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I was looking for a studio myself.
And noticed a few more threads.
The studio threads on MM are a mess.
Let's try to make a complete listing of studio's available.
This IS a thread where you can list your own studio for rent.
Maybe it will be moved later but this should be done.

List what studios you know of.
List what studios you like.
How much, links to them.
MM should have a better resource for information then we do have.

This is NOT a thread to post if you are looking for a studio.
Just if you know of one, with info or link included.
Or if you have one to offer.

it can be figured out later the best place for it.
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New York, New York, US

PhotoLinks is a free directory
Rental area.
http://www.photolinks.com/Photography_R … tml?page=6

Black book studio rental page.

Workbook studio rental page.
http://www.workbook.com/phonebook/resul … &dir_name=

(not sure of this link)
http://www.photos-of-the-year.com/class … product=52

Resource advantage

LeBook index (follow to rental area) (also has listings of bars, clubs, and resturants available.)

PDN photoresource listings
http://photosource.netsville.com/script … T1=RENTAL+(STUDIO)
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Niles, Michigan, US

My studio is availble by the hour weekends and evenings for $25 casual/TFP , $40/hr (commercial) ( 2 hour minimum) that includes basic lighting (2 lights w/umbrella or softbox), with additional lights, film and digital camera gear also available. I'm in Niles, Michigan, which is near the Indiana state line, about 20 minutes north of Notre Dame University in South Bend, IN  Thanks
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Toledo, Ohio, US

FlutterBy Studio will be open for rental mid to late august 06. I am hammering all the pricing and info out. But here is a little info...

2400 sq foot space. Upper studio is 1200 sq feet with a 13 1/2 ft wide x 11 ft tall x 40 ft long shooting area. The front space will be considered our gallery with fully decorated, art-filled walls. We will have a complete kitchen and meeting area as well as a seperate makeup/changing room. Grand opening will be opening in August 2006. Opening reception party date to be announced. We are accepting pre-opening bookings now.
* Photographers -  We have hourly, half day and full day rates. Rates coming soon!


     The lower studio area is around 900 sq feet and will house NRK Productions recording studio. A fully digital multi-track recording studio. Full band recording capabilities, seperate isolation booth, full audio production and live recordings. Grand opening to be announced! We are accepting pre-opening bookings now.

1780 Arlington Ave.
Toledo Ohio 43609
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Jerry Nemeth
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Dearborn, Michigan, US

Dee wrote:
FlutterBy Studio will be open for rental mid to late august 06. I am hammering all the pricing and info out. But here is a little info...

2400 sq foot space. Upper studio is 1200 sq feet with a 13 1/2 ft wide x 11 ft tall x 40 ft long shooting area. The front space will be considered our gallery with fully decorated, art-filled walls. We will have a complete kitchen and meeting area as well as a seperate makeup/changing room. Grand opening will be opening in August 2006. Opening reception party date to be announced. We are accepting pre-opening bookings now.
* Photographers -  We have hourly, half day and full day rates. Rates coming soon!


     The lower studio area is around 900 sq feet and will house NRK Productions recording studio. A fully digital multi-track recording studio. Full band recording capabilities, seperate isolation booth, full audio production and live recordings. Grand opening to be announced! We are accepting pre-opening bookings now.

1780 Arlington Ave.
Toledo Ohio 43609

Looks pretty good!

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Gerald Moss
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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

If you need a studio in Las Vegas, consider renting my modern well equiped studio  near the airport in the Park 2000 business complex. 

The studio totals about 1100 sq. feet, with an 800 sq. foot shooting area, and an office you can use to sign model releases, etc.

There are several sets, including a satin sheet boudoir set, a Victorian dressing area set, and about 6 backgrounds, including a 10'X25' green chromakey.    Use of the studio lighting, clothing, and props are included in the low rental costs if desired.   

The studio rents for $30.00 an hour, $180.00 for an 8 hour day.  It can be open 24/7 by appointment.

Please E-mail or telephone for more information and pictures of the studio.

