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Jason Gwinn
Posts: 37
Greenville, South Carolina, US

I need to get some new art in my portfolio. My day job is killing my time for art and I feel I'm falling behind. If you're interested in getting a drawing done, please PM me and/or send me the picture you would like drawn. I will get back to you all very soon.

I was told by a moderator BLUE CUBE IMAGING to post this here in the Market. Please stop locking my threads and redirecting me. I'm not casting for anything. It is an offer for a free drawing. How is that a casting? I'm not sure why all the hostility, but it's uncalled for. I'm simply doing what I was instructed.
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Rosemarie Bennet
Posts: 144
Warrington, Pennsylvania, US

They may have been redirecting you to casting calls because it sounds like a trade type of deal.
Feb 11 13 12:57 pm  Link  Quote 
Jason Gwinn
Posts: 37
Greenville, South Carolina, US

Thank you, Rosemarie. smile I can definitely see that. I might post this in Casting Call based on your observation and thank you for your polite response.
Feb 11 13 01:11 pm  Link  Quote 
-The Dave-
Posts: 8,626
Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Moderator Note!
Sorry, this belongs in Casting, not market.
Feb 11 13 01:15 pm  Link  Quote 
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