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Hero Foto
Posts: 878
Phoenix, Arizona, US

Hey guru -

project requires a specific naming convention:

date/company/project/day of project/camera #/ .file format (NEF/JPG)

how do I automate all or portions of this during import?

there are some portions in the default settings, I need to setup one of these to add the clients requirements ...
Jan 08 13 12:32 pm  Link  Quote 
JD Liddil
Posts: 98
North Haven, Connecticut, US

Create an import preset. Not at LR right now so can't give specifics. RTFM? :-)
Jan 08 13 12:39 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2,947
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


That and many others on Adobe's website for Lightroom...
Jan 08 13 12:40 pm  Link  Quote 
Hero Foto
Posts: 878
Phoenix, Arizona, US


*for the linked video, the info starts around 5:15 if you choose to skip ahead wink
Jan 08 13 12:43 pm  Link  Quote 
GM Photography
Posts: 6,095
Olympia, Washington, US

I didn't watch the video, but I just hit F2 in Library mode, select all, and then name them however I want.  My naming convention is along the lines of shoot date/subject/sequence number, but it's easy enough to add more.  You might also want to consider putting those fields in your metadata so that you can easily search for them and/or build a quick collection.
Jan 08 13 01:38 pm  Link  Quote 
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