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Tris C
Posts: 12
Newport, Rhode Island, US

hi everyone, i just added some new photos to my port in the "unassigned" album and was wondering if i could get your thoughts on them... the newest ones are the 3 on the right of the top row and the 3rd photo from the left in the 3rd row. thank you smile

Oct 08 12 01:36 pm  Link  Quote 
Tris C
Posts: 12
Newport, Rhode Island, US

also NEW AVI
Oct 08 12 01:36 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,666
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Nice eyes
Looks like a stick sticking out of the right side of your head
Missing most of models left wrist

Best not to show whites of eyes to camera
Placing the arms behind is not a positive model pose

Skin looks over processed
Model has locked her right leg
Oct 08 12 05:41 pm  Link  Quote 
The Effective Image
Posts: 3,943
Lansing, Michigan, US

"just added some new photos to my port in the "unassigned" album"

Hmmm... there is NO 'unassigned' album. Forget to add it?

EDIT: Oh, you probably mean in the 'Tris C's photos' area.

The avatar image has two issues.

The first is that bright spot just to the left of your face. Unfortunately, that bright spot pulls the viewer's eye off your face and what do they see... a branch coming out of your head! A little Photoshop effort can easily remedy both problems.

The cut arm doesn't bother me that much... your face is what I'm looking at... not the arm. Woulda been nice to see your right thumb though.
Oct 08 12 06:16 pm  Link  Quote 
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