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Zachary Carpenter
Posts: 129
Trussville, Alabama, US

So, I was hired by a Project Runway alum to shoot some ads for her collections and events. In total we shot three ads for four magazines. I'm super happy about this opportunity, and I want to know how I did!

Please note: The dead space in the photos is intentional. It's the ad space. smile

Image 1:

This was shot with two strobes on either side of the model. This was actually the last shot, as the was stepping down. I purposely blew out parts of the dress, on request of the designer, to smooth the dress out a little. Also edited the models skin via tedious dodge and burn. Had to extend the wall to make room for the ad.


Images 3:

Final image was shot with the same lighting from 3, adjusted for two models. Skin and fabrics edited via dodge and burn.

Oct 19 12 02:49 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 1,730
Washington, District of Columbia, US

i like both pictures, great work!
Oct 19 12 06:28 pm  Link  Quote 
Adrienne Andersen
Posts: 69
Tampa, Florida, US

They're both great images. Love the top one the best. The bottom is a good fashion shot. The two of these are the best ones in your port too. Great job.
Oct 19 12 09:06 pm  Link  Quote 
allison mindy
Posts: 1,495
New York, New York, US

Both are lovely the first is my fav smile
Oct 19 12 09:15 pm  Link  Quote 
Dan Hudson
Posts: 489
Binghamton, New York, US

Very Nice!!!
Oct 19 12 09:20 pm  Link  Quote 
David Kirk
Posts: 4,466
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The first one is fantastic.  Not so crazy about the second one.
Oct 21 12 06:55 am  Link  Quote 
Maggie Dickey
Posts: 14
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Wow the pictures are great! and the opportunity you got is crazy! If ya ever need someone let me know! haha! Really well done job though! smile
Oct 23 12 04:48 pm  Link  Quote 
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