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Redd Dyver
Posts: 573

If you ever get to this page, i'd love to know tongue
Feb 27 10 11:16 pm  Link  Quote 
Sabina Kay
Posts: 4,426
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Same here. smile
Feb 28 10 12:01 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Miz Tina Marie wrote:
come on by and let me have it. thanks the only way we ever know what we are doing wrong and how to make things better is by someone on the outside to look in. thank you for being mean and honest.

Make sure you punctuate correctly.

"I am a modeling for a little while, also been acting for a long time."

This doesnt make sense. 'I have been modeling for a little while...' would be better.

Capitalize your "I's"

Your choice for avatar is horrible. Just because you have your ass to the camera does not make it a good picture.

This doesnt make sense, its too small and low quality.

I wish you would do more like this. This is gorgeous.

I cant put into words how much I hate this.
Horrible lighting. Blech pose. The presents are wrapped like shit and arent lit well. And youre on a sheet next to a blue wall. Woot.

Why the hell would you put this in your port? There are red lines from you sitting on something, stretch marks and hair. Youll get tons of comments because its a close up of an ass. Not because its a good photo.

Horrible location, lighting and uncomfortable.

Feb 28 10 08:12 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

xaveir wrote:
< Yeah BUDDY!

Your photography bores me.

This is my favorite. Great tones, lighting and editing.

There needs to be more light. Some difference in tones, because the model looks grey here.

Feb 28 10 08:14 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

i think i love you.  gorgeous and funny.  and sincere!  that's a package you don't often find.

insult away.  it excites me.

Thank you tongue

The boobs in your avi look weird. You should make your models look the best they can.

I dont like how red the model is in her cheeks and eyes. Also the massive blur.

I hate these shots.

Feb 28 10 08:18 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Teresa Lavena wrote:
If you come back to this thread, I would love to know your thoughts on my portfolio. Thanks.

Well I have to say Im partial to the pics where you have red hair tongue

I do not like this one. The shadows end abruptly on your face making it look over processed. Also, your hand and feet are cut off.

Hand cut off, and you lost your other one completely.

I want to like this more than I do.

I dont like the choice of duotone for this one. Lost a lot of detail, and the perspective makes you look really short.

Feb 28 10 08:25 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Grogs Photography wrote:
Hit me with your best shot!

I do not like your credits section. Its a lot of unnecessary work.

This is gross. The hand, pudge, face and no neck make for an aweful photo.

Pick one photo from an outfit.

Grossly Mature
Im not a fan of asshole shots.

Did you look at her face or her hands? Why would you post this, and then why would you use it as your avatar? She looks like she has down syndrome.

Youre just a guy who wants to take pictures of sexy women, thats the vibe Im sure everyone gets. Your pictures are not creative, nor are they that great. Its a port full of pictures that have already been done.

Stop shooting women in the same bed with the same rose petals. Its old.

Feb 28 10 08:32 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

JessieDee wrote:
Por favor.

Overexposed, no expression, and it makes your body look disporportionate.

I understand you were supposed to be a doll, but get crazy with it. These are booooorrring.

Your first pic rocks my socks.

Feb 28 10 08:36 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Vivian Wei wrote:
do i dare try? ok smile

Capitalize your "I's"

This needs some post work

Does not belong in your port.

This could be your best photo, and probably still is, but the blemishes in the background need to be cleaned up in photoshop.

Feb 28 10 08:39 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Jag Images wrote:
Me? If you have the time please!

Do not capitalize "To" in your port.

You dont have a bad port.

I would advise picking one picture from a particular model and outfit.

This is too white.

Feb 28 10 08:42 am  Link  Quote 
Adrienne M Plus
Posts: 194
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

I will try and not cry:)
Feb 28 10 08:42 am  Link  Quote 
Zhiffy Photography
Posts: 1,090
Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

please let me know! (:
Feb 28 10 12:21 pm  Link  Quote 
Christy Trapp
Posts: 150
Wichita, Kansas, US

I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Mar 01 10 04:47 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 91
New York, New York, US

I would love to know. Thanks!
Mar 01 10 04:49 pm  Link  Quote 
Lee Johnstone
Posts: 30
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Me? I'm new and still working on my weight so no fat jokes(:
Mar 01 10 04:51 pm  Link  Quote 
Ally Layce
Posts: 72
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have had so much fun reading this page.

Your advice although "mean" has a lot of merit to it.

I am VERY new but would love your advice.
Mar 01 10 05:55 pm  Link  Quote 
Aisha Rose
Posts: 152
Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I'm new at this and need a good tearing into... Everyone keeps giving complements, which is nice, but I actually want to get better! And to improve it helps to know what I am doing wrong. So please, help.
Mar 01 10 07:48 pm  Link  Quote 
Mizz Amanda Marie
Posts: 1,570
Chicago, Illinois, US

I am in need of some detailed critique, and you seem to be giving out lots of it.
I'd love to hear what you think, dear smile
Mar 01 10 08:08 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 10
Hamilton, New Jersey, US


Mar 02 10 09:44 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

ganeshphotography wrote:
hit me with your best shot!!

