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Wolfe Tundra
Posts: 10
Stockton, California, US

I just changed the rotation of my port and I would love to gain some critique about the new images. Also, I'd like to get some input on my profile text.
Jan 12 13 12:08 pm  Link  Quote 
Melodye Joy
Posts: 542
Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

Hi Wolfe,
These are my thoughts on your profile text..

About Me:
I am an amateur photographer. I use the word "amateur" because I admit there's still alot for me to learn about photography.

Personally, I'd state the status of your abilities only once. For me, I've been modeling off and on since 07 and I never feel I have learned it all or know everything. It's art and to the eyes of the beholder, so they say.

I hope to work with many models, both male and female, and build both our portfolios. I have experience shooting swimwear, casual, lingerie and dress. I have a little experience shooting erotica but not enough to be considered noteworthy.

I'd prefer you state only what you prefer to shoot...I don't need to know that you want to shoot male/female/couple/individual. It's obvious your here for models because your on a model based social networking site.

-commercial (including fashion)
-family portraits
-weddings and events

My Experience:
Most my experience is from taking photos of friends and family. These range from lounging around the house, reading a book, friends with their significant other, going to the lake, events like birthdays, BBQs, baby showers ...

I've taken several photos of friends at the lake but my first true swimwear shoot I did for a friend who is an aspiring model and that was 69 (usable) frames. Lingerie shoots are only of my fiance' and those were done for her so she won't let me share them sadly.

You have thus stated your expertise and what you want to shoot previously, those who need detail will inquire direct.

What I'm Looking For:
The styles I'm looking to work on, or expand, are Casual, Dress, Swimwear, Lingerie,  and Erotica.

Perhaps word this differently? Your here to network with models and photographers alike. Your here to expand your portfolio and for now, all work is TF, until you have improved your skills (then you may or may not work less than paid)...

If you would like to work with me, send me an email @ wolfetundra@gmail.com

My apologies if the critique was tough, but I feel good critique is going to be so.

As for your images, you need to know when you can shoot on location, especially with natural light. Your models, wither friends or family, need to know what is their best side, how to properly pose. You have one image up that portrays your female model to have a craned neck and you loose her face in the image completely.

All of this is a learning curve and like most, you will improve with time for sure!

Good luck to ya and God bless!
Happy shooting!
Jan 12 13 06:42 pm  Link  Quote 
Wolfe Tundra
Posts: 10
Stockton, California, US

your critique was strong, but I wouldn't call it harsh. I would rather have a strong critique and be pointed in the right direction than a weak critique and be guided wrong. Your advice was sound and made sense. I've since updated my profile with the recommendations.
Jan 12 13 06:50 pm  Link  Quote 
Melodye Joy
Posts: 542
Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

Thats great, Wolfe!

I did similarly as you when I first began REALLY persuing modeling and networking here at MM...went through bumps and changes constantly.

I had a bland profile, I wrote in 3rd person, I added too many images, I was too wordy...then someone (actually many someones) gave me strong critique and some of it, I took to heart and revised and some of it is still a working progress. smile

Glad I could help! Keep it up and enjoy every step...this business is crazy sometimes, but also interesting and exciting smile
Jan 12 13 07:19 pm  Link  Quote 
David Kirk
Posts: 4,496
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Your revised profile text is brief, but fine.

You need to work on your lighting.  Finding (or creating) flattering light for your subjects is essential.  In your photos it seems to me that your are not spending much time/thought around how the model is lit - particular the model's face. 

Take time to study portrait lighting patterns and learn to execute them.  Start with simpler sets and work your way up to more complicated settings.

I hope that's helpful.
Jan 13 13 06:01 am  Link  Quote 
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