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Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND ~ theLIST belongs to all its members everywhere and theLIST HAS MOVED TO http://www.modelmayhem.com/po.php?thread_id=503930

Tom DeL is now Administrating theLIST and all of it's satellite threads. Thanks Tom~!!
~ The List of Veteran Photographers dedicated to helping New Models build their portfolios. ~
The is a list of approved pro & semi-pro photographers who have agreed to dedicate at least one day each month to indiscriminately help newbie models in their regions develop their portfolios.
CURRENTLY 800+ approved volunteer photographers~!!

The LIST also proudly presents each week


LIST members may now enter your newbie shoots (best 3-5 images per model per week) in the Newbie Model of the Week competition.

Let's see what ya got~!!

Just CLICK ON the GREEN Newbie MODEL Logo above to beam over

http://modelmayhm-3.vo.llnwd.net/d1/photos/090119/05/49747ba647f4c_m.jpgJR Mandeville ~ LIST Moderator

And so The List begins with the Top Drawer

Top Drawer members are an elite group of pro photographers who, prior to membership, must first be nominated by a current Top Drawer member and then voted in by the majority of Top Drawer members. In addition, TD members serve as mentors, select a new Newbie Model of the Week from those entered each week, and serve The List in various ways behind the scenes. In other words, if you're Top Drawer, you're the shit!

~Photographers Sorted by State - City~

================= USA ============================


http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/100236767/original.jpgfotowerks photography Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Nashville, Florida Panhandle, Alabama

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/100236704/original.jpgChuck StJohn Birmingham, Alabama


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90845530.arq5ZZ88.ABlackSwan.jpgA Black Swan Black Swan, Arizona
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/105888628/original.jpgMB PhotographyPhoenix/Tempe/Gilbert/Chandler, Arizona


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798140.B6rK5uyE.TheListpjparchives.jpgpjb-archives Carmel, California
http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m151/writejoelle/RMichaelWalker.jpgR Michael Walker Costa Mesa (OC), California
http://thump01.pbase.com/o6/42/577342/1/92970851.F9SFGMnu.VanceTrueImage.jpgVance-True Image Culver City, California
http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798110.To9CkcLe.TheListMichaelAlan.jpgMichael Alan Hollywood, California
http://thump01.pbase.com/o6/42/577342/1/92924937.yr63QzYx.LucindaWedge.jpgLucinda Wedge Los Angeles, California
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/93953605/original.jpgSHGfoto- Stefhan GordonIrvine, California
http://thump01.pbase.com/o6/42/577342/1/92970848.GyC8mZia.bijanstudio.jpgbijan studio Los Angeles, (West Hills) California
http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90808076.ICGngCYz.ward.jpgward Los Angeles, California~ Toronto/ Vancouver
http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/91783276.7gF13j52.BlindMike.jpgBlindMike SF Bay Area / Davis, California
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/93953609/original.jpgAmedeus San Francisco Bay Area, California
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/105632554/original.jpgIMANstudios BAY AREA San Jose, Bay Area, California
http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798106.UY1RlJE7.TheListLeDeuxArt.jpgLeDeux Art SanLeandro, California
http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798139.RkUDrHrn.TheListparkusphotography.jpgparkus photography Walnut Creek, California


http://thump01.pbase.com/o6/42/577342/1/92971985.ne8x8VOy.GWBurns.jpgGW Burns Sarasota, St. Louis, Florida, Missouri

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90931608.1UmhZWXP.PAGalleria.jpgPAGalleria Tampa, Florida
http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/91426087.s8vosQhJ.JRMandevillePhotograp.jpgJR Mandeville Photograp West Palm Beach, Florida, Charleston, West Virginia
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/109094866/original.jpgJonathan Kane Naples, Florida
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/109094867/original.jpgLuis Valladares Miami, Florida


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798127.QKuWBHh0.TheListTRWilmitch.jpgT R Willmitch Bloomington/Normal, Illinois

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798090.TWFpPkIF.TheListChrisKeeling.jpgChris Keeling Peoria, Illinois

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/92019420.CRNVtyDA.ZionImaging.jpgZion Imaging Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Fox Cities, Illinois, Wisconsin


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798091.vMk8Q4ty.TheListChrisMaxwell.jpgChris Maxwell Dulles, Virginia, DC/Maryland
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/109094868/original.jpgJAZZYPHOTOS BALTIMORE, Maryland


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798112.Lbh99emu.TheListMikesImagesMike4.jpgMikes Images - Mike #4 Minneapolis, Minnesota

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798085.iZ3T2a1t.TheListBeyondVanilla.jpgBeyond Vanilla Minneapolis, Minnesota


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90931602.ODO8wN2f.JAMES.jpgJAMES Las Vegas, Nevada

New York

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/93006630/original.jpgBrian Diaz Astoria, New York

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90931607.t1Cg8NRk.KevinMichaelReed.jpgKevinMichaelReed New York, New York

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90811121.ymtjokhO.CraziestBenny.jpgCraziest Benny Rochester, New York

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/104199016/original.jpgAndy Webster Big Island, HI & Buffalo, New York


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/91213275.VO5DubdG.TomdeL.jpgTom deL Shelby, Ohio


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798596.AKJKxmFv.CraigSeay.jpgCraig Seay Nashville, Tn.

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/103375395/original.jpgmiss ernie Nashville (Hendersonville), Tennessee

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/109094865/original.jpgBrad Imotichey Franklin, Tennessee


http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/108409966/original.jpgTXPhotography Houston, Texas
http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/108409965/original.jpgCESTARO PHOTOGRAPHY Austin, Cedar Park, Texas


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/91213289.KCWfSBGv.BillBates.jpgBill Bates Payson, Utah


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90798091.vMk8Q4ty.TheListChrisMaxwell.jpgChris Maxwell Dulles, Virginia, DC/Maryland


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90992340.qNnRUxlz.ChristopherAmbler.jpgChristopher Ambler Seattle, Washington

West Virginia

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/91426087.s8vosQhJ.JRMandevillePhotograp.jpgJR Mandeville Photograp Charleston, West Virginia


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90807262.wgyFrOL5.Marker220.jpgJSVPhotography Madison, Wisconsin

http://thump01.pbase.com/t4/42/577342/4/90931606.HuXfuQye.jpgWater Street Studio Milwaukee, Wisconsin

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/92019420.CRNVtyDA.ZionImaging.jpgZion Imaging Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Fox Cities, Illinois, Wisconsin


South Australia

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/105888627/original.jpgDalai HarmaAdelaide, South Australia

================= Canada ============================

British Columbia

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/92999213/original.jpgNina pak Vancouver, British Columbia
http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90808076.ICGngCYz.ward.jpgward Toronto/ LA/ Vancouver, Canada


http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90800750.OrXnGtLu.Digiography.jpgDigiography Niagara Falls, Ontario

http://thump01.pbase.com/o4/42/577342/1/90808076.ICGngCYz.ward.jpgward Toronto/ LA/ Vancouver, Canada

================= England ============================

Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/102028274/original.jpgPeter Buckley-Saxon Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire



~Photographers sorted by State - City~

================= USA ============================


William Markey Birmingham, Alabama
Steven Stiefel Fortpayne, Alabama
Fred Beeson Birmingham, Alabama
Sundman Photo Pelham, Alabama
fotowerks photography Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Nashville, Florida panhandle, Alabama
Chuck StJohn Birmingham, Alabama
Vision Photo Image Dothan, Alabama
Leroy Dickson Mobile, Alabama
Paul Dovie Photography Theodore, Alabama


sincity Wasilla, Alaska
JP Dawson Anchorage, Alaska
Benjamin Lambert Anchorage, Alaska


Al Parker Photography Chandler, Arizona
Billy Drake Tucson, Arizona
Zak Seanz Chandler, Arizona
DM Art Studio Creek, Arizona
Raymond Prax Chandler, Arizona
The Pixel Geek Queen Creek, Azizona
AndrewG Mesa, Arizona
Carlos Arturo Velarde Mesa, Arizona
flight levelPhoenix, Scottsdale, Arizona
wolff Phoenix and Tucson AZ, San Diego CA, Nevada, Utah
MB Photography Phoenix/Gilbert/Chandler, Arizona
Soft Shadows Art Photo Phoenix Metro, Arizona
Just Fabulous Studios Phoenix, Arizona
Photography by John Prescott, Arizona
D Jenner it Photography Scottsdale, Arizona
Neil Peters Fotographie Tucson, Arizona
Corey Ward Tucson, Arizona/Cleveland, Ohio


Erick D Blair Heber Springs, Arkansas
Jerry Coleman Marion, Arkansas, Memphis Tennessee
TDesign Stillwater, Oklahoma


