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Sibby S
Posts: 178
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

The top row of my port  - please let me know what you think. Any positive or negative critique welcomed smile
Feb 26 13 01:03 am  Link  Quote 
Clothing Designer
Posts: 632
Burbank, California, US

*Of the 4 shots, I would only keep the avatar pic in your port..!!
Feb 26 13 04:03 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 8,660
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

It’s an ok image, but for my taste would prefer chin to be raised for longest appearing neck, and to rotate head to model right a bit, this would have body and head in same orientation.
Could also tighten top with some clips in back that would eliminate the material bulge by left armpit

This pose looks stiff
Dress wrinkled from waist down, thread hanging off lower hem [Models left]
Less head tilt

Seated position is making your upper legs appear short
Raise your chin; you have lost your neck
Think your hips should be on an angle to camera

Wish hands were not at sides of head
Head and body facing same direction
Hair could be smoother, with out the dark roots

Of your photos this comes across as classic elegance

Model and pose wise this is another good effort on your part
Notice how long your neck appears

You possess a fantastic look, wish you well
Feb 26 13 04:53 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 18,211
Orlando, Florida, US

Posing looks forced and stiffed.
Feb 26 13 05:40 am  Link  Quote 
Studio 12
Posts: 197
Spartanburg, South Carolina, US

I think you look good, a bit stiff or maybe a bit uncomfortable.  The lighting, however, is really bad and hurts the images.  There is no shape or dimension to them and that pulls against your strengths.
Feb 26 13 05:46 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 141
Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Basically what others have said.
Your avatar is great, love the colours and the clarity.
The first two images I don't like, as said before, the poses look very stiff and forced, and the lighting/contrast is very flat and does nothing for you.

However, I really like the seated one, love the pose and composition.
Overall though, a great portfolio, show's diversity and true beauty. Keep it up.
Feb 26 13 06:06 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 2,889
New York, New York, US

they are the worst pics in your port. Glad to see your avatar is in that row so I can say the make up looks awful. those outfits are the antithesis of fashion and do nothing for you and photography is bland and the poses are poor,  u have other pics that are nicer.
Feb 26 13 09:34 pm  Link  Quote 
Francisco Castro
Posts: 1,705
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Flat. The images lack any kind of depth or 3 dimensionality. The only one of note is the one you're using for your avatar.
Feb 27 13 07:41 am  Link  Quote 
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