Gerald Moss
Las Vegas Photo Center
(702) 597-0834
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Chicago, Illinois, US

Great place for doing casting or small shoots in Chicago.
$400 includes space for 10hrs and a 7 head 3 pack speedotron light package, 2 umbrellas, 1 box, grids, 16" dish, and stands. WIFI, kitchen, very comfortable.
Email for link
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Jerry Johnson
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Seattle, Washington, US

Historic Rental studio in Seattle’s pioneer Square opening in November

The studio will have five shooting areas, a lounge with wi fi, gallery and boutique, and a makeup area, and bathrooms.

We plan to have classes, events, trips, host out of town models, and photographers and have a fun club feel to the place.   We also want to feature our local models and create events around you, and provide a fun, safe and professional place for you to book your shoots and network.  We want to create an active culture for photographers , mua's and models, a place to drop by and do some impromptu shoots or meet and greet the industry folks in Seattle or out of town.

We’ll be located in the heart of pioneer square on 1st ave. and Yesler, right next to Doc Maynards and the underground tour.

There are several hotels nearby, some just a fun waterfront trolley ride away, and were just 20 minutes from the airport and we can help to arrange a limo or van to pick you up.

So if your a professional coming into town looking for a studio with some character
or some standard studio spaces, check us out. We will also be building new sets on a regular basis so there is always a new look.  We can also arrange to have the lighting gear that you want for your shoots.  If you are a local photographer wanting to have a good place to shoot and to make connections feel free to drop in or schedule a space, we are here for you.  Models think of us when you want to shoot and don't want to send out 30 emails just to set up a shoot, or drive out of town to find a photographer just drop in and arrange a shoot in the lounge, pick up an outfit in the boutique and use one of our  studios for your shoot .  We will also help to promote and book professional and reliable models that are looking for on going work with our member photographers.

If this sounds good to you, just drop me a line or call and I will set up a tour of the space, and our benefits for you at your connivance.

Jerry Johnson
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Chicago, Illinois, US

Studio space in Chicago, lights and backdrops as well as 20 foot ceilings and load bearing beams. Lots of natural light too, outdoor courtyard where you can safely shoot nudes (I have cool neighbors) As I live there, price negotiable, i can also provide wardrobe styling, MUA services, and join in as a model (Lapis 3290) if you so wish. But I can also just rent out the basic studio space and stay the hell out of your way. If you need assistance, it is extra.
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Sam Tang
Posts: 152
Novi, Michigan, US

Sam T'ang Productions Studio
28525 Beck Rd. Suite 122
Wixom, MI  48393

Brand new building and studio in METRO DETROIT/ANN ARBOR. 2000 SF (40' X 50'), 20' ceiling, roll up 14h x 12w garage door, client lounge, makeup/hair station, changing room, kitchen.

* PRE-BUILD OUT RENTAL PRICES: $60/hr (minimum 2 hours). Please all for 1/2 and Full day rates.

* Makeup Artists Available (please call to book).
* Models Available for booking.
* Photography & Lighting Classes (coming soon!).

Equipment Available for rent:

White Lightning & Alien Bees stobes
Alien Bee Ring Light
Matthews C-stands
Bogen & Light Gear stands
PhotoFlex Soft Boxes (strips, small, medium, large)
7' Photoflex Octodome
Pocket Wizards
Red Wing Boom
Apple Boxes
Rolling Garment Racks

CALL (248)473-2520 to book studio time.



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Contrast Imaging
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Cleveland OH studio rental:

We offer rental of our photography studio and "digital darkroom." My 5000 sq ft studio, fully equipped with Profoto D4 and Alien Bees lighting, backdrops, 2 bathrooms and on-site digital imaging equipment (PowerMacs/Nikon film scanners/Epson Ultrachrome wide-format printers) is available for rental. Studio rentals for shooting start at $200 for a half day and $325 for a full day, so please contact me if you're looking for a space to shoot in. (I will also rent you one of my Canon, Leica or Nikon digital systems for in-studio shooting for an additional fee). I also rent my computers, printers and scanners for in-studio use.