Philip Hall Alameda, California
P Ranta Photography Santa Monica, California
Mark Bower Photography So Cal, California
Nikki B Photographics Sacramento/Nor Cal, California
StillVisionz Crestline, California
Terry Day Lake Isabella, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, California
Digital Jack Photography Orange County, California
Ritchie Perez Granda Hills, California
Trueflava Media Sacramento/Fairfield/Bay Area/ San Francisco/Vacaville/Vallejo, California
Garretts Photography Apple Valley, California
Grogs Photography EastBay/ San Francison, California
NewPhotography Vacaville, California
YoungRichPhotography Costa Mesa/Lake Elsinore/Huntington Beach/Santa Ana/Bakersfield/LA, California
norcal-images Ripon/Northern California
Drew Santos LA/OC/IE/SB/SD, California
Karl Yamashita Lake Forest, California
Rich Agundez El Cajon, California
Brain Brumley Porterville, California
Instinct Images San Diego, California
Kens Photos Visalia, California
BeautyShots Bakersfield, California
Mission Photography Orange County, California
Blake Robinson Norwalk, California
Antonio Genovia Morgan Hill, California
Paindancer Productions Long Beach, California
Maria Larios Huntington Beach/ OC, California
Alain Kane Beverly Hills, California
MXD StudiosGranada Hills, California
Stan Glass Castaic, California
Spider 7 Photography Long Beach, California
Paul Breski Photography Exeter, California
SW Hanna-so cal Huntington Beach, California
PhotoSoCal Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village/Los Angeles/Hollywood/Ventura, California
Jockii Temecula/Los Angeles/San Diego, California
Moments Captured San Jose, California
1Camera1Lense Sacramento, California
ZiM Killgone Temecula/San Dieg/Los Angeles/Las Vegas/Denver, California
CJ/Defytrends Rosemead, California
IGP Photo Emeryville, California
GiovanniPhotos Los Angeles/Hollywood/Santa Monica/Beverly Hills/Valley/OC, California
Shutterclick Los Angeles, California
Eric Daive Lost City of Angels, California
SICK GIRL PHOTOGRAPHY Venice/Santa Monica/Mar Vista/Culver City/Marina del Rey/West Los Angeles, California
J Sharp Photography Sacramento, California
Deborah Connors-dcgibs Bakersfield, California
California Redwoods Santa Cruz, California
Sean A Williams Los Angeles, California
Photos by Frank Bakersfield, California
Thomas B San Francisco Bay, California
timbuktu studios Auburn/Los Angeles, California
norcal-images Ripon/Northern, California
Chosenbydestiny San Francisco, California
AnI4TheUnique LA, California
Charles Lee Photography San Diego, California
orinxpress Tarzana, California
Phil Collum Photography San Diego, California
enigmatic photographic LA/Palm Springs, California
Antonio Genovia Morgan Hill, California
W A L K E R LA, Pomona, California
TigersCrest Studio City, California
Lennon Woodland Hills, California
Eye4beautyPhotography San Diego/Oceanside/LA/SF, California
Kenzphotos Anaheim, California
WH Pictures Pasadena, California
Robert Neil Torrance, California
Wolfy4u La Mesa, California
D Colegrove Ventura, California
deniZfotography LA/NYC, California
Night Light Images Volcano, California
Jeff Fayngor Huntington Beach, California
OLJ studio Los Angeles/Covina/Long Beach, California
Eternitys End San Diego, California
VP Photography San Francisco Bay Area, California
Mark Rankin Images LA/San Diego, California
LADY SWEET FACE Apple Valley, California
remerrill Arcata, California
Edward Foge Photography Bay Area, California
J-Styles Photography Bay Area, California
Kris Perry Photography Brea, (by way of Inglewood) California
R E Photography Carmel Valley, Caramel, Monterey Peninsula, California
Ed Stevenson Clovis, California
Paul Brecht Colton, California
Ruben Grolet Costa Mesa, California
R Michael Walker Costa Mesa (OC), California
GFox Studio Salt Lake City/Corona Del Mar/Caracas~Utah/California/Venezuela
Vance-True Image Culver City, California
Nelia Dana Point, California
ScottF Davis, California
John Wishard Fallbrook (North San Diego County), California
DCP A Fontana, California
Jim Ewing Fullerton, California
Distortion Forge Fullerton, California
Jeff Stuart Fullerton, California
Darryl Varner Hemet, California
Mick Longo Hollywood Hills, California
Chanel Rene Irvine, California
Aaron Cota Irvine, California
SHGfoto- Stefhan Gordon Irvine, California
Gary Blanchette Irvine, California
Sean Roney King City, California
STUDIO 215Long Beach, California
Ironman Produxions Los Angeles, California
pkmimages Los Angeles, California, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
DigitalKloc Photography Los Angeles, California
Naoe Pix Los Angeles, California
Photo Diary Los Angeles, California
Oaks Images Los Angeles, California
Jenna Black Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California
LA Photo Los Angeles, California
Daniel Kagle Upland, Los Angeles, San Diego, California
Cre8tive Los Angeles, California
Deirdre Ryan Photo Los Angeles, California
MarcFotoGrafiK Studio City, LA~California
sloshutter Los Osos, California
825 Photography Mission Hills, San Fernando Valley, California
eyelight Moorpark, California
John Allan Newport Beach, California
Darren Wellhoefer Newport Beach, California
cinema photography Orange County, California
MalePortfolios Orange County/Los Angeles County, California
Walker Productions The OC, California
Ronny-C Photography Orange, California
SoCal Digital Images Pasadena, California
Hard Candy Photography Palm Springs, California
North County PortraitsPoway, California
BlhackMoon Rancho Cucamonga, California
norcal-images Ripon/Northern Calif, California
New Digital Image Running Springs, California
Inner Vision Images Sacramento, California
Lorance Photography San Diego, California
WANDER AGUIAR San Diego, California
BlankLogo Photography  LA, California
wolff Phoenix and Tucson AZ, San Diego CA, Nevada, Utah
Kings Media Rialto, (Inland Empire)California
Eric Joseph Photography San Diego, California
Seven Seven Photography San Diego, California
M Carle San Francisco, California
d t photography San Francisco Bay Area, California
Amedeus San Francisco, California
alexdavis San Francisco, California
ConpixSan Francisco, California
- - JOVA - - San Francisco, California
jaystudios San Francisco Bay Area, California
Ryuuzaki San Jose, California
joe duerr Santa Ana, California
Michael Kuriger Saugus, California
Tilt Photo South Pasadena, California
Edge Images Thousand Oaks, California
Richard Beebe Tracy, California
Butch DeHart Vacaville, San Francisco, Sacramento, California
Mario Castello Whittier, California


Jezarac Photography Arvada, Colorado
Bold Image Photography Colorado Springs, Colorado
Everett Cook Denver, Colorado
FC Multimedia Fort Collins, Colorado
CCB Images Lakewood, Colorado
Jason Myers Photography Colorado Springs, Colorado
Absinthe Photography [b]Fort Collins, Colorado

Prospect Photo Broomfield, Colorado
kent bahde Boulder, Colorado
Thomas Andrew Boulder, Colorado
Duane Allen Colorado Springs, Colorado
karma 67 studios Denver, Colorado
RNokes Collection Denver, Colorado
JEBKA Photography Firestone, Colorado
Bighorn Photography Florissant, Colorado
CRB Photography Grand Junction, Colorado
VisualRamblings Parker, Colorado
Offshore Photography Parker, Colorado


GSphotography Cromwell, Connecticut
a jesters magic Stamford, Connecticut
Jack Dog Studio Stamford, Connecticut
JPARISI Winsted, Connecticut
SMPphoto Manchester, Connecticut
Ed-2k Greenwich, Connecticut/Westchester, NY
Divine Images New Haven, Connecticut
Walt Jedziniak East Hampton, Connecticut
Julia Gerace Monroe, Connecticut
RichS Norwich, Connecticut


EMB Images Delmar, Delaware
Tim Little Photography Wilmington, Delaware


David Snyder Bartow, Florida
inthedeck Saint Augustine/Jacksonville/ Orlando/Cocoa Beach/Daytona/Delray/Tampa, Florida
Smiley Productions Miami Florida
Ashland T Orlando, Florida
Patrick Wayne Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Christine Rose West Palm Beach, Florida
Kevan Bowers Orlando, Florida
Vlad Snaporaz Miami, Flordia
Pudge Photos Miami, Florida
Edw Satellite Beach, Florida
Ashland T Orlando, Florida
Emily Ridenour Palm Beach, Florida
Luis Valladares Miami Florida
Vince Hobbs Photography Orlando, Florida
Robert W Wilson Miami, Florida
Cameron Cushman Vero Beach/Fort Lauderdale, Florida
CS Art photography Ocala, Florida
Gilbert Henry DigiFotos West Palm/Boyton Beach/Boca Raton, Florida
Studio Classique Orlando, Florida
Next Worlds Dark Room Delray Breach, Florida
Swank Photography Flordia Keys, Florida
J Maldonado Tampa, Florida
Mario Uriel Perez Pembroke Pines, Florida
Photo Visions Cape Coral, Florida
Paul Bryson Photography Miami/Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Nic Saint Petersburg, Florida
bgbfotog Boca Raton, Florida
F Stop Photography Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Florida
Mark Reese Photography Brandon, Tampa, Florida
Your Way Entertainment Cape Coral, Florida
Joanne Olsen Photo Cape Coral, Florida
PaulGouldingProductions Chipley, Florida
Rik Bowman Clearwater, Florida
Jay Paredes Coconut Creek, Florida
pentography Coral Springs, Florida
Sureshotsstudio Coral Springs, Florida
Tito DC Dania Beach, Anywhere in South Florida, Florida
Joe Paul Studios Fort Lauderdale, Florida
ReallyRandy Hollywood, Florida
MJ Images Photography Jacksonville, Florida
Scott Kennelly Jacksonville, Florida
George ephrem Jacksonville, Florida
RSM-images Jacksonville, Florida
PDF IMAGES PHOTOGRAPHY Jacksonville, Florida
AJ Brown Photography Miami/West Palm Beach, Florida
MiamiPhotoGuy Miami, Florida
FusionMediaCo Miami, Florida
Photography by Depuhl Miami, Florida
Reynard Alli Miami, Florida
Jamie-JAYCE-Charles Pembroke Pines/Hollywood/Miami, Florida
P Joseph Photography New Jersey, NYC, Miami
lethal Naples, Florida
RichBruton New Smyrna Beach, Florida
john knight Orange Park, Florida
Kleer_images Orlando, Florida
herblish Orlando, Florida
Cardillo Photography Palm Coast, Daytona, NE FL Coast, Jax, Orlando, Florida
CSP Photography Orlando, Florida
AJRimaging Orlando, Florida
Tim Gussman Palm Coast, Florida
ForeverFotos Pensacola, Florida
Model Marketing Pensacola, Florida
Patterson Photo Pensacola, Florida
dreslin photography Pensacola, Florida
Joe Rainey Photography Pensacola, Pace, Milton, Florida
Anax Studio Sarasota, Florida
Don Smith photography Riverview, Florida
GW Burns Sarasota, St. Louis, Florida, Missouri
Keith aka Wolfie Sarasota, Tampa, Ft.Myers, Naples, Florida
dean paul Sarasota/Bradenton, Florida
TeddyRay Sebastian, Vero Beach/Ft.Pierce, Florida
Colorblind Photography St. Augustine, Florida
Maddy's Sunrise, Florida
EdwinR Photography Tampa, Florida
Tampa Bay Glamour Tampa Bay, Florida
Christopher Wright Tampa, Orlando, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami, Florida
Michael Hughes Sr Norfolk, Va Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Virginia
Michael Pandolfo Tampa Bay, Florida
Chipshotz Tampa, St Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, Florida
Bobby Knight West Palm Beach, Florida
Jim White Photography Winter Park, Florida
JR Mandeville Photograp West Virginia, South Carolina, Florida


