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Chaya Phally
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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

How does a scam work?

Often as not it involves bogus cashier's checks made out for far more than the agreed amount. Once a scammer sends a check, a victim deposits it in his bank account. The victim thinks the check is good. What happens to the check is that the victim sends the scammer his "change" from the transaction and then later finds out that the original check was declined by the bank. Money orders can also be fake.

In reality, it can take 15 business days for your bank to determine that it is a fake. At this point, your bank will hold you responsible for this check. You will have to pay your own bank back for the full amount. It is not their liability. It is yours.

The overage amount is sometimes to pay a third party such as an MUA etc. who is part of a scam.

It is best not to reply to such emails. That will let them know that your email address is valid and they will then share (or even sell) your email address to other scammers and you will likely get more scams sent to you.

Please do not deposit checks at all. Tear up the checks if they arrive at your home or office. If you are overly concerned about your safety, you may go to a local police. 

If you gave them your bank account information or social security number, you are at risk for identity theft.

If you've experienced something similar to this, call the Federal Trade Commission at (877) 438 - 4338. Additionally, be sure to contact all 3 Credit Bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) -- at least to protect your identity.

If a scammer uses a website (company name) in the scam email, please contact the owner of the website or company customer service to let them know of the scam. Send the full header of the email, so they can do their part in stopping the scammer. Because confirming the scam, usually the business owners that the scammer is using their information is not aware of it. They would be very happy to hear about it, so they can help fight the scammer.

If you or someone you know have been scammed, you can report it to FBI. Their website will warn the public of scams being reported to them. You must have a copy of the email, full header and details of scam.

If you did not get scammed and still want to report a possible scam, you may blog it or report it in scam-related threads like here at MM. You may report scams to Institute of Modeling. DO NOT waste your time in reporting something to the police or the ic3.gov site if you were not a VICTIM of a scam. It will just get tossed out because they get 1000's of reports and it will take them longer to get to the real issues from people that got scammed.

If you are interested, you may trace the full headers of scam emails to find an IP address where the email is from.

IP Address Tools
http://whatismyipaddress.com/staticpage … /lookup-ip

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

How to recognize scams?

- Different names; different email addresses
You might notice that some scams have different names, email addresses, or company names, but they do not matter. They are basic templates, but they are same procedure. They ask you to email them. They then ask you for your full contact information, so they could mail you a check prior to a promise they mentioned in the scams such as catalog, runway, and magazine.

- Poor grammar

- No sincere / personal / individualized message
It is a numbers game. If they send out enough messages, a certain number of uninformed people will respond.

- Location status
Why would someone in England contact someone in Atlanta, GA for a shoot?  There are plenty of models in England.

- Asking for a full contact address to mail you a check beforehand
Why would someone hire you sight unseen and offer to pay you up front?

- Using non-legitimate email address such as Yahoo and Gmail
Most legitimate company representatives have legitimate email addresses. A casting agent at Playboy, for instance, will have tomjones@playboy.com. He will not ask you to send mail to tomjones@yahoo.com or tom5876@gmail.com.

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

How / why did scammers contact you?

1. Scammers browse the default profile search on MM.

Model, US, New to MM

The place way to avoid these scams is to be well informed about how they work, and these scams are not only directed at models, but photographers, MUA's, Stylist or any of those that work in the industry.

Scammers do not care if you are short, tall, or anything. You want to be on the runway, in a catalog or published in a magazine, be flown somewhere exciting, and told you can even bring a friend. Scammers can make you believe that they are legit. They have fake websites and phone numbers. Scammers can make websites look like official websites. They may give you an official number to call, so you could verify them, and the person answering your call will sound quite convincing, but remember, they are part of the scam.

2. Scammers found your email address on your profile page, your tag on someone's profile page, or your comment to someone's casting call.

They also will "phish" MM (and other sites) with automated bots that will capture email addresses that are displayed publicly, in the forums, on your profile page, etc. For this reason, it is suggested that you should not display your email address publicly.

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

How to report scams to MM?

If you ever get a scam(s) through MM, please report it to us using CAM (Contact-A-Moderator) system as soon as possible. Select "Report Abuse." Post their MM numbers or link MM profiles for us. Copy / paste the messages there.

