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Aaron Lewis Photography
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Catskill, New York, US

Ok before you ask the question and get excited the answer is yes, it's a scam. Just yes.

By now you should have reviewed the MM Edu information found here
http://www.modelmayhem.com/education/us … the-basics on how to spot a scam.

If you still have to ask then read on. This is not meant to be harsh, rude or anything else, it's just a wake up call.

Think about this for one moment, any high end fashion photographer is paid thousands of dollars a day and is not scouting their own models. So if you get a message saying I'm so and so photographer and I can get you in XYZ magazine, they're lying.

Also, That level of photographer is shooting with someone who has a backlog of models, most of which will never be published.

Secondly, you have no experience, nothing exciting in your portfolio and have just decided you want to be a model. No one and I do mean no one who is legit is going to offer you money to shoot with you. Why? because they don't need to.

There are 10 zillion models in the world, approximately 250,000 of them here on MM, give or take. Plenty of them are within reach, have very strong portfolios and a solid background so again, why on earth would anyone offer you the sweetest deal in the world to photograph you?

So in conclusion you don't need to ask. If you're new and someone offers you money, or a chance at stardom, the answer is always yes, it's a scam. No one has magically discovered you and thinks you're the next big thing, It's a scam.
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Dean Johnson Photo
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Moderator Note!
Anyone that hasn't done so needs to go to their mystuff page and find this graphic and click on it;

That will take them here
Avoiding scams: The basics

Those that read the article and watch the video will never need to ask "is this is a scam?"

If anyone is contacted here on MM with such an offer, please report it to us via CAM (Contact A Mod), the link to contact us is found under the info tab.
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Aaron Lewis Photography
Posts: 5,083
Catskill, New York, US

Totally. but obviously they're not doing that either. Maybe there should be some sort of mechanism that prohibits their account from being activated until they read and watch your information.

I updated my post above.
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Aaron Lewis Photography
Posts: 5,083
Catskill, New York, US

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Filles de Pin-up
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Wichita, Kansas, US

bump bunny
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