Rocke Photography Alpharetta, Georgia
nail168 Alpharetta, Georgia
Rocke Photography Calhoun/Alpharetta, Georgia
Pelham Photography Jacksonville/Tampa/Acworth/Atlanta/Birmingham, Georgia
GaPhotographer Fitzgerald, Georgia
Malte Sacha Roger Atlanta, Georgia
M2 Photography Studios Athens, Georgia
Bodhi Tree Photography Atlanta, Georgia
Image By Bryan Acworth, Georgia
AlloyOne/AnthonyLloyd Atlanta/Miami/Chicago/NYC, Georgia
Bob Cervelli Atlanta, Georgia
BRC Photo Services Canton/Kennesaw/Atlanta, Georgia
nrvphotography Atlanta/Roswell, Georgia
Wild Side Portraits Kennesaw, Georgia
DudeWithAcamera Atlanta, Georgia
Postcards FT Wasteland Atlanta, Georgia
Frame O Mind Albany, Georgia
photog2b Atlanta, Georgia
JustDigitalProductions Atlanta, Georgia
KelvinBushan Atlanta, Georgia
Digitallure Photography Columbus, Ohio & Metro Atlanta
Ken Norling Atlanta, Georgia
Hollada Atlanta, Georgia
Love of Photography Atlanta, Georgia
PhotoAtlanta Atlanta, Georgia
Darwin Young Atlanta, Georgia
Serge Y Chattanooga, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia
John Winecoff Cartersville, Georgia
Shaped Light Douglasville, Georgia
T Fotography Douglasville, Georgia
Photos by Len Kennesaw, Georgia
SmithDuo Photography Senoia, Georgia
rvtmann68 Warner Robins, Georgia
SLS INC Georgia – ask for details


Dreamscape Photography Honolulu, Hawaii
Sebastian in Paradise Paradise, Hawaii
selfmadephoto Haiku, Maui, LA, SD, NYC, Big D, ATL and where ever else they pay me to be, but my Heart is in...., Hawaii
redinhawaii Heleiwa, Hawaii
Dustin Dodge Honolulu, Hawaii


Matthew Lamar Boise, Idaho
senaphotography Pocatello, Idaho


Rich Mohr Chicago, Illinois
LMJ Photo Chicago, Illinois
Exotic Illusions Galesburg area, Illinois
Camden Photography Carrollton, Illinois
[url=http://www.modelmayhem.com/1011385]Model Xposur[/url Chicago/Joliet, Illinois
Darrelle Lewis Chicago, Illinois
J Emmett Fertic Chicago Loop, Illinois
Michael Rothman Chicago, Illinois
Greg Kolack Downers Grove/Chicago, Illinois
Ralph Haseltine Chicago, Illinois
Patrick Sablan Chicago, Illinois
artblance Chicago, Illinois
Joe Mtz Chicago, Illinois
sns-photo Chicago, Illinois
Zion Imaging Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Fox Cities, Illinois, Wisconsin
Mark Ellison Chicago, Milwaukee, Gary, IN
Beebe 96 Mahomet, Illinois
Pat OBrien Photography Naperville/Chicago, Illinois
AndyS Hampton, Illinois
Studio B Photo Lake In The Hills, Illinois
Laura Ann Photography Peoria, Illinois
Tom Holoubek Rockford, Illinois/Wisconsin
Toxic PhotographySpringfield, Illinois
Wiz of Oz Photography Quad Cities, Iowa / Illinois


Michael Southwick Elkhart, Indiana
Brosmerphoto Fishers, Indiana
FisherStudios Evansville, Indiana
Mark Ellison Chicago, Milwaukee, Gary, IN
Guy Durnil Indianapolis, Indiana
Tom Kendall Indianapolis, Indiana
Polina Osherov Indianapolis, Indiana
Bare Photography Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Knoxville
Photography Bill Jones Martinsville, Indiana
Mark Harper Newburgh, Indiana


pkmimages Los Angeles, California, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Steve Heaton Spirit Lake, Iowa
Bodyshots Photography Grinnell, Iowa
Wiz of Oz Photography Quad Cities, Iowa / Illinois


Studio-G Columbia, Kansas City, St Louis, Jefferson City, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri
DDC Studios Wichita, Kansas
Kansas Photo Central, Kansas
CGI Images Central Kansas, Wichita, Kansas
Amy Biggerstaff Mound City, Kansas, Warsaw, Missouri
CDorseyPhotography Olathe, Kansas
WhittleyPhoto Joplin, Missouri ~ Parsons, Kansas


Bil Brown Louisville, Kentucky
mgallery Photography Harrodsburg, Kentucky
EvidenceImagery Lexington, Kentucky
BluegrassImages Bowling Green, Kentucky
Gas Oven Photography Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
Aperture Images Danville, Kentucky
Dave Ross Photography Elizabethtown/Rineyville, Kentucky
John Molinatto Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Curtis Powers Louisville, Kentucky
Blue Mist Productions Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Grace Prater Nicholasville, Kentucky
EdWiget Photography Maysville, Kentucky
Studio 144 Mayfield, Kentucky
Marty McBride Owensboro, Kentucky
MoonTree Studio Richmond, Kentucky
Fotographia FantastiqueBerea, Kentucky


Storm Surge Photography New Orleans, Louisiana
MDfap of Baton Rouge LA Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Fire Ice Photography DeRidder, Louisiana
T n J Baton Rouge/New Orleans/ Shrevport. Louisiana
J Holmes Photography New Orleans, Louisiana
Curt McClain New Orleans, Louisiana


KB Digital Studio Gray, Maine
eb2photo Scarborough, Maine


DukeBarrett Photography Parkville, Maryland
SunArcher Photography Shreveport, Louisiana
Daria Johnson Baltimore, Maryland
Carey Hass Photography Baltimore, Maryland
Magicc Imagery Gaithersburg, Maryland
Weekend Photographer Hagerstown, Maryland
Tya Anthony Photography Baltimore, Maryland/VA,NYC,DC
April Sims Maryland
Anthony Tilghman Metro Areas, Maryland
Cyber Optyc Annapolis, Maryland
Jim Wrigley Photography Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC
JCW Baltimore, Maryland
Glamour1Studio 2 Baltimore, Maryland
The Divine Emily Fine DC, Baltimore, Mount Airy, Maryland
Mike in Maryland Baltimore County, Maryland
Tim Prendergast Baltimore, Maryland/DC Metro, DelMarVa
SP Photography Beltsville, MD, VA, DC,PA, DE, NY
chubs photography College Park, Maryland
RWhite Photography Frederick, Maryland
sl3966 Millersville, Maryland
Love and Wonder Silver Spring, Maryland
Dogbone Alt-Process Sparks, Maryland
Vizual Synergi MD/DC/VA, Maryland
Dave Blecman Woodstock, Maryland
mrlouis DC, MD, VA, Maryland


R Flowers Photography Attleboro, Massachusetts
K Mac Photo Mashpee, Massachussetts
MTM Photography Western Massachussetts
silverline images Boston/Cape Cod, Massachussetts
Michael Thomas Photo Maine/Boston, Massachusetts
Nicole Chan Boston, Massachusetts
Scott Gacek Boston, Massachusetts
Alan Scott Photography Whitman, Massachusetts
SPierce Photography Commonwealth, Massachusetts
G M Bacci Photography Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Madcrow Studios Boston, Massachusetts
Thomas Watkin Boston, Mass. ~ Ashville, North Carolina
liston Natick, Massachusetts
Rishi Basu Somerville, Massachusetts


Spilt XO Sugar Photos Clinton Twp, Michigan
photomale Sterling Heights, Michigan
Kelton Kaye Allen Park/Ann Arbor, Michigan
Kevan Bowers Detroit, Michigan
Scott Story Photography Grand Rapids, Michigan
Lore-Li Productions Ypsilanti, Michigan
Detoit MI Detroit, Michigan
Michels Photography LLC Brighton, Michigan
MikeRobinsonPhotos Okemos/Olivet, Michigan
Visual Edge Metro Detroit, Michigan
L-J Digital Photography Detroit, Michigan
SQUARESHOOTER PHOTO Grand Rapids Area, Michigan
Lumigraphics Kentwood, Michigan
CS Photographic Lansing, Michigan
UP image Marquette, Michigan
Markcomp Pontiac, Michigan
SCS  Photography Prudenville, Michigan
db Photography Royal Oak, Michigan
JQ:FIYAR Southfield, Michigan
Autumn Rose Photography Traverse City, Michigan


Michael Wilkie Photos Minneapolis (Shakopee), Minnesota
Liztelphoto St Paul, Minnesota
Randall Photography Minneapolis, Minnesota
WildEye Studio Minneapolis, Minnesota
Andrew Thomas Designs Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jameson Studios Ramsey, Minnesota
RichK Sauk Rapids, Minnesota
tongue haha! Minnesota
Stephan AKA Art Jeweler Grand Marais, Duluth, Minneapolis, North Shore Lake Superior, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Woosley Photography Inc Minneapolis, Minnesota
Imageri by Tim Davis Minneapolis, Minnesota
markphotog Mpls-StPaul, Minnesota
Imagemakersphoto St. Paul, Minnesota
BrandonMSweet St. Paul, Minnesota
Studio 76 Photo Central Oregon/Minnesota, Oregon


MH Miller Photography Corinth, Mississippi
David A Verespie All Over, Mississippi


