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Hey guys, so I've been looking into finding some raw space to do a couple of model tests. Issue being, studio rentals are extortionately expensive in the area. Not to mention, it seems you can only rent per month rather than per hour. I am looking for a room with high ceilings, tons of natural light, and preferably light walls, but I'm flexible. Doesn't necessarily have to be a photo studio, just a blank room. If anyone has any ideas/places to check out, let me know. Thanks smile
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Phantasmal Images
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Never shot there myself, but I have been looking into it.
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Been there before. Really low ceilings
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SKITA Studios
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asphoto wrote:
Been there before. Really low ceilings

Yep...wish they were higher as well.

The problem is your request for natural light and high ceilings.  There aren't any rental studios I know of that have both.
EP Levine in Waltham (20min NW) has high ceilings but no windows and are expensive:
http://www.eplevine.com/Merchant2/merch … de=studios

CRMG in Newton (15min W) isn't too expensive but ceilings aren't really high (10' maybe?):

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Left Coast Sunshine
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There aren't too many full-time commercial rental studios in the Boston area.
studioshare.org is a website for studio owners who rent out their studios, maybe they can give you more options there.
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If you take a class at NESOP, you can rent their studio:

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Leonard Gee Photography
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Piano factory on Tremont street. 12 feet and higher, lots of window light. But you have to know somebody.
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C J Bryan
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^^^^ Now Closed.
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If you don't mind going to Lowell there's an Artist co-op in an old factory. Huge old windows, exposed brick and timber frame, really nice place. My friend rents a spot there and I use it when I'm in the area.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Western- … 8361007152
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