Please email me directly at info@spectrumspace.com or chipcarterdc@hotmail.com.
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Wardrobe Stylist
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Wardrobe Stylist
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New York, New York, US

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, US

Minnesota Resorces:

Orbit Studios, a great place to rent studio space by the day. Great people as well.

Others I have not used

Been in, but not used, Very Nice

Not been in

http://www.mncreative.com/directory_con … ontact=597
http://www.mncreative.com/directory_con … ontact=712

And good all around sources for Minnesota creatives and those coming here
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Posts: 238
Campbellville, Ontario, Canada

Well, it's not in the Middle East, although I do speak passable Arabic and a couple of our horses are Arab crosses...

North end of Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Small horse farm with historic building, bank barn, renovated 1915 farmhouse, pond, orchard, etc. available as location for shooting. Please enquire within. Cheers.
Aug 17 07 11:34 am  Link  Quote 
JM Dean
Posts: 8,930
Cary, North Carolina, US

Oct 14 07 10:21 pm  Link  Quote 
Spain Portraits
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Studio For Rent

I have been renting out my studio since 2004.  It is located on Hennepin Avenue, Mpls in a residential neighborhood. 2,100 sq feet. 6 monolights, softboxes,umbrellas, reflectors, muslins, multi roll seamless stand, grids, boom, colored gels, changing area. Loading dock, 13 foot ceilings, props avaiable in studio.

Photos of the studio are here:

http://spainportraits.smugmug.com/galle … #247945508

Rental rates are $70 for 2 hours, $120 for 4 hours, $200 for the day.  Normally require a one week notice to book the shoot, but sometimes I can fit you in on short notice. Contact me for more info.

Jeff Spain
Owner-Spain Portraits
Jan 27 08 11:36 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 3,825
Cleveland, Ohio, US

http://www.modelmayhem.com/po.php?threa … age=1#last


For rent...rent...not on a daily basis...
Jul 22 08 07:39 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 5,428
Long Beach, California, US


We've been the lowest priced, full-time photo studio in Southern California for over four years.  Two shooting spaces, $15 and $18/hr, or $60 and $80 for 5 hour block.  Prices include lighting and backdrops.  No minimum rental hours, full time availability, no differences in rates for weekends.  48 hours' notice required to book, with first rental payable in advance. After that, no deposits required. Monthly Open House event if you want to see the facilities.  We also offer workshops and private instruction in studio lighting.


D. M. Gremlin Studios Photography Rental
Long Beach, CA

FOR INFORMATION AND BOOKING, PLEASE EMAIL THE STUDIO'S BUSINESS EMAIL ADDRESS AT STUDIO@DM-GREMLIN.COM.  All business is handled through this single email address.  Thank you!

D. M. Gremlin Productions Studio in North Long Beach is available for hourly rental for photography and video shoots. Two separate shooting rooms, 24-7 availability, with no minimum or maximum rental length. 

We also offer a studio lighting workshop series as well as private instruction in studio lighting techniques taught by MM#19554, Adam Chilson.

(for groups of 6 or fewer people in studio - larger groups please see studio web site for more information)

STUDIO A (pictured below)
$60/5-hour block
$12/hr each add'l hr in same session

STUDIO B (not pictured)
$80/5-hour block
$15/hr each add'l hr in same session

http://www.starkravenmusic.com/images/craigslist/photostudio-300.jpg http://www.starkravenmusic.com/images/craigslist/makeuproom-300.jpg

Studio A rental includes:
18' x 23' shooting room with wood floor
Three Alienbees B800 strobes
Adjoining makeup/styling room
Sound system for CD's or iPods

Studio B rental includes:
15' x 28' shooting room with 10' ceiling
Two Alienbees B1600 strobes; 1 B800
Rolling makeup station
Several wall sets, two couches, settee, chairs

EACH room includes:
Pocket Wizard Plus II transceiver set
Black and/or white cloth backdrops
Variety of light modifiers
Private restroom
Access to gated parking lot

Black or white seamless background paper is available for $25/section.

Alienbees Ring Flash/Moon Unit also available for limited rental for a small additional charge. Please inquire if interested in this piece of equipment.

For booking or information, please visit our website, send us an email, or give us a call at 866-334-4364.

