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Jordan L Duncan
Posts: 207
Jacksonville, Florida, US

How many of you have experience with gel nail color? I was thinking of trying it because its supposed to last a long time, but then I've read that because of the chemicals gel color can ruin your natural nail, like making them more prone to breakage, etc. Then I read that only certain brands do that, and to only get gel color from certified salons. My nails are already extremely weak so I don't want to make them any worse.
Dec 06 12 06:49 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
SD Makeup Artisty
Posts: 184
Hicksville, New York, US

Don't do it.  I've had them from various salons and various brands and they destroyed my nails.  Try taking biotin. (: It makes your nails grow so strong that the polish just doesn't chip.  Also try a good base/topcoat to make your nailpolish last longer (Seche Vite is my all time favorite.  Dries quickly, strong and glossy.  You can do whatever you want in about 15 minutes.)

I have to start taking my biotin again. :p
Dec 06 12 07:07 pm  Link  Quote 
Miroslava Svoboda
Posts: 555
Seattle, Washington, US

Ditto it has taken me 3 months to grow them out and still not out of it. Over time they do ruin your nails, thin them out to be exact; pretty much you see layer after layer peeling off. I have always done them at the salons and tried different brands same results.
Dec 06 12 07:19 pm  Link  Quote 
Jordan L Duncan
Posts: 207
Jacksonville, Florida, US

Thank you very much! You both pretty much confirmed my suspicions that its a bad idea!
Dec 06 12 07:41 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Posts: 307
Los Angeles, California, US

I did it once and it destroyed my nails!
Dec 06 12 09:26 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 11,965
Pocatello, Idaho, US

I did it for a week long event that I knew I'd be shlupping stuff all over, but needed perfect nails.  It worked great, after a week of tossing wooden crates and getting in and out of armored vehicles, not a chip or scratch.

I went back to the salon to have the gel polish removed after the week, I didn't do it myself. My nails were just fine.
Dec 08 12 05:52 pm  Link  Quote 
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