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Rousing Images
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Portland, Oregon, US

I would like an honest critique of my portfolio. I've recently started completely over on my photography body of work.  I am not a professional but I am serious about getting better and improving my skills.  I work to make images that create an emotional reaction.

In your critique please tell me:
1. Something I do right
2. The most important thing for me to work on
3. Anything else that may help
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The Effective Image
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Lansing, Michigan, US

"3. Anything else that may help"

Model Mayhem is a networking resource for internet models and photographers. Most photographers are on MM to attract models. Models want to see images they can 'relate to' in a photographer's portfolio... what does 'relate to' mean? Images they can visualize themselves in and would want to feature in their portfolios as an attraction for other photographers. In other words, images that make them look good.

Hey, you want to show off your 'art' on MM... go ahead. It's your portfolio. Will it attract models? I kinda doubt it. Who will see it? A relatively tiny segment of the population; mostly internet models, photographers, and collectors of chicks pix.

Just my opinion.
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Decay of Memory
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Asheville, North Carolina, US

Interesting work, like intimacy with a hint of menace.

Clean up your about me section. Don't leave it with misspellings.
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Images by MR
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I think you need to change this "Very Experienced" to No Experience.

Just my thoughts ~ MR
Feb 13 13 07:02 pm  Link  Quote 
Images by MR
Posts: 7,667
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The OP has left the building.
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