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Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

I have had a request to create an effect similar to these, in PS:

http://schneidar.de/wordpress/wp-conten … 3-dach.jpg
http://schneidar.de/wordpress/wp-conten … 2x1024.jpg

As far as i can tell there is a curves adjustment to "dull" the black and whites, and a gradient map to get the tints.

I'm sure I've missed something or thinking about it the wrong way.. any help would be appreciated.
Feb 24 13 07:28 am  Link  Quote 
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Frankfort, New York, US

Using flares on different layer modes will help.
Feb 24 13 09:13 am  Link  Quote 
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Lynchburg, Virginia, US

Might not need a gradient map. The blue highlights are pulled down quite a bit more than the other two channels, which accounts for the yellow cast in the highlights.

Feb 24 13 10:53 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 18
Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

@fxMatter  Yea i was thinking of that, I'm guessing its just a normal flare added at the end

@Peano  Ahh right, thankyou Peano for pointing that out, i'm getting better results by manipulating the blue channel.
Feb 24 13 03:25 pm  Link  Quote 
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