Our appointment calendar is online at www.dm-gremlin.com/calendar/month.php.
This calendar shows all of our booked and available times.  We maintain a half-hour window between sessions to allow for setup/teardown.

Full Terms & Conditions listed on the studio's web site at
All reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

We do not offer private studio tours or "walk-throughs."
Anyone wishing to see the facilities before renting the space is welcome to RSVP and attend one of our free monthly Studio Open House events.
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ProvocMedia Productions
Posts: 3
Columbus, Ohio, US

Looking for a studio in central Ohio.  Found a couple for $60 plus an hour..  looking for something in the $20-40/hour range.  Any ideas?
May 25 09 08:17 am  Link  Quote 
Zimmerman Photo
Posts: 8
Chicago, Illinois, US

I own a 1700 sq ft studio in Chicago that is available for rent on a half day, day and weekly rate.  Rate's vary depending upon if you're shooting commercial, editorial or for your self. 

The space itself is 1700 total sq ft with 1000+ of shooting space and a 500 sq ft client area. 

5 15' north facing windows that provide amazing natural light
Dressing room and makeup station
Loading dock, and 2 6 ton freight elevators
Ipod Dock music station
Lighting and grip rental
20'x25' white wall
20' Ceiling height

Affordable rates

May 27 09 10:11 am  Link  Quote 
Tim Summa
Posts: 2,089
San Antonio, Texas, US

Mission Road Photography Studio, San Antonio, Texas.
200 Mission Road, 78210. Cell: 210.365.1168 (leave a message PLEASE!).

Basic Rental Package is $90 per month.

Advanced Rental Package is $190 per month.

Half Day is $50
Full Day is $90

More details will be given with your initial enquiry. Located less than a mile from I-10/90, with joining to I-35, I-37 and 281.

A lighting studio equipped with AC and basic flash (Brown line Speed-O-Tron) with three heads. The space has two rooms that are joined by a large opening. Camera room is 13X23 feet. The side room is 8X20 feet. The entrance is 6X9 foot. The camera and side space have 13 foot ceilings. One portion of the camera room is painted matt black on roof sides, and back wall, making a 13 foot square. The floor has a 13X14 foot floor canvas of matt black. All floors are solid concrete pad with most covered with industrial square sheets of linoleum, painted medium gray. 9 foot wall mounted paper rack for background. Studio stands and soft boxes with accessories. 

Access is by a locked steel door, and is 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This is a shared studio with four other photographers. Individual locked storage for your personal gear. A commercial glass fronted refrigerator. Wall mounted rack for hanging clothing (gown length 8 feet wide). A door bell, to announce your guests, where you can see them before opening the steel door. Interior lighting and entrance lighting for night.

Though you will be ‘sharing’ the studio with others, through a calendar system you will never have any one interfering with your time. I believe in the individual use studio approach during work times.

If you are interested in the FULL RENTAL or DAY RENTAL:
This is a vary heavily equipped studio. Accessories include all manner or hot lights (theater as well as older unique lights) and flash systems. The wardrobe is vary large with all manner of items from shoes hats, gloves and much , much more.

Facilities are laundry, cooking and a guest room that also works as a shoot space and dressing. There are two more rooms that work for make up.

There are four studio areas that can be set up for specific shoots. The main studio is 25X32 feet with a 12 foot black canvas backdrop that goes to a 15 foot ceiling. The second studio is described above as the front studio. The other two studios are intimate but are capable of full length work.

There are two gardens that are used for full figure work, as well as standard work. Vehicles have been taken into the garden as it is on an asphalt base. The main studio is fully wheel chair accessible, with ramp, that has been designed to take 1,000 pound items; this goes from the car port/shoot space into the main studio. Off the main garden there is a covered car port that allows for a 12 foot canvas backdrop on an asphalt bed. Exterior power is provided by two separate 210Volt 30 Amp breaker supplies. Night shoots are and have been done numerous times. 

There is a full B&W Darkroom with film processing from 35mm on plastic and stainless steel, to 8X10 by rack or drum, as well as enlarging to 4X5. Large and small portable light tables.

