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Makeup Artist
Summer Johnson
Posts: 123
Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan

I currently use Laura Mercier's secret camouflage and correctors....has anyone purchased Mac's conceal and correct palettes? If so, how do they compare?
Jan 22 13 03:38 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Makeup Hair by Dani B
Posts: 746
Los Angeles, California, US

I've just got the lightest shades one. Love the packaging. The concealers work fine; it's not a new product, just MAC's studio finish concealers and pro correctors in pro friendly packaging. I do like other concealers better, I think LM's are better but that's JMO. But this new packaging, especially the lip palettes they did in these containers, are the first kit friendly thing for pros MAC has done in a long time, so I'm liking the lip ones.
Jan 22 13 09:40 am  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Summer Johnson
Posts: 123
Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan

Thank you so much for the input!
Jan 22 13 03:56 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Jayd Hagberg
Posts: 2
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

I just purchased the darker ones as well and the first thing I will say is that they're pretty much just full coverage foundation in six wells. Mind you, SF concealers and FC foundation are arguably the same thing, save for an added SPF. I've depotted MAC FC foundation into one of the new 12-well pro pallets and I find myself using that much more. For personal use and saving space, however, these are great pallets.
Jan 23 13 05:52 pm  Link  Quote 
KA Style
Posts: 1,583
Syracuse, New York, US

I dont know if this helps or not but my favorite corrector palette is my Graftobain!

While I haven't used a Mac foundation/concealer product in a few years, I just never liked face products from them. My Graftobain is like butter, love it.
Jan 23 13 07:29 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Ernesto M Casillas
Posts: 305
Los Angeles, California, US

While I quite like the studio finish concealers, they photograph terribly.
If you're planning on using these for photography, make sure they're not the same formula.
Jan 23 13 09:11 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Posts: 4
BRONX, New York, US

they're not SF concealers. They are more creamy, emollient...
Mar 01 13 08:50 pm  Link  Quote 
Makeup Artist
Bloom Makeup Artistry
Posts: 349
New York, New York, US

I hate all MAC foundation/conceal products. For the price you can buy something x100 better like Eve Pearl.
Mar 02 13 06:12 am  Link  Quote 
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