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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello, my name is Adem and Im relatively new to MM.  I would really appreciate it if someone with more experience than me could look through my pics and critique them/give me advice.  I thank you for your time and appreciate any help.  Thanks.
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New York, New York, US

Hi Adem, welcome aboard MM

first I really dislike the large black boarder you attach

often the pics dont tell a story- this often happens when the subjects are looking right at the lens, or they seem to have been directed by you to pose or do an action  (you may want to get pics of people arguing, laughing, crying, showing affection, etc)

IT may help to get candid shots

the backgrounds sometimes are too prominent- lower DOF or choose a different angle

Their is a rule about "closer being better" so maybe even more head shots- think Mike McCurry's Afghan beauty - although she is looking at the lens

you can vary the camera angle- put a little dutch on it as they say- tilted pics.

good luck
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Matthew Gwinn
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Ypsilanti, Michigan, US

I don't like the border either, but I like most of the pics.
it would be nice if there was more going on, but for posed shots they are good.

a few things

The arm in the lower right of this pic is distracting. I'd photoshop it out or do a tighter crop if your PS skills aren't up to it. Also, the tip of his foot creates a tangent with the edge of the picture, I'd give it a hair more room if you can.

This one you cut his feet off and the guy walking by in the flannel shirt needs to go. It's sad because I like it otherwise. Maybe you could salvage it by doing a tighter crop.

This one has too much dead space at the top and you cut them off right at the waist. You could probably salvage it with a landscape crop, but I wouldn't bother. It also seems a little grainy.

I'd crop the top of this one a little more.

I'm not sure why you even posted this one. It doesn't fit MM requirements because there are no people in it.

I did notice you tend to cut people off at the joints (knees, ankles, waist) and that's generally considered bad composition.

Hope that helps. Despite the criticism I do like your shots.
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Jeff Kew Photography
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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

looks like out of focus snapshots. maybe override the AF and shoot manual. Some PP to brighten them too.
May 21 13 01:15 pm  Link  Quote 
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New York, New York, US

you may want to look at the fashion work of Peter Lindbergh - some DKNY campaigns are shot on the streets- he usually gets something blurry inbetween the lens and subject and very low DOF,

also the above shot of the man in the orange robe- it would have been so cool to move directly in front of him, lower the camera level to his eye level and shot with a low DOF and get that back ground- the alley way with the people not the bldg.
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Posts: 12
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so much for your help.  I am going to jump on those recommendations and revamp the album entirely.  Thanks once again.  This is how I learn.  Regards, Adem
May 21 13 03:51 pm  Link  Quote 
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