For future reference, the link to contact us is found under the info tab.

Thank you.

1. I received a scam from a scammer through MM.

2. I reported this user using CAM system

When someone contacted you, his / her MM account is no longer active anymore. It may be a scammer. Contact a moderator if you are unsure.

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Our suggestions

We would suggest you to get a new email address. Please do not post the new email address visible to public unless you educate yourself to weed out scams.

Because... by replying to the scammer's email, you confirmed your email address, which the scammer will sell to many, many other scammers.

We encourage members to keep initial correspondence here on MM, at least until have gotten enough details to be reasonably certain you are not dealing with a scammer. Once you've gotten enough details from the person you are dealing with it is generally fine (and oftentimes expected) for someone to ask for an email address as a second means of communication.

It is good to be informed, but there is no need to be paranoid if someone asks for an email address or phone number once some details are discussed.

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Google tags

Most reported scams are easy to be found on Google or MM Forum Search.

Google "professional photographer/Manager.I've a client who wants to update her Catalog with her new year Fashion outfits release & I'm interested in you for the shooting.your pay for the job will be $2,500.If you're interested get back to me asap via."

It would just show up results with same / similar scams. Some scammers have made some changes in their scam to make people believe that they are legit.

Tags (easy to help you Google tags): scam, scams, scammer, scammers, Nigerian scam, lisawills75@yahoo.com, smccurry43@live.com, derick_williams101@yahoo.com, Coleenjamart@gmail.com, phrfotodept@aol.com, anthonyraul004@gmail.com, mikedolphotos@gmail.com, anastasiachromes@yahoo.com, anderson.mike02@live.com, anderson.mike03@live.com, aarmano@live.com, michealraymond54@live.com, michealraymond54@live.com, richardraymond00@yahoo.com, jimmyphotoshoot@yahoo.com, nayschelisenia@gmail.com, anderson.mike01@live.com, abcphotostudio@yahoo.com, cliffworldphotos@gmail.com, recruitmanager1090@gmail.com, kry.models@gmail.com, cragershoots@yahoo.com, anderson.mike21@live.com, jlinc110@yahoo.com, phrfotodept@gmail.com, anderson.mike03@live.com, dianbennita@yahoo.com, recruitmenow.desk02@gmail.com, sophiecampbell64@yahoo.com, nicepicphoto@yahoo.com, jphotos26@yahoo.com, teenmag.tmagagency@gmail.com, labi_enyce@yahoo.com, davidbrian1955@yahoo.com, proffessionalmodelingagent@gmail.com, girvanartgala@gmail.com, stokudo18@yahoo.com, lordmelano@yahoo.com, davidbrian1955@yahoo.com, skaggsk@luckymail.com, unborn2480@yahoo.com, nicepicphoto@yahoo.com, aki.narula57@gmail.com, kinsyjack@yahoo.com, peterliscano@gmail.com, jamie.bridge02@live.com, anderson.mike22@live.com, toby_mcgowan101@yahoo.com, breckbee01@hotmail.com, alex.burchard@yahoo.com, hutchisonpeter@ymail.com, donald.photo@gmail.com, peterliscano@gmail.com, sydneyann48@yahoo.com, lanbephotos@hotmail.com, seantrimes01@live.com, krymodels@gmail.com, rebelcandy2010@yahoo.com, john-robinson02@hotmail.com, harrygiles2010@aol.com, eloquentandcophotos@gmail.com, diogosanchez@live.com, jone.hines0@gmail.com, mic.williams65@yahoo.com, perfectpicture1980@rediffmail.com, a.turanott@yahoo.com, stancliffearti@yahoo.com, christy62262@yahoo.com, mrstudio111@yahoo.com, rodecoleman@yahoo.com, mendyrobert@ymail.com, bent_thomas06@hotmail.com, sorenphoto@live.com, benzino92@live.com, wealthydock@gmail.com, springphotos@yahoo.com

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Chaya Phally
Posts: 7,738
New York, New York, US

What do scams look like?


