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Deva, Hunedoara, Romania

EDIT: Sorry for the topic title, I was wrong. I wanted to write "Bad?"
Hello folks,

The answer for this retouched image was: "i think the retouch made bad and not to last and i will not use it. To me this quality what you show me do not correspond to magazine editorial quality. Look up any magazine with Beauty shoots and you will see on your own. "


So, I want to know your opinions/critiques smile

Is worth to use this image in my portfolio?

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Motordrive Photography
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Lodi, California, US

I like the elements of the image, but IMO not the image as it is. The hot spots
on her skin have lessened, but are still there, only now it's flatter, which to me
translates to less life in her. I would try some recovery and carving with a little
more work in the eyes.
Mar 06 13 08:46 pm  Link  Quote 
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start with a less sharp image
Mar 11 13 09:52 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 136
Deva, Hunedoara, Romania

Thank you all for your advices!!! smile
Mar 13 13 01:34 am  Link  Quote 
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