The facility is wireless and you can hard wire to the net which is high speed service.     

Contact Tim by E-mail through my port or tsumma@satx.rr.com

Images of gardens and exterior space will be found in my business port on Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/xavier23
Jun 03 09 06:09 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 631
Detroit, Michigan, US

I am setting up my new Detroit studio this month. It should be ready to rent by the end of January, if not sooner. Will have full wardrobing and set design and props as well. Located in the Rivertown area near downtown. More info shortly.
Jan 01 10 12:26 pm  Link  Quote 
Magical Memories Photog
Posts: 13
La Grange, Kentucky, US

I have a spectacular studio in La Grange Ky just 20 minutes from Louisville and 1 hour from Cincinnatti.  Just 2 minutes from the interstate in Oldham County, which has the highest per capita earnings of any county in Kentucky.

The studio is 3 stories with 2500 square feet on 20 spectacular acres with 3 lakes and several structures and beautiful plantings.  The business is being sold as a turnkey business.  All photography equipment and props are included.  The new owner will take over the lease or may renogotiate with the owner, but lease is very reasonable.

Of course there is too much more to list here, so for details call the studio at 502 222 8944 and ask for Kent.
Feb 10 10 10:00 am  Link  Quote 
BillK Photo
Posts: 225
Chicago, Illinois, US

My 1500ft studio is Chicago is available for half day or daily rental starting as low as $100 for half day.

Images can be view at

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1 … 15e09d8152

If interested, you can email me with fast response at

billk at billkphoto.com
Mar 03 10 09:43 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 274
Atlanta, Georgia, US


I have a Studio, will post pictures soon.

1500 of space and 1500 private garden.

Rates are great. 250 a day.

404.314.1994 txt
Mar 03 10 09:57 am  Link  Quote 
J Daniels Photography
Posts: 1
Dallas, Texas, US

3000 sq foot studio in Dallas TX. Upscale envirnoment with office space, kitchenette, shower and split level shooting. Can arragnge short term overnight stay(s) if you are from out of town. Available lighting is as follows:

Profoto 600 (1)
Alien Bees 800 (2)
Alien Bees 400 (2)
SP 160 (2)
Paul Buff Octobank, Strip Light, Large brolly boxes
Honey Comb grids 10,20,30,40

Seamless in various colors, as well as various muslin backgrounds.

40/hr - (817) 312-8670
Mar 29 10 06:53 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 49
Chicago, Illinois, US

Corvail Studio - 1100 Cermak Road, Chicago IL 60608


I've got a swanky 1000 s.f. studio for daily rental, with tall ceilings, shiny floors, big windows, climate control, couches, a sweet stereo system, and best of all, lots of studio equipment! It can be yours for only $200 per day - up to 12 hours of photographic fun in a clean, bright studio.

Equipment List:
    *  3 White Lightning monolights (320ws, 1000ws, 1320ws), 2 SP Systems monolights (320ws each)
    * 72" softbox
    * 37" octabox
    * 36" stripbox
    * reflectors, barn doors, grids, gels, clamps
    * Background support system (will support 9' backgrounds)
    * Limited selection of seamless/muslin available

Call me at 217 721 4455 or email inquiries@corvailstudio.com if you're interested in renting. You can also visit the studio site here:


for larger pictures and a bit more info. The studio is at 1100 W Cermak in Chicago, convenient to I-90/I-94/I-55. Hope to hear from you soon (:

May 17 10 10:22 pm  Link  Quote 
Jenn Simmons Photo
Posts: 113
Cleveland, Ohio, US

1600 sq ft studio in CLEVELAND OHIO

BlackWatch Studio is a beautiful 1600 square foot photographic studio with high
ceilings located in downtown Cleveland. It is conveniently located within about 1-2
minutes from interstate I-90.
The studio has the following for your use:
• A professional backdrop stand with several choices of backdrops located at
the west end of the studio
• Long layout for using long or short focal length lens.
• Solid white walls with good natural light at the east end of the studio, and
reflective black painted brick (wood) flooring.
• 4 professional studio strobe lights by Alien Bees. Two AB1600’s and two
• Various light modifiers such as; grid spots, barn doors, umbrellas, a large
softbox, colored gels, snoots, etc.
• A studio assistant to help you with your needs. All skill levels are welcome
and the studio assistant can explain how to work pieces of equipment, do basic
lighting setup, or just keep the hot coffee coming!
• A makeup table and area (makeup not provided)
• A costume and prop shop with many interesting items.
• A private changing area.
• A private restroom with a shower.
• FM radio and CD player with MP3 and IPOD hookup.
• Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and snacks are provided at no charge.

