing to travel around sydney, within nsw if i can afford it, Sydney Australia
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: partial nudity [tasteful only], implied nudity, Anything horror, alternative pinup, Industrial, Gore, Fetish/ bondage.

May-Z: Sydney, Australia
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Anything quirky, fun goth etc. No nudes...

Victoria Veins: Australia, Brisbane. will travel.
-Compensation: Negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: Alternative fashion/fetish/latex/pin up.

Kara Ryder: Melbourne, Australia  but will travel if expenses are covered.
-Compensation:  paid work , TF depending on assignment and trade for clothes/shoes
-Will shoot: corsets, latex, fetish fashion,  burlesque, pin-up, retro, gothic, punk. implied nude, Costume Work, Corsets, Punk, Fantasy, Cosplay, Goth, Sci-Fi, , horror, alt

Tiara the Merch Girl: Brisbane, Australia (but will travel if expenses are covered)
-Compensation: Depends on assignment; open for TF pics/attire
-Willing to Shoot: Burlesque, pin-up, possibly implied nude (depends on assignment & photographer), costume, open to suggestions!

IamV: Gold Coast, Australia...willing to travel if compensated
-Compensation: Negotiable. Cash or TFClothes preferred
-Willing to Shoot: Body modification and body suspension, fetish fashion (leather, latex, fur, socks, corsets, shoes...and on and on), fetishes (feet, tickling, boots, bondage, etc), retro, glam, odd art, and more! Try me.

Aussiekylie: Central Coast - Sydney - Newcastle (Australia)
-Compensation: Paid work prefered, TF For Right Terms.
-Willing to Shoot: fetish, bondage, shibari, art nude. erotic nude, liquid latex and/or body painting, multi person shoot. NO EXPLICIT - you havent got enough cash.
Teer Wayde: Australia, Melbourne -  will travel  if expenses are paid. Shall be in the US from November onwards
-Compensation: Paid, TF for select photographers and trade for wardrobe
-Willing to shoot:  Bondage, Fetish, Erotic, Latex and Rubber, Fetish clothing, Corsets, Horror and Extreme Gore, Vintage, Glamour, Implied Nude, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Body paint, Fashion, Makeup, Natural Beauty - the list goes on!

Jazz M: Melbourne Australia
-Compensation: Negotiable, Trade mostly
-Willng to Shoot: fetish, latex, Fashion, open to more ideas:)

Meluxine: Sydney, Australia
-Compensation: Paid, but happy to negotiate.
-Willing to Shoot: Nude, alt, fetish, freaky arty conceptual stuff. Not interested in bikini, Zoo style glamour and Venus flytrap style spread leg shots. Happy to travel.

Ghoul: Melbourne, Australia, but always flitting between states.
-Compensation: Paid (Money or clothes). TFP if the concept is right.
-Willing to Shoot: Anything but nudes. I'm not a one trick pony and have proved multiple times I can shoot various styles smile
Artificial Flavour: Sydney, Australia
-Compensation: Depends on Assessment
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Fetishism, Obscure, Kooky, Playful, Scary or Cute.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Artificia … 0470727032

Sagira: Sydney, Australia. (Only from September 2010 to September 2011). Then it's back to Halifax, Canada.
-Compensation: Depends on assignment. Paid shoots are my priority while I'm in Sydney. My rates are flexible.
-Willing to Shoot: Artistic nudes, fetish (shibari/kinbaku - including suspension, bondage in general, latex, rubber, zentai, masks, etc. Ask me!), goth, fantasy, horror. I'm open to other genres, though. Just ask. smile

Tarla Trent: Sydney, Australia
-Compensation: TFP or paid
-Willing to Shoot: Anything unusual. I will shoot pretty much any style. would love to do some more 'mainstream' looking work. I am also a make-up artist

MsRhi: ACT, Australia. Travel: If compensated - yes. I travel to Sydney every so often - hit me up about it.
-Compensation: Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: fetish and alternative fashion, glamour, conceptual, hair&makeup

Eden Archaique: Armidale, NSW, Australia.
-Compensation: At this point in time, mostly TF.
-Willing to Shoot: Pinup. Fashion, etc. Pretty much willing to try anything, although nudity will only be done for a good concept.

