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Laura EB
Posts: 65
Rochester, New York, US

In this image I really struggled with whether or not to edit out the freckles on her back.  I didn't leave the ones on her face because the just weren't spread evenly and I felt they were too light to be noticed as freckles but now I just feel like the skin doesn't match.  Should I fix it or leave it?

Sep 15 13 09:34 pm  Link  Quote 
Bearz Images
Posts: 816
Asheville, North Carolina, US

What are the needs of the client?
Sep 15 13 09:46 pm  Link  Quote 
Laura EB
Posts: 65
Rochester, New York, US

Bearz Images wrote:
What are the needs of the client?

I'm the client, it's my photograph.  I'm a photographer and a retoucher.

Sep 15 13 11:27 pm  Link  Quote 
Digital Artist
Posts: 159
Crystal Lake, Illinois, US

First, very good job; especially with the hair.

I would leave the freckles in.  You can experiment in darkening the freckles in the face; perhaps that will help.
Sep 16 13 03:38 pm  Link  Quote 
Julian W I L D E
Posts: 1,829
Portland, Oregon, US

Anything that detracts from the overall impact of an image should be dealt with.  IMHO.  -JULIAN

ie. If you want the message of the image to be "freckles," then keep them.  If not, "delete."  ;-)
Sep 16 13 03:51 pm  Link  Quote 
Whitney Minthorn
Posts: 73
Pendleton, Oregon, US

Beautiful photograph.  Freckles give it a much more natural look.  I would suggest focusing on how the image looks as a whole at thumbnail size before working on the details.  I'm sure it looks great at 100 % but at thumbnail size looks very blurred.  Hope this helps.
Sep 16 13 03:56 pm  Link  Quote 
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