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DarkMoon Studios
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Sacramento, California, US

Hello All,

I'm a photographer on Model Mayhem. I'll probably do a Google search on this, but figured it couldn't hurt to post my query here as well.

I was wondering if any of you here know where I might be able to find a teal/aqua coloured lipstick? Also for still photos, under studio lights/strobes, would a glossy or matt finish be better?

I'm hoping to do a shoot where all the model's makeup is of this shade. Probably feature a redheaded model. I've noticed in the past how well this colour goes with a redheads typically fair skin & how well it contrasts the red of their hair.

I found plenty of nail polish, eye shadow, eye liner, & even mascara in this color, but not lipstick. All I've been able to find is your typical reds, pinks, corals, plums, etc. nothing off the wall or unusual. I was hoping I might be able to find it after Halloween, but no luck.  Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

-Jason K. Hood
aka DarkMoon Studios

P.S.: If you have any questions about my request please feell free to ask. I know it's an unusual one.

P.P.S.: Any suggestions on where to find other "off the wall" lip stick colours//shades would also be appreciated. Thanks again!
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Makeup Artist
Makeup by Glynis
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

OCC does a lip tar in a teal colour, and Illamasqua does a lipstick (Apocalips) in teal.
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Hair Stylist
Angel Graves
Posts: 2,358
Fort Collins, Colorado, US

This is one I did a couple of years ago with one of the OCC lip tars but the name of it escapes me right now wink

Like this colour?

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Body Painter
Lisa Berczel
Posts: 3,996
Corona, California, US

OCC Lip Tar in RX or Chlorophyll....

Me, I'd either use face paint like WolfeFX on the lips and apply gloss or "foil" lips by setting lipstick with OCC Loose Color eyeshadow (color combos are endless).
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Makeup Artist
Dorota MUA
Posts: 82
Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Inglot has got new set of different blue-aqua shades, check online stores but more likely is in their store...
Barry M got it too - available on-line on their store.
Lime Crime also have few variations.

I did it once DIY - do apply gently blue pigments eye-shadows ( I used Inglot AMC pigment #156) ,be carefully near edges of lips. as a base use lipstick in nude shade.  Lips will have nice simmer, but applying clear gloss over it can ruin it.

original colour was vibrant...pic is desaturate


EDIT: my another home trial with a black lipstick as a base:
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Hair Stylist
Angel Graves
Posts: 2,358
Fort Collins, Colorado, US

^^ gorgeous lip!
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Wardrobe Stylist
Posts: 1,338
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, US

Illamasqua does a shade called apocalips that might suit you: http://www.illamasqua.com/shop/products … s-lipstick

In terms of other "off the wall" shades I suggest DIY as per your shoot needs.

I'd start at http://www.rockeresque.com/ for some amazing shades. I looked in their FAQ and found the following:

Someone said I can turn my loose eye shadow into mascara and lip gloss! Is this true and is this safe?
Our loose eye shadows are considered to be part of the mineral make-up family. You can take a small amount of product, let's say "Sparrow," and mix it with clear mascara to create a bright blue mascara. You can also take "XOXO" and mix it with clear lip gloss to create a fun hot pink lip color! Almost all of our loose eye shadows are cosmetically and FDA approved to be applied to your eyes, face, lips, and nails. There are only a few loose eye shadows we offer which are not approved for use on your lips. These colors are prominently listed as "Not Lip Safe," on their individual shop pages and on their packaging. All this means is there is an ingredient in the make-up that you do not want to ingest. However, these are still very safe for use on your eyes, face, and nails. The two ingredients you want to avoid putting on your lips are called Ferric Ferrocyanide and Chromium Hydroxide Green.

Good luck!
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Los Angeles, California, US

Makeup by Glynis wrote:
OCC does a lip tar in a teal colour, and Illamasqua does a lipstick (Apocalips) in teal.


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Body Painter
Lisa Berczel
Posts: 3,996
Corona, California, US

Recent LA Weekly shoot for Star used OCC RX for the lips wink
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Makeup Artist
eloy guerra
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Dallas, Texas, US

you can use color by occ to mix them to get the teal color as well as the mac lip mixes from mac pro
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