CMR Photography Columbia, Missouri
Chris Byrd Jefferson City, Missouri
WhittleyPhoto Parsons, Kansas ~Joplin, Missouri
Womack Photo Kansas City, Missouri
R80 Marceline, Missouri
Insomniac Studios Belleville, IL- St. Louis, Missouri area.
CLC Photography St. Louis, Missouri
GW Burns Sarasota, St. Louis, Florida, Missouri
BellaFigura Photography St. Louis, Missouri
ErichDrazen Photography St. Louis, Missouri
Gabby Mora St Louis / U. City / Barnhart / Arnold / Imperial / Festus, Missouri
Ernie Stiner Troy, Missouri
L2Photography University City, Missour
Lowell Photography Warrington, Missouri
Amy Biggerstaff Mound City, Kansas, Warsaw, Missouri


Form not Function Billings, Montana
Life Is Great Images Bozeman, Montana
Jason Allen Photography Hamilton, Montana
Clint Helena, Montana


SouthBayPhoto Las Vegas, Nevada
My Photo Atelier Reno, Nevada
Jeannette S Photography Las Vagas, Nevada
Too Hot for Snakes Las Vegas, Navada
David Carter Las Vagas, Nevada
POLARPICS Las Vagas, Navada
Khaos Productions Las Vegas, Navada
FEMME Naturelle The Meadows, Navada
-The Dave- Las Vegas, Nevada
phOtOs by seven Las Vegas, Nevada
Jenna Black Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California Nude Art Photography Only
Fitzgerald Multimedia Las Vegas, Nevada
William Jay Las Vegas, Nevada
Bare Photography Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Knoxville
Pete H Las Vegas, Nevada
wolff Phoenix and Tucson AZ, San Diego CA, Nevada, Utah

New Hampshire

BobPhotos Andover, New Hampshire
Graphics Plus Concord, New Hampshire
Mike Ormerod Hollis, New Hampshire
Trottier Studios Goffstown, New Hampshire
Daid Goodman Portsmouth, New Hampshire
karenjerzykphotography Manchester/New Hampshire, New England

New Jersey

wjgerberjr Bridgeton, NJ
Nickyboy Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Kadive East Orange, New Jersey
Photos1000 n burns, New Jersey
IIP Lumberton, New Jersey
JLC Images Lopatcong, New Jersey
VIPnMedia Lakehurst, New Jersey
Veronica Thomas Northern, New Jersey
James Kassanoff Washington, New Jersey
S and R Images Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Jillian Keats Forked River, New Jersey
Inspirephotos Galloway, New Jersey
NN Star Photography Howell, New Jersey
Tony KnightHawk Studios NYC, Jersey City
Ken Norcross Marlton, New Jersey
nycbodyart Passaic, NYC, New Jersey
BendingLight Red Bank, New Jersey and NYC
Keith Mills Spring Lake, New Jersey
CarlMaiorinoPhotography Trenton, New Jersey
P Joseph Photography New Jersey, NYC, Miami

New Mexico

fjoIV Albuquerque, New Mexico
Lloyd Thrap Albuquerque, New Mexico
Triphammer New Mexico
Aquiline Photography Las Cruces, New Mexico
SusiB Santa Fe, New Mexico

New York

Brian Diaz Astoria, New York
Campus Photos Seneca Falls, New York
NYC Studios Long Island, New York
Dallas J Logan Brooklyn, NJ, New York
Jose Deida Brooklyn, New york
Mark V Photography Long Island/NYC, New York
Christopher Donald Mebane/Detroit/Raleigh/Boston, New York
BeFreephotography Plainview, New York
Randy Sukhai Astoria/Queens, New York
Taurus Studios Bronx, New York
Vincent J Tosto Auburn, New York
Morton Pictures LLC White Plains, New York
Joseph A Simleuske NYC/Chelsea, New York
Rob Fury Photography Flushing, New York
Captured Images WNY, New York
J Palma Photography Rochester, New York
Kaostik Studios NYC, New York
Henry Adebonojo New York, New York
bhtdmc New York, New York
isphotography New York, New York
ACPhotography Long Island/Boston, Massachusetts/New York, New york
Chas Kimbrell Plainview, New York
Ade Ketchum Corning, New York
Ian Gattie Buffalo/Rochester/Toronto, New York
Tobias Steiner Buffalo, New York
Bradford Brandon New York, London
Glamour Images Studio Brooklyn, NY, New York
Steven Barrett Brooklyn, New York
niskophoto Brooklyn, New York
Black Russian Studio Brooklyn, New York
Andy Webster Buffalo, New York
donsphotography Buffalo, New York
Szalay Photography Buffalo, New York
Mez Media Group WNY and Southern Ontario. Buffalo, New York
Zuch Photography Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, New York
Farnell Photography Glen Falls / Albany region, New York
xandx Jamaica, N.Y.
Ron Warner Photography Jamcaica, New York
P Joseph Photography New Jersey, NYC, Miami
Jim Wrigley Photography Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC
Tony KnightHawk Studios NYC, Jersey City
Saad Ahmad Khan New York City Area - 5 boroughs and Jersey City, New York
Hamza New York City, New York, Connecticut
studio-obscura New York, USA / Sydney, Australia
Jordan Cabot New York, New York
Shiva Photo Roslyn, Long Island, New York
Topless New York New York City, NY
Ched New York, NY
John-Anthony Photos New York, NY
E M 2 New York, NY
pbellamy New York, NY
Mike Caffrey New York, NY
NYC Nude Studios New York, NY
tenrocK photo New York, NY
KK40 New York, NY
Michael R Kihn Studios Erie - Pittsburgh - Cleveland - Buffalo, PA -New York – Ohio
nycbodyart Passaic, NYC, New Jersey
ACPhotography Plainview, New York
PB Photo Rochester, New York
MPutorti Rochester, New York
terrysphotocountry Rochester, New York
Joon Photo Rochester, New York
Dan Hudson San Binghamton, New York
Ryan Colford Studios Staten Island, New York
Jack Kenney NY Tri-state area, New York
Luis Molina Photography Queens, New York
DaVinci Pro Photography Queens, New York

North Carolina

Photos By Nicholas Asheville, North Carolina
maspiazu Charlotte, North Carolina
Intimate Images Online Hudson, North Carolina
meltechfoto Durham/Raleigh/Greensboro/Winston Salem, North Carolina
Capture MP Mt Holly, North Carlina
Sparetyme Photography Greensboro, North Carolina
Anubis Photography Morrisville, North Carolina
HSA Photography Charlotte, North Carolina
Terry Moody Photography Gastonia, North Carolina
Yvonnes Photography Wilmington, North Carolina
TGCocciolone Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Kenneth Light Studios Charlotte, North Carolina
Thomas Watkin Boston, Mass. ~ Ashville, North Carolina
Crystal Cavalier Studio Cameron, North Carolina
ALVONDO Charlotte, North Carolina
pwphotography Charlotte, North Carolina
Black Crow Creations Concord, North Carolina
Doug Collum Fayetteville, North Carolina
EubankPhoto Triangle area of North Carolina
IBX Pete Washington/Greenville, North Carolina
Wilco Wilmington, North Carolina
SLS INC North Carolina – ask for details
Nick Wade Photography Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

North Dakota

bustlesprout Bismarck, North Dakota


Lost Viking Ashville, Ohio
Michael Skolosh Alliance, Ohio
Boden Photography Toledo, Ohio
fulhart studio Beavercreek, Ohio
Sherri Keyes Barber Cincinnati, Ohio
M E G Photography Steubenville, Ohio
[url=http://www.modelmayhem.com/872545[/url]Gas Oven Photography
Lazyi Photography Cleveland/Columbus, Ohio
Captive_Images Glenford/Columbus, Ohio
Jose G Photo Toledo, Ohio
Illini Photography Jefferson, Ohio
Blind 7 Photography Mentor, Ohio
Boden Photography LLC Toledo, Ohio
Timothy Logan Cleveland, Ohio
fototreitel Cincinnati, Ohio
Crystel Studios Akron, Ohio
Randy Zelewski Toledo, Ohio
David Stein Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Essential Image Cleveland, Ohio
Eccentric Image Cleveland, Ohio
JDF Photography Marengo, Ohio
TheAnj Cincinnati, Ohio
fotoguy007 Cincinnati, Ohio
Blue Ash Film Group Cincinnati, Ohio
Image Analogy Cincinnati, Ohio
IDS Photography Cincinnati, Ohio
KoMa Photography Cincinnati, Ohio
FMT Photography Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, Ohio parts of NW Pennsylvania
Sunset Images Cleveland, Ohio
Lazyi Photography Cleveland, Ohio
Michael R Kihn Studios Erie - Pittsburgh - Cleveland - Buffalo, PA -New York – Ohio
Kathleen McMeechan (hairstylist) Cleveland, Ohio
Corey Ward Tucson, Arizona/Cleveland, Ohio
Pipers Photography Columbus, Ohio
Digitallure Photography Columbus, Ohio & Metro Atlanta
Nightwing Photo Columbus, Ohio
Eric Paul Owens Columbus, Ohio
CGodfrey Columbus, Ohio
G. Michael Images Fairborn/Dayton Area, Ohio
Art Schotz Lima, Ohio
Quasi Immersion Studios Lima, Ohio
Clavestone Phot Medina, Ohio
Pearson Media Miamisburg, Dayton, Ohio
WavesPhoto Toledo, Ohio


Stephen Fletcher Norman, Oklahoma
Okie StudiosNorman, Oklahoma[/b]
Stephen Fletcher Norman, Oklahoma
Richard Castillo Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Bryan Crump Photography Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
TDesign Stillwater, Oklahoma
Keith Goodman Talihina, Oklahoma


RLR Photography Medford, Oregon
SA Martin Photography Roseburg, Oregon
Nigel Jourdain Portland, Moses Lake area/ temp, Oregon
Jesse Jerome Portland/Beaverton, Oregon
Yaquina Photography Salem, Oregon
chrisphoto Salem, Oregon
Dudley Watson Roseburg, Oregon
Studio 76 Photo Central Oregon/Minnesota, Oregon