We are currently looking to hire a Model for a Fashion Catalog
Shoot,I've a client who wants to update her Catalog with her new year
Fashion outfits release and I'm  interested in you for the shooting
after reading through your profile and i guess you must have the below

Very Attractive
Well spoken
Must be Reliable

All photo shoots for the event would include, shoot with the cars,
shoot with motorcycles and with music artist which would all be  about
12 different Fashion outfits put-together.

Also, we intend to use most of the pictures in our first catalog
launch and our calendar for year 2010.

Regarding the Wage aspect, you will be paid the sum of $3500 and I
hope you will make this photo shoot a great one through commitment and

For more information please contact xsodus by email only.
(eloquentandcophotos@gmail.com) and not here please.

More scams posted at http://stampedscams.blogspot.com/

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Spoofing the MM email address

Someone has been spoofing the MM email address and probably trying to get a webcam show or something.

model.mayhem.tos@gmail.com is fake.

1. No MM moderator will ever tell you not to use our CAM (Contact A Moderator) system (CAM is found under the info tab).

2. Emails that are sent from the moderators come from "mods@modelmayhem.com". Any email coming from "no-reply@modelmayhem.com" and "no-reply@www.modelmayhem.com" come from our automated system that sends out notifications. No live person ever uses that email address.

3. If you get an email that seems to come from MM but you are suspicious of it, ask that person to provide a link to his/her MM profile and then see if that profile is in the moderator team list (list is found under the info tab). To further confirm that you are actually talking to that moderator, go to the profile and send them a PM (private message) and see if they can confirm whether or not they have been communicating with you.

From:   Model Mayhem 
Your Model Mayhem account is pending removal for the following reasons:

"You used someone else's photos"

You can dispute this by replying directly to this email. Do not CAM about this issue.


From:   Model Mayhem 
We have received several complaints about the images on your account, if it continues the account will be removed. Also due to the nature of the complaints, your images will need to be verified. If you do not wish to verify, the account will be removed and banned.

You can dispute this by replying directly to this email. Do not CAM about this issue.


From:   Model Mayhem 
That means do not Contact a Mod about the issue as it is already being handled. You need access to a web camera to verify the images, once you have that you will be given the proper contact information.

You can dispute this by replying directly to this email. Do not CAM about this issue.


From:   Model Mayhem 
You are going to need unbutu or Skype messenger to get in contact with someone. Also you need to explain the images on the following link if you are stating that the images on your account are indeed of you: Disputed Images  (

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Chaya Phally
Posts: 7,738
New York, New York, US

What to do if you get halfway through a scam?

It's not too late.

If it involves Western Union,

Rule of thumb: DO NOT give the scammer the Money Transfer Control Number. You can still get ALL your money back.

1. Call up the Western Union 1-800 number (1-800-325-6000) immediately!

2. Tell the call center representative that you feel like you are being scammed, and ask to refund the money.

The representative will take your information and the Money Transfer Control Number, go into the system and change the recipient's name to the sender's/victim's name.  The refund is available within 30 minutes, and can be picked up. Preferably go back to the Western Union you went to. It takes a while to process. There will be a combination of checks and cash. The checks can be deposited at your bank.

3. Ask for the service fee back. It is worth it. Even if you were scared and just grateful to get the bulk back, you can still call after a week and ask for the service fee mailed back to you in a check. You tell them it was dishonest activity. Be polite. Remember if this scammer never contacted you, the service fee would have never occurred. A company should not be charging you a service for someone else's criminal behavior.

4. Go back to your bank. Put a stop on the counterfeit checks or money orders. Tell them it was a scam and that you are catching it in time. The bank manager will talk to you. You will not be charged a fee for the bounced checks/money orders because you took action.

5. Contact the police, and file a report on http://www.IC3.gov. It is a site for reporting cyber crime. It is user friendly. If you wish to, contact your attorney for legal advice and maybe he/she can add to your IC3.gov case.

6. Don't feel bad for yourself. It is embarrassing if you accidentally fall into a trap or even halfway. Not everyone knows about every kind of scam. Know that you can take action, because hiding humiliation won't help you. Take action, and don't shy away from speaking out.

