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John Nettles
Posts: 31
Charleston, South Carolina, US

I just added a bunch of "cosplay" shots to my port.
I do wedding every weekend, but I'm wanting to get more into model photography and a lot more into cosplay photography.

Nov 08 12 10:07 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 706
Alberta, Alabama, US

I like your profile picture, it looks like a movie poster from a low budget indie film, which has its charms I think. I would just make sure that you photograph GOOD cosplay. If the outfit/hair/make-up is bad quality, the actual quality of the photo will be lost.
Nov 09 12 12:21 am  Link  Quote 
Angelique Model
Posts: 28
London, England, United Kingdom

I think they're shot well, just the outfits may need some improvement? ^^
You can get brilliant cosplays on ebay for fairly cheap!
Ange x
Nov 09 12 02:30 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 17
Evansville, Indiana, US

This is my opinion, having spent a decade of costuming and prop building.  Photography is a new hobby for me.

My suggestion would be to research real cosplayers.  There are huge communities of people that live their cosplay personas and have amazingly complex costumes that are often developed through years of work.  Look into conventions like DragonCon.  In the hands of a good photographer, they can look incredible.  Many of these people love to show off their work and they are naturals in front of the camera.

If shooting glamour, start with a glamourous subject.  If shooting cosplay, start with an awesome costume.

There are lots of cosplayers in your area.

Also, find llamas that understand the particular costume and can wear it like they mean it.  It gives the picture an authentic feel.  I've worked with llamas that can't seem to figure out how to grasp a sword or a gun.  And it looks like it was just stuck into their hand.

I really like the vision you are going for but the quality of the costumes jumps out to me and immediately distracts from the impact.
Nov 09 12 03:10 am  Link  Quote 
Drew Smith Photography
Posts: 5,209
Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Hi, love ya passion for wardrobe. smile

My first impression is that the subjects in your images lack separation from their backgrounds.

Either because of the composition, the lighting or because the location is too 'busy'.

Hope this helps.
Nov 09 12 03:13 am  Link  Quote 
John Nettles
Posts: 31
Charleston, South Carolina, US

The costumes were provided by each person, not myself. I will definitely have more control over the costumes for my next session.
Nov 09 12 11:39 am  Link  Quote 
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