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Jerry Nemeth
Posts: 27,667
Dearborn, Michigan, US

Shaun Tia wrote:

Hells yes.

Pale red heads FTW tongue

Before I moved to Arizona, I went tanning just so Id have a little tolerance to the insane sun down there. I used one of the stickers to see how much I tanned, and even my tan was more pale than anyone I knew. tongue

http://i583.photobucket.com/albums/ss27 … 70b64b.jpg

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Morghan Reese
Posts: 1
Eugene, Oregon, US

I am a naturally redheaded blueyed indian ....
Mar 16 12 01:37 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Posts: 373
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Mar 16 12 03:14 pm  Link  Quote 
Bon voyage
Posts: 20,302
Los Angeles, California, US

Zombie thread!

Pale-skinned, natural redhead here.

I'd post my eye color as well, but I don't even know what to call it.  I think the proper term is "grey."
Mar 16 12 05:18 pm  Link  Quote 
Svetlana Muerte
Posts: 911
Austin, Texas, US

While my hair is clearly red in tone, I'm not a 'redhead.' I rock a pretty awesome farmer's tan in the summer.
Mar 16 12 05:51 pm  Link  Quote 
Melinda Moxie
Posts: 46
Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I'm a redhead who cannot tan one bit! I'm extremely pale so I use a light spray tan before shoots because I think I look healthier. Then I always wonder if the photographer would have preferred if my skin was pale as I have heard that's part of the appeal of redheads is the alabaster skin lol. I just never know how to ask "do you want me to be pale or tan?" haha
Apr 12 12 01:14 pm  Link  Quote 
BT Imagery
Posts: 1,017
Cedar Falls, Iowa, US

Yep, they sure do. My wife is a gorgeous redhead and she tans quite dark when she wants to. She's even got blue eyes to boot.
Apr 12 12 01:43 pm  Link  Quote 
Jillian Monica
Posts: 275
Kingston, Pennsylvania, US


I am more tan than this right now, same redhair. Natural. ; )
Apr 19 12 02:37 am  Link  Quote 
Ashley D Campbell
Posts: 392
Los Angeles, California, US

My mom is a natural red head and she gets really tan easily. But she gets alot of freckles.
Apr 19 12 07:26 pm  Link  Quote 
Scarlett Renee
Posts: 217
Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Pale city b*tch, pale pale city b*tch
Apr 20 12 01:42 pm  Link  Quote 
Rachael Bueckert
Posts: 1,121
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

I'm not a natural redhead... But I'm pale as all bloody hell tongue
Apr 20 12 01:57 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2,350
Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Plenty of Afro-Carribeans with red hair, thanks to the Scots and the Vikings.
I've seen it all. Black people with white hair. Albino people with red hair. Persians and Arabs with blue eyes. Venezeluans with electric green eyes. Aliens, all... I've seen it.
Apr 20 12 02:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Seregon ODassey
Posts: 311
New York, New York, US

Like most redheads I have 2 colors: white and lobster.

I use Fake Bake for a spray tan and since I have no pigment for it to blend with it doesn't look fake. It looks so natural that when I use it people ask if I color my hair (as opposed to my skin).
Apr 20 12 02:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Aria Rodriguez
Posts: 8
New York, New York, US

I CAN tan, but I choose not to because it will damage my skin. I am curious about spray ons, though. I just don't want to look like a carrot
Apr 26 12 10:17 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,928
Akron, Ohio, US

Maybe not so tan...but definitely a redhead.

Apr 26 12 09:29 pm  Link  Quote 
Mel Wolfe
Posts: 158
Old Field, New York, US

I wish sad

They call me Casper...
Apr 27 12 04:01 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 150
Boston, Massachusetts, US

Im a strberry blOnde and kinda tan wink
May 07 12 03:13 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 218
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, US

Jun 20 13 02:03 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 404
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I don't think it counts but my cousin is half black and a redhead and he "looks" tan but it's really just him being mixed.. XDD
Jun 20 13 02:26 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 584
Palo Alto, California, US

I like working with models who have fair skin. You can do a lot "right out of the box" (not "out of the box" as in thinking outside the box) since their skin tone contrasts with--pretty much everything.

I like freckled models too, and I've found if you play with editing so their freckles are more pronounced, quite often their skin tone goes from pale to rather tan looking, depending on how many layers/color channels/etc you mess with.
Jun 20 13 05:25 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 608
Newcastle, Limerick, Ireland

As a former red head, now a mix of white and silver, my experience is that as I got older I was able to get a faint tan. Maybe it's all my freckles joining up and fooling me. I used to work outdoors and spend a lot of my free time out as well.

When I was younger I had lots of freckles and went red in the sun, then back to pale very quickly. As one of five red haired children in the family I'm the only one who get a colour of any kind, other than red.

Skin damage is a major danger for red heads, so I'd imagine most will avoid the sun or use high factor sun protection.

I've known a few red heads who tanned but with a lot of effort and care. More often, however, it was sprayed on.
Jun 21 13 04:55 am  Link  Quote 
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