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Ella Wilkes Photography
Posts: 392
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

I am new here and still trying to work my way around, my current avatar is my "identifying" image that I use on social media's to keep some allure. I have been told today however that it isn't interesting enough, what are the thoughts of you here?
If anyone also wanted to let me know what they think of my work it would also be appreciated.
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Marin Photography NYC
Posts: 7,194
New York, New York, US

It's not a good image. It's all mostly black, the face is hidden way into the shadows. You can't make out the figure because it too fades into the dark black. When shooting on a dark background you usually need a rim light or hair light and sometimes a little light hitting the background to keep your model from disappearing and looking flat and one dimensional.

Work on your lighting  it's harsh and you do have some blurry images in your port.

Forget about style and focus on the basics.

Best of luck.
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Surreal Focus
Posts: 203
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The concept has merit and I have seen many images like it before.  When executed well they certainly do conjure up a mysterious and intriguing mood.  As an avatar it did get me curious initially.  Unfortunately your particular photo is not an example of the best I have seen of this concept, and while it may have got me curious to click on the image to get a better look, in the end I was disappointed with the visual details that all that negative space is supposed to enhance. So as a concept for avatar it has potential but your particular image does not do a great job of selling your port.  You have more visually and conceptually interesting work in your port that would be better suited as an avatar IMO.
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Ella Wilkes Photography
Posts: 392
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Thank you both for your input.

Is there a better one from my collection you would suggest?

I am aware that the focus isn't 100% on some images I have only recently upgraded to a high quality camera and was working with something pretty basic at the time, I guess I am trying to show my style until I have better to show.

Thanks again.
Sep 23 13 06:30 am  Link  Quote 
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