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Long Beach, California, US

This post contains the studio's booking information, gear/amenities list, and photos - Scroll down to see it all!

D. M. Gremlin Studios, Long Beach CA, Presents: STUDIO B
24/7 availability, no minimum rental period, no add-on fees, same low rates 7 days/wk!
Scroll down for photos and the very long list of gear and amenities included in the $20/hour rental rate!

Reservation Inquiries: Please email studio@dm-gremlin.com or call 866-334-4364.

SMALL GROUP RATES: (for groups of 6 or fewer people)
$20/hr  ~~  $90/5-hour half-day block ($18/hr)
$18/hr each add'l hr past 5 in same session

LARGE GROUP RATES: (for groups of 7-15 people)
$25/hr  ~~  $110/5-hour half day block ($22/hr)
$22/hr each add'l hr past 5 in same session

This is our dedicated photography studio, decked out with gear and amenities for the photographer seeking versatility and lighting control.



Studio B rental rate includes ALL of the following:

** 15' x 29' shooting room with 10' ceiling
** Ceiling anchor points for hanging props or set pieces
** Rugs roll up from concrete floor for messy bodypaint/fx, or you can roll in a motorcycle to shoot!

** FOUR Alienbees B1600 strobes
** 22" Beauty Dish w/ diffusion sock
** 48" octabox, 2x3' softbox, 1x3' gridded stripbox
** Reflector cones/honeycomb grids available upon request (no extra charge)
** 2 large white board reflectors and a variety of black foamboard light baffles
** 1 heavy boom stand, 3 standard straight light stands
** Pocket Wizard Plus II transceiver set

** Black, white, and red cloth photo backdrops
** Multiple wall backdrops - industrial, wood panel, starfield, and more
** Boudoir set with ornamental daybed
** Furniture for lounging or shooting - gold brocade couch, red velveteen settee

** Makeup station w/mirror & vanity lights
** Private restroom
** Air conditioning
** Gated parking lot or street parking

** Sound system hookup for iPod/CD player/laptop (you supply the player)
** Microwave, mini-fridge, and coffeemaker for hot/cold snacks and drinks (you supply food/drinks)

Additional items available (extra charge):
Black or white seamless background paper: $25/section.
Alienbees Ring Flash/Moon Unit: $10 for duration of any rental.

For booking or information, please visit our website, send us an email to studio@dm-gremlin.com, or give us a call at 866-334-4364.

Our appointment calendar is online at www.dm-gremlin.com/calendar/month.php.
This calendar shows all of our booked and available times.

Reservation Inquiries: Please email the studio at studio@dm-gremlin.com or call us at 866-334-4364.  Thank you!

Full Terms & Conditions are listed on the studio's web site at

** All reservations must be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance.
** First reservation by any new client must be paid in full in advance.
** We do not offer private studio tours or "walk-throughs."
** Anyone wishing to visit the facilities before renting is welcome to RSVP and attend one of our free monthly Studio Open House events.


Everyone who has been asking for room photos -

The main shooting set and workspace area are shown above. Here are some better views of a couple of the wall backgrounds, in moodier lighting that shows some of their possible potentials for shoots!

http://www.starkravenmusic.com/images/posts/industrialwall250.jpg http://www.starkravenmusic.com/images/posts/panelwall250.jpg


More wall backgrounds, and set furniture:
(red velveteen settee shown in main set photo above is also included!


Apr 30 13 06:32 pm  Link  Quote 
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Long Beach, California, US

Rates ALWAYS include each room's complement of lighting gear!

NO minimum booking required - book one hour up to a full day!

SAME rates 7 days a week, whether you book on a weekday, evening, weekend, or holiday!

No hidden fees for use of makeup/styling areas or other amenities!

You're NEVER sharing your shooting room with other clients!

Studio is available 7 days/wk, early morning, late night, and good old daytime!

Once confirmed for a booking, you will NEVER be bumped in favor of another client or reservation!

No advance deposits required after the first rental!

Make sure to ask all of these questions before booking elsewhere!
May 06 13 05:46 pm  Link  Quote 
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Long Beach, California, US

Rental time available!

Studio events this month!

Open House on the 31st!

Lighting Practice Session on the 29th!

Intro to Studio Shooting sessions always available - learn to use the studio before you rent and shoot!
May 16 13 04:11 pm  Link  Quote 
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Long Beach, California, US

Booking for the rest of May and on into June!  Lots of events happening monthly - workshops and meet & greets!  One of the longest existing, and THE most reliable, studio facilities around!
May 25 13 06:52 pm  Link  Quote 
Sarah September
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Los Angeles, California, US

I would like to reserve your studio for June 10th from 9pm-12 pm.  This is for 3 people.  Thanks.
May 29 13 08:54 am  Link  Quote 
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Long Beach, California, US

Sarah September wrote:
I would like to reserve your studio for June 10th from 9pm-12 pm.  This is for 3 people.  Thanks.

Hi Sarah, I'd love to have you rent the studio. Please refer to our booking information at http://www.dm-gremlin.com/photo/rates.html#booking, and email studio@dm-gremlin.com with the listed information. I can't do bookings through the MM forums.

Thank you!

Jun 03 13 04:28 pm  Link  Quote 
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Long Beach, California, US

Lots of bookings coming in... end of next week is slammed!  Still some spots open for early/mid week, and on through the 2nd half of June!
Jun 07 13 08:12 pm  Link  Quote 
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