Flynn MacCallister: Sydney, NSW, Australia
-Compensation: Depends on shoot; compensation in wardrobe items and TF* are often fine.
-Willing to Shoot: Steampunk, corsetry, gothic lolita, gothic, pinup... various others; please feel welcome to ask me. I apologise, but I feel unable to do nudity, toplesness, or very sexually suggestive shoots at this point in time.

Kae Bambi: Perth, Australia. Willing to travel anywhere as long as expenses are paid.
-Compensation: Paid, except for exceptional photographers/tearsheets/trade
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Gothic, Lolita, Conceptual, Artistic nude, Alternative fashion, Beauty/Glamour. I pretty much am willing to shoot anything besides porn.

ProwlingParadox: Adelaide, Australia  but will travel if expenses are covered.
-Compensation:  Negotiable, Trade mostly , TF depending on assignment or trade for clothes/shoes
-Willing To Shoot: bondage, Pet play, Spanking, Nudes, cutting, decorative needlework, temporary piercings, erotic girl/girl, FemDomme, Smoking, damsel, fetish fashion, corsets, shoe, feet, pantyhose, burlesque, pin-up, gothic, victorian, ect

Carlie Jae: Melbourne Aus
-Compensation: paid, depends on assignment but willing to negotiate.
-Willing to shoot: Pin up, burlesque , steampunk, corsets, lingerie, fetish fashion? Gothic, implied nude, fantasy , vintage , cos play, retro, costume . Pretty much anything and open to ideas just send a PM with any questions .

Love Mya: Australia currently and hoping to travel overseas in 2013.
-Compensation: Rates/ at 3hours minimum depending on the content and ideas.
-Willing to Shoot: I am more interested in artistic images rather than hardcore stuff:  Shibari rope ties, bondage and fetish.
contact: prefer by private email on MM.

Matt Hofmann - Alt Model: Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.
-Compensation: i dont mind i just want to do lots of shoots and poses
-Willing to Shoot: anything but not noods thnx i dont do noods

Phoenix Flash: Sydney, Australia, but willing to travel if compensated smile
-Compensation: Paid only - $50/hour standard, $60/hour topless, $75/hour nude with a minimum two-hour callout. I can also do my own wardrobe, hair and make-up on request, and an extra half-hour's standard fee applies for either hair or make-up (so an hour's fee for both) done outside the booked time.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt fashion/catwalk (drag is a specialty), parts modelling, fetish and bondage - anything really except open leg work, overly sexual poses or adult work, including for magazines like Zoo.

Danni-Alyse: Sydney Australia
-Compensation: Paid work only - Travel and out of pocket expenses.
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish fashion wear, Gothic, Emo, Punk, School girl, Smoking Fetish, Wet hair, Car pedal pumping, Leather, Lace. No nudity (Under 18)


Lavender Brown: Auckland, New Zealand (Will travel throughout New Zealand if travel is paid for)
-Compensation: Paid is nice, tfcd for the right project. Wardrobe would be amazing.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Fetish - Foot, Stockings, Pantyhose, Latex, Gloves, Tickling etc, Pin Up, Nudes, Lingerie, Androgyny

Sindrel Psykhe: Christchurch/New Zealand (Will travel for paid work. Do travel to France occasionally)
-Compensation: Depends on assignment, TF*, Paid or Trade. (Will not shoot for free for topless or nude work)
-Willing to Shoot: Victorian fashion, Alt fashion, Cosplay, Fetish, Latex, Steampunk, Pin-Up, Fantasy, Editorial, Concept, Make-Up/Hair, Artistic nudes, Implied nudes, and more. (NO porn or Explicit nudes)

ALICE (QUEEN OF HEARTS): Auckland, New Zealand
-Compensation: Paid assignments only.  Reasonable rates available upon request.  Willing to travel if travel costs are covered as well
-Willing to shoot: Nudes, alternative, fetish, dark art, BDSM/bondage, goth, punk, girl/girl etc

Nicole-Marii: Auckland, New Zealand
-Compensation: TF*/ Paid.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, sub, Erotic, Rope, Collar, Latex, Knife-play, No FULL nudes/ explicit shots. Artistic/ alternative adult. No porn.


Hanjo: Tokyo, Japan - willing to travel if expenses are paid
-Compensation: paid work preferred (negotiable rates)
-Willing to Shoot: alt/goth/pin-up/lolita/punk/corsets/cosplay/concept/fetish fashion
I have worked and I am available for alt fashion shows and performances
* Aug 10-25 Rome and southern area, ITALY *

Melissa Kaye Mayhem: Japan but willing to travel if expenses paid
-Compensation: mostly paid but depends on assignment.
-Willing to shoot: fetish, pin up, corsets, bondage, erotic, latex, artistic nude...ask me!


