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Editorial Fashion on Location Workshop:

Ever wanted to go to NYC and shoot around the city with amazing editorial fashion models?  Don't have the time/resources to do so?  Well, now you can....I'm teaming up with Studio OC (who will be holding a groupshoot as well, keep your eyes peeled for that) and we're going to be taking over one of the major studio backlots/sets of New York City in approx 6 weeks. 

This workshop will focus on how to work with an editorial fashion model on an shoot focusing on telling a story via mood at a the hub of the western fashion world: New York City streets.  It will focus on getting an idea and inspiration from your surroundings and the available to you in order to develop a cohesive and logical sequence of images that will tell a story focusing greatly on mood and creative use of your environment and lighting.

What we'll cover:
    This workshop will assume you have a basic understanding of shooting models outdoors on location using natural light.  While I will be available to answer any basic questions, the workshop will focus on:

     Creating mood and telling a story through images, be it a single image that draws the viewer to conclusion, or a series of images that act as a narrative.  Directing models to get said mood, and sculpting shadows will be focused on here.

     Utilizing the location to your advantage.  Work with interesting composition and get more interesting photos with a sense of cinematic grandness by thinking outside the box.

     We will go over what generally works and what doesn't and how to spot potential problems and find solutions to them before they become a hindrance.

More details:

Photographer/model ratio will be low (we usually end up with 2 or 2.5:1 ratio), allowing you to work on communicating with the models and developing a good working relationship with them.  You won't have to worry about competing with a half dozen guys to get shots of a model here wink

Models: Models will be posted shortly, but they will be of the same quality (and quite possibly some of the same) as those in my portfolio.  All real, agency repped, working models.

Capped at 10 for workshop, will consider adding a second one from 1-5 if there is enough interest.

$750 for workshop
$400 for lot usage only (details below)

Update:  You may pay 50% to reserve your spot if you need time to save up the rest.  Applies to both workshop, or solo-usage.

Paypal email addy: tdl2024@gmail.com (msg with details including name and phone#)

Before: 9/1/13 = 100%
After 9/1 but before: 9/7 = 50%
After 9/7 = No refunds

Note: In order to make sure we have enough models and ensure enough time to negotiate with appropriate agencies, as well as give final confirmation to hair/makeup/wardrobe as to how many will be there: the deadline for signups will be Sept: 8th at midnight.

Los Angeles Movie Studio Backlot, details will be sent to those who register

9am-1pm for workshop, along with an additional 3hrs (1-4pm) of usage of the lot/set for yourself as a bonus (in other words, book a model, have them come at 1, and take advantage of a location you'd otherwise probably be hard-pressed to come across wink)

What to bring:

Optional: Lights/battery packs

Lot usage offer: For those that just want access to the lot at a greatly discounted rate, we're offering 6hr slots for those who will have their own models, makeup, etc and just want to shoot on their own for $400


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One spot gone already!
Jul 26 13 06:10 pm  Link  Quote 
Garry k
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Looks like a very cool workshop !
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Garry k wrote:
Looks like a very cool workshop !

Thanks Garry!  This'll probably be one of the best I've done...after scouting the location I'm not even sure how I'll ever top this lol

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$400/usage spot gone; 9 left for the day
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Grrrr.  The date is Yom Kippur.  Have to consider this.
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Going to be moving the date, too many people have msg'd saying it's a busy weekend and asking if it can be done another date.  Figure this'll give more time to save up as well for those that are on the fence.  Will post details Monday or Tuesday.  Looking at the following weekend (21st) or the one after that (28th).  Just need to check availability with the studios first.
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Hey there..
I really would like to attend this workshop...i dont know what other attendees will think but instead of pushing forward if you have the option to change dates between 11-13th of september i really appreciate that...because I am leaving LA on 14th sept morning and wont be back for quite a while for sure.It s my lack of luck i think
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