Photons 2 Pixels Images Berwick, Pennsylvania
CSP Lancaster/Reading/York/Lebanon/Cornwall/Harrisburg/Hershey, Pennsylvania
Stephens Photo Services Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2days Photos Warrington, Pennsylvania
M E G Photography Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
C Photo Canton, Pennsylvania
jack 4photos Conshohocken (near Philly), Pennsylvania
DigitalArticulation Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
LEVEL ONE PHOTOGRAPHY Lancaster, Pennsylvania
JJ Art Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
VL Photography Leola/Lancaster/Philadelphia/Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
cborromeo photography Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Evan Shorrock Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jim Wrigley Photography Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC
NaturalLightPhoto Hong Kong, DC, Philadelphia, Asia and USA
Don Wright Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aesthetics Photography Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Michael R Kihn Studios Erie - Pittsburgh - Cleveland - Buffalo, PA -New York – Ohio
Pinups4 Pittston, PA and NYC, Pennsylvania
LCJ Photography Spring Mount, Pennsylvania
retphoto Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

Shayl Photography North Scituate, Rhode Island
Ouellet Photography Providence, Rhode Island

South Carolina

Mike Eaddy Florence, Seneca, Columbia, South Carolina[/b
Rebel Photo [b]Florence, South Carolina

W L Howard jr Summerville, South Carolina
Stephen Pacello Travelers West, South Carolina
PaulaHughes Photography Upstate SC
DMCFOTOSS Timmonsville, South Carolina
Modstudios Greenville, South Carolina
Sparkling Shadows North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
eBradshaw Charleston, SC
Jennifer Todd at OP Conway, South Carolina
Graphic Blend Studios Conway, South Carolina
TK-Productions Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Charles Bristow Denmark, South Carolina
InsaneStudios Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
ICEMAN PHOTOS East Coast, South Carolina
FStopFitzgerald Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
blugraphics Upstate SC/ Charlotte metro, South Carolina
Glamour Makeover Studio Columbia South Carolina
SLS INC Greenville , South Carolina
kentd Sumter/Columbia, South Carolina

South Dakota

Melby Photography Brookings, South Dakota


Serge Y Chattanooga, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia
Randall Elkins East Tennessee
Mickey Rountree Hixson, Tennessee
tinyk_photo Nashville, Tennessee
Barry Brown Images Crossville Tennessee
Buton Dietz Nashville, Tennessee
Tony Focus Nashville/LA/NYC/Miami/Atlanta, Tennessee
Southern Fried Photog Memphis, Tennessee
Daniels DigitalDarkroom Jackson, Tennessee
Independant Photos Jackson, Tennessee
Mark Rankin Images Nashville, Tennessee
Bob Edens Photography Chattanooga, Tennessee
Scott B. Quammen Knoxville, Tennessee
Bare Photography Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Knoxville
Jerry Coleman Marion, Arkansas, Memphis Tennessee
Hal Wade Photography Maryville, Tennessee
fotowerks photography Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Nashville, Florida Panhandle, Alabama
patrick webster Nashville, Tennessee
Preston Rodgers Cordova, Tennessee
Jefferson Dorsey Nashville, Tennessee
Rob Gallagher Nashville, Tennessee
Norris Carden  Madison, Wisconsin and Tullahoma, Tennessee


La Pistola Austin, Texas
Pro Body Shots Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
CESTARO Photography Austin/Cedar Park, Texas
Jon Scott Visual Dallas, Texas
Ken Myers Photography Garland, Texas
Tony Martinez Corpus Christi, Texas
MBernal Huston/Phoenix/Cedar Park/Austin/San Antonio/AZ/Texas
susutac Dallas Texas
Warren Paul HarrisDallas, Plano, Frisco, Texas
Images in Light Addison, Texas
JJ Bonde for Route 333 Houston, Texas
Thoughtful Imagery Houston Texas
Jon Scott Visual Portland, Oragon/Dallas, Texas
Attollo-Validus Portland, Texas
Blue Moon Images Addison, Texas
Ana Ochoa Productions Austin, Texas
Don Reynolds Austin/San Antonio, Texas
Shutter bugg San Angelo, Texas
Exquisite Photo Austin Austin, Texas
Wolfs Eye Photography Wills Point, Texas
Carl Gross Corpus Christi, Texas
Jon Da Vid Lubbock, Texas
2Hype ENTERPRISES Lewisville, Texas
Victoria Leigh Photography Huston, Texas
James Campbell Killeen, Texas
stxphotogrphy Corpus Christi, Texas
Carlos A Photography Austin, Texas
Pat Jones Waco, Texas
Visions East Arlington, Texas
Creative Illusi Dallas, Texas
Al in Houston Houston, Texas
Creative Concepts Austin, Texas
M5A1 Photography Austin, Texas
rp_photo Houston, Texas
Wes Underwood Lubbock, Amarillo, Farmington, Texas, New Mexico
Derek Mick Dallas, Texas
Common Good Photography Austin, Texas
Steve Kinsey 19K Austin, (Bastrop), Texas
Richard Tallent Fashion Beaumont, Texas
DJHStudios Dallas, Texas
A slice of oblivion Dallas, Texas
NSerna Dallas, Texas
Photos by Mick Dallas, Texas
Rawhider Studios Hillsboro (Dallas/Ft.Worth area), Texas
klikgraphics Houston, Texas
mphunt Houston, Texas
Marshall Arts Austin, San Antonia, Houston, Texas
D Moreland Photography Katy/Houston, Texas
BackBay Images Houston, Texas
ML Photography Houston and Katy, Texas
LaMont DeSal Houston, Texas
PAD Productions Houston, Texas
FLIRTYnFUN Photography Kyle, Texas
Photography by Christy Las Colinas, Texas
Robert Hold Plano, Texas
DH Photography Round Rock, Texas
EandJs San Antonio, Texas
Rene Rodriguez Photog San Antonio, Texas
Spectral Reflections Spring, Texas


Redline Photoworks Provo, Utah
PTPhotoUT Salt Lake City, Utah
Silver Bear Photography SLC, Utah
GFox Studio Salt Lake City/Corona Del Mar/Caracas~Utah/California/Venezuela
Odin Photo West Jordan, Utah
wolff Phoenix and Tucson AZ, San Diego CA, Nevada, Utah


Phillip Chitwood Gashen, Vermont


Grace Photographic Abingdon, Virginia
Daryl Brown Photography Arlington, Virgina
A to ZPhotography Virginia Beach, Virginia
Mike Shutter-Ace Manassas (Washington DC and MD Suburb), Virginia
Dexter D Cohen Norfolk, Virginia
DavePackhamPhototgraphy Stafford, Virginia
Tom McElvy Virginia Beach, Virginia
GBI Graphics Newport News, Virgina
Galaxy Studio Danville/Greensboro/Raleigh, Virginia
JLRPhoto Reston, Virgina
Photogregd Sterling, Virginia
Philbert Photos Falls Church, Virginia
faceoff Richmond, Virgina
Tazz Anderson Photos Virginia Beach, Virginia
Beach Photo Virgina Beach, Virgina
ShotzPhotography South Riding/Chantilly, Virginia
Hermesz Fine Art Charles City, Virginia
Sam Dixon Colonial Heights, Virginia
Ron Nicholas Culpeper, Virginia
BobbyCarlsenPhotography Danville, Virginia
Digital Extreme Fairfax, DelMarVa, Virginia
BSCS Photography Harrisonburg (22801), Virginia
Michael Hughes Sr Norfolk, Va Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Virginia
Orlando, Ingram Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Eye of Ra Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland
DKLEE STUDIO Richmond, Virginia
wideopenFstop Ruckersville (central), Virginia
HenryL Virginia Beach, Virginia
Shon D Photography Virginia Beach, Virginia
Audie C Warrenton, Virginia
Fab Foto Winchester, VA
mrlouis DC, MD, VA, Maryland


Laced~Wardrobe Stylist Sammamish, Washington
Cliff W Estes Redmond, Washington
nwprophoto Vancouver, Washington
J Benjamin Tacoma/Seattle/Portland/BC, Washington
Darrell Palmer Seattle, Washington
BLP Studios Sammamish, Washington
Twisting Light Sammamish/Seattle, Washington
Angelic Digital Photo Puyallup, Washington
Mark Dikerson Tacoma, Washington
Kyle D Goldie Seattle, Washington
phredd7 Seattle, Washington
Mearle Tumwater, Washington
Impressions by Randolph Marysville, Washington
Cementjungle Poulsbo, Washington
photoboykane Woodinville, Washington
Christopher Ambler Seattle, Washington
aesthetix photo Seattle/Tacoma, Washington
Ashley Crabtree Seattle, Washingon
MarcFotoGrafiK LA / Seattle / Sydney / Venice / Prague / Berlin, United States
M_M_PSeattle, Washington and Montana, Alberta, and Utah
Digital Dimensions Shelton, Washington
Digital Expressions Tri-Cities, Washington
robert christopher Western Washington

Washington, DC

mrlouis DC, MD, VA, Maryland
SSHPHOTOGRAPHY Washington/MD/VA, District of Columbia
PK Photo Washington DC, District of Columbia
West End Portraits Washington DC, District of Columbia
Aretaic Photography Washington DC, Northern VA
slyhorsephoto Washington DC, District of Columbia
NaturalLightPhoto Hong Kong, DC, Philadelphia, Asia and USA

West Virginia

Brian Marrs Photography Charleston, West Virginia
Images of Light Ceredo, West Virginia
Kinder Photography Charleston, West Virginia


special memories photog Appleton, Wisconsin
Peteness Photography New London, Wisconsin
CGI Photography Kenosha, Wisconsin
iloomin Madison, Wisconsin
CC Images Western, Wisconsin
Glenn Sanderson Green Bay, Wisconsin
DJHPhoto Antigo, Wausau, Shawano, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Norris Carden  Madison, Wisconsin and Tullahoma, Tennessee
Jeff Pearcy Photography Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Water Street Studio Milwaukee, Wisconsin
AngryLightStudios Peshtigo, Wisconsin & Lithuania
Mark Ellison Chicago, ILL/ Milwaukee, WIS/ Gary, IN
Scott Johnson Studios Wausau, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Los Angeles, Wisconsin


