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Doe Seva
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Santa Clarita, California, US

Okay, so for the past 2 years I have been trying to find EVERY alt. modeling site on the net and I think I finally have them all! I wanted an alternative besides SG, for obvious reasons, and I only knew of the main ones like GG and Deviant Nation (which is now no longer) and whenever someone would ask for others sites compared to SG and everyone would be like, there's tons don't worry...but never said what sites! So, here's the list.

MagicGrrls (just starting)

PLEASE ADD MORE...if there are more
Sep 25 12 07:11 pm  Link  Quote 
Mange Vorhees
Posts: 5
New Haven, Connecticut, US

That's a wonderful effort to make, since I keep hearing the same thing.  One thing I would ask uon reading this list, is which only show women versus which do both genders.
Jan 30 13 03:57 pm  Link  Quote 
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Phoenix, Arizona, US

Thank you. smile
Jan 31 13 05:54 am  Link  Quote 
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New York, New York, US

Doe Seva wrote:
Okay, so for the past 2 years I have been trying to find EVERY alt. modeling site on the net...

Interesting you think SG and GG are "modeling sites".
I think they are softcore porn sites,
and ModelMayhem is a "modeling site".

I have not looked at any of the rest on your list,
but I'm going to guess what they may have in common is
women who supply content for them
have the idea that they are "modeling",

because if you wanted to do (if "alt", tattoos and bondage or whatever)
softcore adult work, there's endless sites for that.

..(oh, you posted the original forum post last September, and you likely won't see this)

Jan 31 13 06:15 am  Link  Quote 
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