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Omaha, Nebraska, US

What I am looking for is a serious critique. I just want the honest truth. My goal is to go into fashion modeling the reason why I model is for the personal satisfaction that it brings.
Sep 20 13 05:55 am  Link  Quote 
Posts: 3,936
Seattle, Washington, US

The first 3 images in your port are redundant, and make your entire port feel boring.  Pick your favorite and get rid of the other 2.

The cigarette image is not good, I would lose it.

You need to work with more photographers and get more images.  The ones you have are decent, you just need more variety, especially a full length body shot.

You live in Nebraska, so if you want to pursue fashion modeling, you'll need to move. If you continue living where you are, modeling will probably never be anything more than a very casual hobby.

Best of luck to you. smile
Sep 20 13 01:09 pm  Link  Quote 
Kendra Paige
Posts: 114
Wellington, Florida, US

I believe you have great presence in your images, and your ability to emote is impressive. I believe if you work on diversifying your portfolio with more photographs from different photographers, and get the heck out of dodge, you'll have a lot of potential.
Sep 21 13 08:27 pm  Link  Quote 
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