Real Life Studios Wyoming

================= Australia ===========================


Lifetouch photography Bisbane, Queensland
Pixel Projects RedCliffe/Perth, Australia
Capturing Essence Canberra, ACT
The Image Photography Adelaide, South Australia
TRIPLE6DIGITAL  Brisbane, Queensland AU.
Dalai HarmaAdelaide, South Australia



Arclight Studios Nassau, Bahamas

================= Barbados============================


Jeremy G Bridgetown, Barbados, Barbados

================= Canada ============================


Hot Chili Photography Edmonton, Alberta
Jeff McDonald Photo Calgary, Alberta
Solidified ImagesCalgary, Alberta
NKPY MULTIMEDIA Calgary, Alberta
myshkin90 Calgary, Alberta
HungryEye Edmonton, Alberta
Baos_ca Edmonton, Alberta

British Columbia

PK Digital Imaging Burnaby, British Columbia
Leonard Imagery Vancouver, British Columbia
Pelman Photography Vancouver, British Columbia
Hardwood pin ups Vancouver, British Columbia
Martin Chung Vancouver, British Columbia
Images by MR Richmond, British Columbia
Amber Snow Fort McMurray/Edmonton/Vancouver/Mexico/Alberta, British Columbia
Timothy Elliott Vancouver/Victoria, British Columbia
KO Entertainment Inc Vancouver, British Columbia
Oceans Vancouver, British Columbia
Raymadeus Vancouver, British Columbia
Digital Afterimage Vancouver, British Columbia
wflan Vancouver, British Columbia
B and G Photo Vancouver, British Columbia
S-U-B-L-I-M-E Victoria, British Columbia


Envision Photography Winniped, Manitoba

Nova Scotia

McCarthy Photographic Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Chris Triance-Martin London, Ontario
PhotoByWayne Toronto, Ontario
Maverick Creatives Scarborough, Ontario
StreamlinePhotography Oakville, Ontario
Dragon Lily Photo Ottawa, Ontario
DuncanThornPhotography Toronto, Ontario
fbimagery St Thomas, Ontario
Simon Bowles Photograph Gimsby, Ontario
David Pankhurst Photo Ottawa, Ontario
Actionpicpro Toronto, Ontario
AJRPIX Waterloo, Ontario
Mark Allan Cambridge, Ontario
Flex Photography Sudbury, Ontario
ACM Photography Toronto, Ontario
Revprint Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Stacey Fox Thorold, Ontario
Stephan AKA Art Jeweler Grand Marais, Duluth, Minneapolis, North Shore Lake Superior, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Lightscapes Creatives Toronto, Ontario
YankiYukselPhotography Toronto, Ontario
Imagez – Toronto Toronto, Ontario
Craig Staples Toronto, Ontario
YouandMe Toronto, Ontario
Angel Graves~Hair Stylist Toronto, Ontario
Ethan Saint Toronto, Ontario
James Azzopardi Toronto, Ontario, Canada


chelphoto Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Karl Philip Duarte Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Seriously Superficial Ayia Napa, Cyprus



Nicholas Gray Sunderdand, England


Ed Stringbourn London, London
Andi Martin London/Hartfordshire
stevejonesimages West Hampstead, London
Paul Winterton London/Hertfordshire

================= France ============================


BYS Paris, France
Bolo P Venelles, France

================= Germany ======================


Ricardo Samuel Berlin, Germany
Hubertus Kueppers Munich/Neumarkt/Veit/Bavaria, Germany
Gabes Photography Griesheim, Hessen, Germany
R A Photography Heidelberg, Baden-Wurtenburg, Germany



Gimme Photography Athens, Greece



simplypictures Carrickfergus , Belfast Northern Ireland
Stephen Hedley Images Dublin, Ireland
David Butcher LRPS Tralee, Kerry



Roberto Aquilano Rome, Italy
Kevin Pistone Rome, Italy

================= Japan============================


Danz Studios Tokyo Tokyo, Chiba-Ken

================= Mexico============================


Rich Drinkard Cancun, Mexico
MiguelSanchez Monterrey / Los Cabos / Mazatlan / Culiacan, Nuevo Leon



Fwindustries Breda, Netherlands
toon Rotterdam/Holland

================= Nigeria============================


David Otokpa Lagos, Nigeria



STUDIO2401 Makati City, Manila/Amsterdam

================= United Kingdom ======================

United Kingdom

SimonL Burgess Hill, Sussex
Mark Chappel Bournemouth, Dorsed
Distorted Retina London/Birmingham, UK
Gregory Mason Birmingham, West Midland
AndyKruczekPhotography Birmingham, West Midlands
Tobias Key Chichester, Sussex
Lees Images Brighton, UK
Derek Pearce Bristol, UK
Den Black Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK
Peter Buckley-Saxon Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, UK
Distorted Retina  London  Birmingham, UK
Craig Swatton London, Kent UK
Adrian London, United Kingdom
Photo Dreams Telford, Shropshire/ UK
Makeography Cardiff, Wales UK
AGMIT Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK



Stuart McAllister Glasgow, Lanarkshire



Shazam Imaging Singapore, Singapore


Canary Islands

SJH Photography Tenerife, Canary Islands

================= Venezuela ==========================


GFox Studio Salt Lake City/Corona Del Mar/Caracas~Utah/California/Venezuela

The list of beautiful newbie models that need photographers (like you) to shoot with them!

~ Models sorted by State - City~

Photographers please check this list periodically to see if any of these models are in your region.

================= USA ============================


Jessie Armstrong Anchorage, Alaska


Karma 6 Ahwatukee, Arizona
Brittany Vargas Maricopa, Arizona
The REAL Poison Ivy Chandler, Arizona
Silvia Ramos Lareen, Arizona
ChristineObsene Peoria, Arizona
Damien Short Phoenix, Arizona
lyndell k cherry phx, Arizona
Ali Banks Prescott, Arizona
Laura Barrett  Tempe, Arizona
Shawn and Michelle Buckeye, Arizona
Boo Baby Gilbert, Arizona
Rena E  Glendale, Arizona
Frankie Stein  Glendale, Arizona
Cursetopher  Scottsdale, Arizona
Priscilla De Jesus  Chandler, Arizona
Jeannette Midori  Prescott, Arizona
Rach Crawford Queen Creek, Arizona
msseduction Avondale, Arizona
Sexy Ingrid Mesa, Arizona
Jeska Jo Mesa, Arizona
Mindy North Phoenix, Arizona
korrina lafonda Peoria, Arizona
brittany paduganan  Phoenix, Arizona
Andrelica Vail, Arizona


Angelique Powell  Bentonville, Arkansas
Jonathan Erickson Siloam Springs, Arkansas


Dali Drape Ventura, California
Bianca Meiloaica Norwalk, California
Brett Edvardo Fonseca Los Angeles, California
Shaina Marie San Jose, California
Bridget McGuire Los Angeles, California
Leanne Bybee Campbell California
Tammy Sam San Diego, California
Myryah Bakersfield, California
Josh BenettMinneapolis/Los Angeles, California[/b]
Marina Oz San Francisco, California
Lunaria Vex Palm Desert, California
Aletha T Everett, California
Kelly B Nguyen Berkely/Tustin, California
Cecilia Brown Redding, California
Sam G Camp Pendleton, California
Kaix Corona Del Mar, California
Melissa Mabe San Jose, California
susan126 Philadelphia, PA, San Diego,CA
Shyrel Los Angeles, California
Viperjoe Goleta/Santa Barbara, California
Darling Jenny Long Beach/OC/Los Angeles, California
Eden87 Altadena, California
Chelcie Marie Bakersfield and Los Angeles, California
ChristiaMarie666 Huntington Beach, California
Rockstarr xx Huntington Beach, California
ChelseaCosta Irvine, California
ChrissyB Irvine, California
Crystal Cautillo Irvine, California
Ashtyn Leyden la mirada, California
Teffany D Long Beach, California
minjLong Beach, California
Nikki Chandler Long Beach, California
Karen Kelly Los Angeles, California
MEJB  Los Angeles, California
JustinOrton Los Angeles, California
Rachel B Los Angeles, California
Brittani Noel Los Angeles, California
Erica Q Lee Los Angeles, California
soZ  Los Angeles, California
Tayia Jones Los Angeles, California
JassmineSasha Los Angeles, California
Brittani Noel Los Angeles, California
debbi alyssa  Los Angeles, California
FRANtasticLos Vanos, California
El Bando Commando Palm Springs, California
anisa aka nia Pomona/San Bernardino, California
PamWhite  Sacramento, California
Kalypso  Santa Barbara, California
Mountainbeauty  San Bernardino, California
Izi Oakland, California
Mira Torres San Francisco, California
Melissa Mabe San Jose, California
Jack Kerouac Santa Monica, California
Rachel B Santa Monica, California
Regina Robbins  Southern, California
Cheryl Kate Lockington San Diego, California
PaNhia Tracy Yang Tulare, California
Scout Young  Houston, Texas / San Francisco, California
Tiffany_Simone Tarzana, California
pinupgal  Temecula, California


pretty pleads Colorado Springs, Colorado
Dhyana Boulder, Colorado


Amanda Bachand  New London, Connecticut


Seasan Newark, Delaware


Curvy Krista  Boca Raton, Florida
Yasmin Oneill Ft Lauderdale,, Florida
Lebbet Riollano Tampa, Florida
ChelseaBrown Clearwater, Florida
Justiene White Ft Lauderdale, Florida[/b]
Alyssa AKA Lyssa Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Lorri Petit Miami Florida
[Lizzy de Leau Sarasota, Florida
Rebecca Johnson Tampa, Florida
Jenn Murder Palm Beach, Florida
Miche M Orlando, Florida
polishmodel Ft Lauderdale/Miami/Poland, Florida
Linda Diam0ndz Miami, Florida
LeesDaryanne Brandon, Florida
Ramy Cape Coral, Florida
Shellane Crear Casselberry, Florida
Craig Blair Coral Springs, Florida
Shakayla Dade City, Florida
polishmodel Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Florida [/b]
Ariana Haze Fort Lauderdale, Florida
TaraRenee Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Kelly-C Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Ralph The Bunny Gainesville, Florida
Shamar Tompkins Jacksonville, Florida
Lora Kate Jacksonville, Florida
tysoneyo Melbourne, Florida
MIA model Miami, Florida
Josee King Miami, Florida
MichaelCharlesMiami, Florida
Nandica Miami, Florida
Allan Napier Miami, Florida
l e i Miami, Florida
Chelsea Lau Neptune Beach, Florida
Lilianne B Orlando, Florida
Kitty Kaboom Orlando, Florida
Sheree Shearey Orlando, Florida
Melissa Charria  Orlando, Florida
Eric Estrada Orlando, Florida
MS BO55Y Orlando, Florida
Aloe Orlando, Florida
Cree Walker Palm Bay, Florida
Lady Dragonfly Pompano Beach, Florida
Allison Laney  Sarasota, Florida
ms tasha  Tampa, Florida
Alaina M Tampa, Florida
Jessica_Renee Tampa Bay, Florida
lady tasha Tampa, Florida
Valerie Schulz Venice, Florida
James B Huston Winter Park, Florida


