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Angel Graves
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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

So as a lot of you know, I'm recently recovering from my third and hopefully final cancer treatments.  During this time, it's come to my attention that there are some truly fabulous people out there running some amazing programs to help those in need with things they need. 

I was thinking how we could do something as a community to raise money and awareness for cancer related charities and it's been brought up that we could have a contest of sorts for this community to create an amazing image or series with a team!   
I would love to kick off a project like this and get you guys involved too so please post in here to discuss thoughts etc!

RingMaster TOCSS
Nov 01 12 02:59 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Makeup Hair by Dani B
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Los Angeles, California, US


Would love to be involved with something like this as I volunteer with Look Good, Feel Better a bit and am a survivor myself (16 years clear, woot!). So I'd be in for the Seattle area if folks here are interested.

Best to you as you finish up. Here's to high blood counts!
Nov 02 12 09:18 pm  Link  Quote 
Hair Stylist
Angel Graves
Posts: 2,358
Fort Collins, Colorado, US


I love that charity!  I did a lot of beauty type stuff at the start of my treatment with others at the center wink  so many irritated lips and skins sad  it really is a small thing that means so much to those getting really nasty chemo!  If I can keep up this trend July 2013 is my 1 year and it'll be Xmas for me for sure!

So now that we got this ball kinda rolling let's build on the momentum!  I'd love to create some art/editorial images to possibly print in a limited run. But I'd love more to have it be a published story. What do you think?
Nov 02 12 09:39 pm  Link  Quote 
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Saint Louis, Missouri, US

Sounds like a winner!

Keep me posted as this takes shape.
Nov 03 12 04:47 am  Link  Quote 
Hair Stylist
Angel Graves
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Fort Collins, Colorado, US

Ok so as an update!

Here are some ideas that came up...
Coincide finishing projects to be published in October.
Once projects are finished selling prints with proceeds going to charity.

Editorial and fashion centered subject matter.
Team work for the cause!
Let each team choose their charity recipient for sales.

So many great ideas have been tossed about and our team is thinking about doing a series for gallery showing to coincide but saving one spectacular image to be in the submission of a larger group.

Keep sending me your ideas!  I'd like to shape this up by January to give everyone ample time to create!
Nov 19 12 10:17 am  Link  Quote 
Hair Stylist
Angel Graves
Posts: 2,358
Fort Collins, Colorado, US

This project is picking up steam guys!  If you're interested in participating please PM me for more info! I'm getting excited for all of these ideas to take shape!  Thanks for all of your creativity and selfless offerings of help!  You guys rock wink
Dec 04 12 02:14 pm  Link  Quote 
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