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Sharon Wu
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Los Angeles, California, US

Hello everyone!

I was recently contacted by Wunder Model Management in LA and they wanted me to come in to meet them. The only thing is I currently live in San Diego and don't really want to make the trip up there if it's really just not worth it. I'm definitely a shorter model [5'5"], and so I was already wondering what kinds of jobs they tend to book shorter models with.

It would be great to get some insight from Wunder models personally, such as:

1) What has your experience with Wunder been like? Close & personal or uncomfortable?
2) Are the staff reliable / professional?
3) Do you recommend signing with them?
4) What kinds of jobs do they normally book their models?
5) How frequently do you get jobs?
6) Are they exclusive?
7) Is this one of those agencies that sign with lots of models but never or rarely find them work?
8) What's the competition like for getting signed by this agency? Is it hard to get in?

If you have any other tips / comments, feel free to add! The more the merrier.

Thanks and have a great day!

Sharon Wu
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