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Christopher Rowe
Posts: 3
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Hi guys, I've been on MM for a good 12 or so months now, have only just recently upgraded my account from the 'freebe' one so I can showcase a lot more individual photos, rather than creating long photo sequences to squeeze more in.

Would be very interested to receive some advice, is there any photos you really like, or any you think shouldn't be there at all?

Thanks in advance for taking the time smile


Perth WA
Feb 24 13 10:11 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2,889
New York, New York, US

your port is badly conceived at this point- sucha mish mash its hard to tell who you are and how good you are.  You have some nice pics then some very less so.
Sorry it would be too much time to really analyze it.

maybe I'll just make comments under the pics - feel free to delete the "negative" ones
Feb 25 13 09:20 pm  Link  Quote 
Christopher Rowe
Posts: 3
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I appreciate your feedback Mark,

By mish-mash do you mean concept wise, or just good vs ugly?

you have given me a lot to think about - thx for the comments too, although negative ones are always difficult to swallow, you brought my attention to a few things I can definitely work on further.


Feb 25 13 11:22 pm  Link  Quote 
The Effective Image
Posts: 3,943
Lansing, Michigan, US

One I'd think about removing...


It's too similar to the one earlier in your portfolio. I had to look close to see the difference. It just isn't different enough to make it worth posting IMHO.

As for the previous post on your portfolio being a "mishmash", I agree.

You have glamor, vampires and mermaids (i.e. fantasy), nekkid girls, etc. all mixed together.

At the minimum, I'd create separate albums for the different genres. Let folks decide which of your genres they want to look at. Intermixing them all just gives an impression of undisciplined chaos. Ya can't be all things to all people and be good at all of them, at least in my opinion.

PS: Another one I think can go is the railroad tracks shot. If ya gotta ask, ya just ain't been reading the forums long. Railroad track shots rank right up with caution tape and silly angel wings as cliches that have been grossly overdone.

Just my opinion.
Feb 25 13 11:50 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2,889
New York, New York, US

Hi Chris, mish mash in that you have poster art stuff, conceptual wedding stuff, a snap shot or two, nudes, commercial print, - its all over the place. MM is good for feed back on your work but if you had this on your web site it would be a problem.

oh the guy above summed it up nicely. hang in there its a learning curve
Feb 26 13 09:41 pm  Link  Quote 
Posts: 141
Bradford, England, United Kingdom

I agree that there's too much going on (I've been told this many times but can never seem to get it right haha). Now you've upgraded it's a simple fix, just seperate your 'Fantasy' stuff from your 'Normal' work, and it'll be fine. Some great images though.
Keep up the good work
Feb 27 13 05:44 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,666
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Many of your photos are close to being 10 out of 10 but some of the details are a let down
With this photo the house photo right of the church could have been eliminated by repositioning the car or moving your camera
Less foreground grass would help make the bride become more important in image

Matter of opinion but slanted horizons and negative space in this are not working for me
Lighting looks like on camera flash, because of the small centered catch light in eye, and harsh shadow under chin
Suggest raising models chin and using a longer lens to minimize facial elements

Raise chin lower shoulder
This might benefit from more breathing room

As far as portfolio, think if you grouped your photos by rows like all wedding row one, all headshots row two it might come across stronger

As far as quality of work this is some of the better stuff on MM

Wish you well
Feb 27 13 06:01 am  Link  Quote 
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