Just know you have gotten all your money back, and the scammer did not get a dime. If it makes you feel better, know that the scammer most likely had to pay for the nonrefundable plane ticket to go somewhere other than Africa, and they had to pay cash to stay night after night at a hotel awaiting money from Western Union that never came.  Remember you are a better person than a scammer.

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Chaya Phally
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Web-cam interview

Another fairly common scam is being asked to do a "web-cam interview." This scam does not attempt to get your money. This is meant to get you naked on camera for their personal pleasure.

If you are asked to do a web-cam interview through MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Skype, and any kind of messenger form, it is most likely nothing more than an attempt to get you out of your clothing. You should cease all discussions with this person. If you are asked about this here on MM, please report it to us using CAM (Contact-A-Moderator) system. For future reference, the link to contact us is found under the info tab.

Generally speaking, before they ask to see you on web-cam, these people will attempt to make themselves appear legitimate.

They may claim to be an agent of some sort, and will "tempt" you with the hope of being signed to an agency. Be assured that no legit agency will ever ask for a web-cam interview.

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Third parties

I got an e-mail saying that I've been chosen by Model Mayhem staff for a possible modeling job. Is this a scam?

MM is not affiliated with any agencies. We do not perform any type of screening or referrals to any third-party organizations. If any e-mail claims that they got your name from us, then it's a sign of scam.

Some scam e-mails will drop names in order to gain a sense of validity. Here's is an actual example of a scam that's currently running:


We are happy to inform you that you are one of the few photographer chosen out of the
screening exercise performed for us by modelmayhem, you have got the necessary
Requirement we need for our Magazine update (www.hellomagazine.com)
May-June 2010 issue,
I hereby represent and warrant that the above information is true and Kindly know that PO Box is
not applicable .

Kelly Moore

Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 08:29:30 -0700
From: hickscowell@yahoo.com
Subject: Job Offer
Hello, My name is Rodriguez Martinez, I emailed you as regards your post i saw on (Model Mayhem).I work
for a clothing store named CAFE PRESS.It's all about you and your passions. In a nutshell, we're the world's
best destination for expressing yourself through merchandise. From your favorite T-shirt and Woodie, to the
tote bag over your shoulder and bumper sticker on your car, we're here to let you express your interests. And
what makes our products so unique, and so expressive, is that we don't create the designs on them. Our
community of designers do - all through millions of shops we help them run.CafePress is the world's biggest
destination for self-expression through merchandise. Each month over 11 million shoppers visit CafePress to
buy or create T-shirts, mugs, posters and other gifts that reflect their interests, passions, beliefs and
affiliations.Today, CafePress is a growing network of over 6.5 million members who have unleashed their
Page 3
creativity to transform their artwork and ideas into an impressive catalog of over 250 million unique gifts.
CafePress is where folks from all walks of life gather online to create, sell, and buy “print on-demand”
products. Each brings to life whatever people are passionate about. It can be a white-hot political cause? A
gorgeous grandchild? An obsessive hobby? A funny (or flirty?) thought?
Corporate Headquarters: San Mateo, California
Production Facilities: Louisville, KY
October 1999
Management Team
Fred Durham, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Monica Johnson, Chief Financial Officer
Bob Marino, Chief Operating Officer
Amy Maniatis, Vice President Marketing
Neil Markey – Vice President Engineering
Abdul Popal, Vice President of Business Operations and Corporate
Robert Richard, Information Manager
Gregg Henchel, Project Supervisor
300+ employees
Independent Shopkeepers & Major Accounts CafePress.com is a global and growing network of over 6.5
million independent shopkeepers and members in addition to corporate stores and licensed
properties.CafePress.com has over 100 major accounts, including American Idol, E! Television, Smithsonian
Institute, Noggin and the Twilight series.
Prior to founding CafePress.com, Fred Durham and Maheesh Jain, self-proclaimed serial entrepreneurs,
launched several consumer and business technology companies after graduating from Northwestern University.
Together, they focused on developing software applications targeted to the diverse needs of small businesses
and the larger broadcast and commercial
printing industries.
Durham and Jain set out to redefine the way business is done by using the power of the Internet to create a new
class of entrepreneurs. In 1999,taking the best elements from each of their previous business ventures, the duo
launched CafePress.com.
you have got the physical features we need for our products,we have a pay Fashion job for you if you are
interested,we wants to update our products with our new year release T-Shirts and we are interested in you for
the professional shooting no nudity, fetish, bondage, escort and other adult content stuff.. so if you are interested
you can get back to us.The shooting will hold at a rented photographers studio in your location,so you don't
have to worry about traveling,the name and address of the studio will be forwarded to you before the date of the
shooting,all make up will be taken cared of in the studio you can come along with any body of your choice on
Page 4
the day of the shooting,your mum,dad,friend,body-guard anybody
you wish to come with just for you to feel comfortable
You have 12 different Fashion outfits to cover,which would be provided by our client on the day of the shooting
and you would be paid the sum of $3,500.
the Job is Urgent probably in a months time it all depend on the studio agent so you have still got much time to
prepare for it,we would be handling the wardrobe and MUA,no nudity, fetish, bondage, escort and other adult
content stuff.so if you are interested get back to us today with
your details to include
1..Your full name:......
2..Residential Address,.......
5..Zip Code .........
6..Home contact telephone number and Cellphone number...
7..Your age.................
8..Size of Attires..........
11..Present Occupation......
12..Any Experience if any list them..........
13..Names of web site your profile can be found.....
so that we can arrange your part payment for you to be rest assured($500).The part payment would be mailed
directly to you with the studio fees and immediately you have it i will instruct you and give you the studio
agents name you are to send the studio rental fee to.Then you will be paid the balance immediately after the
shooting, I hope this is quite clear.I'd like you to get back to us with you information if you are interested