ARABIA Atlanta, Georgia
eternal_eyez Lagrange, Georgia


Beu-moD Chicago, Willowbrook, Illinois
Brittany J M South Holland, Illinois
Keli Martin  Chicago, Illinois
Aqueelah Chicago, Illinois
Nicole Jenelle Chicago, Illinois
Theresa Monet Chicago, Illinois
Beu-moD Chicago/ Willowbrook, Illinois
Lolai  Gurnee, Illinois
CheekyLili Palatine, Illinois


Mariella C Lafayette, Indiana
oceanarain27 Elkhart, Indiana
Mae Leighs  Indianapolis, Indiana
Aubrey E  Westfield, Indiana


Haley California Bettendorf, Iowa
a_stevie Des Moines, Iowa


Jessica ChamberlainKansas City/Gardener, Kansas
Brent Reichenberger Wichita, Kansas
Kylee Joy McPherson, Kansas
___Stitch___  Topeka, Kansas
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Nova Baby Maysville Kentucky
Prince Andre Murry, Kentucky
MikeLane Murry/Lexington/Nashville, Kentucky
Lea Halliwell Nicholasville/Lexington/Versailles, Kentucky


Arastella New Orleans, Louisiana


Jessica Lynn Franklin Westminster, Maryland
Diana MO Baltimore, Maryland
EvelynRose Aetern Westminster, Maryland
Anna L Dierker Rock Hall, Maryland
Model Naya Baltimore, Maryland
Savvy O  Gaithersburg, Maryland
ekuoRockville, Maryland
Runway Villain  Upper Marlboro, Maryland


Michael J Goldberg Boston, Massachusetts


Lynx Dilacri Grand Rapids/Lansing, Michigan
Cecilia Model Rochester Hills/Ann Arbor, Michigan
EliciaP Marion, Michigan
Slaykitty Grand Rapids
Sarah Skittles  Jonesville, Michigan


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NataliaDarling Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kristina Labbe Minnetonka/Winnipeg, Minnesota
Emily Roehl  St. Cloud, Minnesota
Betsy G  St. Paul, Minnesota


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Fabien Shadaux Springfield, Missouri
S-shay St Louis, Missouri
Sooner1300 Tecumseh, Missouri


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ChantelNicole Las Vegas, Nevada
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Cynthia Vespia  Las Vegas, Nevada

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Sonia Sarah West Orange, New Jersey
-Melanie- Old Bridge, New Jersey
Red Rhapsody Jersey Shore, New Jersey
Sahani Blue Hillside, New Jersey
Chris NV NYC/NWK/LA/MIA/ATL/New Jersey
AshIey Liz Bridgeton, New Jersey
Gigi Wilde West Milford, New Jersey
Cynthia Lynette Camden, New Jersey
Jessica Brozosky  Mount Ephraim, New Jersey
Cynth  Central, New Jersey

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jeff bidewell Albuquerque, New Mexico
Kris Chamberlain Grants, New Mexico
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jeff bidewell Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Aimee Nikole Queens, New York
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nikki cc Nebo, North Carolina
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JoshuaHolden York, North Yorkshire

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Trinidad and Tobago

Mel Z Bee Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

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Louisa Alexandra London, United Kingdom


alic3 Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Colette RezinRoyston/Buntingford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

The List Rules & Policies:


Definition of a The List Photographer: A photographer who has submitted work to and has been approved by The Top DRAWER for inclusion to The List.
Checklist for Photographers:
- Work shows potential to produce pro or semi-pro quality images.
- Good grasp on the basics of lighting, composition, and editing.
- Ability to bring to the new model's portfolio a look of pro or semi-pro quality in the work you will offer.
Requirements for The List Photographers
- TF*/Free shoot at least one day each month with a newbie model in your area.
- Provide each model with at least 3 quality edits for their portfolio.
- Not discriminate against models who you personally feel "don't have a chance". Remember, you are not necessarily shooting for your own portfolio.
As a listed photographer you are requested (not required) to:
- Indiscriminately shoot with every serious newbie model in your area who contacts you (with exception to models whom you feel may not meet your artistic or business ethic or criteria, at least one per month)

- Initiate contact with newbie models in your area, if contact hasn't been made with you through The List prior to the current month's end.
* If you have more newbies contact you than you can logistically accommodate, you may either refer them to other photographers in your area (not necessarily from The List) or ask them to check with you periodically.
How Photographers Join The List:
- Post here in the thread stating that you would like to participate.
- Top Drawer members will review your portfolio to determine if you are ready for inclusion.
* Applicants are normally approved within 2 days.
* If you don't make the list, keep shooting! You can apply to The List every 30 days.


Definition of a The List Newbie Model: An aspiring model who has been a MM member for less than a year with 1 year or less total modeling experience. She may not be affiliated with any modeling agency as of yet and her portfolio must reflect a "newbie" ambience, including images, listed experience and contacts. He/she may not show in his/her profile "tours, rates, or anything else that would give him/her the appearance of a working professional model. If in doubt, The Top Drawer members will make final determination.
Checklist for Models:
- One year or less total modeling experience.
- One year or less as a member of Model Mayhem.
- Not represented by an agency.
- No rates for modeling services.
- Able provide own transportation.
- Able to keep commitments.
Requirements for The List Models:
- Contact photographers on The List to set up a free photo shoot.
*If you can't find a photographer on The List, select any not-yet-approved applicant you wish to shoot or practice with.
- Provide own transportation.
- Abide by all of your photographer's publicly stated pre-shoot and shoot requirements.
- Keep your commitments!
* You will be disqualified immediately from participation here if you flake on a photographer.
How Models Join The List:
- Post here in the thread stating that you would like to participate.
- Top Drawer members will review your portfolio to determine if you are ready for inclusion.

* Applicants are normally approved within 2 days.
* If you don't make the list, you're probably right along your way to making your mark in the industry. Keep up your good work!

Other Information for Photographers & Models

Can your List membership be revoked?
YES! There are several reasons for which your List membership may be revoked.
- Inactivity: If it is apparent that you are just taking up space on The List and not shooting a newbie each month, your profile will go to The Top Drawer for review and possible revocation. The best way to stay on the LIST is to be active. A very good and recommended way is to enter a newbie model each week or at least once each month in the Newbie Model of the WEEK contest.
- Inappropriate behavior: Occasionally, we receive complaints that individuals associated with The List are behaving badly or inappropriately. If complaints are voiced against a List member, we will investigate and we will expel the member if that action seems appropriate.

How do you become a Top Drawer member?
There are 3 prerequisites to TOP DRAWER membership.
1. You must post, or have already posted to Newbie Model of the WEEK thread ~ 2 to 5 current images of a newbie model you've recently worked with, as a result of contact made through The List or Model Mayhem. All the images submitted must have been taken by you.
2. Upon successful completion of step one, you must then be nominated to appear on the ballot that will once a week be presented to all Top Drawer members for a vote. Any TD member may nominate you for the ballot. If you have not been nominated and would like to be considered for Top Drawer membership, you may contact me with your request.
3. As a balloted nominee, your name and profile will be viewed by all Top Drawer members prior to the vote. After all votes have been cast and counted, it will then be determined as to whether or not you have received the necessary majority. If so, your election to the Top Drawer will be announced and your avatar and profile link will be moved to The Top Drawer. If you aren't voted in, you may qualify for re-nomination after 45 days.

The List Extras

Team Mayhem

Team Mayhem

A recruiting and meeting place for volunteers, a discussion thread, a sign in sheet, a place to raise issues or to impart new ideas on how we may be of service to the Model Mayhem community. Feel free to stop by to see how you can be a part of this!
* All staff members of The List are proudly apart of Team Mayhem!

Other Lists

2nd List
For photographer's that want a mentor or constructive critique on their work.

3rd List
For models, makeup artists, hairstylists, or wardrobe stylists that want a mentor or help/advice.

The List Credits, Volunteers, & Disclaimer

http://www.pbase.com/cseayphotography/image/91590057/small.jpg Credits & Volunteers

The List would like to thank the following people for making The List possible:
Craig Seay: Creator / Founder
Savannah Traynum: Team Leader
Willow: BBCoder
Savannah Traynum:BBCoder

Other volunteers:
SPierce Photography
OLJ studio
Tom deL
The Jalen
F Stop Photography
Hermesz Fine Art

* All staff members for The List are proudly a member of Team Mayhem!

DISCLAIMER: Craig Seay & Model Mayhem will not be responsible nor held liable for any misconduct or mishap between participating parties. I am providing a list only, of volunteer photographers who's work I deem as adequate to assist the entry level model. It is your responsibility to check references before meeting with any photographer on the LIST.

