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Alhambra, California, US

I'm trying to build my portfolio and hoping to find models who aren't my friends to take pictures of. Any suggestions on getting started with this? I've already set up a casting call and look through casting calls. Not much luck.
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Lubbock, Texas, US

Have you tried on Instagram? or facebook? I know I found 3 so far on Instagram.  Trust me when you shoot with one model they tend to tell their friends about you and it goes up from there! Hope this helps!
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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to Model Mayhem smile
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Salem, Oregon, US

you can also look at availability notices. try omp, CL, Costco (one of my models sold me my cellphone). i have better luck when i meet the model in the real world than on mayhem. and if all else fails try paying the model. getting really good (in terms of shooting what models want for their portfolios) can help as well.
Apr 08 13 08:02 am  Link  Quote 
Mortonovich II
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San Diego, California, US

Hang out at the cool clubs and dive bars. Get to know the hip and beautiful crowd. Shoot them and their friends.
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Los Angeles, California, US

Another option is using the Browse feature here and directly contacting models one wants to work with. Just be sure not to spam!
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San Antonio, Texas, US

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robert b mitchell
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Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Offer money...that usually helps. It works for me and you are in California which is loaded with tons of models! And WELCOME!!!
Apr 08 13 05:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Erick Blink
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Burbank, California, US

Welcome to MM.  Starting out as a photographer can be a bit slow.  Network as much as possible.  Leave comments and tags. 

Also consider paying an experienced model to help jump start your portfolio.

Best of luck to you.
Apr 09 13 12:35 am  Link  Quote 
Aaron Lewis Photography
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Catskill, New York, US

Welcome. Things will evolve over time. Talk to people, do some networking. Attend local art / photography events. Hand out business cards like candy.

If you're good at your craft it not difficult to get paid for doing it.
Apr 09 13 03:11 am  Link  Quote 
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