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Billings, Montana, US

Hello all, I would really appreciate some feedback on my portfolio, potential, etc. If you have any suggestions as far as what types of shoots I should do or photos I should delete feel free to share! Thank you!
Jan 28 13 11:45 am  Link  Quote 
255 West
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New York, New York, US

Overall fairly nice, but what's with the "black eyes" look?
To me, it looks creepy without any artistic merit at all. Get rid of those shots.

Also, practice your facial expressions. Some EXTREMELY experienced models here have worked years and EVERY single shot with a deadpan, expressionless face (like a dead fish). What a waste of years of work.
Please don't go that way.
Feb 04 13 11:14 pm  Link  Quote 
New Image Creations
Posts: 412
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

255 West wrote:
Overall fairly nice, but what's with the "black eyes" look?
To me, it looks creepy without any artistic flair at all. Get rid of those shots.

Feb 04 13 11:18 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,606
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

5’ 10” Go see an agency!

Something to think about when selecting photos for use in your portfolio would be make sure your eyes are sharp, a wrinkled background generally comes across poorly, one or a maximum of two images per look

Of the images you have this one does show you, but don’t hide your face, hair a bit fly away, fingernails look chipped

Would love to see you add a quality color headshot
[Normal makeup]

Full length standing in a model pose dressed for a night on the town
[Dress, heels, normal makeup]
Feb 05 13 04:41 am  Link  Quote 
Ron McKinney
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Chicago, Illinois, US

Those shots by the Loren photographer need to be tossed.  Your beauty shot by Clark is really really nice.  You really just need to find a really good photographer who will do some TFP shoots with you.  If you come to Chicago, look me up.
Feb 06 13 03:57 pm  Link  Quote 
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