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Erin Koski
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Ojai, California, US

This contest will have a winner's gallery thread. It will be assumed that you grant permission to have your image (if a winner) posted in the winner's thread unless you advise otherwise.

Today's Theme - Small Plate/Tapas
Show us your best photo including a small serving on a small plate ("tapas").  Your photo may include a human model, but is not required to.

Tomorrow's Theme - Fruits/Vegetables

The winner's gallery is here:

Here are the abbreviated rules. 
If you have not participated in any/many MM Forum contests before, please read the full rules HERE.  If you are familiar with the MM Forum contest process, please read the abbreviated rules before participating.  Any questions?  Feel free to contact the contest host!

1. Only 1 entry per day to this contest
2. Only submit an image you were directly involved in creating
3. No re-submitting of the same image for 15 days
4. If you submit, you are expected to cast a vote!
5. Only one vote per person
6. No voting for an image you helped create
8. No voting before 12:00 PM, MM time (pacific), unless page 2 has been reached
9. No collages or multiple images
10. No Comments or titles.  Credits are okay
11.  No Vote Stacking!
12. MATURE images (18+) must be linked and noted per MM rules! http://www.modelmayhem.com/help/rules/images
14. Once your image has been up for a few minutes, do not change it (removing completely is okay, but you may not enter a new, second image for that day)
15. Winning images will be retired from this contest
16. No fake foods allowed, only minimal post-editing work allowed


Note: Any image(s) disqualified from a day's contest will be noted (including reason) in the vote tally portion of the contest.

Contest host(s) may submit to this contest and/or vote in this contest.  This contest is purely a member-run activity and does not carry with it any monetary value or equivalent prizes.  It is run purely by the contest host and is not moderated or monitored by the broader site moderation/administration team.  All disputes, issues, complaints associated with the contest must be directed at the contest host only.  The choice to partake in the contest is voluntary and Model Mayhem will not be held responsible for your participation or actions as a result of your participation.
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Vallejo, California, US

Oct 02 13 10:33 pm  Link  Quote 
Erin Koski
Posts: 6,072
Ojai, California, US

Contest close without winner.  Submitted entry will not be subject to 15 day rule.
Oct 03 13 09:29 pm  Link  Quote 
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