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Jody Hess
Posts: 40
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Have any you made your own lens adapter? Or do any of you know a lot about flange focal distance?
My mirrorless camera has a flange focal distance of 18mm and the system I'm trying to adapt has ffd of  40mm. Do I just separate the mount from the body by 22mm? Or are there other factors/measurements to take into account?
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Posts: 1,431
Fort Collins, Colorado, US

The best thing is to just buy a commercially-available adapter. What camera and what lens mount are you trying to mate?
Jan 11 13 07:01 am  Link  Quote 
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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Jody Hess wrote:
Do I just separate the mount from the body by 22mm?


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Jerry Nemeth
Posts: 27,839
Dearborn, Michigan, US

I purchased a Fotodiox adapter.
Jan 11 13 12:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Silver Mirage
Posts: 1,578
Plainview, Texas, US

What system/lens are you trying to adapt? If it's anything remotely common you can probably buy an adapter for less than your time is worth to make one.
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Phoenix, Arizona, US

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