Purni: Srilanka. ( a beautiful tropical Island in the Indian Ocean)
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Fetish, Latex, Leather, Steel Bondage, Pinup, Lingerie, any concept that is new. BUT NON NUDE


Temparance: Santiago, Chile (travels to argentina, brazil, peru and other countries that don't need passport)
-Compensation: Money, depends on the assignment.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt(porn), Pin-Up, Burlesque, Fetish, Nude, Latex, Goth, probably anything (No fur or other animal-made stuff).


Cindy "Gohkee" Chan: Wilbraham, MA [New england area], and Hong Kong, China
-Compensation:  Any
-Willing to Shoot: Commercial, Glamour, Implied nude modelmayhem.com/gorekitty

Asian-Model: Located in China.
-Compensation: My rates start from 500-1200 yuan per hourly session.
-Willing to Shoot: I am happy shooting nude, lingerie, Anime, Heels, feet, latex, (Bondage, with an escort) Glamour and Girl/Girl


Lady Vanity: Selangor/Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
-Compensation:Depends on assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Horror and macabre, fetish, bondage, implied, latex, spandex, PVC

KathTea Katastrophy: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Can easily travel to Singapore and elsewhere in the world with compensation.
-Compensation: Paid preferred, TF considered.
-Willing to Shoot: Alt fashion, fetish, bondage, pin-up, burlesque, specialized in tightlacing corsets



Abbie-girl: available in Kenya, and African country, would consider other countries depending on the offer.
-Compensation:Mostly paid, very rarely TF, but will for the right shoot
-Willing to Shoot:  alt, Gothic, pinup, bondage, fetish, horror, tattoo implied, Artistic nudes & implied nudes. Including all things related to glamor, unique/artistic fetish & BDSM, lingerie, ... and MORE. Available to shoot just about anything at the right price...


Zombabe Decay: Mexico City, D.F.
-Compensation: Depends on assignment, negotiable
-Willing to Shoot: High Heels, Latex, Rubber, Bondage, Erotic  Asphyxiation, Pin Up, Corsets, Cosplay, Horror, Alternative Fashion, Tattoos. No nudes.


June Yune Ni: Israel, would agree to travel if compensated
-Compensation: Mostly paid, depends on the project
-Willing to Shoot: Any kind of fetish and alternative, no pornography Measurements:32-23-35, height:5'7"

Jan 15 09 05:33 am  Link  Quote 
Fetish Fifi
Posts: 687

Fetish Fifi: DC/MD/VA
-Compensation: Mostly paid... depends on assignment. Rates are reasonable and Negotiable.
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Erotic, Alt/Fetish Fashion, Open to many ideas

Models, try to keep your entries like this. Minimal information... just the basics big_smile
Jan 15 09 05:36 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,857
Chicago, Illinois, US

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Compensation preference: Depends on assignment

Shooting preferences: Fetish, Fashion, Glamour I'm open to ideas.
Jan 15 09 05:37 am  Link  Quote 
Solstice Rain
Posts: 13,687
Davenport, Florida, US

Solstice Rain/ Orlando, Tampa, Central Florida (travel further if travel expenses covered)
Compensation/ Mostly paid. Will TF* rarely, or for charity
open to: bondage, latex, etc. Will not shoot sexual content or for pay sites.
*due to neck surgery, can not be bound with my arms over my head for extended periods of time*
Jan 15 09 05:41 am  Link  Quote 
amanda logue
Posts: 1,312
Albany, California, US

I am from Albany,GA...I am available for paid assignments...I do mostly glam, foot fetish, pantyhose fetish, bondage and bikini or swimwear...
Jan 15 09 05:45 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 34
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

FaithLee UK
-Compensation: TF*
-Willing to Shoot: Alt/fetish fashion, bondage, open to ideas
Jan 15 09 05:49 am  Link  Quote 
Contest Queen
Posts: 25,273
Clearwater, Florida, US

JoJo wink
Florida, GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Paris.
Compensation: Paid but will consider TF if the concept is great
Open to: virtually any fetish but NO porn
Jan 15 09 05:52 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 428
Welwyn Garden City, England, United Kingdom

