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GER Photography
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Imperial, California, US

CreativeKvn wrote:
Oh, look at this. http://500px.com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=steampunk

There should be lots... for inspiration.

http://pcdn.500px.net/6196744/14ed3db80 … a113/4.jpg
http://pcdn.500px.net/2602832/0a03ecc5e … d1df/4.jpg

Haha!! #2= Steampunk Steamer trunk!!:-)))

Feb 16 13 05:55 pm  Link  Quote 
Philip from Scotland
Posts: 195
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

So thanks to all the input.  Steampunk themed shoot yesterday
Apr 17 13 12:54 am  Link  Quote 
Venessa Baez
Posts: 616
Tampa, Florida, US

Inspiration: Second to last season of The Guild on youtube big_smile hehe
Apr 17 13 10:01 am  Link  Quote 
Valenten Photography
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Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia

Apr 20 13 10:17 pm  Link  Quote 
Body Painter
BodyPainter Rich
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Sacramento, California, US

Bad Link
Apr 21 13 12:55 am  Link  Quote 
Drew Smith Photography
Posts: 5,209
Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Apr 21 13 12:56 am  Link  Quote 
Body Painter
BodyPainter Rich
Posts: 17,928
Sacramento, California, US

Drew Smith Photography wrote:

Strange, works for me!

Try again?

Apr 21 13 01:10 am  Link  Quote 
Trish Salyers
Posts: 133
Inez, Kentucky, US

http://www.steampunkcouture.com/forsale … e-girl-48/

My favorite designer, it's steampunk but she makes stuff for everyday wear.
Apr 21 13 01:16 am  Link  Quote 
Warren Leimbach
Posts: 2,635
Tampa, Florida, US

Here's one we did a few years ago.

Starts on page 29.

http://issuu.com/verticaltampabay/docs/ … ode=window
Apr 21 13 07:20 pm  Link  Quote 
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