Studio may be rented hourly based upon availability. The minimum charge is 3
hours on weekends and M- F during the day. Mon-Fri rentals starting at 5:30p.m.
have only a 2 hour minimum.

Rates are $45 per hour plus 7.75% tax for Cuyahoga County

For more information see the online brochure:
http://www.blackwatchart.com/studio/Bla … Rental.pdf
Jun 09 10 09:39 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,424
Plattsburg, Missouri, US

I have a studio I would rent out in the KC area.  It is a beautiful working space with 2 large work rooms.  One is perfect for shooting natural light and had huge windows on 2 walls.  The other work areas has 3 great windows as well but i also have backdrops, lights and 2 power packs.  I have enough lighting and accessory to shoot just about any lighting concep you can dream up.
The whole studio is on the second floor of an old brick building.  A long unused hallway an a very long stairwwell that could host some scary shoots some day.

30 an hour and that provides 2 lights stands and modifers. 

Jul 02 10 10:31 pm  Link  Quote 
Emerald Photography
Posts: 2
Kennewick, Washington, US

Located in Kennewick,WA in a great location! Creative Works Studios is a collaboration of established photographers that have built their businesses on honesty,integrity and of course beautiful portraiture! At CW we learn from each other, share with each other and grow together so that our clients can be confident that when they are working with a photographer featured at CW Studios that they are with one of the finest photographers in the area. This goes for other services that we use including makeup artist, hair designers and wardrobe stylist as well. Currently looking for one more photographer to join us. There is one picture of the studio on my profile but contact me if you would like to see more. Studio is 650sq feet and all your sessions are completely private so you have the whole place to yourself!!

Rent is $250 a month includes:
unlimited studio time ( we have only 3 photographers renting at a time, and an online scheduling system)
use of at least 2 high quality lights, softboxes, etc.
use of all backgrounds and props in studio(we have a ton!)
pretty much everything but the camera!!
opportunities for jobs that require the " team" weddings, etc.
Contact Faith (509)531-1653
Jul 04 10 09:02 am  Link  Quote 
Mark Niemi - Chicago
Posts: 148
Chicago, Illinois, US

CHICAGO !  One of the best... 108 year old spice factory has 8 floors of different and unique shooting areas in addition to the studio proper!

Available 24/7.  Rates vary according to time and length of rental but hover around $50 per hour with a two hour minimum.  New to the studio? I'll give you assistance.  Pro in the studio? I'll stay totally out of your way.

Nudes may be shot in the studio and CERTAIN parts of the building.  Call for more info!

Mark @ 630-730-9451 or ms me here on MM

Jul 18 10 06:39 am  Link  Quote 
Parliament Studios
Posts: 8
Clawson, Michigan, US

Detroit Metro, Michigan
www.ParliamentStudios.com | 248.787.2724 Vadim

Photo Studio Description

Parliament Studios has a 4,000 square foot studio facility with a white cyclorama wall (24' × 18' × 12') and green screen room (24' × 24' × 12'). Lighting rigs available for both, video and photography.

- State of the art digital capture equipment & color management technology
- Digital artistry, compositing, retouching, color correction and more
- Images may be viewed via our web site or email for client approval
- 2,000 sq.ft photo studio easily accommodates large scale photography
- Ground level drive-in access for easy pick up and delivery
- Loft office with high-speed wireless internet
- Rush production available

Studio For Rent

Rent our studio for your next commercial or independent project. Our rates are reasonable and our hours are flexible. Personal walk through available by appointment.