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Official Words

We have received this from the following companies:

To whom it may concern:

Rocawear would like to officially inform all model networking platforms and aspiring Rocawear models that we are not currently hosting a model search, nor have we partnered with any modeling networks to recruit Rocawear models. We would like to apologize for any confusion that such rumors have caused.

Our legal team is aware of the issue and willing to take any necessary action to prosecute those posing as partners with Rocawear for a model search. Please send the information of any company stating such claims to info@rocawear.com.


Rocawear Marketing Team

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Chaya Phally
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List magazines / companies / agencies that scammers often claim to be from

Trump Models
Cafe Press
New Faces

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Bogus scout

We have recently been alerted by legitimate agencies that individuals have been falsely promoting themselves as model scouts.

You can check if someone is a real modeling scout through the following methods:
- Check the scout's website for modeling requirements.
- Call your local agency or walk into an agency to see if they know this "scout"
- Check with local city/county departments to certify whether or not the individual has a scouting business license.
- Check through Yellow Pages

If you want to know more information about model scouts, check out http://www.modelingscams.org/modelscouts.html

If you want to know more information about signing with an agency, check out good resources at http://www.models.com and http://www.modelwire.com

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Spoofed MM Sites 

Recently several members here have unfortunately fallen victim to the same scam.

As such, it is important you are careful when receiving any messages or e-mails like the following example:

Hi, my boss (photographer) have a paid shoot for you. Click this link to view his profile with job details.

Do not click this link. Do not sign in there. This site is fake. It is set up to gather your ModelMayhem login information. The person who set up this fake website will be able to see your e-mail and password and hack into your MM profile.

If you have clicked this link and signed in there, please go to your settings and change your password immediately here.

Remember, always make sure you are logging into "http://www.modelmayhem.com"

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Chaya Phally
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New York, New York, US

Scammer access

How do I know if a scammer has access to my MM account?

1. Someone, without your knowledge, has filled in the credit card information on your MM account

2. Someone has sent members messages offering "job offers"
2a. Check out the messages in your Outbox folder
2b. You have been receiving replies from members inquiring for more details about "job offers" that you had no prior knowledge of.

If a scammer does have access to your MM account, please go to your settings and change your password immediately here. Also, please report it to us immediately via the CAM system so that we can investigate the scammer's credit card information left on your MM account. In some cases, the scammer has used this card while hacking multiple MM accounts and with this information we can recover these profiles.

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