I do not enjoy the overwhelming amount of the awkward sized headshots that you have in your port.
Your photography in itself is okay. But you should get rid of this
It is not good. Just overblown, alien-head, weird sized not goodness.

Aug 30 11 03:35 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

L I L I T H wrote:
I'll play.

Since you are currently not modeling, I am skipping you

Aug 30 11 03:35 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

-Veronica wrote:
I'd love to know


Aug 30 11 03:35 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

h a n n a h MARiE wrote:
IM GAME. LETS PLAY.  i love critiques.

Your first four photos are all same face. If you choose to keep these photos separate them so it is not as apparent.
You have too many headshots anyway.
If you want to be professional keep your Facebook photos on Facebook.
You have strong bone structure so you need to be careful about looking to masculine

Aug 30 11 03:37 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

TarynEmilia wrote:
I'm kind of scared..But definitely interested..
Lets hear it smile

This is crap lighting.

This pose is awful. Your arm blocks your eye in an awkward place. Your hand looks like a nubbin and Im looking at your brain.

But good work. Your port was diverse enough I had to go back to your portfolio to make sure you were the model and not a photographer.

Aug 30 11 03:41 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Caryna wrote:
Hi! Please critique my pics? smile Im new to this so I don't have that many...


Aug 30 11 03:41 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,558
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Go on then smile
Aug 30 11 03:44 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Courtney Seymour wrote:
Wow...um sure why not....I'm a little scared lol
Thanks smile

The amount of spread shots in your port turns me off.
This one is unnecessary. It isnt flattering.

I do not enjoy most of your expressions. If I were you, I would work on that the most.

Aug 30 11 03:44 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

britta britta wrote:
k. don't see many "minorities" who asked to be critiqued so I'll take one for the team smile

Your pictures are very amateur.
This is awful. This actually would deter me from working with you.

You will find yourself hardpressed to find a photo with a blown out white background that actually looks good.
This does not.

Aug 30 11 03:47 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Roxie Red wrote:
I am so fucking happy someone started this, because I want to do it A LOT. so...please take a look and let me know what you HONESTLY think. Thanks guys!


What is this cheese? Youre better than that.
There is nothing appealing about this photo other that the fact of two naked women.


This does nothing for your portfolio.

Aug 30 11 03:49 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Klarrissa wrote:
I'll play


Aug 30 11 03:49 pm  Link  Quote 
Sydney Kisses
Posts: 157
Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

I am ready to hear it!
Aug 31 11 07:35 am  Link  Quote 
Amanda J Foster
Posts: 729
New York, New York, US

*Tears shoved back into eyesockets* I am completely TERRIFIED. Okay, ready now. LET'S GO!! (:
Aug 31 11 02:40 pm  Link  Quote 
Candy Ma
Posts: 167
San Diego, California, US

go for it
Aug 31 11 03:56 pm  Link  Quote 
Lilith Marie
Posts: 423
Portland, Oregon, US

Critique me?
Aug 31 11 07:39 pm  Link  Quote 
Cynthia Serrano
Posts: 12,466
Newark, New Jersey, US


scared but would love to hear what you think
Sep 01 11 08:01 am  Link  Quote 
Dan K Photography
Posts: 5,409

I love mean people
Sep 01 11 08:06 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 661
Vereeniging, Gauteng, South Africa

hmm interesting! go ahead smile
Sep 05 11 09:44 am  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Miss Bravo wrote:
I'll play too smile

You have some great concept shots.

You need more of the staples.

I love Martin, but these do nothing for you or your port
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pi … 0#25051040

Pick one of this series
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pi … 6#22423956
I would pick this one as there is a sense of contact

This photo belongs more in the bio section than your port
http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pi … 7#26387337
I understand the use of such photos, but since it lacks seriousness and quality, I would post it on your actual bio page than in the port.

Sep 03 12 12:26 pm  Link  Quote 
Shaun Tia
Posts: 1,696
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Sloane Victoria wrote:
how about me?

You pay for your account. Use the html code to organize your bio better. Most don't want to read a novel. I would suggest utilizing lists/bullet points

Your port is overrun with bad photos. I wont take the time to point out every one. But a good way to narrow them down would be to only choose the best photo from a shoot.

Any photos that looks like your boyfriend wouldve taken, take down

http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/pi … 9#10187259

Sep 03 12 12:32 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 466
Omaha, Nebraska, US

Do your worst.
Sep 03 12 01:13 pm  Link  Quote 
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