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noel marrero
Posts: 441
Menlo Park, California, US

My first two rows are a set of beauty images I've taken over the last couple years using different lighting and editing styles, with the newest being the top row.   I'm looking for what's best and why, both as opinion and serious critique.   I'll looking to see what's more popular as well as suggestions for changes artistically or improvements to technique for capture or edit.
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Jean Renard Photography
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Los Angeles, California, US

Techniques are like letters in the alphabet. Once you learn them all, the trick becomes making words with them, then arranging those words into a meaningful sentence.

In the shots you featured the real question I would have is: do you think you made the best choice of lighting for the model?  Why do you feel that way? How about your post work.  Some of it is obvious some less so.

When you master lighting you have 50 different way to light anything properly. What makes the great photographers, is their ability to pick the best of those 50 otherwise excellent options.

This is one of the very best... Spend some time here: http://albertwatson.com/  few people understand light better than he does.


What I find in your shots is many seem overexposed, High key lighting and overexposing are not the same thing. 

I am not a fan of the artificial vignette, light fall off is a cool effect but get it in camera rather than in post. 

Your post work is not where it needs to be for beauty, there are several great retouchers here on MM this is one of those, look at her website too, here is her mm site: http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/1298955/viewall

Be careful of focus zones especially in overly lit shots.  the second shot has the front of her hair out, if her shoulder was out too, ok but now you have focus zones pulling you away from the shot.

Overall you have the basics, now refine each shot.
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noel marrero
Posts: 441
Menlo Park, California, US

That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for thanks.
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