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Fred McKie
Posts: 46
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hi all

I'm still fairly new on MM and have just updated my portfolio with images from recent shoots. I'd value any feedback, whether brief comments or detailed critiques, as I'm really determined to continue to improve my photography.

If you'd like to also state which images are your favourites in my portfolio, and/or which you think should be replaced ASAP, that would be fantastic. If you are able to give reasons/explanations, that would be even better.

Much appreciated - thank you in advance! smile

Dec 07 12 10:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 321
Los Angeles, California, US

I adore #3. The models face is in focus and you captured a moment in time from an odd angle. I like how it is not your average action/movement shot. The blue also really draws you in.
Dec 08 12 12:31 am  Link  Quote 
Orca Bay Images
Posts: 32,233
Lodi, California, US

I agree that this is a fascinating and amusing shot. What's most pleasantly surprising is that, despite the wild motion, the face is tack-sharp. Well done!

Mixed bag:
Good headshot, though you probably shouldn't lop off the edge of his ear.

The lighting of the overall scene is intriguing, but the model needs some spotlight on her.

Not a keeper:
Legs and guitar and the silhouette of the back of a head don't quite cut it. It would be especially useless in a model's portfolio.
Dec 08 12 01:08 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,669
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Nice photo
Crop looks a bit tight, think if you include the V of the shirts collar and the entire ear
Raise the camera to eye level

Too much head tilt
With short hair best to show only one ear
Photo looks like it was shot in between poses
Fix shirt collar and tie for a more finished look

Other then not having all the foot in photo not bad
Dec 08 12 07:42 am  Link  Quote 
Fred McKie
Posts: 46
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Many thanks everyone, your comments are very much appreciated.
Dec 10 12 04:56 am  Link  Quote 
Fred McKie
Posts: 46
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

OK previous posts were taken inboard and several new images have since been uploaded. I would value any new input. smile
Dec 17 12 11:20 pm  Link  Quote 
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