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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

i would like you to critique on Lost set of images...
Oct 20 12 06:58 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 12,801
Atlanta, Georgia, US

Sorry to say that as a landscape strip on MM they are too small to give any useful feedback on, perhaps a better upload as stand alone images would be a better idea.
Oct 20 12 07:08 am  Link  Quote 
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Maybe abandoned or disposed of rather than lost? The paper doll idea is brilliant, the models are in character mostly, creepiness is creepy, sadness is sad. I think this setting is very easy to inadvertently sexualize, and the first image starts going this way, imo.

5ft prints in a gallery? There is a lot of detail in these images and I think these details should not, no pun intended, be lost, and in any small size the busyness of both costume and background may overwhelm the image.
Oct 20 12 09:02 am  Link  Quote 
David Kirk
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

3rd from the top is great.  The others...not so much.
Oct 21 12 06:46 am  Link  Quote 
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