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Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

For the Disney revue.

I chose to sing "God Help the Outcasts." I'll be doing it acappella. I'm nervous and if I make it, I'll be one very busy girl as rehearsals are 3 days a week, one of which is right after my other commitment I do hmm
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Kitty LaRose
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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

big_smile Good luck! You'll be great!
Feb 21 13 01:26 pm  Link  Quote 
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Toi, toi, toi!
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traditional stuff to say for that in France.
No kidding
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Posts: 10,874
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

So, I'm uncertain how it went. I think I did really well on the song, but failed on the range check. I've lost a bit of my upper range. I won't know until next weekend if I made it. And if I do, I hope I get a solo or duet out of it.
Feb 22 13 07:33 am  Link  Quote 
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