Black Lotus - Manchester England UK

Compensation: TF (may require travelling expenses if require to travel a significant distance)

-Willing to Shoot: Alt/fetish fashion although I am open to all wierd and wonderful ideas!
Jan 15 09 05:53 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 58,133
Annapolis, Maryland, US

updated big_smile
Jan 15 09 05:55 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 16,292
Oshkosh, Wisconsin, US

Will shoot- fetish, fashion (please note my height), bondage, erotica
Compensation- Mostly paid, very rarely TF, but will for the right shoot
Jan 15 09 07:32 am  Link  Quote 
FTKL Illustrator
Posts: 101
Orlando, Florida, US

Jan 15 09 07:40 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 58,133
Annapolis, Maryland, US

FTKL Illustrator wrote:
FTKL Illustrator
Orlando, FL


Fetish/fantasy/comic artist.

Specializing in pinup, bondage, foot fetish and tickling.  Accepting pay, trade and exchange of services with photographers and models.

This thread is for models only.

Jan 15 09 07:43 am  Link  Quote 
FTKL Illustrator
Posts: 101
Orlando, Florida, US

My bad.  I was hoping it was for anyone who wasn't a photog.  Oh well.
Jan 15 09 07:54 am  Link  Quote 
Kita St Cyr
Posts: 13,924
New York, New York, US

Kita St. Cyr: New York, NY
-Compensation: Depends on Assignment
-Willing to Shoot: Pin up, latex, glam.  No nudes.
Jan 15 09 08:00 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 58,133
Annapolis, Maryland, US

update big_smile
Jan 15 09 08:09 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 6,777
Gent, East Flanders, Belgium

Also International models?

Name: Mini
Location: Belgium (Europe)
Compensation: Mostly trade if valuable for portfolio (paid if implied nudity)
Shoot-interest: Dance and Art/Fashion-photography
Jan 15 09 09:06 am  Link  Quote 
Kerosene Deluxe
Posts: 3,482
Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Kerosene Deluxe

-Location: Montreal, Quebec. Canada
-Compensation: Paid and select tfp (depending on project) negotiobale rates
-Willing to Shoot: Femdom and BDSM (to be portrayed as Dominant only), pin up, glamour, alt/fetish fashion etc
Jan 15 09 09:48 am  Link  Quote 
Nori Zay
Posts: 12,279
Washington, District of Columbia, US

Nori Zay

Location: Washinton, DC
-Compensation: TFP/paid
-Willing to Shoot: Latex, Oshare Kei, Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Visual Kei, punk, gothic, alt fashion
Jan 15 09 09:50 am  Link  Quote 
Jaye Lynn
Posts: 1,150
New Haven, Connecticut, US

Jaye Lynn

Compensation: Paid but open to very limited TF work.
Open to: just about anything (bondage, erotica, fetish, goth, alternative, tattoo, etc.) but no porn.

Thank you smile
Jan 15 09 09:54 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 60
Kamas, Utah, US

Location - Park City area, Utah
Compensation - TF* or Paid
Fetish, bondage, erotic
Jan 15 09 09:55 am  Link  Quote 
Deanna Danger
Posts: 173
Richmond, Virginia, US

Deanna Danger- Richmond, VA/DC/NC/MD (*will travel expenses paid)
Compensation- depends on assignment
Will shoot- alt (punk, goth, flashy/trashy, nothing remotely abercrombie), most fetishes (no porn/explicit content), pinup, horror/gore, cosplay, glam, nudes!
Jan 15 09 09:56 am  Link  Quote 
Vicious Kurai
Posts: 22
Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Vicious Kurai aka Vikki Vyle
Salt Lake City, Utah  USA
TFP/CD & Paid assisgnments (paid if involving nudity)
Fetish- bondage,Nyotaimori (food), foot/shoes, corsets, Latex, tattoo/piercing, Shibari, fashion and more.
Other fetish and alternative styles- goth, lolita, cosplay, cyber, punk, Visual Kei
Jan 15 09 10:05 am  Link  Quote 
B Debauchery
Posts: 5,738
Boston, Massachusetts, US

