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Fred Mount Photography
Posts: 17
Buffalo, New York, US

Can anyone tell me what kind of body paint this is? I have been looking online and I can't seem  to find a powdered body paint like in this video. There is surprising little out there on body painting.

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Makeup Artist
Jaime Criel Makeup
Posts: 149
New York, New York, US

This paint might not be approved for cosmetic purposes
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Makeup Artist
Victoria Howard
Posts: 421
London, England, United Kingdom

It might not be body paint.

It could be charcoal or some other substance.

You could try using Black Star Blend Powder by Mehron, if you wanted a black powder, however it does come in a pressed cake form.

Fardel and Fantasy both do a water based cream, which are really fast, easy to apply and easy to remove.
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Body Painter
Lisa Berczel
Posts: 3,996
Corona, California, US

There is a ton of information from body paint professionals on this site in the FAQ.

Based on the video link, I do not believe you need a powder product to get this look.

You have many choices of product type: liquid, cream, cake...
There are many choices - each with pro's and con's.

A matte black can be achieved with  product like Mehron Magicolor liquid or Kryolan cream in a pump or water-activated cake like Mehron Paradise.

For a gloss, a high quality theatrical grease paint can be used.

Semi-gloss has even more options.

There are many on-line vendors with very competitive pricing for cosmetic body paint. www.sillyfarm.com offers a good, comprehensive overview of what pros use.

Pro artists do NOT advocate the use of non-cosmetic craft or art paints.
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Rebecca Christine
Posts: 7,068
Chester, England, United Kingdom

This guy got a similar result with a cream body paint from a local store - brand unnamed but it gives you an idea
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Body Painter
Sweet Loretta
Posts: 234
Sacramento, California, US

Who knows what he's using. But is does look and sound like charcoal.

There are lots of, proper for use on humans, powders and paints that will create that look.  And plenty of retailers -

The Painted Navel

Extreme Makeup FX - body painting paint makeup and supplies

Sweet Loretta
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