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Adele Koker
Posts: 58
Seoul, Seoul, Korea (South)

Yes, all of images are of my natural hair colour. I am in Korea and togs are asking me to go blonde instead as that is suposed to be the cream of the crop of caucasian models in Asia. It's just been so long since I had dyed hair and it's taken me years to get it back to natural. I am considering dying it, though it'll be a hard step.

Could anybody give me tips. What do you think will look better. I have porcelain coloured skin and light blue eyes, and just don't want to end up looking like a Milky Bar.
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Posts: 842
Florence, Toscana, Italy

Your actuall color look good. I will not change it, at least I will not change it just because someone told me so.
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Wynd Mulysa
Posts: 8,609
Berkeley, California, US

I think, as most people do, you probably look best with your natural hair color.
I also think that blonde would look good.

How many photographers are telling you to dye your hair?  Do you want to work with them?
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Victoria MHP
Posts: 886
Houston, Texas, US

I like your hair color. If you act based on someoneelse's opinion...you're not being you. How do YOU like your hair? Not to mention it may get expensive having to touch up and what not, because your natural color will come out and show. Hope that helps smile
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Dannielle Levan
Posts: 12,857
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Buy a good wig. Then you can change it up.
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M Pandolfo Photography
Posts: 12,116
Tampa, Florida, US

I wouldn't ever listen to a photographer.

I think a lot of photographers hear stuff like this (ooo a blonde caucasian working in the Far East will get sooo much work) and just pass it on without any real knowledge. Often it's more about their personal preference than any knowledge of industry trends or marketability.

If an Agency or commercial clients are requesting that it's another matter and I'd weigh if the compensation is worth it. One job that pays $50? No. If they think they can market you as a blonde and line up multiple assignments? Perhaps, yes.

Right now? I wouldn't change your hair color expecting it's going to open all these doors. Make it something you would want to do regardless and you'll be happier with the decision and have much less regret.
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Posts: 1,730
Washington, District of Columbia, US

Strangekitty wrote:
Buy a good wig. Then you can change it up.


or at least go into a wig store and try differnt colors on!

dark suits you i think.

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Adele Koker
Posts: 58
Seoul, Seoul, Korea (South)

Thanx a lot guys. Yes, those are all points to consider. I'm gonna have to be the on waking up and looking in the mirror and I can't picture myself as a blonde. I've had my hair light ginger before and changed  it within a week back to chocolate brown. It did feel like me. People loved it, but if felt to me like the reflection in the mirror was a stranger.

I think the idea of getting a wig is the best! There are so many shops here that have good quality wigs or extension clips.

My friends suggest that I dye half my hair a shade or two lighter and leave the roots so that I don't have to fuss with my brows. I kind of like that idea. Ombre is nice...

According to what I see on MM is that blonde newbies get more opportunities than I do and I've been on here for almost a year. Don't let the starting date fool you, I deleted my account and started again...

So yes, I believe being blonde would open at least some door for me, but I won't be living in Asia forever and going from brown to blonde is a pretty drastic step.

My husbands opinion is this: "I like your hair just the way it is... It looks healthy. Dyes are just going to break it, so if you think that's worth it, go for it. I would still say: please don't..."
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Posts: 4,603
Jacksonville, Florida, US

Strangekitty wrote:
Buy a good wig. Then you can change it up.

+1, yes a high quality wig made personally would meet the photographers requirement !

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