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Luna Kaboom
Posts: 38
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I'm gonna be shooting underwater and I love to be hands on with my own styling and hair and make up, coming from a burlesque background.
The only problem with this shoot is that I have absolutely no idea how to approach something like this, because it's not something I've ever done before - 
So I suppose I'm hoping you guys can help with suggestions for hair, make-up (if any) and styling. Also any experience from models who've shot underwater before would be much appreciated. smile

I've bought this chiffon gown, and I'm going to buy and extra 10 meters or so of black chiffon and wrap it around my wrists and ankles like ribbons or the tendrils of a jelly fish. but that's as far as I've gotten.


My hair is long now, almost waist length, so it may be worth just leaving it down.....
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Sarah Robinson-Bird
Posts: 539
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

I read recently that synchronised swimmers use powdered gelatin to set their immaculate hair and make up, so perhaps consider that for an up do and any make up you do use. That or vaseline
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Body Painter
Lisa Berczel
Posts: 3,996
Corona, California, US

This topic comes up quite often and old Sendu Search of "underwater makeup" brings up a wealth of information:

http://www.sendu.me.uk/modelmayhem/?tex … rt_order=0
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Makeup Artist
Posts: 179
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom


silicone and cream based products are best for underwater but it will still degrade over time if you're bobbing in and out of the water.

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Makeup Artist
Posts: 179
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

also depending on the weight of your fabric it may float up in the water, on my underwater shoot my llamas had a constant battle with the material floating up and into their way. 

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Makeup Artist
Posts: 2,793
Washington, District of Columbia, US

SianRJJ wrote:
silicone... based products are best for underwater

+1  TEMPTU S/B works

your biggest issue is getting the talent to open eyes & mouth naturally...
have found life guards and swim team tenure to be a big plus...

This talent is a former life guard now teaching swimming at an NYC health spa between modeling assignments...

also you'll need a weight belt to go deep... trust me here...

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Luna Kaboom
Posts: 38
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Thanks Guys, loads of good stuff here. xD I'll definitely have to look into a weight belt. Any ideas on what fabrics float? My dress is chiffon, I think that may float. I'll have to get some extra outfits in heavier fabrics.
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Under H2O
Posts: 527
Houston, Texas, US

Black wardrobe does not work well underwater.  Especially if the photographer will be using a black background.  The water already sucks up a lot of light - and your dress will soak up the rest.

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Makeup Artist
Posts: 186
New York, New York, US

Makeup underwater is not entirely necessary, I've shot this way as a model. I just did waterproof mascara or you can do fake lashes. You can try a lip stain if you like.

Water sucks up a lot of the color unless whoever you're shooting with has an underwater light rig of some sort.

Leave your hair down with how log it is, it will flow beautifully!

When shooting it actually works best if you go underwater and just coast or sit still as swimming creates a ton of bubbles.

One thing that is invaluable to protect your eyes and help you keep them open underwater is a gel eye lubricant such as "GenTeal" Works like a charm.
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Darin B
Posts: 998
San Diego, California, US

DON'T use a weight belt unless you want to tire yourself out and potentially freak yourself out and suck in water whilst you struggle to get to the surface, tangled in all that dress and fabric!

You can handle buoyancy and the puffy "holding breath" face by exhaling as you go under. Practice this. The more air you force out, the easier you sink, and it clears the bubbles from your nose and mouth. If you hit bottom, lightly push off to the surface and the photographer can take pics then. Once you're used to it, you won't have that "out of breath" urge to surface. Also, resist blowing any remaining air out until you completely break the surface. Often the best images and reflections come right below the surface.
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Rebecca Christine
Posts: 7,068
Chester, England, United Kingdom

Don't wear a weight belt!!
Be super careful with all that flowing fabric as it could catch the water and weigh you down. Especially after the new bride recently drowned because her wedding dress caught the water and weighed her down, and she wasn't even underwater.
Speak to the photographer and make sure you have a few friends around who are extremely good swimmers with good lung capacity (give them breath tests! haha just kidding)

But seriously though, while Underwater photos are beautiful look after your safety more than anything and NO weight belts. Also make sure you eat in the morning to give yourself energy to swim or rise to the surface.
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Luna Kaboom
Posts: 38
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Wow, great advice here guys.... thanks so much
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