Location: Boston; travels to NYC easily
Compensation: Cash monies or bartering.
What I enjoy shooting: latex, heavy rubber, tickling, bondage, foot, foot worship, fetish fashion, stockings, boots/shoes and domination.
Jan 15 09 11:16 am  Link  Quote 
Engel Schrei
Posts: 14,455
Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Engel Schrei: SoCal/L.A., California
-Compensation: Mostly paid... depends on assignment. Rates are reasonable and negotiable. Available to travel (has passport).
-Willing to Shoot: Bondage, Erotic, Alt/Fetish Fashion.. just ask smile

Jan 15 09 11:36 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 7,932
Honolulu, Hawaii, US

Location: Dayton, Ohio
Compensation: Cash, food & accommodations, or travel expenses
Available for: Fetish, bondage, erotica
Jan 15 09 11:51 am  Link  Quote 
Kess M
Posts: 8,464
Brooklyn, New York, US

Jan 15 09 12:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Trevor Mark
Posts: 11,609
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Trevor Mark
Location: Adrian, Michigan (30 minutes from the Ohio Border)
Compensation: Almost any.
Enjoys: Concept shooting, stuff that will blow people's perceptions

Jan 15 09 12:17 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 9,865
Hollywood, Florida, US

Katy LaViolette
St. Augustine FL. (but I regularly travel throughout Florida)
Compensation: Preferably paid. I don't have set rates - my rates are flexible & negotiable.
Styles: Bondage, damsel in distress, erotic, corsets, fashion...The list goes on big_smile
Jan 15 09 12:17 pm  Link  Quote 
Cecilia CPH
Posts: 99
København, Hovedstaden, Denmark

Location: Denmark
Compensation: depends on assignment/negotiable
Job preferences: fetish, fashion, concept. Shoot nudes. Up for weird ideas.
Jan 15 09 12:23 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 58,133
Annapolis, Maryland, US

Mini_ wrote:
Also International models?

Name: Mini
Location: Belgium (Europe)
Compensation: Mostly trade if valuable for portfolio (paid if implied nudity)
Shoot-interest: Dance and Art/Fashion-photography

Do you shoot Fetish/Alt work?

Jan 15 09 12:25 pm  Link  Quote 
Kristen Interrupted
Posts: 1,420
Manchester, New Hampshire, US

Kristen Interrupted: NH/all of New England
Compensation: Negotiable, but mainly paid only
Willing to Shoot: Bondage, most Fetishes, Erotic, Alt/Creatives
Jan 15 09 12:41 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 58,133
Annapolis, Maryland, US

Jan 15 09 01:01 pm  Link  Quote 
Sublime Texas
Posts: 1,014
Austin, Texas, US

edit to remove: whoops, so sorry.
Jan 15 09 01:02 pm  Link  Quote 
Rachel Dashae
Posts: 1,239
Richmond, Virginia, US

Rachel Dashae- Richmond/Virginia Beach, VA/DC/NC/MD  (Will travel with expenses paid.)
Compensation- Depends on assignment.
Will shoot- alternative, alternative fashion, latex, art, conceptual work, glamour, pin-up. No nudes, implied is limited depending on ideas.,

Jan 15 09 01:15 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 58,133
Annapolis, Maryland, US

SublimeImage Studios wrote:
*waits patiently for an alt gal from Central Texas to post*

Please.... do not post in this thread. If you aren't a model, do not post.

Jan 15 09 01:27 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 58,133
Annapolis, Maryland, US

Jan 15 09 01:28 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 37
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Chastity Chevy
Location: Montreal ,Québec, Canada
Compensation:depends on assignment/negotiable
Willing to Shoot: film noir ,corsets, pinup ,victorian ,fashion, horror, vintage,cosplay, glamour, fetish fashion, and other alternatif work. no nudes
Jan 15 09 01:29 pm  Link  Quote 
Joan Lee
Posts: 559
Madison, Wisconsin, US

joan lee available in WI/IL/MN anywhere w/travel
fetish/erotic/select bondage
paid with some trade possible for right photographer
Jan 15 09 01:31 pm  Link  Quote 
Darling Kyttie
Posts: 949
Fremont, California, US

Darling Kyttie
Location: Bay Area, CA
Compensation: Depends on assignment
Willing to shoot: Alt, Pinup, Fashion, Fetish, Latex, etc.
Jan 15 09 01:52 pm  Link  Quote 
Moon Marie Nudes
Posts: 904
New York, New York, US

Moon Marie
bondage, erotic
Illinois and travel
prefer paid shoots
Jan 15 09 02:26 pm  Link  Quote 
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