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Makeup Artist
henry vasquez
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Los Angeles, California, US

im barely learning how to post up my photos.... but how do i start connecting with other people? this is quite new to me.
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Scottsdale, Arizona, US

Just by what you're doing. Hello.

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Makeup Artist
Cynna Stylz MUA
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New York, New York, US

Starts with HI....My name is. Get involved with the forums on the site ( old and new) and get involved with the FB groups with the interests you want. Everyone will have an opinion but as an adult you make the choices you need to do ( and write) the right thing. Never burn bridges.
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New York, New York, US

Find people that you want to talk to and simply introduce yourself/start making friends. The more friends that you get to know and keep in touch with = the bigger the network to call on people if you need help with things. Also get out there in person whenever you can and tell everyone and anyone that you encounter about what you do and find out what they do. You never know who is going to help you out with your next adventure tomorrow or years down the road. good luck
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Albertex Photography
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Mansfield, Texas, US

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Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Personally, I've done quite a few charity shoots for local good causes, got a few coming up too
I've maybe become a bit of a camera bore, but I generally tell people I encounter about my young photography business and usually give them a card with my facebook (business) page
Work generates work. You need people to see how good you are, so offer your services to select groups or individuals with a lot of influence, or potential for future paid work
It's not easy getting going, but my facebook following is slowly growing and work ocassionally just appears now
Keep getting your name out there, people who want your services will be more likely to hear about you
I'm no expert, but slowly expanding this business has worked so far
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