Jul 13 09 02:44 pm  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

Jul 13 09 02:48 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 39,806
Peoria, Illinois, US

Welcome Back.
Jul 13 09 02:55 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 963
Valencia, California, US

Now if all the"list" could be permanently linked on the homepage of MM.
Jul 13 09 03:04 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 42,492
Houston, Texas, US

I want to rejoin in case I'm not already there.

And I never understood why this list went away while new and obscure lists kept forming, i.e. 1000th List - Photographers who shoot fish on bicycles.
Jul 13 09 03:45 pm  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

rp_photo wrote:
I want to rejoin in case I'm not already there.

And I never understood why this list went away while new and obscure lists kept forming, i.e. 1000th List - Photographers who shoot fish on bicycles.

You're still a member rp. "Photographers who shoot fish on bicycles"? OMG~!! wink

Jul 13 09 04:03 pm  Link  Quote 
CGI Images
Posts: 4,989
Wichita, Kansas, US

Chris Keeling wrote:
Welcome Back.

+1, Nice to see you Craig.

Jul 13 09 04:11 pm  Link  Quote 
Scott Sullivan Photo
Posts: 1,175
Royal Oak, Michigan, US

WHOHOO glad to have it back
Jul 13 09 04:44 pm  Link  Quote 
J Sharp
Posts: 3,437
Sacramento, California, US

yay smile
Jul 13 09 04:57 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 5,850
Mesa, Arizona, US

Amen.. I guess I am adequate...
Jul 13 09 05:21 pm  Link  Quote 
Manring Photo
Posts: 670
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Sign me up, though I travel widely (no real home base) and can easily find a model/month to help.

Thanks for running The List.

edit: Oh, hmm...would it be worthwhile to have an "At Large" category at the beginning for those of us who willing to help new models but who are on the road all, or part, of the time?

I see other photographers, too, who would be able to be of assistance when traveling, or are often in locations other than their home town.

Models would then be able have both the At Large and local photographers from which to ask for help.
Jul 13 09 11:35 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 10,303
Los Angeles, California, US

Interested in this as well.
Jul 14 09 10:50 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,622
Plainview, New York, US

Great to see it back....
Jul 14 09 10:52 am  Link  Quote 
Sleepy Weasel
Posts: 4,625
Castle Rock, Colorado, US

Craig - am I able to be added to this again? Also, isn't Brian Diaz in Colorado now?
Jul 14 09 10:56 am  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

J Manring wrote:
edit: Oh, hmm...would it be worthwhile to have an "At Large" category at the beginning for those of us who willing to help new models but who are on the road all, or part, of the time?

I see other photographers, too, who would be able to be of assistance when traveling, or are often in locations other than their home town.

Models would then be able have both the At Large and local photographers from which to ask for help.

Interesting idea. I'll ponder it and run it by JR Mandeville who will be moderating The LIST with me.

Jul 14 09 12:59 pm  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

Sleepy Weasel wrote:
Craig - am I able to be added to this again? Also, isn't Brian Diaz in Colorado now?

Yes, it's great to have you back. I'll have JR check out BD and make the change. Thanks for the heads-up.

Jul 14 09 01:00 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 42
Horsham, England, United Kingdom

Sure. I'd be happy to participate :-)
Jul 14 09 01:06 pm  Link  Quote 
Peter Buckley-Saxon
Posts: 1,665
Halstead, England, United Kingdom

Good to see you back Craig!
Jul 14 09 01:24 pm  Link  Quote 
Manring Photo
Posts: 670
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

J Manring wrote:
edit: Oh, hmm...would it be worthwhile to have an "At Large" category at the beginning for those of us who willing to help new models but who are on the road all, or part, of the time?

I see other photographers, too, who would be able to be of assistance when traveling, or are often in locations other than their home town.

Models would then be able have both the At Large and local photographers from which to ask for help.

Craig Seay wrote:
Interesting idea. I'll ponder it and run it by JR Mandeville who will be moderating The LIST with me.

Cool, thanks Craig.

It may add to the number of ways that people can help, or be helped. I know a lot of times, when in another location unexpectedly for a week, I'll poke around for something to do involving images and image-making, and would jump at a chance to help out a model or another photographer.

Jul 14 09 02:12 pm  Link  Quote 
Fred R
Posts: 54
Houston, Texas, US

Interested! Might look like I'm on my way - but I'm still super new to all this!

Jul 14 09 09:32 pm  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

Jul 15 09 03:32 pm  Link  Quote 
BNB Photography
Posts: 427
Middletown, New Jersey, US

Hey Craig, I would like to volunteer my services for "The List"

I know many Models cannot afford to pay photographers for good work when they are just starting out or they are not sure about their look and what genres they should be working in. If you feel my work and experience are "up to snuff" then please feel free to include me smile

Let me know if you would need any additional information.

Jul 15 09 03:40 pm  Link  Quote 
BNB Photography
Posts: 427
Middletown, New Jersey, US

Great to see you back btw!

Jul 15 09 03:43 pm  Link  Quote 
JR Mandeville Photograp
Posts: 469
Miami Beach, Florida, US

Craig Seay wrote:

You OK?

Jul 16 09 03:35 am  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

JR Mandeville Photograp wrote:
You OK?

Yeah, it was just a little bump, LOL

Glad you're here Joe. Go ahead and get this thing rockin again. I got your back. wink

Thanks everyone for your warm greetings and it's good to be back. JR Mandeville aka Joe is going to be helping me with the MM LIST as he is doing such a great job on all our other sites' LISTs and we can really use some Top Drawer help here to get this going again. Joe's going to be putting a team together to help with maintenance and communications so let Joe or me know if you need assistance in any way.

We're going to go ahead and start the screening process so good luck to all.

Jul 16 09 04:44 am  Link  Quote 
Twisted Pixel
Posts: 55
Wichita, Kansas, US

I would be happy to participate.
Jul 16 09 04:52 am  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

The LIST also proudly presents each week


LIST members may now enter your newbie shoots (best 3-5 images per model per week) in the Newbie Model of the Week competition.

Let's see what ya got~!!

Just CLICK ON the GREEN Banner to beam over
Jul 16 09 04:57 am  Link  Quote 
Blue Ash Film Group
Posts: 9,507
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Thanks for bringing this back.
Jul 16 09 04:58 am  Link  Quote 
JR Mandeville Photograp
Posts: 469
Miami Beach, Florida, US

Twisted Pixel  wrote:
I would be happy to participate.

Thanks for jumping in...I'll get you taken care of as soon as I get a handle on the controls..


Jul 16 09 06:57 am  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

Peter Buckley-Saxon wrote:
Good to see you back Craig!

Thanks Peter, it's good to see you again too~!!

Jul 16 09 06:08 pm  Link  Quote 
Sammie Hall
Posts: 62
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This is really great - wish we had this in Australia!
Jul 16 09 08:02 pm  Link  Quote 
JR Mandeville Photograp
Posts: 469
Miami Beach, Florida, US

Sammie Hall wrote:
This is really great - wish we had this in Australia!


  If I understand...There are 6 or 7 photographers On the List
  In a few different cities in Australia.
  Let your fellow Models and Photgraphers know about what is
  going on here on MM...

  Love your port...keep those images coming!


Jul 17 09 05:10 am  Link  Quote 
AM-PM Photography
Posts: 167
Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

Sign us up.  We'd love to help if we qualify. smile
Jul 17 09 02:29 pm  Link  Quote 
JR Mandeville Photograp
Posts: 469
Miami Beach, Florida, US

AM-PM Photography wrote:
Sign us up.  We'd love to help if we qualify. smile

We'll get everyone taken care of as soon as Craig gives me the control panel.
I think he misplaced it..lol

Jul 17 09 06:13 pm  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

JR Mandeville Photograp wrote:

We'll get everyone taken care of as soon as Craig gives me the control panel.
I think he misplaced it..lol

Sorry Joe, let's talk by phone so I can update you on the new screening procedure and we'll kick it off.

Jul 17 09 07:56 pm  Link  Quote 
Craig Seay
Posts: 8,606
Nashville, Tennessee, US

A message from

ANNOUNCEMENT: We are preparing to implement in the screening process a few new requirements for LIST qualification. We are also preparing to introduce a new system for monitoring compliance to a new and more defined LIST standard. In addition we will also be introducing a new LIST~TopDrawer mentor program that we hope will help willing novice applicants and current novice LIST members in meeting and maintaining this new and soon to be applied LIST standard.

If you are a new applicant we are projecting a week to process your application and make a determination. This process will speed up considerably as our new policies and procedures are finally in place. Thanks for your patience during our transition to a new standard of excellence which we believe will greatly enhance TheLIST and the Newbie Model of the Week competition.
Jul 17 09 07:57 pm  Link  Quote 
JR Mandeville Photograp
Posts: 469
Miami Beach, Florida, US

I have sent out PM's to all Top Drawer Members regarding the Newbie Contest.
Craig and I look forward to New Models and Photographers signing up and then..entering the Newbie Contest!

If I can be of any help please feel free to PM me.

I'm a Newbie at this and any input from you all will be greatly appreciated.
My reason for being here is to yake some of the burden off of Craig. I am not the Moderator Craig is and definitely don't have his carisma...But I'm here and you have to put up with me until I get voted out.

I look forward to getting better at this and trying to be a blessing to everyone..

Thank you all~!!

Jul 18 09 04:55 am  Link  Quote 
miss ernie
Posts: 1,000
Nashville, Tennessee, US

Woohoo!!! Glad to see this being implemented again.

Good luck to everybody!!
Jul 18 09 06:00 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 779
Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I would like to join this list - Please take a look at my work and let me know if you feel I am suitable - Thanks - John
Jul 18 09 06:10 am  Link  Quote 
Images by Yancy
Posts: 1,703
Roseville, California, US

Hi Craig - welcome back!

Possible to add me again to the List? Seems I've dropped off.

Thanks and best of luck!
Jul 18 09 06:17 am  Link  Quote 
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