1 hour - $100
4 hours - $300
8 hours - $500

Includes: white cyc wall (24’ x 16’ x 12’), 5 strobes, support system/grip, gels, reflectors, honeycomb. Professional Broncolor Minipuls lighting set available per request (6 heads / $30 x 1 hour x 1 head)



Aug 04 10 06:58 am  Link  Quote 
F-Stop Shots
Posts: 3
Atlanta, Georgia, US



I'm Fred Brooks, the manager for GIA Studios.  Conveniently located in Downtown Atlanta area, GIA studios is undergoing massive renovations and is now opening its doors to local photographers that have the passion to create hot new images, but don’t have a studio to call home.

We are offering reasonable rates for monthly and hourly rentals, as well as a host of partnership programs for the entrepreneurs of today's photography world.

Our fully equipped studio has the following for use during your rental:

2 Light Strobe Kit with Softboxes
Black and White back drops
Various industrial areas (indoor and outdoor)
Various Props
and best of all... Open 24hrs, with no sound restrictions!

We are currently running a renovation special. If you are interested, please email me at shootme@emvbrothersink.com at your earliest convenience for a tour. Spaces are limited!


Fred Brooks
GIA Studio Managers
Aug 23 10 07:07 pm  Link  Quote 
KC ImageWorks
Posts: 622
Tonganoxie, Kansas, US

Kansas City

Our 3600 sq ft studio features plenty of safe parking, drive-in access, approximately 1500 sq ft of open shooting space with high ceilings, unique backgrounds, lots of props, private dressing room, bathroom/shower and a waiting lounge with Cable TV and Internet access.

Studio Rental Rates

$30/hr (2-hour minimum)
$110/half-day (4 hours)
$195/full-day (8 hours)

Includes full access to drive-in bay, shooting area, dressing room, bathroom/shower and waiting lounge.  Also includes grip equipment (14' Avenger rolling light stands, Bogen Superboom, ladders, fans, extension cords, etc.), a wide selection of seamless paper, numerous props, a boombox for CD's or connecting your MP3 player, bottled water, towels, etc.

Lighting Options

There is no natural light in the shooting area, so you will either need to bring your own lighting equipment or rent one of our lighting systems listed below:

Continuous Lighting system - Six 1,000 watt variable power tungsten lights with 24" x 36" softboxes, two of which include grids for tighter light control.
$15/two hours ... $20/half-day ... $30/full-day

Elinchrom Strobe system with Skyport wireless control
2400ws Digital Rx pack with two high-speed "A" heads
1200ws Digital Rx pack with two high-speed "A" heads
Three 600ws Style Rx monolights
Six softboxes from 14x35 up to 74" Octobox
26" beauty dish with silver and gold reflectors and sock
8" reflectors with grids, barndoors and gels
$35/hour ... $120/half-day ... $200 full-day


Ken Claypool
Aug 23 10 10:15 pm  Link  Quote 
Dennis Goebelt
Posts: 50
Richmond Heights, Ohio, US

Richmond Heights, Ohio

I am offering my studio for rent by the hour.  $35.00 per hour, minimum 2 hours. Details at
Oct 15 10 12:45 pm  Link  Quote 
SCAM Photography
Posts: 958
Mansfield, Ohio, US

Aurora Illinois (Chicago Western Suburbs)

Large spacious studio available for rent in Aurora, IL. $30 per hour (2 hour min.) or $100 for 4 hours. Plenty of parking. Daily rate available upon request. Many backdrops and props. For more information or to arrange a preview send me a private message.

images of the studio:

Thank you for viewing
Oct 27 10 08:51 pm  Link  Quote 
Ruben Burgos
Posts: 2
Chicago, Illinois, US

Fully equipped photo studio in Chicago available for rent by the hour.
Nov 01 10 08:32 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 20
Hopkins, Michigan, US

Located between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids Michigan my studio consists of a 15' x 20' shooting area with lights, backdrops and some props with a large window for natural light.  The common ground is finished as well with a full bath/changing room that eqauls more than 1,000' of studio space.
Rates are $25 hour available upon request.
Thank You, RK Studio's
Dec 29 10 11:49 am  Link  Quote 
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